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  • This moment:
    Mal: I never had a sister.
    Evie: Well, now you do.
    • This is especially sweet when you realize that Mal and Evie used to be enemies before becoming friends but now both consider each other as sisters.
  • Belle doesn't exactly approve of her son's choice, but since her son has thought it all through and is only going for a few children she takes his side and supports him in his decision, like a good mother would.
  • Doug standing up for Evie's intelligence in Chemistry class, and then Evie getting a B+ on her test without using the Magic Mirror.
    Evie: For the first time, it's like I'm more than just a pretty face.
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  • The kids deciding to be good in the end, even though they're still scared of their parents' reactions.
  • Evie's mom, the Evil Queen, being excited when she hears her daughter announced as the designer of Mal's dress. Especially since EQ’s parenting is about pushing her own personal goals onto Evie to fulfill, but as far as anyone knows, designing clothes was not part of her plan. She's also quick to call Maleficent bitter when the latter deems it not impressive.
    • While Cruella and Jafar are gawking and confused at the start of Set it Off, The Evil Queen is smiling happily at the events taking place. Somewhat subverted when you realize that the Evil Queen's happiness is mainly because Evie is acting out her dreams of glory, and not following her own.
    • Weirdly enough, the fact that she takes them both by the hand to lead them to the balcony. There seems to be some real Villainous Friendship there.
  • Carlos finding out that dogs aren't always scary.
    • That fact that he bonded enough with Dude to stand up for the dog when Cruella remarks Dude would make excellent earmuffs is sweet too.
    • Also helps that Dude was given to him by Ben, who knew that Cruella was doing something to her son and wanted to help him out. It's basically Ben showing the role of Big Good that he establishes himself to be.
  • Mal and Audrey smiling and exchanging curtsies at the end, showing a willingness to put the bad blood between their parents behind them.
    • Before that, Mal apologizing to Jane for what she did to her, and adding that Jane is beautiful inside and out.
  • Jay insisting that Carlos be put in the tourney game with him, and them working with Ben to win the game.
    • This is even more heartwarming when you consider what led up to it. Throughout the movie, it was clear that Jay and Carlos were best friends, but with Jay being a bit brusque and sometimes a little cold to Carlos. (Shoving away his offer to help him up in the museum, fighting in the limo, fighting during Fairy Godmother's goodness class, etc.) After the talk with his coach about teamwork, he appears to think about it a bit. Telling his coach to put Carlos in the game is his way of paying him back and being a good friend.
    Jay: Coach, you said yourself a team is made up of different parts.
    Carlos: Jay, I'm not that good.
    Jay: Well, he's kind of like my brain.
    • Coach Jenkins himself. While he wants Jay to join the Tourney team because he sees him as a winning asset, he is able to persuade Jay to join by explaining he has raw talent and that being on a team can further benefit him too. Even when Jay isn't comprehending what he's saying given the cultural differences of the Isle and Auradon, Coach patiently tries different approaches to get him to understand, which given the above example Jay does take to heart. He's the second Auradon adult after Fairy Godmother to give the VKs an opportunity to fit in without forcing them into change or passively aggressively viewing them as troublemakers.
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    • For that matter, just seeing how happy Jay is about being a Tourney player. Superficially, his behavior up to then has been that of a trouble-making kleptomaniac, yet the very day he's given the opportunity to re-direct his competitiveness and energy to something more socially-approved, he starts having second thoughts about continuing the VKs' take-over-the-world mission. How many Real Life inner-city boys like him find a similar outlet for their aggression in sports?
  • Ben coming up with the idea of bringing in the four villain kids, and keeping to his reasoning throughout the movie that the children of the villains did none of the things their parents were imprisoned for.
  • When several people get on Evie's case after she essentially maces Chad for insulting her and her friends, Jay immediately gets in their way, tries to tackle Chad and throwing their assailants a Death Glare.
  • It's a bit subtle, but when Jane steals the wand and it starts shooting magic off everywhere, Mal moves forward to take it. Instead of thinking that Mal might be trying to do something wrong, Belle's first instinct is to warn her to be careful, which shows off Belle's forgiving nature and her willingness to give a second chance.
  • While it leads to a Tear Jerker, the idea that Mulan is a very caring mother to Lonnie is something that's good to hear. Despite what the Matchmaker said about Mulan not being a good wife, it's good to see that Lonnie had a mother that clearly loved her enough to want to cheer her up when she's down. It's kinda implied also that the other Hero parents are decent, Good Parents all around, which makes sense in hindsight with many of them.
    • Hell, the fact that the Matchmaker, who everyone in China sent their daughters too, was proven to be wrong. Mulan must be smiling very proudly to herself. The Matchmaker was right by the standards of the time — and Mulan was so much more than a wife.
  • Maleficent is only ever really open to Mal, despite how clearly self-involved she is; she never falters on Mal being by her side. Also, in the coronation scene, she goes from outright attacking the kids to returning to a mere staring competition when Mal takes point. It may have ended differently had literally anyone else been directly in front of her. She might have gotten "itty-bitty" but considering everything it seems like a fair bit of the love she had to give was directed at Mal.
    • Possibly this was what made her blink... Interesting when you consider her earlier comments about love being a weakness.
    • Also when Mal started to stand up to her mother and said that she's not evil like her, Maleficent reassured her that of course she's not evil like her; she's young. She'll get there eventually. Even in her own evil way, she had faith that her daughter would grow up to be just as evil as her.
  • During the final dance number "Set It Off", Jane sits alone on a bench obviously feeling guilty about what she did, even if it was an accident. Then Carlos and Jay step in and bring her into the fun, and Carlos dances with her.
  • When the Villain kids arrive at Auradon prep for the first time, they're greeted by a crowd of students waving flags and welcome banners that looks delighted to see them arrive. Seems that it's not just Ben who thought it was a good thing to bring them to Auradon.

