Creator / Janice Kawaye

Behind Lauren Tom, Janice Kawaye is the second most prominent Asian-American voice actress. She started by voicing Gi in Captain Planet and the Planeteers and Keiko in Potsworth And Company (aka Midnight Patrol), then dropped off the face of the Earth for the next decade or so, before resurfacing to play Jenny "XJ-9" Wakeman in My Life as a Teenage Robot. She'd go on to do several more roles, usually playing a sweet Genki Girl type role (such as Ami in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi). Played against type in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World when she voiced the sadistic villainess Alice, though taking over for Tara Strong as Presea was a bit closer to her usual roles. Crossed into anime dubbing territory with Yuzu Kurosaki in Bleach, which coincidentally features fellow Teenage Robot co-star Quinton Flynn.

Being Japanese-American, she's the inversion of Surprisingly Good English; she speaks Japanese very fluently. She contributed into teaching Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi co-star Grey DeLisle Japanese, alongside fellow co-star Keone Young, who plays Kaz in the show. This is also utilised in Young Justice, where her character speaks only Japanese.

Notable roles: