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In Canon

  • When Maleficent tells the kids that they have been selected to attend Auradon Prep, their first reaction is to try and make a break for it. Having anticipated as such, Maleficent has a few goons stop them.
  • After Maleficent tells one of her goons to give the baby back its candy, she then gives its mother a wave, which the woman returns, as though they're two regular moms passing by at the park or something. If you look closely, you see that Mal also raises her hand in goodbye.
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  • The "safe" where Maleficent keeps her spell book is a refrigerator which she hasn't figured out how to open so she needs someone to do it for her. The someone who does it is the Evil Queen instead of someone who grew up in a modern setting like Cruella.
  • Maleficent actually sits on the Evil Queen when talking about having her revenge on Sleeping Beauty.
  • Carlos's terrified reaction to seeing Cruella's statue in the museum.
    Carlos: I'll never forget Mother's Day again.
  • "Evil Like Me"- Kristin Chenoweth does what she does best... and puts us all to shame by being at her hammiest, in a show stopping Broadway-style number which involves tap-dancing, staff twirling and flying.
  • Jay roughhousing with Carlos during the Fairy Godmother's lesson, complete with Jay giving Carlos a wet willy.
    • Earlier them falling out of the limo while grappling over a blanket, which Jay only wants because Carlos wants it.
  • When Jay asks Ben how he feels after eating the cookie laced with love potion, Ben proclaims in a ridiculously hammy fashion that he "feels like singing [Mal's] name", and starts singing "MAAAAAAAAAL" in an opera voice, continuing even after Mal covers his mouth.
    • What makes it better is that, in the background, Jay is just staring at the cookie like "What is IN this thing?!?"
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  • After Auradon wins the tourney match and everyone is jumping up and down and shrieking in joy, Mal is stood in the middle, looking irritated, with her fingers in her ears. Cue Lonnie and Evie, jumping up and down and shrieking in joy and high-fiving over Mal's head.
  • "Did I Mention" - also a Show Stopper, this time with love ballads. Lampshaded how ridiculous it is in the song.
  • The video chat with the villains. The Hilarious Outtakes in the DVD Bonus Content include some alternate takes from that scene and they're possibly even funnier than what they left in.
    • During the chat, the villains start getting on Fairy Godmother's nerves.
      Cruella: Who's the old bat?
      Mal: This is Fairy Godmother.
      Maleficent: Still doing tricks with eggplants?
      Fairy Godmother: I turned a pumpkin into a beautiful carriage!
      Maleficent: You REALLY couldn't give Cinderella 'til 1 AM? I mean, really. What, the hamsters had to be back on their little wheels?
      [All the villains laugh]
      Fairy Godmother (offended): They were MICE!
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    • Then, when Carlos calls his mother out:
      Jafar: Oh! Burn!
      Cruella: Oh, go sell a toaster, you two-bit salesman!
      Jafar: People who talk to stuffed animals shouldn't throw stones!
      Cruella: People who sell toasters shouldn't used mixed metaphors!
    • Maleficent's expression in between them.
  • Jay and Carlos and the chocolate fountain. Complete with Jay sticking his tongue in it, while Carlos is laughing and jumping up and down like a kid at Christmas.
    • Actually, anytime with Jay and Carlos involving sweets.
  • The villains watch Ben's coronation on television. When Snow White appears onscreen, the Evil Queen's response is to throw popcorn at the TV.
    Evil Queen (mockingly): "I'm Snow White!" Who are you kidding? She's definitely had work done!
  • Ben introducing Mal to his parents. First he tells them that he has a new girlfriend, leading to Belle saying she never liked Audrey in the first place, and then Ben calls out to Mal, shocking his parents. While all this is happening, the photographer is trying desperately to get their attention, and proceeds to take a photo of them, with Belle and Beast looking shocked, and with Ben wearing what could only be described as a shit-eating grin. When he leaves, Belle faints and has to be caught by her husband.

Wicked World

  • Mal's line from Episode 2:
    • Also, her Epic Fail in trying to make up to Audrey for an earlier accident...she paints a portrait of Audrey dressed as her mother Aurora, but Ben thinks that may carry some Unfortunate Implications. Miffed, Mal demonstrates how much worse it could be by giving the portrait Audrey Captain Hook's coat, Cruella's stole, and Maleficent's horns...only for some stranger to take a picture of it from outside the tent and send it out on social media. Oops.
    • Kudos to her, the outfit does look good.
  • A few in episode 4:
    • Jay's cameo. He pops into the tent, hands Mal Jordan's lamp, comments on Audrey's hair, and leaves. A minute later Jordan shows up accusing Mal of having stolen her lamp. It's pretty clear he was there to troll them.
    • Carlos's dumbfounded reaction after being the only one left (then takes a selfie about it) two seconds after Mal disappears.
  • In episode 5, Mal playing in a mud puddle like a little kid (which Evie confirms is a Mal thing she can't for the life of her understand.)
  • Ben and Audrey's pathetic attempts at being bad when challenged to be so by Freddie.
  • When the kids pop in on Jordan's cooking show while she's doing a ridiculous Southern Belle accent.
  • Freddie's reaction to the buffet at Auradon.
  • In "Good is the New Bad", Freddie complains about not having anyone to sing with her after she shrank her partner's head.
    • At this, Mal suggests that she sing with Ally, since she doesn't have a partner, either, but Ally is uncomfortable with singing with a VK:
      Ally: (to Mal) If I hit a wrong note, she might turn me into a frog.
      Freddie: Never! I'd just shrink your head, like I did my last partner.
      (She holds up a shrunken head to Ally)
      Ally: Oh, it's disgusting! ...But curious. Can I touch it?
  • Due to a Magic Misfire from Mal and Evie, everyone starts acting like dogs (except for Carlos). Carlos naturally takes advantage of the situation to snap photos of Jay doing tricks.
  • In "Mash It Up", the girls all debate what the theme of the Auradon Prep should be. Audrey proposes a "pretty, pretty princess" theme, but Ally objects:
    "We did that last year. And the year before. And the year before."
    • Evie's proposal is a "who's the fairest" theme, which will be a competition:
      Evie: The winner will get everything, and the loser gets nothing!
      Jane: That sounds mean.
      Evie: Thanks.
  • Evie shamelessly gloating about how she won the "Neon Lights Ball Queen" competition. Made even better by this line:
    I am on fire! Carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen, and nitrogen ignited up in here!
  • "Carpet Jacked" is hilarious.
    • Jordan is offended that Ally assumes she has a carpet; turns out she's failed her carpet license test 12 times.
    • Jane magics up a car from a pumpkin, which runs on vegetable oil. Jordan can't pass up a chance to snark
    Great. Now we can get to the dance smelling like salad dressing.
    • When Audrey gets impatient with Evie and Mal, she tells them to hurry up "before I turn into a pumpkin." When Jordan points out how little sense that makes, Audrey fires back "Your hair doesn't make sense!"
  • In "Odd Mal Out," thanks to Jane's Bibbidi Bobbidi-ing, the tea Ally serves causes the girls' faces to change color. When Jordan pours her tea on a plant in a huff, its leaves turn full on rainbow.
  • When looking in Facilier's shop, Freddie and Mal come across item's he's keeping, which include Frollo's hat and a bust of Hades.
  • Freddie successfully does a Tablecloth Yank, only for the table's leg to inexplicably give out.
  • From "Chemical Reaction," Audrey uses Jane as a Human Shield, and Jane actually complies when told not to move.
  • From "Trapped", Carlos exclaiming "Dalmatians!" after Jane's spell fails and Jay lands on him. It's the first hilarious use of a G-rated swear in this series.

Descendants 2

  • Lizard!Maleficent now lives in a teeny-tiny terrarium in Mal's room, with her prop spinning wheel, armchair, and refrigerator with "Revenge" written in magnets. How the Mighty Have Fallen, huh?
  • Chad carefully sneaking into Jay and Carlos' room, complete with tiptoes and closing a very squeaky door, only to turn around and see Mal and Carlos have been staring at him the entire time.
  • Harry punishing Gil for calling Uma "Shrimpy" by making him sit outside the Fish n' Chips Shop in a timeout like a little boy. Their almost casualness to it even implies this is a regular occurrence.
  • Mal's reaction to the dog speaking after he snagged the 'truth gummy' (meant for Carlos) from her hand. Even funnier when you consider the villainy and other strange, nasty and evil things she's seen growing up.
    • The real laugh comes when the dog asks Carlos to scratch his butt... and the way the scene ends implies that Carlos did what his talking dog wanted.
    • Dude in general seems to treat Carlos as his somewhat stupid human who needs to be taken care of and gets resentful every time he's left behind.
  • The entirety of the "Chillin' Like a Villain" number. For starters, Ben is trying to look like an aloof Villain Kid, but he spends the entire number with a dopey grin on his face, and he's constantly screwing up the dance moves in the background. There's also Evie's line: "you look like you would lose a fight with an alleycat." And after all that, Ben still ends up getting recognized immediately after the song.
  • After Jane and Carlos tell Fairy Godmother that they can't help with the Cotillion planning because they have dates, she looks around for said dates until realizing that they're there with each other.
  • During "It's Goin' Down" when Mal sing/raps the line "Your bark is much worse than your bite" Uma literally mimes a bite at Mal.
    • Then there's Harry's solo, which he gets a little too into, prompting Uma to pull him back and say "We get it. Chill."
  • Mal and Evie talking about Mal's new 'do from Dizzy, in the middle of talking about how to get Ben back.
  • During the fight, Lonnie offers her enemy her sword, dodges two of his attacks and then kicks him in the face. Why? Just because she can.
  • The fact that Ben has absolutely no idea who Gaston or his son is kinda gives you the idea that Gaston is not considered Auradon's worst enemy.
    • Also, the way that Gil, delivering Ben his father's messages to pass along to Beast and Belle, has a (predictable) sneer for the former and a rather pathetic "Hi" for the latter. Twenty years and 'had-a-kid-with-another-woman' later, Gaston is still pining over Belle, and is also so inarticulate that he couldn't come up with anything better to say.
    • Gil is just funny in general. In his first scene, he talks about how Mal gave Uma an embarrassing nickname when they were kids and when Uma complains that Mal left her with nothing, Gil says this:
    Uma: I need you to stop talking.
  • One of the customers at the Chip Shop complains to Uma that they got her order wrong.
    Customer: I ordered the fried clams.
    Uma: And I wanted a sea-pony. Life ain't fair!

Audrey’s royal return

  • Audrey is very snarky in this short story:
    Audrey: Oh and apparently the dog talks now.

Descendants 3

  • Audrey gets especially sassy in this third installment. First is telling Mal that her spelling Ben to destroy Auradon would be a touching story to tell their grandkids.
    • She later gives one to Ben when he offers to punish whoever it was that's controlling her mind [he's not yet aware that she's working alone]. Her response is priceless.
  • While also an awesome moment, the "Do What You Gotta Do" sequence is also hilarious thanks to it basically being Ham-to-Ham Combat in song form. The fact that Celia's only reaction is to provide backing vocals implies that this isn't the first time she's seen Hades burst into song.
  • Ben, after being freed from the curse Audrey put on him, keeps trying to get information on what the hell is going on, only for everyone else to yell "DETAILS TO FOLLOW!" at him. Repeatedly.
  • When both Jane and Dude express their anxiety at the prospect of meeting Carlos's mother, Carlos himself reveals he's even more anxious about seeing her again... because he has to tell her that he's planning to become a veterinarian.
  • Dude's response to Jane being scared:
    "You're scared! His mother's Cruella De Vil! I’m petrified!"
  • Though the context is serious, it's kinda hilarious that Evie interrupts Mal and Uma's clashing during "Night Falls" with an exasperated "Oh my gosh!"
  • Ben and Mal's fathers meeting for the first time, with Beast growling at Hades, and Hades returning the favor with a guttural hiss. Family dinners are gonna be awkward.
    • Also Hades shooting a Death Glare towards Ben while hugging Mal, that visibly frightens the kid. He literally is the "Father-in-Law from the Underworld".
      • Sometimes, the Underworld is referred to interchangeably with "hell", meaning Hades is the "Father-in-law from Hell".
  • During "One Kiss", Evie dithers and frets for about two and a half minutes over whether or not Doug loves her enough for her True Love's Kiss to wake him up. Meanwhile, her backup singers, Mal and Uma, are getting increasingly bored and irritated with how much time she's wasting. Uma in particular is gesturing for Evie to hurry the heck up.

Audrey's Christmas Rewind

  • Audrey, on reflection describing her actions in the third movie as "a tad extreme."
  • Audrey loading an alarmed-looking Celia with an increasing pile of presents.

Descendants: The Royal Wedding

  • Maleficent is still in lizard form, so she’s referred to as the “Lizard of the Bride” instead of “Mother of the Bride”.
  • When Mal, Evie and Jay return to the Isle to convince Hades to come back to the wedding, they’re shocked to find Ben is already there, which leads to Evie covering his and Mal’s eyes since it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.
    • Then Ben reveals that he was there for the same reason Mal was. And he even caught Maleficent, to boot!
      Mal: What are you doing here?
      Ben: Getting this guy back to the ceremony. (leans on Hades’ shoulder) Even if I have to drag him by his freaky blue hair.
      Hades: (Death Glare)
      Ben: (quickly backs away) …Or appeal to him with logic and reason. (holds Mal’s hands) I knew you would want him to be there, no matter what he did. (small, angry growling noises come from his coat pocket) Oh! I caught your mom, too. (takes a very peeved Maleficent out of his pocket)
      • Which leads to the “reunion” of Mal’s parents. Hades doesn’t even hesitate to snark at his ex.
        Hades: (leans in to look at her and grins) That’s her, alright. I’d recognize those cold, dead eyes anywhere.
        Maleficent: (death glares and razzes at him)
        Hades: (snickers) Lookin’ good, Maleficent.
  • Hades’s attempt to keep it cool and even being helpful during the wedding only to crash it by unfortunate chain of events.
    • During the crashed wedding, Chad is thinking he’s on fire, while he’s begging to put it down. Hades obliges by throwing him the water of a nearby fountain, with the most trollish smile on his face.
      Hades: Ok. Full disclosure. Chad wasn’t on fire. But I… couldn’t resist because he’s the worst.
      • Even Mal and Evie agree he had it coming.

Meta and Out of Canon

  • In a behind the scenes interview, they mention the relationship between Ben and Mal, they fail to mention initially Ben is under a love spell, making it seem like he just naturally makes a total ass of himself in that big musical number.
  • The director pranked the actors several times on set. Dove Cameron says that she got pranked in her big emotional number.
    • Confirmed in the Behind The Scenes special- and they had the footage to prove it!