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Characters of Radiant Historia.

Due to the nature of the game, spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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    Playable Characters 


The main character of Radiant Historia. The Ace member of Specint, Alistel's intelligence department, goes on one mission that goes horribly, horribly wrong. Nearly killed, he instead ends up in Historia, where Teo and Lippti tell him that his destiny is not to win the war for Alistel, but to save all inhabitants of the continent from the ongoing desertification.


One of two members of a mercenary duo from the desert country of Cygnus, she is assigned to be one of Stocke's two main assistants by Specint. Once a child refugee whose parents were killed fleeing from war, she grew up in the desert city of Cygnus. Raised with other refugees, she grew up knowing nothing but combat, and became a mercenary. She and Marco later became contracted to serve Alistel, after a bizarre battle got their merc team killed. Armed with a spear and a wide array of black magic, she is an offensive powerhouse.


Raynie's closest friend and ally, and the second member to assist Stocke. A short, mellow teenager, he has more of a supportive role in combat, with a variety of buffs and healing methods, but is still armed with a sword for offensive abilities.


Stocke's best friend, and given the spotlight in the Alternate History. When Stocke chooses to leave Specint to fight alongside him, they begin a campaign to win the war for Alistel. Things do not work out.


A Satyros girl resembling a goat-human hybrid, she is a Shaman with gifted powers. Immediately upon meeting Stocke, she wants to befriend him and watch him carefully and displays immediate awareness of the things that he's going through. A powerful mage, she has the best healing magic in the game; however, instead of attack magic, she uses powerful traps which need to be set upon the ground and require the target(s) to be knocked into them for serious magic damage.


The princess of Granorg, Alistel's longest standing rival. She is a large focus of the Standard Timeline. Her goal is to usurp her Wicked Stepmother for the throne of Granorg. But that's only part of her true goal: to complete the Ritual that will stop the earth's desertification.


A Gutral Beastkind. With the power of Chi, he transforms his seemingly brute strength into powerful energy attacks. When his skill gaining sidequests are completed, he gains great board control abilities, which let him push and pull enemies anywhere for absurd combos. Despite his rough appearance, he has a gentle and magnanimous personality and he speaks with calm and experience. He has some difficulty telling humans apart. He acts as a protector and guard for the village of Celestia, though it's unclear at first as to why he lives with the Satyros rather than his own kind.



Stocke's mentor and the leader of Specint. He is the one to initially assign Raynie and Marco under his command. In the same mission, he bestows him with the White Chronicle, simply stating that it might bring him good luck. As time goes by, though, it becomes apparent that Heiss may very well know the Chronicle's true nature, and is up to something behind the scenes.

It is eventually revealed that he is the wielder of the Black Chronicle, intentionally sewing corruption into history in order to hasten the continent's destruction. It also turns out that he is the first Sacrifice to refuse to complete The Ritual, and he also abducted his nephew Ernst during his second life, wiped his memory, and renamed him "Stocke" to prevent him from becoming a Sacrifice, too.

Queen Protea

The queen of Granorg, the country at war with Alistel, and Eruca's stepmother. She is a vain, cruel, and stupid woman who is manipulated by her advisers. She does as she pleases without a care for her subjects and is known within the kingdom as a tyrant. Swept up in the luxury and power of royalty, Protea is addicted to indulgence at the expense of her people. As the late King Victor's second wife, she has no blood ties to Princess Eruca and finds the girl a nuisance. She has no political expertise to speak of, so her trusted courtiers, High Colonel Dias and Count Selvan, actually handle her administration.


Along with Dias, Count Selvan is Queen Protea's most trusted attendant. While Dias manages the army, Selvan bends Granorg's parliament to his will, acting as Granorg's administrator. He and Dias together manipulate Protea to impose their will on Granorg, but their relationship is always one of equals. Of the two, Dias is more visible, while Selvan uses his ingenuity to support him from the shadows. Selvan sees warfare like chess and enjoys it just as if it were a game. He is known as a feared tactician, but he occasionally goes into battle himself to lead his men.


A court knight who serves Granorg's Queen Protea. High Colonel Dias is an exemplar of skill and efficiency as the army's supreme commander. He is an excellent soldier, but his ambitions go beyond the military: together with Count Selvan, he rules over all Granorg with Protea as their figurehead. Though he tries to appear stoic and dignified, he is a decisive mover and tends to rush headlong into matters. However, his heedlessness is balanced by Selvan, whose guile complements Dias' deficiencies to form a balanced team.


The general and supreme commander of Alistel's army, he doubles as the Prophet Noah's mouthpiece and has taken up stewardship of the country in Noah's stead since the Prophet withdrew from public life five years ago. Since he holds the reins of both Alistel's government and military, it would be no exaggeration to call him the true ruler of Alistel. He used to be a politician, but his renown from conveying Noah's words to the masses coupled with the war against Granorg elevated him to his current position. Some already think of him as Noah's successor, as he stirs up Alistel's populace to war with exhortations that Protea-controlled Granorg is a den of evil.


The director of Alistel's research and development department. Fennel is a world-renowned thaumatech scientist under orders from Hugo to work night and day on mass production of the powerful thaumachines he devised. Sonja is technically one of his underlings. He is Alistel's finest mind, but he has an extreme distaste for other people. He's a typical Mad Scientist who thrives on data collected through field tests and cares about nothing but furthering his research.

  • For Science!
  • Lonely at the Top: Though Fennel does love science, he loves the scientific community even more. The reason he stopped working on gauntlet tech was because the only person who could even comprehend his work (Sonja's brother) died, leaving his theories and creations completely unchallenged, which Fennel finds incredibly boring.
  • Mad Scientist
  • Man in the Machine: What is that thing, anyway?
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness:Once he empowers Hugo with the power of Flux, Hugo tosses him aside. It's unknown if he survives the ordeal, since he can be spoken to after fighting Hugo for the first time, but is not seen or heard of again.

    Supporting Cast 

Teo and Lippti

A pair of immortal twins, and the only known residents of Historia. They saved Stocke from near death. But they also give him his new mission: to save not only Alistel, but the whole world from desertification. They offer advice, but are not allowed to tell him what choices to make.

  • All Powerful Bystanders
  • The Atoners: It's implied in one sidequest that their father was responsible for the destabilization of Mana, which led to desertification, and the family they meet in Alistel both mirrors their own and has the know-how to permanently solve the problem in a way the heroes may never know.
  • The Chessmasters: They have been watching the timeline end badly for eons. And the Golden Ending reveals their true plan was not to get Stocke to be the Sacrifice, but to get Heiss to accept his destiny as the Sacrifice.
  • Creepy Children
  • Didn't See That Coming: Some of the bad endings. They were particularly surprised that messing up Liese's Matchmaker Quest causes a war and that Stocke was actually willing to work for Dias on the off-chance that he could find out more about what was going on.
  • Last of Their Kind: The last of the Imperials.
  • Misery Builds Character: They say the wielders of the Chronicles have to build up experiences with others to strengthen their souls and make them more willing to be the Sacrifices. It did not work on Heiss.
  • Non-Standard Game Over: Every time a false Downer Ending is reached, Stocke escapes to Historia, where they explain why the choice was not a good one. They go so far as to say some choices are not even that bad, but that there are better ones.
  • Pointy Ears: For some reason.
  • Really 700 Years Old: They're far older than they look. In fact, they're even older than they should be chronologically (which would be at least as old as the the fall of the Empire), because their personal timelines include those of every single Sacrifice, including Stocke and Heiss.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni
  • Restraining Bolt:
    • They are not permitted to direct Stocke to make any choices. He is free to make any choices he wants because he can always go back and change them without consequences. But they strain to give Stocke an exact destination during an emergency.
    • They are also prohibited from telling the wielder of one Chronicle anything about the other. They say this is all that stopped Heiss from trying to force information about Stocke out of them.
  • Spirit Advisors
  • The Watchers
  • What the Hell, Hero?: They (gently) do this for particularly bad choices, such as accepting Hugo's offer of power, or eloping with Raynie.


She is the overseer of the medical division. In addition to her duties as medic, she spends her time researching Mana, the source of all life, and dabbles in thaumatech research as well. Sonja is tough yet kindhearted and counts both Stocke and Rosch as friends. Though she doesn't fight on the frontline, she watches over them and tends to worry about their survival on dangerous missions.


Within the hodgepodge Rosch Brigade, he unifies the new soldiers as a leader of sorts. On the word of his respected superior Rosch that Stocke is a skilled swordsman, he has the highest respect for Stocke as well. Kiel is a naive young man with a bright outlook, but he can sometimes get carried away witrh himself and begin to panic. He, too, is a skilled swordsman, but his talents lie more in ceremonial sword dancing rather than combat forms.


Alistel's prize Field Marshal, known as the Valkyrie for her beauty and strength. When she got too popular, she was reassigned to Alistel's most important stronghold and the most dangerous chokepoint in the war, the Sand Fortress, away from the people of Alistel. However, her valor and judgment have earned her the staunch support of all Alistellians, not just the miltary. She is unwavering in her devotion to Alistel and devoutly reveres the Prophet Noah as well, for she knew him personally before his health began to wane, which is something only a handful of people can say. Many believe that her charisma exceeds Hugo's, and her service record also dwarfs his. Yet despite her accomplishments, she is more often than not out of the country on assignment.


The second-in-command of Alistel's army, with the rank of Lieutenant General. He is Rosch's superior and has a good rapport with him. His evasive demeanor and suspicious looks don't mark him as a serviceman, but those who know him well praise him as the Sleeping Lion of Alistel. He's not the type of commander who takes to the battlefield personally, but he has a natural talent for internal administration and navigating the kingdom's minefield of politics.


The leader of a troupe of travelling performers which includes Aht and Liese, he is always a gentleman and acts as Aht's "Uncle Vanoss". He seems happy with his life as a wandering performer, but he is personally acquainted with the Patriarch of the Satyros, and seems to have his own agenda...


The leader of Celestia's vigilante defense squad, Elm is the most anti-human of all the town's residents. This is because her best friend, Samra, went to Alistel to act as an ambassador and never returned. After Stocke finds proof that Samra was killed for the Historica, Elm helps restore its power in Samra's memory.


Celestia's village elder. While initially a little suspicious of humans, he accepts that the various outside threats are major enough to outweigh these concerns, and becomes a reliable ally.


A Satyros dancer who acts as an older sister and caretaker for Aht in Vanoss' troupe of travelling performers. She is affable and talkative with a general sunny disposition. Though she is a Satyros, she shares Aht and Vanoss' warmth towards humanity.


The king of Cygnus. His leadership style is direct, informal, and very hands-on. As the ruler of a city of fighters, he thinks nothing of jumping into battle with his men, even when this leaves his throne undefended. Fortunately, he is not averse to heeding the advice of more level-headed companions.


The Gutrals' elder, said to be well over 150 years old. He is one of the few living beings who know of the continent's history. Because his race has been deceived countless times by humans, resulting in the loss of many of his kind, he is not kindly disposed towards humans and limits his people's contact with the outside world to a bare minimum. At his insistence, the Gutrals are mere observers in the war between Alistel and Granorg.


The chief of the Gutral warriors. He earned the nickname "Iron Armed" as being the strongest of the Gutral warriors. He is also Gafka's master and worries about him from a distance. Like the rest of his race, has has no love for humans.

The Prophet Noah

Spiritual and political leader of Alistel, he was responsible for their gaining independence from Granorg at the age of 16 some seventy years before the start of the game proper. Five years before the start of the game he retired from public life, leaving General Hugo as his mouthpiece.

  • Dead All Along: He died at some indeterminate point after he stopped doing public appearances. It's possible that Hugo had him murdered, but given that he was in his eighties, it could have been natural causes.