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  • 'Evil Like Me'- Kristin Chenoweth does what she does best... and puts us all to shame by being at her hammiest, in a show stopping Broadway-style number which involves tap-dancing, staff twirling and flying.
  • Evie deserves some credit for talking back at Chad after he first dumps her for Audrey, sells her out for using a magic mirror in class, and finally, calls her a gold digger and a cheater. She gives it to him in this way:
    Evie: Mirror, mirror, in my hand, who's the biggest jerk in the land?
  • Carlos standing up to Cruella full stop. This is the woman who's kept him under her thumb by convincing him dogs are vicious monsters but now he's decided that he's had enough of her lies and more importantly her.
    • It gets better when you realize that this was the kid who was pushed around for the entire film, not just by his mother, but also his friends, and he's the FIRST to stand up to his parent. Because after being everyone's Butt-Monkey, he's found the one thing that really gives him happiness, and he's sure as hell not going to let anyone take it from him.
    • Even better, he is the first villain descendant who calls out their parent for teaching them wrong. Jafar was impressed.
      Carlos: He (Dude) is the perfect size for a pet! And FYI, your dog is stuffed!
  • Mal defeating her mother (in dragon mode) through the love in her heart.
    • Jay and Evie have some pretty awesome moments in that scene as well. Jay tries to take Maleficent's scepter and evades her fire attacks pretty well. Evie uses the Magic Mirror to shine bright light in Maleficent's face to force her to the ground.
    • Heck, if you're Rooting for the Empire, Maleficent crashing the party is pretty awesome (and hilarious) on its own. She manages to freeze everyone in the room (excluding the villain kids) just by stamping her staff once. Then, of course, she takes on her iconic dragon form in all its monstrous glory.
      Fairy Godmother (attempting to stop Maleficent): Bibbidi Bobbidi...
      Maleficent: BOO! (stamps her staff and freezes every person in the room)
      Maleficent: Psyche!
  • Even as the VKs are on the brink of enabling Auradon's destruction, Ben stays calm and single handedly persuades them to give the wand back - not by insulting them or threatening them, as the other 'heroes' do, but by reasserting that they have a choice over who to be, and that their choices matter. If he weren't a prince, that boy could go into suicide counselling.
    • Who says he can't do both?
  • Ben surprises Mal when he casually tells her, right before the crowning ceremony, that he knew the cookie she fed him had a love potion in it - and that was only from after eating the potion's antidote in the form of a brownie. Ben never showed any indication of even knowing he was under the influence (from how he acted, even the audience was tricked into thinking Mal was going to get away with it without him knowing), which makes his casual reveal so startling. He doesn't hold it against her either because he knows she has her own reasons for lying to him, and doesn't even pry into said reasons for wanting a front row seat since he trusts her.
    • Ben did show his hand once. Right after diving into the magical lake (which undid Mal's love spell), he played the prank on Mal, pretending to have drown under the water. What happen next explains why Ben didn't hold love potion against her. Mal jumped into the water, and became frantic. When Ben popped out and saved Mal from drowning, Mal revealed she can't swim and Ben says under his breath, 'And you jumped in anyways.' This could also explain why Ben still tries to persuade them to give back the wand.

Wicked World

  • The confrontation between Zevon and the five remaining AKs is rather noteworthy. Keep in mind, none of the five had any special abilities or powers, but Jordan, of all people, had the guts to bravely take on Zevon despite being severely out-powered and outmatched. Jordan may not have been successful, but she really deserves an "A" for effort and bravery.
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  • Audrey pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment with the other AKs as they drop in from their carpet and save Mal and Evie from Zevon's puppets.

Descendants 2

  • Dragon vs. Sea Witch. You're welcome.
  • Uma: You didn't think that was the end, did you?
  • The VKs come up with a plan to get back the captured Ben pretty quickly, and even when the plan wrinkles (Uma wants to check the wand), Mal manages to improvise by pretending to spell Dude. They all prove to be pretty good swordfighters in the fight that ensues, even those you wouldn't expect like Carlos and Evie.
  • Speaking of the fight scene, Lonnie gets an epic moment where she disarms her opponent, then apologizes and gives him her sword - then kicks his ass into the sea anyways. If you're watching closely enough, you can see that she kicks him in the face.
  • Ben manages to remain a peacemaker while being held hostage and threatened with death. Yes; Uma doesn't buy it but points to Ben for trying.
  • Jay calling out the fact that sexism is one injustice that the Isle's population is actually doing better at overcoming than Auradon is. For all their Holier Than Thou pretensions, an awful lot of the self-proclaimed "good guys" do retain a condescending habit of letting it be the guys who tackle the fighting and take the risks; Disney's villains, in contrast, have always been accepting of females wielding power, because even the earliest Disney fairy-tale films' Big Bad roles went to witches.
    • Incredibly ironic is the fact that Mulan is the only Disney Hero - male or female - to have a body count in the thousands. If Lonnie is anything like her mother...
  • Antagonists' example: Uma has an entire pirate crew who is loyal to her. Despite being young and small, her authority is not challenged. Even when Mal tries to probe Harry for disloyalty in the salon, he has no reaction. (Then again, Harry is probably Uma's most devoted follower.) Ben, even as her hostage, genuinely tells her she’s a natural leader and would be a strong proponent in Auradon for bringing real change for the kids on the Isle.
  • All together now: "WHAT'S MY NAME?"
  • Iconic Sequel Songs: What's My Name and Ways to Be Wicked
  • When Evie, Carlos and Jay try to teach Ben how to blend in on the Isle, he does horribly (even confessing near the end of the song that he doesn't think he can pull it off)...only to turn it around in the end, by revealing that he successfully pickpocketed all three of them.

Descendants 3

  • Audrey. She manages to steal the Queen's crown and Maleficent's scepter, put all of Auradon under a deep sleep, turn Mal into an old hag, turn Ben into a beast, transform Fairy Godmother, Ben, Evie, Jay, and Carlos into statues, and fight Mal in her dragon form, all on her own. You read that right, Aurora's daughter nearly took over Auradon single-handed. Sure, she had Chad as a lackey, but he proved to be no help.
  • Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Uma, Harry, and Gil managing to overpower suits of armor brought to life by Audrey in a big swordfight, all while singing and dancing.
  • Hades healing Audrey in her enchanted sleep.
    • Before that, he had the wits to call out the "heroes" of Auradon for forgiving Audrey for her reign over Auradon, but imprisoning the villains of doing much less.
  • Mal and teammates bringing down the barrier of the Isle once and for all.
  • The ratings for the first few showings were huge. Factoring in DVR and smart media viewings, it did better than the first High School Musical. The reviews have also been unanimously good, with most being great. The night of the premiere, Descendants was trending for 10 hours on Twitter, two of which it was the #1 topic.
    • Since then, every rerun has had over 2 million viewers. One even got to 3.3 million.
    • Even better, the first showing of the third film managed to get 4.5 million viewers, making it the highest rated kids' TV premiere of 2019.
  • The music is also hugely successful - the soundtrack album was #1 on the Billboard charts and #1 on iTunes for a couple of days. 3 of the songs were in the top 50 most downloaded songs, and the official 'Rotten To The Core' YouTube video has been getting about 1 million views a day since it was posted. It's the first Disney Channel song to be Vevo certified.

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