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Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 is a 3D Platform Game developed by High Voltage Software that was released for PlayStation 2 on June 19, 2002, two days before the release of Lilo & Stitch. This game is the most ambitious of the three tie-in platformers released before the original film,note  as this game serves as a prequel to it.

Jumba has recently created Experiment 626 (a.k.a. Stitch) and has high hopes for this one. Jumba sends 626 to go on a mission across the galaxy to collect DNA, replacing 621 in the mission as Jumba was disappointed by the earlier experiment's efforts. Throughout the game, 626 causes destruction in his quest to collect DNA, and comes across various enemies along the way including Captain Gantu, a rival evil scientist to Jumba called Dr. Habbitrale, and an increasingly jealous 621, who goes out out his own to find DNA in order to mutate himself into a much stronger creature.

Despite this game's ambitions, it received a mixed reaction from critics, who had issues with the gameplay, camera, and graphics. The game would be retconned out of the Lilo & Stitch canon over the years, with Dr. Hämsterviel becoming the franchise's main villain over Habbitrale and Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch fully establishing what actually happened before the original film. 621 would never make another appearance in the franchise, although he would be named "Chopsuey" by the events of Leroy & Stitch.


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