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Dude is a descendant of Lady and the Tramp.

The characters will be seen with their alternate casual clothing
Beside the outfits they wore earlier, they will be seen in normal clothing
  • Confirmed, if the variety of outfits they wear throughout the film is anything to go by.

Everyone randomly bursting into song and choreography is totally normal in this school.
But less so on the Isle (there were a lot of people not playing along during Rotten to the Core). Mal is confused because she's not used to literally everyone joining in and/or pop love songs.

Fairy Godmother didn't de-age herself.
Rather, her elderly appearance in Cinderella was the disguise. She rightly suspected that Cinderella had longed for someone like a grandmother to comfort and care about her, so she made herself look like the much-mistreated girl's ideal Grandma. She used a variation of the same magic which the Evil Queen had used in Snow White, but a temporary, gentler version that only made her old, not ugly.

The Enchanted Lake wasn't what undid the love potion.
Not in the washed-it-off way, at least. When Mal threw the wishing stone Ben gave her in the water, she was upset at him. In her head, she said "I wish I'd never given him that stupid love potion," as she threw the stone in. That was what undid it.

China Anne McClain and Felicia Barton will provide the voices to two new characters in the Descendants: Wicked World animated shorts.
The four bonus songs in the soundtrack (which include solos by each of the two and a China/Dove Cameron/Sofia Carson group song) have been confirmed to be featured in the webseries. So it's safe to say we'll be getting some new characters.
  • McClain is confirmed (she voices Freddie Facilier), but Barton's been jossed.

Evie may be still evil.
On August 13th, the official Descendants Youtube channel uploaded this mysterious video, which, along with Sofia Carson's solo version of "Rotten to the Core" (which has a few lyrics about betrayal), could mean Everything ie may not have completely turned good.
  • Seems to be jossed. It turns out all of that fuss about Evie's disappearance was nothing but a marketing strategy to promote the Wicked World shorts, with Sofia's version of "Rotten to the Core" as the theme song.

Maleficent actually does love Mal.
  • The "chocolate chip cookies" scene suggests that the villains are an aversion of Even Evil Has Loved Ones, but this may not be the case with Maleficent and Mal. At the end, Mal asks the Fairy Godmother if her mom will ever return her normal size and the Fairy Godmother answers that the spell keeps her as small as the love in her heart and that one day she might learn to love the way Mal did. However, if Maleficent had no love in her heart at all, than she should have disappeared completely. She does have a little bit of love for Mal, but much like Cora, she's come to believe that the best way to show that love is to encourage her daughter in being evil and seeking power.
    • It's pretty much implied they each love their children in their own twisted way. The Evil Queen, for example, taught Evie all she knew about make up, accessorizing and even designing and sewing, which go with her "beauty" standards, not to mention she also gave her the Magic Mirror.
    • Chocolate chip cookies were never an option at the Isle of the Lost. It's stated in the prequel book that the only food available there is whatever is sent from Auradon and Auradon only sends rotten stuff.
      • Not necessarily "rotten", just boring. We see staple foods like flour, apples, and potatoes at the market during "Rotten To The Core", and they look perfectly edible and nutritious. It's luxury foods like chocolate, sugar, or fresh strawberries that don't make it to the Isle.
      • Lonnie wasn't crying about the whole "our parents never made us cookies" thing. She was upset because the villain kids implied that their parents never did anything to show affection. Had they said something like "cookies weren't an option on the Isle but our parents did X", Lonnie probably wouldn't have cried (gotten mad as hell at the injustice yes but not cried).
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    • Cruella's view of reality is so disrupted she might honestly believe every bad thing she ever told Carlos about dogs.
      • In the books, it is stated pretty explicitly that she does not care about Carlos. She calls her car her baby, and refers to her furs as her "one true love." Carlos is made to clean her house all day long.
    • Jay is clearly one of the healthiest, hardiest teenagers seen on the Isle, and his interactions with his father seem more like snarky banter than intimidation or domineering. Jafar may not have shown affection for his son, but he doesn't seem to have neglected Jay or unduly brainwashed him either, just encouraged his kleptomania.

Mal is now Mistress of All Evil.
  • You break it you buy / Klingon Promotion. And she did double-cross her own mother, for personal gain, even if she hasn't managed to realize that.

Mal's father is no-one. She doesn't have one.
  • Fairies are not humans, after all. She could have budded off, or something.
    • Jossed. It's revealed in the prequel book that Mal has a human father "known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-in-Maleficent’s-Presence".
    • Both the book and this WMG are Jossed for the movies; in Descendants 3, it turns out that Mal's father is Hades.

Mal's father is King Stefan.
  • Both to fit with Maleficent the movie, and because her being Audrey's aunt would be funny.
  • Note females of certain species are able to store sperm for months, years or perhaps even decades without using it. Maybe fairies can as well.
  • Like in the Maleficent movie, Stefan was a Gold Digger who double-crossed Maleficent to have a chance to marry Leah and become King. That was deemed bad enough to deserve exile at the Isle. Maleficent still hated him but her desire to mess with Aurora overcame it to the point she'd bear a child of his.
  • Would that mean Audrey is Mal's niece?
    • Jossed, at least for the movies. Mal's father is Hades, who abandoned his family when he couldn't stand Maleficent any longer.

Mal's father is Maleficent's Raven.
  • Since that was basically the only "person" her mother seemed to like.
    • The prequel book Josses this. Maleficent's raven is a separate character in that.
    • Jossed for the films by 3. It's Hades who is Mal's father.

Mal's father is Dr. Facilier.
  • Maleficent expected to get out of the Isle of the Lost with help from his "friends on the other side".
    • Jossed in the Wicked World shorts; Dr. Facilier already has a daughter named Freddie.
      • And Descendants 3 reveals that Mal's father is Hades. Dr. Facilier's daughter is Celia, who is Dizzy's age.

