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Daisy Bucket is a part-time waitress and a freelance artist in the sleepy little tourist town of Lambert Head. But after a friendly ginger man commissions her to make him a drawing of a certain statue in a certain graveyard, everything changes.

The Unofficial Fan Comic of Doctor Who, written by Hamish Steele and drawn prettily by Lydia Butz (with a little help from Brenda Amerind).

There are two episodes (the second one ongoing) so far:


  • The Fallen Angel
  • The Tomb of the Stone Clock

and also extras like "Daisy's Bucket List" (drawn by the usual writer) in which the Doctor and Daisy do some things she had always wanted to do if she got her hands on a time machine.

Updated Sundays. Read it here on DeviantArt or here on Tumblr (with some more extras, like character sheets).

The Tropes: