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For trivia related to the BTS Universe, see here.

  • Approval of God:
    • Murray Stein responded very positively to MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA (which heavily references his book Jung's Map of the Soul) and the fandom's Wild Mass Guessing and analysis of the album based on the book.
    • Both Webstar and Young B. (aka. Bianca Bonnie) reacted with excitement to see the success of j-hope's tribute song "Chicken Noodle Soup" and the fandom's response of researching and thanking them both (particularly Bianca Bonnie, who tweeted "I THINK [j-hope] IS AMAZING"). The fact that they were properly credited and paid for the use of the sample probably helped.
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    • The members themselves are very happy to see dance covers and dance challenges on their songs, notable examples being them (likely j-hope) liking tweets from the #BASELINECHALLENGE (including the one that started the hashtag) and incorporating the #IDOLCHALLENGE into the second version of the "IDOL" music video. The release of j-hope's "Chicken Noodle Soup" single followed the launch of BTS's Tiktok account, through which they released the #CNSchallenge the same day of the song's release and liked several videos under the tag.
  • Breakthrough Hit: It's a bit hard to say, due to their rise being a steady climb in their following releases both locally and internationally: "I NEED U" brought them their first win in a Korean music show, "Dope" was their first viral music video on Youtube (their first music video to gain 100 million views, in fact), and "Blood, Sweat and Tears" was their first #1 hit in Korean charts. As for the US charts, "DNA" was their first to enter the Hot100 chart, "Mic Drop (Steve Aoki remix)" their first to reach top 40, and "Fake Love" was the first to reach top 10 (with the album LOVE YOURSELF: Tear also being their first #1 in BB200).
  • Colbert Bump: Many artists have had their songs shooting to #1 on searched songs in Korea after being recommended by BTS (most often RM). The artists whose songs have either been covered by BTS members, used as the soundtrack in Jungkooks Golden Closet Films, or appeared in BTS videos on Twitter or Vlive (among others) have also seen a sudden spike in searches, streams and/or views.
    • Books referenced by BTS in their work (especially in the BTS Universe) have also gained or re-gained popularity, most notably Demian by Hermann Hesse, Into the Magic Shop Full title  by James R. Doty (which became a best-seller in Korea), and Jung's Map of the Soul: An Introduction by Murray Stein.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • The original title of The Most Beautiful Moment of Life (both the album series and its intro song) is 花样年华 or 화양연화, which translates to In the Mood For Love. It was translated in English to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life to avoid confusion with the movie of the same name while keeping the thematic meaning of the original.
    • The Korean title for "Boy With Luv" is "작은 것들을 위한 시" or "Poem For The Small Things". This way, the Korean title references the specific meaning of the song (finding love and joy in the small things in a relationship and in life, sub-textually the relationship between BTS and ARMY), while the international title makes it a Call-Back and contrasting sequel (because of Character Development) to the more immature and aggressive "Boy In Luv".
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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: It's awfully common in Western media (from news segments to music reviews) to talk about BTS as standard boyband fare solely made to appeal young fans through good looks and Silly Love Songs (when they've made songs about self-reflection, social inequality, the fears behind being an artist, etc.), with the language difference being a major factor/excuse for this. A review from The Guardian in 2018 of LOVE YOURSELF: Tear didn't even talk about the songs themselves because it assumed fans wouldn't care, while online critic Todd in the Shadows admitted that he didn't even look at "Boy With Luv"'s lyrics (even though he put it in his Best Songs of 2019 list) and guessed its reference to "Boy In Luv" meant that they finally "got the girl" - the reference is actually made as a Call-Back to put light on BTS' growth as artists and as people in between both songs, with the aesthetic differences between both music videos reflecting the shift in their views regarding gender and gender expression.
  • Creator Breakdown: Certain songs (such as "Tomorrow", written by SUGA during his trainee days) were written while one or more of the members were going through hard times. Their work from 2015 and especially 2016, a time where both the group and their fans had been receiving endless criticism and harassment, is particularly known for generally being Darker and Edgier than their previous work and having some songs (most notably "2!3!", addressed at fans) referencing those hard times. "Always" by RM (released on their Soundcloud) particularly stands out as representative of a time where he was stressed over various incidents in 2015-2016, resulting in dark, defensive lyrics:
    RM: When I wrote the song, I decided not to release [it]. I thought the status described in the lyrics would go forever. So, (I’m) blaming others. Not others, but the world. [...] The reason why I released this song is because I no longer feel like the one (the character) in the lyrics. That’s why I was able to release the song. Many fans felt sad about it. However, by releasing the song, it was like saying bye to myself. To myself who had been sad in 2016 and 2015. That’s how I felt.
  • Creator Recovery: Contrast the LOVE YOURSELF series (which started in late 2017) with their work in the previous year, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever and WINGS, which are much more melancholic in nature. While the LOVE YOURSELF series was planned since 2016, what happened between late 2016 and LOVE YOURSELF: Her's release (and after that, too) certainly got the members in better moods, with members stating that they're in the process of learning to love themselves as well. Confirmed by RM statements regarding "Always" (see Creator Breakdown above) and his "Artist of the Year" award speech at the 2017 MAMAs below:
    RM: Thank you so much. And I think the words ‘Artist of the Year’ really confirm it. We aren’t sad or in pain anymore. We’re confident and proud!