Carlos and Jay are fraternal twins.
  • Jafar and Cruella each picked one when they were born to Cruella and Jafar to be used as servants.
    • Jossed: the books show Carlos to be younger than the rest of the V Ks.

Evil Queen is an impostor.
  • Thus explaining her radically different attitude about her daughter being prettier than her.
  • Alternatively, she plays favorites in the same way Lady Tremaine favors Anastasia and Drizella over Cinderella.
  • Or her time stuck in old hag mode had some sort of permanent psychological effect.
  • She's so obsessed with revenge she no longer cares about who's the Fairest of Them All for as long as Snow White isn't the one holding the title. If the title holder is someone who learned beauty tips from her it'll be a bonus.

Jafar will be the main villain in the sequel.
Maleficent's fate will leave an Evil Power Vacuum and Jafar will become the new head villain. He'll either lead from the start or have to overthrow the Evil Queen.
  • While we're still in Never Trust a Trailer mode at the moment, the teaser implies that Ursula will be the main villain (given that the shake-up of the teaser involves a tentacle wrapping around a crystal ball, apparently causing some sort of disruption that the VKs sense and are freaked out by) but Jafar could still be The Starscream.
  • Jossed — the Big Bad is a different VK named Uma, who is Ursula's daughter.

Gil is short for Guillaume
  • In keeping with Gaston's French roots, "Gil" is the shortened version of the French "Guillaume"—Gil just fits better.
  • Or perhaps Gilles-the french version of Gil.

Anthony and Chad will fight over some Princess.
Those two boys must become rivals over some reason to mirror the story between their respective mothers.
  • Jossed: Anthony is never mentioned in any of the three films, and the story-arc for Descendants seems to have been wrapped up nicely by 3. Cameron Boyce's death makes it still less likely that more Auradon films will follow, barring spin-offs about different characters.

Snow White's child will be introduced at some point.
Tying in with one of the above WMGs, they'll be a girl played by Felicia Barton and will be introduced in one of the Wicked World shorts.
  • So far, the Felicia Barton part's (sadly) been jossed. Whether she'll appear in Wicked World, only time will tell.

Chad will do a Face–Heel Turn
in the sequelWhen Maleficent comes back, she will probably convince Chad to turn against his friends. Chad does so and becomes evil.
  • If she doesn't come back, his step-aunts or his step-grandmother will be responsible for his Face–Heel Turn.
    • Jossed: If anything, Chad does a Jerkass-Butt Monkey Turn, becoming the love-to-hate comic relief.

The Evil Queen forgot her own name.
The other villains gave their respective children names that have the same initials as theirs (Cruella's son Carlos; Jafar's son Jay; Maleficent's daughter Mal; Anastasia's son Anthony) but she named hers "Evie" instead of giving her a name that starts with "G" like "Grimhilde" does.
  • Alternatively, "Evie" could be short for Genevieve.
    • More than likely, "Evie" is just derivative of "Evil Queen".
  • Or maybe part of the reason she always obsessed over her face was that she hated her actual name.
  • Well, even Disney doesn't seem to acknowledge Grimhilde as being her name anymore; she hasn't been referred to as such in years, only as the Evil Queen or Snow White's Stepmother.

There really is a genie inside the lamp that Jay gave his Dad.
However, because there's a barrier to prevent the use of magic inside the Isle of the Lost, the genie couldn't even make his or her presence known no matter how long a potential master rubs the lamp.

The Maleficent statue at the museum is a Horcrux.
That's why it could talk to Mal and encourage her to become evil. Maleficent wasn't really dead. She just didn't have a body and the heroes gave her one to make it easier to imprison her.

Diego is Ivy's son.
At some point, humans finally saw through Ivy De Vil's facade and she was sent to the Isle of the Lost. Her son Diego is indeed Carlos' cousin. People just don't bother to specifically mention the detail of being "first cousin once removed".

Cruella and her two henchmen never bothered to properly tell their respective children the true story.
They're under the impression Cruella wanted to make a coat of 101 dalmatian puppiesnote  but there were actually 99 puppies. The title only makes sense when the parents of the only puppies who already had a home before all that mess adopt the others.
  • Or maybe she did intend to use 101, but was a couple of pups short at the time Pongo's and Perdita's litter was abducted. She only called Jasper and Horace to demand they start skinning the pups when they only had 99 because the latest dog-theft had become a regional news story.

Princess Ivy from Sofia the First lives at the Isle of the Lost.

Carlos' Dad is Jean-Pierre Le Pelt.
From 102 Dalmatians.

Out of the four main villain parents, Maleficent was the only one to be really brought Back from the Dead.
  • The Evil Queen is never seen dying and it's shown in the comic book continuity that she survived the fall but was stuck in Evil Witch form.
  • In the prequel novel, there's a mention of Jafar being rescued from the lamp where he was imprisoned at the end of the first Aladdin movie. That and Iago still being with him in the novel suggests that The Return of Jafar didn't happen in the Descendants continuity, meaning he was never dead in the first place.

Carlos' Dad is the furrier Cruella was married to in the original novel.
In The Hundred and One Dalmatians, Cruella had a Henpecked Husband who worked as a furrier and kept his fur coats at their home, Hell Hall, so she could wear them. She wants Carlos to be spineless as well to keep him under control.

Mal's dad is Gaston.
Well, Maleficent seemed familiar with Gaston's muscles...
  • Jossed. Mal's father is Hades. And Gaston is such a braggart about his muscles that everybody he's ever met had probably heard him blather on (and on and on and on) about them.

Jafar isn't Jafar
The heroes were doubtful they would be able to resurrect a very evil and powerful genie, so they decided against that. Seeing the power vacuum this would create, when Abis Mal(From the Return of Jafar and the TV series) decided to steal that identity for himself. No proof for this, but the way Jafar behaves is *nothing* like the Jafar from the movies, not to mention Jay was basically raised to be a street rat, much like he sees his arch-enemy.
  • Perhaps Jafar's interactions with Aladdin made him realize how useful those skills would be in a controllable minion.

It wasn't the good guys that resurrected all these villains.
Restoring the truly dead to life isn't something within most Disney characters' power; even Genie can't do it. But one of the rare proven exceptions is from The Black Cauldron, in which the Witches of Morva bring Gurgi back to life. The Witches weren't out-and-out villains in that film, so wouldn't have been exiled to the Isle initially. However, they were a trio of schemers, and might have brought restored life to some deceased villains as part of some for-profit plot: one that Auradon's good guys foiled and sent both them and the returned bad guys into exile for.
  • Jossed by the fact that Genie can bring back the dead - he says in the film that it's "not a pretty sight; I don't like doing it." - not that he can't do it.
  • Actually, it's quite possible. The Black Cauldron is in Descendants 3. It's at the Museum in the same room as Maleficent's scepter.

Chad will become a villain and be sent to the Isle of the Lost.
  • Jossed.

Gaston's son will be in the sequel.
He'll come to the school and become popular, creating a rivalry between him and Ben.
  • Gaston has, as revealed in the book, two sons: Gaston Junior and Gaston the Third. Both will appear and their rival will be Chad.
    • A son of Gaston did appear, but his name is Gil.

Jafar will send Iago to Auradon to steal the wand.
  • Iago doesn't need magic to fly. There isn't anything to prevent him from flying his way out of the Isle of the Lost.
    • Nothing except the magical barrier(Assuming it was put in place again, of course)

Mal's father is Heinz Doofenshmirtz.
  • When the United States of America became part of the United States of Auradon as evidenced by Dr. Facilier being at the Isle of the Lost (he's mentioned in the book prequel), Doof was exiled as well and Maleficent became interested on him when he proclaimed he'd break them out with a barrier-destroyer-inator. The relationship lasted long enough to make Mal exist but it fell apart like the -inator when the plan failed.

Most Royals attending Auradon Prep used to attend Royal Prep at an earlier age.
Auradon Prep is portrayed as a High School while Royal Prep students are shown as too young for this. There's even a Prince Chad attending Royal Prep in "Princess Adventure Club".

Chad Charming got his nastiness from being too close to Princess Amber back when both of them were Royal Prep students.
One episode of Sofia the First features a Prince Chad who's younger than Amber and joined her adventure club.

The ban on magic
Was not because Beast and the Fairy Godmother truly believe in "Inner Beauty" and those other things, it was because they know their Magic barrier is very fragile and any sort of energy(magical or otherwise) is enough to break it. In the book, a machine Carlos made was enough to make a hole in it for a few seconds, while in the movie, a "generic" blast from the magic wand was enough to break it. The villains have not tried anything because they have no magic and most of them don't believe much in technology.
  • Alternatively, the magical energy that hit the boundary was amplified by the wielder. Considering how wild the wand was going when Jane held it, especially when you consider it calmed down when Mal grabbed it: considering she seems to be far more proficient in magic. Possibly ties into Audrey's statement in Wicked World about their respective parents being the two strongest people ever. It only makes sense they'd both inherit a fair bit of power.

The book and the movie are alternate continuities
Because there are too many discrepancies between both work to think they are a single continuity.
  • Iago and Diablo are both prominent characters in the novel Diablo's appearance is even a huge plot point. They don't appear or are even mentioned in the movie, when is explicit that Maleficent loves Diablo more than Mal. The pets of the kids aren't mentioned or alluded to either(Although to be fair, they only are mentioned briefly in the book)
    • Diablo might have died of natural causes and Maleficent might have killed the other pets to punish the kids between the book and the movie.
  • Ben and Mal see each other in a dream in the books. Nothing is mentioned of this in the movie.
    • Both of them might have decided not to mention anything.
      • The dream was mentioned several times, and they vividly remembered it and how the other looked like. Agreeing to not mention it is possible, but they don't even react when they saw each other for the first time, and while Mal was not someone to share her feelings, their date at the lake, or When Ben says he knew he was put under a spell would have been the perfect time for him to mention it.
  • The relationships between the four kids is very different in both works, and their personalities are also somewhat different.
  • Freddie and Jordan in the "Wicked World" shorts also support this: Both Facilier and Genie appear in the book, with Facilier being the school's principal, while in WW he runs a shop like the other villains and Genie's appearance being of him wanting to travel the world. Neither mention having daughters, when pretty much every character that has a child (or a parent) is mentioned (often, several times). Granted, is not solid evidence, but still supports this.
    • Did the episode actually say it was his shop? I got the vibe that Freddie was just shopping there.
      • It was implied, and a later episode "Pair of sneakers" outright confirms the shop belongs to Freddie's dad.
  • With the cast announcements of Descendants 2, it seems the books, the movies and the webisodes all are different continuities, unless some characters do have more children who are just never mentioned by their siblings: Hook has Harriet (Daughter, book), CJ (daughter, webisodes) and Harry (movie) and Gaston has Gaston Junior and Gaston the third (Twins, book) and Gil (movie)
    • Maybe their children all run in different circles, so there's no reason to mention each other?
      • The implication of the books is that Mal and Mad Maddie were best frenemies when younger, while the movies have Uma in that position, they are all around the same age, and the Island is a tiny place where everyone knows about everyone. And now with Dizzy's reveal in Descendants 2, there is the fact she has several sisters that go unmentioned (They are referred, several times, as the "ugly step cousins"
  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're all in the same continuity; the advertisements for the first and third book claim them as prequels of Descendents 1 and 2 respectively. If they don't reference each other extensively, it could just be for the benefit of those who don't follow both the books and the movies.
    • Nope. One of Descendants 2's plots is that only the four originals were brought to Auradon, which outright ignores Freddie. Mal's home in the Island in the books is a castle, while in the movie is the second floor of a normal building, They have been visiting the Island several times both in WW and the books, but it is outright stated in the second movie that they haven't returned since they left in the first movie. The most reasonable thing is that the movie is the "main" universe, Wicked World is an AU, and the books are something in-between.... and then there is the fact that Dizzy was listening to "Rather be with you", a song that is very specifically from Wicked World, which makes it a weird case of Celebrity Paradox
      • Freddie wasn't technically brought there; she came on her own and they just let her stay. Also, where in the movie do they state they never went back afterwards? Evie says they aren't popular there, but that doesn't mean they never went back, especially since their visits in WW were low-key. Also, the building Mal went in is the group's hideout, the castle that Mal and her mother used to live in got ransacked after Maleficent's defeat with Mal's bedroom being left untouched since some of the Isle residents now fear her.

Shan Yu has a son who will attend Auradon Prep and fall in love with Lonnie.

The Evil Queen surrendered to the forces of the then newly founded United States of Auradon in exchange for having her beauty restored.
Based on the comics, she survived but couldn't restore her beautiful form. For some reason, she couldn't be easily captured so King Beast offered a deal: if she surrendered, she'd become beautiful again. Queen Grimhilde feared a trick but her desperation for beauty and her knowledge of Beast's tale made her trust him. She trusted him so much that, when she signed the terms of her surrender, she missed the fine print about renouncing her royal status. She didn't mind going to the Isle of the Lost because she expected to rule it since she underestimated Maleficent.

The Evil Queen is right about how Snow White remains the fairest of them all.

The Coachman is not at the Isle of the Lost.
This is partially due to his status as a Karma Houdini, and the fact he almost never appears in works where Disney Villains are together.

The original plan would have failed anyway.
When the villain kids were allowed to attend Auradon Prep, Maleficent ordered them to bring her the Fairy Godmother's wand. Had they done so, she would find out even that wand's magic doesn't work inside the Isle.

Evie's Dad is King Arbor
For those who don't know, King Arbor is a comic book character featured in the story that explains how the Evil Queen survived what happened to her at the end of the animated movie. In that story, he helped Grimhilde with a plan to pull a Grand Theft Me on Snow White. Perhaps it was his power of love that restored her beauty. Since he also has no Royal status in Auradon, Evie cannot use him to claim to be a Princess either.

Maleficent is the Enchantress
In this universe, I mean. It's kind of odd that Beast and the others have such a strong reaction to her name, when a) their movie lack a traditional "villain", and what she did is not worse than what the Evil Queen did (Both basically had a grudge against a single kid), and even then, what Jafar did could be considered even worse (Usurping the throne, enslaving the royal family, sending Aladdin to a cold and agonizing death, etc. etc). And there is the fact that she mentions that by Mal's age, she had already cursed several kingdoms.
  • Given that Maleficent somehow managed to establish herself as the boss among the imprisoned villains, including Grimhilde and Jafar, it's not that odd.
  • The enchantress is a good character; she changed Beast to teach him a lesson, not out of malice like what Maleficent did to Aurora. Not to mention there's nothing to suggest any of the characters are Composite Characters.
    • A good' character who punishes a Prince's selfishness by not only turning him into a Beast but his servants and their kids and pets into objects? That explains a lot about Auradon's way to deal with villains.
  • The characters' aversion to her could be a power thing; she's a powerful fairy, supposedly the Mistress of All Evil, so she'd be more of a threat than any other villain, even the magical ones, since they're still just human.
  • Jafar just wanted to rule a kingdom. Maleficent is evil enough to want to kill somebody just because she wasn't invited to celebrate this somebody's birth.

A lot of the background characters on Isle of the Lost are scabs from Newsies and their descendants.
They're dressed a lot like characters from Newsies and other than Old Man Pulitzer himself, that's probably the closest thing the boys had to a villain.

About Jay's hair...
Most schools would not allow a boy to grow their hair that long. The conversation went like this:
Fairy Godmother: Jay, our dress code states that boys cannot grow their hair longer than collar length unless they can cite religious reasons. Are you Sihk, by any chance?/
Jay: (Fake coughs) Oh, yeah! I feel terrible! (More fake coughs.)/
Fairy Godmother: I said Sihk, not sick./
Jay: Uh, yeah! I'm that too./

Lonnie actually prefers the Western concept of putting the family name last.
As per Ancient Chinese tradition, she was named by her grandparents. Since Shang's parents were already passed on, the honor was given to Mulan's parents who wanted to honor their daughter and her brave deeds. Lonnie is short for Ping Lan, a combination of Mulan's real name and her nom de guerre. (Ping is a unisex name.) In Chinese, her whole name Li Ping Lan translates as "bright peaceful orchid". In English, it just makes people say "But lawns don't leap!"

Doofenshmirtz is a teacher at Auradon High.
Major Monogram convinced King Beast that Doof was already reformed by the time Auradon was formed.

Auradon is in the same dimension as Andalasia
When Nancy came from New York, she and Belle quickly became friends, and though her chats, Belle convinced Beast that uniting the kingdoms would be a good idea, and even paid homage to Nancy's home world by calling the new kingdom "United States of Auradon"

If a trilogy, Frollo will be the main villain for the rest of the series.
He is often considered the darkest of all the Disney villains, even darker than Maleficent. Yes, Chernabog is a Devil Expy, but he's Made of Evil. Frollo's evil is of his own choice and desire and given his actions in his movie, one can only imagine how he had his daughter! Though rape is not a subject that would ever be directly addressed in a DCOM or anything Disney-related, it could be hinted at. He may wish to force his beliefs on Claudine and takes pleasure in her being the bell-ringer for Hell Hall because it's a means of him to regain the power he lost over Quasimodo. He may seek to have the Isle of the Lost dissolved in structure as a means of breaking the barrier even though it would likely cost almost everyone on the island their lives.
  • Possibly Jossed by a teaser implying that Ursula is the main villain but Frollo could feature prominently.
  • Jossed; Ursula's daughter Uma is the antagonist for 2, and an embittered and magically-empowered Audrey is the enemy for 3.

Pixar Characters don't appear because they could have their own respective islands.
None of them ever show up in the book or the movie so it's possible.

The Disney sequels are for the most part negated.
Either that, they haven't happened yet or the creation of Auradon erased them from existence.
  • Confirmed in Jafar's case if the book prequel is canon. There, he comments about being suddenly released from the lamp and sent to the Isle of the Lost, suggesting that his sequel didn't happen in the Descendants continuity.

The love potion left a residual effect.
Ben might be a nice guy but forgiving Mal for the love potion is too nice of him.

Lonnie's name is a modified transliteration of her native name
The name Lonnie sounds similar to the title of the Chinese equivalent of Ariel: The Dragon's Daughter. In the Chinese tale the dragons are the royals of the seas, and he had 10 kids: the first 9 of them are sons and finally he got a daughter. And she is just called the dragon's daughter from day to day.

Ursula is going to be the Big Bad in Descendants 2.
Pretty explicit from the teaser, but had to be said.
  • Nope, it's Ursula's daughter, Uma. Ursula herself makes only a brief appearance and is not involved in her daughter's plans.

At least one of the main 4 VKs will get captured by the villains of Descendants 2.
And then get used for blackmail purposes, requiring a discrete rescue mission. The most likely candidate is Carlos but it could be any of them. And if it's Mal, Ben could get some conflict over his role as king colliding with his worry about his girlfriend.
  • Jossed: they only capture Ben

Something about the fact that Mal and Ben technically are both single rulers of their own kingdoms will interfere with their relationship in Descendants 2.
Someone will point out that with Maleficent out of the way, Mal should be ruling the Isle and at least part of the plot will involve dealing with the power vacuum left on the Isle, probably ending with Auradon taking on any and all repentant Isle citizens and all innocent children and the Isle just being turned into a prison.
  • An interesting idea, but mostly Jossed- apparently, all four of the traitorous VKs are now Persona Non Grata on the Isle, though Ben decides at the end of the movie to restart the program to bring in more VKs who want to be good/ get off the Isle.

If Frollo's daughter turns up in the sequel, she'll fall for Esmeralda's son.
For added irony, said son resembles his mother instead of his father (like Zephyr did).

Ursula and Facilier were briefly in a relationship while on the Isle.
They bonded over their shared affinity for striking shady deals with innocent people, got married (in a not very typical ceremony — this is the Isle of the Lost we're talking about, after all), and had two daughters, Freddie and Uma. However, while the girls were still very young, their relationship quickly turned sour and they got divorced, with Facilier taking custody of Freddie and Ursula taking custody of Uma. This is why Freddie and Uma are set to be portrayed by real-life sisters Lauryn and China Anne McClain.
  • So far, it seems Lauryn has only been confirmed to be taking over the voice-role of Freddie on Wicked World, now that China will be playing Uma. There doesn't seem to be any confirmation that she will be appearing in the live-action Descendants sequel.
    • Seems Jossed unless Uma is unaware of her father's identity. In 3, Uma needs to be bargained with to assist in stopping the threat to Auradon, even though Dr. Facilier's daughter - here named Celia, and Dizzy's age - is a new Auradon Prep recruit and in danger. Uma doesn't seem like she'd abandon her little sister to be turned to stone or cursed with never-ending sleep just because she resents Mal.

No one likes Audrey in Auradon Prep
In universe, I mean. For being the girlfriend of the future king and supposedly an Alpha Bitch, no other girl seems to follow her at any time, and more tellingly, no one cared when Ben essentially dumped her in a very public way, even considering that he left her for the daughter of friggin’ Maleficent. The only character she associates with is Jane, who is pretty unpopular herself. Compare with the VK, who are accepted by most of the student body almost immediately (Before the fiasco of Family day) with girls fawning over Jay and the same group greeting Mal sincerely, not to mention everyone joining in song for “Did I Mention” and later cheering when Ben invited her to the coronation. She was only popular as "Ben's girlfriend", but not as herself.
  • Interestingly enough, in the third movie, Audrey during her Villain Song mentions being "lonely and friendless" and when she shows up at Jane's birthday party, everyone seems surprised that she's there, so this one could be true.

Ally was a last minute addition to Wicked World
Her first appearance was at the very last bit of a webisode and in the next one she basically acts like Jane would (Who is the only named character that is missing from “Good is the new bad”)

One of Gaston's sons will prefer something non-sports like cooking or sewing
Most of the kids have one of two personality quirks that are different from their parents. While both of his sons will be well-built due to a strict exercise regime and will excel at tourney, one of them will find that they enjoy doing less 'manly' activities. He will be seen doing 'girly' things like cooking and sewing to 'geeky/nerdy' stuff.
  • Jossed that Gaston's son Gil would have a "feminine" hobby. Gil does have a quirk that's in marked contrast to Gaston, but it's that, whereas his father was the charismatic leader of his generation's gang of thugs, Gil is the pirate gang's Butt-Monkey.

Subsequent Descendants films will add in non-DAC franchises
  • Although they don't appear to be canon, we've pretty much been told from the novels and Wicked World that everyone in the Disney Animated Canon has an offspring, all between the ages of 12 - 19. If this franchise remains popular enough to have plan for tons of films, we could expect Disney to add in characters from other franchises. And it won't be limited to just Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. Who knows. We could see Naughty Dog's franchises (such as Jak and Daxter) involved, for example.

"Ways to be Wicked" is a Dream Sequence
The trailer for the sequel shows Mal freaking out about all the expectations she has to meet while in Auradon. The musical number shows her inner desire, that she and the other VKs could go back to being bad, but also that everyone in Auradon would also be bad (or at the very least, have way lower standards). It also looks like, at the beginning of the trailer, she's being jolted back to reality by the press - it could be that they're what pulls her out of the dream sequence.
  • Daydream but still confirmed

Harry will double cross Uma.
Uma and Harry are being teased as love interests, but Doherty let it slip that Harry will be "the evilest character in the movie." To modern Disney fans, you don't get more credentials for evil than playing the "If only there was someone out there who loved you" card.
  • Jossed; he remains loyal to Uma for two whole movies, aside from a little mock-flirting with Jane and Audrey in 3.

Doherty's slip is a Red Herring and Harry will remain loyal to Uma.
In fact, he could serve as Love Redeems for Uma with him sacrificing himself for her when she gets herself in over her head and she'll be devastated.
  • Partially Jossed- he does remain loyal to her, but comes out completely unscathed.

Dizzy and Chad will have some animosity in Descendants 3
She'll sarcastically refer to him as "Cousin Chad", he'll remind her that they're step-cousins. Things will come to a head when Chad's parents pay a visit. Cinderella will take a liking to Dizzy and tell her she can call her "Aunt Cindy" if she likes, causing Chad to blow up in a jealous rage. Prince Charming will tell him "We didn't raise you to be like this, young man!" at which point Cinderella will sob and say "Yes, we did." She'll admit that the reason she spoiled her son was she didn't want him to feel unloved like she did, so she treated him like her step-mother did her daughters. Charming and Cinderella will decide to be a little stricter with Chad in hopes his attitude improves.
  • Possible Jerkass Realization for Chad, then. And then he connects the dots: Mom worked hard pretty much round the clock but never benefited in any way by it. She didn't have to do any work for the ball, though she benefited immensely by it. Though she experienced labor and profit separately, she never experienced the link. This inspires him to be of greater help to Dizzy, to the point where it matters little to him what he gets in return.
  • Jossed; Dizzy and Chad have no scenes together except the Dance Party Ending.

The child of Jessica and Roger Rabbit will cameo in Descendants 3
It will be just a short role. S/he'll pop up just long enough to make some wise cracks and hit someone with a pie. Let's face it, this kind of thing's expensive! It would be challenging to put her in a choreography number because it would mean telling the other dancers not to step on a certain mark because that's where the character will go. (Once again, it's expensive!)
  • Jossed

Anna and Elsa's sons will show up in Descendants 3.
Sons just because it's fun to flip gender dynamics around. They're cousins who were best friends growing up, but are drifting because Elsa's son is feeling both pressures of being crown prince and trying to control the powers he inherited from his mother. At a pivotal moment, Elsa's son will realize it's time to "Let it Go", possibly in a showdown with Uma. There may be a scene where Anna's son (Which maybe a nine year old who might get a crush on Uma) nearly sacrifices himself for his cousin as his mother did for her sister. Witnessing such altruism may start Uma's Heel–Face Turn and evoke her going "My God, What Have I Done?". It would also be a good opportunity to recycle the Cut Song "More Than Just a Spare" by having Anna's son sing it. The lyrics could be tweaked to not only fit another gender but a time period where someone might be more familiar with cars having spare tires than horses with spare shoes. (OK, technically, while Anna's still alive, this makes him more of a spare spare. Same difference.)
  • Jossed; They didn't bring anyone from Frozen over for the sequels.

Harry will have a grudge against Ben in Descendants 3.
Harry clearly doesn't need a reason to whip out the sharp end of the hook, but he's also Uma's 100% loyal first mate. The unbalanced pirate boy will blame Ben for not only Uma's humiliating defeat, but also reaching her vulnerable side and hurting her in the heart. If they get a Relationship Upgrade, the romantic dance she shared with Ben could also set Harry off.
  • Jossed; although Harry is far from thrilled to have to work alongside the VKs, he displays no particular enmity towards Ben; if anything, he gets annoyed at Jay for hitting it off with Gil as bros.

There will be a "stealth villain" in Descendants 3.
Such villains have become much more typical of Disney movies in the past couple of decades, and it makes sense that one would appear later in this film series, after the over-the-top baddies' theatrics and Narm have lulled Auradon's defenders into assuming there's no such thing as a subtle villain. Such a villain-in-good-guy clothing could charm their way onto the list of new VKs to be welcomed at Auradon Prep, only to reveal their treacherous true colors - and, perhaps, their true parentage, e.g. if they were well-known as the child of a lesser antagonist like Helga Sinclair, but nobody knew that Hans was their father - as a surprise mastermind who's been playing both the heroes and the more overt villains for chumps.
  • It'll be Alexander Fox Xanatos.
    • Jossed; the villain of 3 is an embittered and angry Audrey, whose bad intentions (although a surprise to the other Auradonians) are never concealed from the audience.

Auradon will burn in Descendants 3
Uma is free and intends to install an evil rule. It will be an epic Take That, Scrappy! for all the Disney Heroes who cursed the children of the isle to a life of pain and suffering.
  • This is Disney we're talking about. Even if it did burn, it'd be magically restored by the end of the movie.
    • Jossed, although the Disney Heroes are called out on the unfairness of the exile system, which is done away with at the film's conclusion.

Characters originating from Disney animated shows (like Kim Possible or Gravity Falls) have their own country.
The relative of Principal Derceto mentioned above is a foreign exchange student from whatever the main school over there is.

It should also be mentioned that they don't have the same views on villains over there that people in Auradon have, due to Disney shows tending to be a bit more morally gray than the Disney films portrayed in the franchise so far. They give villains chances to make a Heel–Face Turn (eg Doofenshmirtz), keep them permanently dead (because shit would hit the fan pretty quickly if villains like Bill Cipher or Toffee were resurrected just to be stuck on a prison island), or consider them nuisances at worst. Consequently, Auradon is making an effort to hide the Isle of the Lost's existence from this other country, knowing that they would disapprove at best and cut off all ties with Auradon at worst.

  • Auradon Prep's Tourney Team opponents must come from somewhere. Brad's son is probably the star of the opposing team.

Uma and Freddie are half-sisters
They're both played by McClain sisters; China Anne McClain originally voiced Freddie, but went on to play Uma in Descendants 2 while Lauryn took over the role of Freddie. Quite likely, Facilier and Ursula must have had an affair at some point which resulted in Uma's birth but they broke up and he went on to have another relationship which led to Freddie. We can assume they aren't full sisters since Freddie hasn't shown any Cecaelia traits thus far.
  • Probably jossed, as we meet Dr. Facilier's daughter Celia in 3. Uma's reluctance to help Mal protect Auradon from Audrey's rampage, despite knowing that Celia is there and in serious danger, strongly suggests there's no blood relationship: Uma doesn't seem like someone who could abandon her little (half-)sister like that.

In the earliest drafts of the first movie's script, Lonnie was supposed to be the daughter of Snow White rather than Mulan.
It does come across as odd that Snow White, the original Disney Princess/Disney protagonist in general, doesn't have much of a role in the series aside from a quick cameo, and that Lonnie talks about Mulan baking chocolate chip cookies (which are as far from a traditional Chinese delicacy as it gets) and doesn't showcase her prowess in battle or even bring up what Mulan is most known for (saving China and defying sexist laws/rules) until the second film.

Perhaps, in early drafts of the first movie's script (before the casting process began), Lonnie was basically the same character she was in the final product, but intended to be Snow White's daughter rather than Mulan's (possibly with a different name and even a bigger role). Then Dianne Doan auditioned, the casting directors decided she was too good to pass up, and without enough time to add in a new character for her, convinced the writers to change the Snow White's daughter character into Lonnie (much like how Luke from Jessie was intended to be a Korean character named Hiro, but was retooled after Cameron Boyce auditioned).

Ursula will be the third film's main villain or at least have a big role.
Ursula's role in Descendants 2 was too small to be worth the trouble of hiring Whoopi Goldberg. It must be meant to be an Early-Bird Cameo. The only other explanation to hire a big-name actress for the role would be Wolverine Publicity.
  • Unfortunately, this seems to be jossed; looking at promotional material, it seems that Hades (or, maybe, the new daughter of Facilier, though it seems unlikely) will be the main antagonist.
  • Jossed: Ursula doesn't appear at all, although Uma is a major character.

Anastasia's son will appear in the third movie.
Similar to how Uma resents Mal for leaving her behind, he'll resent Dizzy.
  • Jossed

The other students at Auradon Prep are the children of background characters from the Disney movies
Obviously, they can't all be the children of the Disney Princesses and Heroes, so logically, that's the only explanation of who they are.
  • Plenty more are probably the children of characters who never even appeared on screen. Auradon incorporates whole countries, not just the bits of them that audiences happen to be shown.

Similar to the above, most of the kids on the Isle of the Lost are the children of the various villains' unnamed minions or followers.

Uma was being mind-controlled by Ursula during the cotillion
During the scene where Mal and Ben try to convince Uma to choose good, Uma looks at them for a minute as if she's considering their offer, but then her necklace begins to glow and she suddenly jumps off the boat's edge. The necklace she wears was originally Ursula's necklace, which Uma started wearing. Though Ursula no longer owns it, it's reasonable to assume she still has a connection to it. Maybe she was monitoring Uma and was afraid she'd do a Heel–Face Turn like Mal and her friends did, so she activated the necklace and used her own magic to control her and make her resist them.
  • Probably Jossed, as Uma makes free use of the amulet in 3 to help Mal's group rescue Auradon, even though Ursula would probably think letting Audrey run wild offered a better chance for the villains' freedom.

Evie is in love with Mal
Honestly aside from how she generally acts around Mal, the fact that she went from being terrified of ending up stuck on the Isle again to willing to stay if Mal was going to in a heartbeat, despite her boyfriend being in Auradon, is... Suspicious to say the least.
  • Jossed, unless it's a very superficial infatuation. Evie revives Doug from the sleeping curse with True Love's Kiss, which presumably doesn't work if your heart is divided romantically.

The girl in the wheelchair is the daughter of Ariel.
Since wheelchairs as a way for mermaids to get around on land is a common thing in fiction.
  • Wouldn't Ariel's daughters be human, though, since she became human and married one?

Ariel will show up sooner or later. Bonus points if they can snag Jodi Benson!
  • Jossed; Despite the last Decendants special happening, she still won't show up. They didn't bring over Melody in the sequels, so why would Jodi reprising as Ariel be any better?

Sometime between the second and third move, Uma took over Atlantica and/or the Seven Seas
Uma is last seen diving under water after her plan to control Ben fails. The Under the Sea special shows she was still free and had apparently taken refuge under the sea. The promo trailer show her wearing a tiara while in her cecaelia form, which she did not have before. Considering that everyone agreed to give up magic, it's unlikely that the mermaids would be able to defend against Uma and considering it was her mother's dream to rule the seven seas, it seems like Uma would definitely try to fulfill it.
  • Jossed; there is no reference to Ariel or Atlantica, and Uma spent the time between films searching the Isle's barrier for underwater weaknesses.

Dizzy will turn out to be secret Big Bad of Descendants 3
Crazy theory I know. But one I thought of and decided to share because why not. What if Dizzy turns out Dizzy was Evil All Along and is actually the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes. She is probably the most beneath suspicion person on the entire Isles. Maybe not exactly Evil All Along but instead trying to destroy the barrier to free the Isle. I recognize this is a kind of crack theory and is very unlikely to be true. But it came to my mind as a sort of crazy what if and I thought I might as well put it here.
  • Jossed: Dizzy does appear, but is a minor supporting character only.

Audrey will be the Big Bad of Descendants 3
Bear with me here; Celia, in one of the trailers, claims that Auradon will be brought down from within and that the events of the movie will cause some friendships to bind or break. This suggests someone from Auradon is responsible. In another trailer, Audrey seems upset over Ben's proposal to Mal. It's also stated that the culprit steals Maleficent's scepter and the queen's crown; who would want the queen's crown besides someone who wants to be queen but knows she never can be? My theory is that Audrey steals the scepter and crown out of jealousy for Mal (since both of the things are, in a sense, rightfully Mal's) and enacted the curse in order to frame the VKs so she could be rid of Mal and have a chance with Ben again or alternately, she's just out for revenge and has no real plan other than that.
  • Confirmed!

In Descendants 3, it really was Uma's plan all along.
  • She, Hades, and the Facilier's jointly conspired together to convince Auradon's leaders to bring the barrier down for good. They didn't play any role in making Audrey go on a rampage, but Celia and her father did predict it would happen. Hoping that Uma could devise a plan to turn this to their advantage, they met her at the barrier's edge and told her all about what was coming. Celia also told Hades during one of her errand runs, and he volunteered to help. His initial attempt to bust through the barrier failed, but served to remind Mal about her father's Ember, and weakened her enough to ensure she wouldn't risk tackling Audrey without Isle allies' help. In returning to the Isle to acquire the Ember, the Core Four allowed Harry and Gil the chance to escape. This gave Uma enough manpower, together with her amulet and the stolen Ember, to pressure Mal to promise freedom for the Isle's kids, as we see in the film. But her plan went deeper than that: Uma knew that if anyone - Audrey (as actually happened), one of the VKs, or an AK ally - got mortally wounded in the conflict, Mal would insist that Hades restore them. This would leave Auradon's leadership in a deeply-indebted position, and would - as the Faciliers' card-reading foretold, and as the film's events bore out - result in the abolition of the exile system. This accounts for the ever-so-convenient timing of so many events in the film: Harry, Gil, and Uma all turning up at the right moment; Hades catching Mal's hand when she first tried to snatch the Ember; Celia dousing the Ember (thus ensuring Mal would have to beg Uma's aid and would owe her big-time); even Dr. Facilier not asking Celia why she needed Hades' key. It was all part of their shared scheme to exploit Audrey's hissy-fit and get the barrier taken down.

Hades was lying about why he wasn't in Mal's life.
According to Celia, he asked about Mal all the time. Also several of his lines in Do What You Gotta Do seem to indicate that he regrets not being there for her. My theory is that after he left Maleficent she wouldn't let him be around Mal. Possibly by threatening him or Mal herself. As for why he kept that under wraps, he didn't want it to get out that either he was afraid of his ex-wife or that someone could get to him through his daughter.

Lonnie graduated in between movies and has already left for college.
Otherwise, you'd certainly expect her to appear in 3 after being a major supporting character in 2.
  • Jossed: She's absent in Descendants 3 due to being busy on the professional R.O.A.R. team for her hometown, Northern Wei.

Descendants 3 will be In Memoriam to Cameron Boyce
Well why not? Due to Cameron Boyce's (Carlos) passing, it's quite obvious that the third film will end with a dedication to him.
  • I was thinking that too! Maybe they'll have to cut some scenes where Carlos is in danger, since it could be seen as insensitive to his death.
  • Except it would be more disrespectful to cut an actor's performance in his final movie. Cameron was a gifted professional; he deserves to have his last work seen by everyone.
  • Confirmed, of course. There's a memorial dedication at the film's beginning and a montage of outtakes that pay homage to his talent and spirit at the end. (Only in the broadcast version, before the Credits Pushback)

Alternately to the above theory about Evie being in love with Mal. Evie and Mal are sisters.
Their bond seems more like sisters than best friends (though maybe to them there's no difference. That's the case with a lot of friendships like that.) A Youtube video discussing Evie's father posed the theory that Hades is Evie's father as well. Would make sense given that most people believe you have to make a Deal with the Devil to gain magic powers to begin with. Maybe in this case it was bearing his children? Other evidence to support this going off of the Youtuber is that Mal's hair briefly turns blue in 3, iirc in the presence of her father. The same shade of blue as Evie. The person seemed to think that this was because her father's power was manifesting in her, and Evie's hair is blue because it's ALWAYS active. Their personalities are also very similar, and after Mal, Evie is the fastest to turn good. Maybe out of loyalty to her sister? Would also explain her insistence on staying on the Isle in 2 when Mal decides to stay. She doesn't want her sister to be there by herself. Especially with Uma out for revenge.

In order to convince him that dogs were dangerous creatures, Cruella told Carlos that dalmatians attacked her and killed her mother when she was young.
I had to.

We will be introduced to a new set of characters in the future.
We might be done with the major story arcs of the Core Four, but that doesn't necessarily mean we're done with Descendants. Mal's words at the end of The Royal Wedding are suggestive of a new story beginning somewhere else, and we see a trail of red paint leading us down into a rabbit hole. Also, due to Cameron Boyce's passing, a sequel to the three films and the animated special will just not be the same without him (the fact that Carlos is not in The Royal Wedding and is acknowledged to be absent in-universe is proof of this). So to make this successful multimedia franchise continue to work, the creators will give us new characters who will take on lead roles. The remaining Core Four, if we ever see them again, may become supporting characters (or will be main characters in forms of media where acting is not applicable, like books).

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