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As one of the top rising K-Pop boy bands of the new tens, BTS have some impressive songs.

  • "N.O" reveals a greater ambition beneath BTS' hip-hop persona, adding orchestral elements and rage-against-the-machine lyrical heft.
  • "If I Ruled The World" is epic yet relaxing.
  • "Coffee" was very sad but also beautiful.



  • The music video for the sad yet powerful "I Need U" changed the game for the group, connecting several of their other videos together into one continuous storyline and caused flurries of fan theories to erupt online following the release, and helped establish the band's current aesthetic and styles.
  • "Dope" gives the ultimate BTS vibe with the intense tone and powerful beat, and a catchy saxophone hook.
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  • Both "Boyz With Fun" and "Converse High" have a lively tone and funky beat.
  • "Run" has an energetic feel with a mix of melancholy and intensity.
  • "Butterfly" is a very heartwrenching ballad.
  • "Whalien 52" is catchy and relaxing.
  • Both "Ma City" and "Baepsae/Silver Spoon" have fast-tempo melodies and unique tones. The lyrics to "Baepsae" are pretty awesome as well, calling out the older generation for encouraging youth exploitation through "passion pay" and pushing back against the criticisms of the younger generation on their lifestyle choices, buying habits, and media consumption, due to having it much harder.


  • Intro: Boy Meets Evil is an underappreciated masterpiece, sung by J-Hope (with backing vocals by Jungkook). It's quick and effective at setting the tone of the WINGS album.
  • The epic "Fire" and unique "Save Me" are both catchy and addictive.
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  • The full version of "Love Is Not Over" is a very heartbreaking ballad.
  • "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" shows a Darker and Edgier side of BTS as they achieve much success with this epic track.


  • "Spring Day" has an upbeat sound, but the lyrics will make you cry.
  • "Not Today" is an awesome EarWorm with an empowering message about underdogs.
  • The 2017 Festa brought us "4 O'Clock" by RM and V (inspired by the idea of meeting a friend in the hours before the sunrise), a simple yet beautiful ballad that could be perfect to listen in the middle of the night or around a campfire.
    • It also brought us Suga's more finalized version of "So Far Away", now featuring the vocals of Jin and Jungkook. It's absolutely beautiful; a Tear Jerker and a Heartwarming song all at once. Its lyrics talk about the hardships Suga has had to suffer in finding a dream, yet wish that listeners find a prosperous end even if their beginnings are humble.
  • As if being inspired by President Barack Obama's mic drop after his last correspondence dinner wasn't awesome enough, "MIC Drop" serves as a continuation from the track, "SKIT: Billboard Music Awards Speech", as BTS show off the results of their hard work and perseverance to their critics, concluding that they have nothing more to say to those who bash them, as they went from being "dirt spoon artists" to being global K-Pop icons.


  • The original songs in FACE YOURSELF are this, making especially the vocal line shine:
    • "Don't Leave Me" was created for the Japanese version of the Korean drama "Signal", and it shows. It's very tense and emotional.
    • "Let Go" is an all-around Tear Jerker.
  • There was a long wait after LOVE YOURSELF: HER, but boy was LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR worth it, featuring some of the best work of all of the members:
    • V once again makes use of his low, sultry voice in "Intro: Singularity", setting the dark mood of the album.
    • "Fake Love" perfectly encapsulates the desperate, explosive feeling of not being able to handle putting on a mask to please a loved one anymore. And a catchy one, to boot!
    • "The Truth Untold" (ft. Steve Aoki) completely went against what anyone expected of an Aoki collaboration. The minimalistic instrumentals, the lyrics and the vocal line's heartfelt delivery make it an absolute Tear Jerker of a ballad. Possibly the best work of the vocal line.
    • "134340" is one of their most experimental songs to date, both in production and lyrics. It compares the separation after a break-up or falling out with the coldness and loneliness of Pluto, with the production (featuring a flute!) giving it a cosmic, yet somber feel.
    • "Paradise", about not having to have big dreams or rush into things to be happy, has an appropriately relaxed vibe.
    • "Love Maze" features one of the best/catchiest choruses in BTS' repertory.
    • "Magic Shop" is pure Sweet Dreams Fuel. Produced by Jungkook, the song is comforting both in production and lyrics.
    • BTS shows their versatility once again by successfully going into Latin pop with "Airplane Pt.2". They even included a verse from J-Hope's trap-inspired "Airplane" and made it work!
    • "Anpanman" is a playful and incredibly infectious song.
    • "So What" is the perfect song to let go of your worries and just dance.
    • "Outro: Tear" samples the music from [[none other than the Highlight Reels]] (which already was Awesome Music in itself) for a song that features what could be the best work of the rap line in all aspects. RM's rapid-fire, angry delivery, Suga's experimentation with autotune (better than it sounds), and what Anthony Fantano has described as J-Hope becoming a complete emotional wreck, make it an amazingly powerful end to the album, and one of the best songs by BTS.
  • The 2018 Festa didn't disappoint this year, either:
    • To much delight of the fans, they released "Spring Day (Brit Rock Remix)", the one that was used in the Golden Disk Awards at the beginning of the year. Aside from the changes in instrumentals (though the drums in the pre-chorus after the second verse, as well as the use of electric guitar all bear mention), it brings the backing vocals to the forefront (like the teaser for the original version did), as well as the "ooohs" at the end. It's beautiful.
    • Jin's cover of "가을 우체국 앞에서" ("In Front of the Post Office in Autumn", originally by YB), featuring a harmonica; the song fits Jin's beautiful heartfelt vocals. He really has come far.
    • "DDAENG", by the rap line. The Take That! of all Take Thats against every figure in the industry, news site and anti who ever ignored, looked down on, or tried to attack BTS, all set to a catchy beat. Along with "Outro: Tear", it's a serious contender for the best rap line-only song.
    • Member Jimin released a song at the very end of 2018 called "Promise", one that he wrote and produced himself. It's a relaxing track, easy on the ears and showing off Jimin's sweet singing voice.


  • At the beginning of the year, V released a self-written, self-composed track, which he named "Scenery." It's a soft, gentle, yet bittersweet ballad which invokes feelings of nostalgia and longing while contemplating the past and future.
  • 2019 saw the release of the mini-album Map Of The Soul: Persona, which contains seven tracks, each with their own unique sound. Notable examples include "Boy With Luv" and "Dionysus". The former is an airy, upbeat pop song about how learning to love yourself makes you feel much happier in life, and the latter is a propulsive, rap-rock styled banger inspired by Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, revelry, and epiphanies (get it?). The other songs on the album are worth a listen too.


  • All the covers they've posted in Soundcloud. Jungkook in particular has posted a ton. Some notable ones are Troye Sivan's "Fools" (covered by Jungkook and RM), "We don't talk anymore pt. 2" (by Jimin and Jungkook), Tori Kelly's "Paper Hearts" (by Jungkook), the aforementioned "가을 우체국 앞에서" (by Jin), among others.


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