  • Doing It for the Art: Rather than making catchy songs for the sake of it, their main priority is their music and the message they can convey through it, using it to tell their own stories. They go the extra mile so that their work at large constructs an entire narrative of personal growth drawing from their own experiences, be it through Sequel Songs, Sequel Concept Albums, or a fictional story told through an entire continuity of music videos (the BTS Universe), often planned months, even years in advance.
    • They've gone on record to say that they prefer to remain as true to themselves as possible, rejecting things like making English albums solely to enter the US market. Not that it stops fans from making them chart in paid platforms anyway.
    • There's also a lot of songs they've made for free, including original songs (such as "DDAENG" and "4 o'clock"), covers, rearrangements, and 4 critically acclaimed solo mixtapes, all shared through their official Soundcloud page and made downloadable through Dropbox, Mediafire and Google Drive. The BTS Festa in particular is an anniversary celebration they make for fans that always includes having several new songs released for free.
      • The mixtapes and solo singles are notable for the fact that all are available for free on the aforementioned platforms (with BTS themselves tweeting the free download links), but fans still go out of their way to buy or stream them in paid platforms.
    • This even applies to their performances, always finding ways to make them all unique and memorable in Korean awards and year-end shows. Jimin dancing blindfolded? Dancing to near exhaustion to an extended version of "Mic Drop" (at the end of a 15-minute performance, even)? Making a heavy metal version of "DNA"? Incorporating a celebration of traditional Korean dances? They don't have to go that far, but they do it anyway.
  • Dye Hard: All of them, especially Suga, who went from pink to blonde to mint green and occasionally blue within 2015 and early 2016.
    • A fan has even made a chart showing all the hair colors each member has had since debut.
  • Fan Community Nickname: ARMY (or BTS ARMY, to avoid confusion with other fandoms named "Army"). Note the all-uppercasenote .
  • Fan Nickname: Before the BTS Universe was officially named, fans called it the "HYYH story/universe". The name still sticks around in some parts.
    • Since 2017, international fans have taken to call Korean ARMYs "K-diamonds"note , while Korean fans call international ARMYs "I-Lovelies" in return.
  • Follow the Leader: After BTS' Top Social Artist Billboard Award marked a turning point in their rise to the US mainstream in 2017, several Kpop idols, companies and fandoms started to create Twitter accounts or generally push for more presence in social media and Youtube. To compare, even though BTS was n. 1 in both the 2017 and 2018 lists (a position they've maintained for more than 100 consecutive weeks, and non-consecutively since 2016), only 2 Korean groups other than BTS appeared on the 2017 year-end list, in positions 35 and 41; during 2018, the top 5 in Billboard's weekly Social 50 list always tended to contain 2-3 Korean groups, with the year-end Social 50 list containing 12 Kpop groups aside from BTS, 3 of them on the top 10.
  • God Never Said That: Fans' reliance on social media to get information and translations (plus Archive Panic) has unfortunately led to false rumors becoming widespread. For example:
    • Yes, they struggled a lot. Yes, "Skit: Expectation" mentions that "N.O." didn't do as well as expected. No, they weren't about to disband after "N.O." (in fact, they won a "Rookie Artist of the Year" award that year).
    • Many fans mistakenly believe V was training to be a rapper and J-Hope was going to be a vocalist, only for them to exchange roles after the former turned out to have trouble rapping. This is false, and is even directly contradicted in (most notably) the American Hustle Life reality show and the Burn The Stage mini-series: J-Hope mentions being one of the first members to join and (at the time) the only dancer among several rappers, deciding by himself to try his hand at freestyling.
    • "Expensive Girl" has acquired a Never Live It Down status for RM, with some fans still making fun of it or even recommending it to Youtube reactors... but many of those fans don't know that it's a cover. The original is "Take It Off (Dim the Lights)" by Pharrell Williams.
    • The practice of adding Gag Subs to BTS images for comedic purposes has led to less meme-savvy fans (and fans simply lacking context) misreading and spreading them as actual quotes. For example, the following quote turned out to be believable enough that some fans still believe Jin actually said it, not knowing it's was a Shout-Out joke.
      Jin, apparently: "When Jungkook was born, I was already in kindergarten, which means if we were friends back then, I'd have been hanging out with a baby. I don't know anything about infant care. My god, I could have killed him."
  • Meaningful Release Date: The album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA was released on April 12th. This is one day after a significant date plot-wise in the BTS Universe and SAVE ME (the later of which ended on April 11th in Korean time), being the date where Seokjin comes back to whenever he travels back in time. April 11th also happens to be the release date of Singin' in the Rain, a film heavily referenced in the title track "Boy With Luv" music video. The music video itself, funnily enough, has a duration of 4:12 minutes.
  • Meme Acknowledgement: The members have said various times that they regularly browse through their collective Twitter to see their fans reactions, and that yes, they are very much aware of the memes in their mentions.
    • Someone showed V the edits of BTS members with beards on Fancafe. V responded that he was looking at them with Jimin, and that they were laughing their butts off.
    • Both the #BASELINECHALLENGE and the #IDOLCHALLENGE were acknowledged by BTS (as in, they liked the tweets involved in those challenges, including those that started them). The Nicki Minaj version of the "IDOL" music video includes a compilation made by BigHit of #IDOLCHALLENGE videos, much like Drake with "In My Feelings".
    • The fandom collectively changing their profile images on Twitter to a picture of Jin with sunglasses resulted in this (warning: not recommended for people with trypophobia).
  • Name's the Same:
    • There's also a Park Jimin in the female duo 15&. And Shin Jimin from AOA.
    • BTS has no relation to the indie rock band Built To Spill, though minor confusion (and/or jokes) has occurred in comment sections.
    • The original name of the The Most Beautiful Moment in Life album series is 花样年华 or 화양연화 aka. In The Mood For Love. It was translated to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life to avoid confusion with Wong Kar-wai's film In the Mood for Love for international audiences.
  • Old Shame: BTS (RM especially) have vocally expressed regret several times about decisions made pre-2015, most notably regarding their image, as well as questionable lyrics and comments that revealed ignorance towards race and gender issues. According to recent interviews, RM now makes sure to have his lyrics reviewed by experts in gender studies, and makes a point in studying the genres they delve into in their music.
    • On a less serious note (though still related to the above), RM really regrets the name "Rap Monster" and his hairstyle choices from 2013 and before debuting. When asked what he would say if he met himself from debut-era, he simply responded with:
    • He admitted he wasn't thinking straight when he ad-libbed a certain line of "If I Ruled the World", and has expressed regret over it (clue: it's the only verse with an annotation in the song's Genius page).
  • Production Posse: With the exception of "For You" and "Come Back Home", BTS' music videos are all directed by members of either Lumpens or GDW, with the former ("I NEED U", "Blood Sweat and Tears", "IDOL", J-Hope's "Daydream", the WINGS teasers, among others) tending to get the videos where story and visual storytelling are front and center, and the latter ("Dope", "Mic Drop", "Not Today", "Epilogue: Young Forever", RM's "Do You", J-Hope's "Airplane", the videos for Agust D) generally being more focused on choreography, Rule of Cool, and establishing the group's identity.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • The group as a whole could be considered this with "IDOL", which has a version that features one of their influences, Nicki Minaj.
    • So far, Jungkook has managed to get to perform twice with a singer he admired, one with Zion T and another with Charlie Puth.
    • RM has featured in songs with Tiger JK more than once ("Buckubucku" by MFBTY and "Timeless" Drunken Tiger, with a silent cameo in the music video for "Bang Diggy Bang Bang"), and has pretty much been embraced by as an honorary member of Tiger JK' posse, as shown by the art in Drunken Tiger's last album. He was also featured in "Winter Flower", a song collaboration with singer Younha, whose work he has recommended several times.
    • Suga has a similar case as the above with Epik High, one of the groups (if not the group) that first inspired him to become a rapper. He has been featured as a secret guest in "NO THANXXX", was the featured artist in Lee Sora's "Song Request" (written by Epik High member Tablo, who recommended Suga for the song) and worked on composition and arrangement of Epik High's "Eternal Sunshine" from the album Sleepless in ________.
  • The Red Stapler: Brands of clothing and accessories have seen a surge in popularity after being seen being worn by BTS members.
    • The official Twitter accounts of the Merriam-Webster dictionary and have noted that "Serendipity", "Singularity", "Euphoria" and "Epiphany" each had a massive spike in word searches the day of the release/announcement of the respective LOVE YOURSELF comeback trailer, with "Epiphany" making it into the top 10 of Merriam-Webster's Words of the Year 2018 list.
      • After the track-list reveal of MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA in early 2019, the aforementioned Twitter accounts detected spikes in searches for "Jamais Vu" and "Microcosmos", with "Jamais Vu" becoming the top search on Merriam-Webster.
    • In January of 2019, Jungkook chatted with fans on Fancafe while doing laundry and casually mentioned using Downy as fabric softener. Later, he appeared on Twitter, saying he went out to buy more Downy, only to find it sold out. Turns out that 2 months worth of Downy were sold out in one day in Korea.
  • What Could Have Been: Several early demos of songs have been revealed by the members, such as different versions of "Spring Day" and "Fake Love".
    • RM revealed in a Vlive that he thought about making the Trivia song for the "Tear" section of LOVE YOURSELF: Answer (the one that became Suga's "Trivia: Seesaw"), but he wanted to try doing something Lighter and Softer than his usual work, making "Trivia: Love" instead. Had he made "Trivia: Seesaw", he would have focused on the word itself and separated it into "see" and "saw", to compare the past and present of a relationship (instead of using the concept of a seesaw as a metaphor for a doomed relationship where neither party wants to be the one to end it, which is what Suga did).
    • The Japanese single album that contains the Japanese versions of "Fake Love" and "Airplane pt. 2" was going to contain an original song called "Bird", written by a Japanese producer. It was scrapped before its release due to demand from Korean fans, due to said producer having controversial ties to Japanese nationalists.
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