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Trivia / Stitch: Experiment 626

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  • Celebrity Voice Actor: David Ogden Stiers reprised his role as Jumba.
  • Christmas Rushed: The game was rushed so it would be released two days before Lilo & Stitch premiered.
  • Deleted Role: Zoe Caldwell was supposed to reprise her role as the Grand Councilwoman. Doesn't help that she recorded her lines and is credited in the final game despite being cut.
  • Early Draft Tie-In: The planet Pizton from a deleted scene in the film is a level in the game.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: This game has long since been out-of-print, especially after the end of the franchise's heyday and the PS2 itself. It has been digitally re-released as a PS2 Classic, but only on PlayStation 3 in Europe.
  • Prequel First: The game came out two days before the actual film.
  • Prequel in Another Medium: The game is a prequel to a hit Disney film.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game's Press CD reveals there were many elements that were changed or didn't make it into the final game:
      • Surfing and bicycle minigames were planned.
      • Jumba was going to be the main villain, instead of the mentor and Mission Control.
      • There would have been more enemies in the jungle levels: Luncs (which are still present in the game files), Jellyfish and Lightrays.
    • Deleted audio files reveal that certain enemies were only going to be defeated by the Freeze Gun.
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    • Meta example for Chopsuey: despite never having made another appearance in the franchise after the game, he was this close to getting official licensed Disney merchandise in the late 2010s thanks to a Fan Art contest held by Hot Topic subsidiary BoxLunch. Unfortunately, the entry that featured him (alongside other experiments, both well-known and obscure) did not win; all the winning entrants featured Stitch and other characters who debuted in the original film, without any other experiments.note 
  • Working Title: A prototype build dated March 28 2002 showed that the game was titled Experiment 626: Stitch on the Loose at one point.

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