Wicked World

  • Ben and Mal's romantic slow dance in "The Night is Young."
  • "Slumber Party" is full of Friendship Moments as the girls play would-you-rather. Highlights include Mal and Audrey being dance partners and Freddie giving Jane a big hug.
    • The thumbnail on YouTube is of Mal and Audrey back to back. It goes to show that despite their differences, they've come a long way.
  • When Mal's behavior starts going very wrong, Evie tries to do damage control and when Audrey snaps and banishes Mal from the upcoming celebration, she, Jay and Carlos are immediately worried about everything that's been going on.
  • When Mal breaks into the museum to steal Jafar's staff in Steal Away, Jane goes after her to investigate. Rather than rat her out to an adult or the Auradon Kids and create a whole issue out of a big misunderstanding, she tells the VK's about it so they can deal with it.
    • Remember that in the previous episode, she seemed to have been siding with Audrey and the other Auradon Kids on the idea of Mal still being evil, but as soon as Mal left the room, Jane's first instinct was to follow her to see what's going on.
  • "Trapped" contains a heartwarming What You Are in the Dark moment for Audrey without any of the Villain Kids around. Audrey admits that as much as she didn't trust the VKs, and even there was a little bit of self-interest involved, she wanted to bring everyone, even the VKs together. She really cared that much about their friendship.
    • Additionally, once Ally tells Audrey what really caused Mal to act evil, Audrey admits she royally screwed up by being so hostile to Mal and banning her from the event. Audrey felt terribly guilty that she really wants to make things right between herself and Mal. It all comes to show that even though Audrey comes off as rude and self-absorbed, she really means well and feels bad whenever she realizes she hurt others. The fact that Audrey didn't even ask for more proof shows she hasn't completely given up on Mal, despite her hostile behavior previously.
  • When Audrey is turned into a duck, Mal is the one who turns her back.
  • During the ceremony, Audrey sincerely apologizes to Mal who graciously accepts. The moment kinda gets interrupted when CJ shows up, only for her not to interfere, which, considering her role in the story, is very sweet.

