Creator: Satomi Arai

Satomi Arai is a seiyu born in Chiba in 1980, probably best known as the Ninja Maid Sayoko in Code Geass and Kuroko Shirai in A Certain Magical Index . Notable for her distinctly deep, nasally yet mature voice. Seems to be voicing a lot of pervy or odd girls recently.

On Friday the 30th of March 2012 she suddenly reveals that she has already been married for 4 years with a 21 month old son. Ms Arai cites that timing and "various circumstances" prevented her from breaking the news earlier; which is likely a polite way of saying that she needed to dodge the Yoko Oh No and intense Fan Dumb that would likely arise thanks to the popularity of her Star-Making Role Kuroko.

Notable roles by Satomi Arai: