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House is a 2020 survival horror adventure game created by Bark Bark Games that thrusts you in the middle of an dangerous house with horrors lurking around every corner. Your bathroom has a ghost in the toilet, your storage room has a giant rat, there's a leech hiding under your bed, and the doll that sits in your room seems to be watching your every move.

Oh, and Daddy's coming home.

Using the objects and creatures around your house, you must race against time to save your family from various gruesome fates before your father comes home at midnight... or succumb to the darkness and become one with the House.

You can find the game for a minimum fee of $5 on here or download it from Steam here.


House contains examples of:

  • Creepy Doll: You have one in your room, and it originally belonged to your sister. It appears at the end of every ending to taunt you into thinking the nightmare ever ends, which makes it all the more satisfying when you finally axe it in the true ending.
  • Driven to Suicide: Your sister does this if you destroy the piano and the toilet, but not the stool which she uses to hang herself. It's understandable when considering not only the horrors of the house, but also that the corpse in the basement is Toby, the neighbor's kid whom she's implied to like.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: The game has a content warning for excessive gore for good reason. Body parts frequently fly everywhere during your many deaths.
  • Multiple Endings: Depending on the actions you take during the game and who you keep alive at the end, you can end up with one of five possible endings:
    • If your sister is dead, you're forced to put down your father with brute force. The darkness retreats, but it's implied that it's still dormant and will strike again in the future.
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    • If your sister is alive and you gave her the doll, she will play her flute, and the song causes your father to be pacified and the darkness to retreat.
    • If you choose to massacre your entire family, your father embraces you when he comes home and you both get swallowed by the darkness.
    • If you kept your entire family alive, including your cat, your sister's song burns away the darkness and you return to your old, familiar life... or do you?
    • In the 1.3 version of the game, you can finally dispel the darkness for good. After achieving every previous ending, you break the grandfather clock and cause time to be stopped. You defeat the various body parts that spring up around the house, which causes the heart of the house to become vulnerable. After destroying it, you fall through a hole and encounter a skeletal abomination playing with puppets of your family's likeness, and it grabs your arm and begs you to stay... but you literally tear yourself loose and cleave the asshole in two! The epilogue shows you sitting on a bench in a field, finally free of the house.
  • Sprint Meter: It empties pretty quickly and is barely enough to get you out of the situation.

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