Descendants 2

  • How staggeringly-overjoyed both Jane and Carlos are when he finally works up the nerve to ask her to the upcoming dance.
  • Everything about this scene is cute; Carlos has to try a few times but when she finally understands Jane is so excited about the whole thing and lists all the amazing things about him and how she’s the luckiest girl in the world. Then when she hugs him Carlos is surprised, but returns the hug with a content sigh.
  • At the dance Jane tells her mom that Carlos is her date. Instead of disapproving The Fairy Godmother is happy for both of them.
  • Pretty much everything Dizzy says rates as this trope. Just the fact that anyone so bubbly could be that way despite living on the Isle does too, for that matter. Her invitation to live in Auradon warrants many a sigh of relief. Although she doesn't officially get to come to Auradon until the third film.
  • Jay finding a way to let Lonnie join the boys' swordsmanship team, and every other team member - even Chad, albeit reluctantly - accepting her as their new Captain.
    Lonnie: Wait till I tell my mom.
    • Noticeably Chad is the only one who objects to Lonnie joining the team, both before and after she becomes their Captain. All the other boys were okay with having a girl, let alone one who's probably a better sword fighter than all of them, play their team.
  • Ben apologizing to Uma for failing to bring the other villains' children from the Isle, explaining that he intended to start with four to prove it could be done and then bring more but got too caught up in his responsibilities as king.
    • Then he keeps going in the final battle's aftermath. Evie asks for a single transfer, little Dizzy (who she describes as "like a little sister to me"), to which he says "Then she should come". Then Evie cautiously suggests making a list of every Isle kid she can think of who should be brought to Auradon, which Ben outright insists be done.
  • Ben asking Jane to put Mal's green villain eyes in a stained glass window of her, to show that he accepts her as she is.
  • Despite their apprehension about Mal in the first film, it is clear that Ben's parents have grown very fond of her. When Mal is heartbroken and tries to leave after Ben announces Uma as his new love, Belle stops Mal to say that she is so sorry and that they had no idea what Ben had done, and her husband promises to talk to his son about it. Even after they have seen Mal using dark magic to turn into a dragon to fight Uma, Belle's only comment about Mal is that they are all in good hands with her being with Ben.
  • Lonnie, Doug and Jane are just as disgusted that Ben seemingly would choose Uma over Mal. Clearly, they do care about Mal as much as Evie, Carlos, and Jay do, and the latter two affirm their loyalty by leaving when Mal decides to leave. Jane goes the extra mile and orders Lumiere to unveil the stained glass window of Ben and Mal.
  • Mal realizing that Ben has loved her for who she is all along after seeing the stained glass window of her and Ben together with Mal dressed like herself with all the things she thought Ben didn't like. Mal then comes up to Ben and admits to him why she never told him that she loved him was because she didn't think she was good enough for him but then she realized that Ben loves her for just being the way she is.
    • Mal giving Ben a True Love's Kiss after telling him that she always loved him, breaking the love spell Uma casted on him. After that, Ben says "Mal" in the sweetest way ever.
  • Harry is constantly protective of Uma:
    • Chastising Gil whenever he calls Uma "Shrimpy".
    • Threatening the crew member who squared up against Uma in "What's My Name".
  • It's a small moment, but during the dock battle, Uma stops chasing Mal to help Harry out of the water. Any run-of-the-mill villain would just ignore their minion, but, even though she's the revenge-thirsty villainess and he's an Ax-Crazy nutcase, the two of them really are loyal friends.
    • Also, Harry himself deserts a battle he's clearly enjoying to dive in and save his signature hook, which his opponent had dropped off the dock. For all that he's the most sadistic VK we've yet seen, his emotional attachment to an object that emulates his father implies that Captain Hook, at least, has earned some genuine loyalty and esteem from his child.

Descendants 3

  • During "Good to be Bad", we see streets named after the Core Four, with inspirational posters depicting them posted on walls, showing that they have become an inspiration to the other VKs. Of note are the captions on the posters themselves:
    • Mal: OUR LIBERATOR! Our Hero MAL will NEVER let us down!
    • Evie: PROOF THAT DREAMS DO COME TRUE! EVIE took the Isle Style to AURADON and slayed!
    • Jay: BIG BROTHER TO US ALL! JAY will be your friend to the end!
    • Carlos: A FRIEND TO THE FRIENDLESS! CARLOS showed us we all deserve LOVE!
  • On top of that, it is shown that Carlos has started up a shelter of sort for some of the Isle kids. Given that he has suffered the most blatantly abusive childhood of the Core Four according to the novels, it's clear that he's given them a safe space to get away from their own Abusive Parents.
  • Unlike with all the other VKs and Disney Villains we've seen, Celia and Dr. Facilier are shown to have a very close, caring relationship with each other. When Mal reveals she had planned to permanently close the barrier, Celia is distraught because it meant she would never get to see her father again.
    • Even more touching: when the opportunity to return to the Isle before its closure arises, Celia chooses to go back there. As much as she loved her time in Auradon, she loves her father more.
  • Ben proposes to Mal. In doing so, he proves he's incredibly smooth in the romance department when he chooses to be, and, more importantly, he's showing that he loves all of Mal, even the dark parts of her that were in control at the time she spelled him originally.
    • After Ben proposes to Mal, Belle announces "I finally get a daughter".
    • Jay, Evie and Carlos joke about the proposal; Mal, also joking, brushes them off with "silence, you annoying peasants". Carlos looks offended, Evie seems impressed and Jay just takes it in stride. Mal is officially in a place where she can have a laugh with her friends and not have to worry about how people look at her over it.
    • How sure is Belle that Mal will say "yes" when Ben proposes? According to Evie, who has "only done about a thousand sketches of your wedding dress", Belle has planned the engagement party for "next week". Note, folks, that this woman planned the engagement party before Mal even said yes. It seems that the bookworm really is good at seeing the good inside people and knew that Mal and Ben were perfect and Mal would say yes.
  • When the core VKs are announcing which new four Isle kids get to go to Auradon, the other Isle residents present, including some of the other kids not chosen, happily cheer in support for the ones that were (Dizzy, Squeaky, Squirmy and Celia). This being a far contrast from the reactions after the Core Four were chosen to attend Auradon note , implies that changes were slowly happening and starting to look up for Isle kids.
    • The other Isle kids all cheer intensely when the second of the Smee twins is chosen. They're clearly fond of the brothers and agree that it'd be unfair to break up the pair of them, even knowing that this means their own odds of being chosen have dropped and only three Isle families, not four, will get to send their kids to the mainland this semester.
    • Smee kisses both his twin sons' foreheads before they leave for Auradon and the boys are promised that they can see him again.
  • Lady Tremaine must have Took a Level in Kindness since the previous film, because other than not externally showing her affection she doesn't feel like the "wicked stepmother/grandmother" she was in her original film or Descendants 2. She's supportive of Dizzy's dream going off to Auradon despite it being less beneficial for the family business, makes sure Dizzy has packed everything as she sends her off, then gives Dizzy her glue gun she forgot to pack. Dizzy happily hugs her showing no ill will. Also, bringing Dizzy's glue gun means Lady Tremaine had to have known about Dizzy's designing aspirations for some time but, unlike many of the other VK parents, never dissuaded Dizzy from pursuing her own separate dreams.
  • Mal and Uma. We get to see what the two of them were possibly like together before their falling out and what could have been had they stayed friends on the Isle.
  • Gil in Auradon. His extended onscreen time shows that while he may be simple-minded he also doesn't seem to care much about revenge or antagonizing anyone, and gets genuinely giddy over simple things not on the Isle like fresh fruit, flowers, and dogs. He also tries Evie's (at the time) failed icebreaker attempt to get the two VK crews to be nice to each other, which leads to him being the first to form a real friendship bond with one of the core four VKs.
    • It's also another example of how a VK can inherit their parents' better qualities rather than their worst: Gaston was also fond of the wilderness, even if his competitiveness and aggression led him to hunt its creatures rather than admire its beauties like Gil can.
  • Dizzy and Celia are super adorable. Watching them bond over a stolen slice of birthday cake is one thing, but then you get the scene where Celia finds Dizzy (as well as Squeaky and Squirmy) under Audrey's sleeping spell. She becomes even more worried when she notices that Dizzy is having a nightmare and tries to wake her. She then puts a blanket over them and gently strokes her forehead while ensuring her that everything will be okay once their current situation is over. This seems to imply that Dizzy is Celia's first/only true friend on the Isle.
    • According to Escape From the Isle of the Lost, they first became friends when Dizzy made Celia's little hat.
    • Evie was chiding Celia for trying to steal from Audrey just a moment ago. Watching Celia show genuine affection and concern for someone makes it clear to Evie that she isn't as resistant to her moral lessons as she's been letting on. The look on Evie's face while she's watching is subtle, but still says it all.
  • At the end, when the barrier is taken down permanently, we finally get a look at the Isle when it's not enshrouded by constant overcast. And all that graffiti and signage that'd looked so glum and ominous in shadow is beautiful - bright and colorful and creative — in the full light of day.
  • True Love's Kiss confirming that Evie and Doug really are in love and are worthy partners for one another.
  • Even though the plot gets in the way so Jane never sees it, Carlos put a lot of time and effort into making sure he does something really special for Jane's birthday like buying her a cake (that everyone but Jane eats during the course of the movie.)
    • Made even sweeter if you've read the books and seen the deleted scene; In a deleted scene Jane was worried that Carlos would forget her birthday and in the books, Carlos was determined to do something special.
  • In another deleted scene Carlos asks Jay and the Smee twins what he should get Jane. It's Jay who suggests that Carlos make her something, saying he knows Jane and she’d like that. This shows that Jay really does care about Jane as a friend and took the time to learn her interests.
  • In the same scene the boys have a bonding moment where they admit they'll miss each other when Jay goes to college.
  • When Jane and Carlos are reunited both run to each other with the biggest smiles they can muster and after going on about how worried they were about the other they embrace. Carlos keeps his smile even as they hug.
  • While funny, it's also nice to see that Harry thought Jane was "ravishing" when you remember that Jane used to struggle with low self confidence. It's nice to see that others think she's attractive despite this.
    • What makes it better is that Carlos agrees that Jane is beautiful, but makes it clear to Harry that she's taken.
  • Carlos gives Jane a "Jarlos" necklace he made her himself with his printer. Jane is so happy with the gift and the fact that he remembered her birthday.
    • She even shows the necklace to her mom later even though the godmother was turned to stone at the time.
  • When Chad is freed by Ben at Fairy Cottage, he's clearly shaken. Ben consoles him and even asks "What happened buddy?". Even after witnessing Chad's hostility towards the VKs and himself, and developing a strong relationship with the VKs throughout the past two films, Ben hasn't forgotten his old friend.
  • When Ben splits everyone up into teams and insists that Jane and Doug should go look for Fairy Godmother, Uma immediately suggests that they should take some muscle with them. While this may be a pragmatic act, it could also be her worried that Jane and Doug (who are NOT fighters) might be in danger. Gil volunteers right away, to which everyone agrees to. It's also sweet that Carlos and Evie are willing to trust their significant others to someone who had been their enemy earlier that day.
    • Note that Gil is thereby accompanying Dopey's son. Who is probably the single best candidate to help none-too-bright Gil understand what's going on, as his own dad is a bit on the slow-on-the-uptake side, so Doug's had plenty of experience explaining things patiently and straightforwardly.
  • Near the end of the film, it seems that Chad, Audrey, and Queen Leah have all gained a new empathy for the villain kids on the Isle of the Lost. They each attend Mal and Ben's engagement party, toast to Mal as the future queen of Auradon, and support Mal and Ben's decision to permanently destroy the Isle's barrier. All of this completely contrasts their previous feelings about villain kids being brought to Auradon.
  • During the ending dance number, Audrey takes a liking to and almost immediately warms up to Harry Hook. Goes to show Audrey really is a sweet girl once she is free of hatred and opens her heart and surrounded by people who really care about her.
  • "For Cameron, who made every moment count."
    • Not only that, but for the first few months the film aired on TV before the full credits roll, they had a second tribute to him consisting of his best moments both on set and at home. Of particular note is one where he made the then-First Lady Michelle Obama laugh, and his gleeful reaction to it. He may have only been on this planet for a short time, but he left an impact.

Descendants: The Royal Wedding

  • Mal receives an early wedding present from Jay & Evie: a charm bracelet, which symbolized the four core VKs.
    Evie: It's our crests... the four VK's, linked together, forever.
    • For added heartwarming, after Ben and Mal have exchanged their vows and are preparing for their first dance as a married couple, Carlos's crest sparkles, meaning his spirit is present, to Mal's clear joy.
  • Mal tells her mother (in lizard form) that she still loves her, then the whole family (Mal, Maleficent, and Hades) joins in for a group hug. Surprisingly, Maleficent's reaction to all this is a positive one. Later she holds Mal and Ben's wedding rings and seems perfectly content watching her daughter get married. Yes, Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil, one of the most notorious Disney villains ever, and the Big Bad of the first Descendants happy on her daughter's wedding day, despite fighting and literally being turned into a lizard by her. Looks like Fairy Godmother was right at the end of the first film: Maleficent has been learning to love.

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