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Being the biggest Korean act (and arguably biggest group) in the world right now doesn't come out of nowhere - awesome moments are bound to be in BTS' work.

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This is for general and meta stuff. To gush specifically about the music and individual songs, go here.
  • The fact that they not only make music that shows off their musical prowess and dance skills (a good part of which is self-produced/composed), but also go out of the way to make it socially conscious, emotional, empowering and/or inspiring. They're also not afraid to experiment with the trends when making music.
  • Anytime the rap line shows off their skills in a track. V (their biggest fanboy) will agree. All accounts will say that they're the nicest people in person, but they truly know how to hit hard through their lyrics (be it other rappers, the haters or the Kpop industry as a whole).
    • The Cyphers, with Cypher Pt. 2 and Pt. 3 being the most vicious. A true delight is listening all four Cyphers in order. You can truly see the progression in not only the kind of insults they make (from vicious to outright dismissive, due to their rise in status), but in J-Hope's skills. Unlike RM and Suga (who both were underground artists in the Korean Hip-Hop scene before joining), J-Hope joined BTS being a dancer, knowing nothing about rapping, but he decided by himself to try to hold his own against the others. Over the course of 4-5 years, he managed to not only learn and keep up with RM and Suga, but to also develop his own unique style that complements the rest of the rap line.
  • The subtle Take That! in "Am I Wrong", where Suga seems to make an Ironic Echo to a comment said by a Korean Education Ministry official from the (impeached) Park Geun-Hye administration ("the public can be treated like dogs and pigs"). Suga even makes a Call-Back to the stork vs. crow tit metaphor from "Silver Spoon":
    We’re all dogs, pigs, become dogs because we’re angry
  • The smart move of combining traditional Korean and African sounds in "IDOL" - which you could take as celebrating both their culture and the one that gave birth to the genres that influenced them -, and making the song about the members loving themselves regardless of what everyone thinks of the group - or whether they call them idols, artists or whatever - when "IDOL" was the title song of an album that was highly anticipated both by fans and Korean and international media. A Concept Album about learning to love yourself, at that!
    • In a huge Take That! towards those in the Korean Hip-Hop community who criticized and looked down on the BTS rappers for becoming idols, they also released a digital version of "IDOL" featuring none other than rapper Nicki Minaj.
  • Managing to effectively tell a story about a person's development from dependance to self-acceptance throughout the LOVE YOURSELF series, with LOVE YOURSELF: Answer chronicling the whole journey, greatly exemplified with "I'm Fine", a mirror Sequel Song to "Save Me", a song from 2016.

    Music videos 
  • Their videos in general perfectly combine music and choreography with visuals to powerful effect. Not to mention that as BTS grew in popularity and budget, so did the quality of their videos, going from having to use staff members as actors and a borrowed car in "I NEED U" to all-around Visual Effects of Awesome in videos like "Spring Day", "Not Today", "Mic Drop (Steve Aoki remix)" and "Fake Love".
  • The fact that they managed to build an entire BTS Universe through music videos and teasers.
    • "Fake Love" has a LOT of incredible scenes, such as the floor behind Jungkook collapsing as he runs, the room where Suga is in blows up, Jimin stays at an indoor place surrounded by waterfalls... all of them are not CGI. They are all real scenes created by the company.
  • "IDOL", in all of its trip-inducing glory, manages to include many elements of Korean culture, like traditional dances, Hanbok outfits, and symbols like the tiger. BTS is entering the US mainstream by celebrating their culture!
    • Also, the members simply being themselves the entire way and acting goofy. BTS celebrating themselves!
      • It's also a small Take That, Critics! moment, with the members doing several things they've been criticized for in the past, like V's glassesnote , RM's Snapchat filters, Jungkook's red hair, and RM, Jin and Suga dancing in the center position.
    • The weird visuals of the video (plus everything described above) could be interpreted as a statement towards haters and "fans" who try to influence what they do by nitpicking, and towards anyone who has accused them of being puppets of their company: BTS will, indeed, absolutely do what they want, because they want to.
    • While strange, the members dancing while giant Uncanny Valley CGI versions of themselves loom over them is a very powerful and memorable image.
  • The "Waste it on Me" (by Steve Aoki ft. BTS) music video is a celebration of Asian and Asian-Americans, featuring an All-Asian, All-Star Cast with the likes of Ken Jeong, Devon Aoki, Ross Butler, Leonardo Nam, Vincent Rodriguez, Jimmy Yang, Jessica Lu, Jared Eng and Tiffany Ma.

    Dance and performances 
  • Their choreography in general. Here's some of their best.
  • Like the rest of the show, the dance battle in American Hustle Life is part Cringe Comedy (due to every member having to participate even if they lacked experience, to various degrees of success), part this. Jimin's musicality and especially J-Hope's versatility - who was an underground dancer before BTS - truly get to shine, both getting well-deserved victories. As V says, as a BTS member J-Hope hadn't shown his full potential as a dancer until then.
    • Even Suga, who is not part of the dance line, won his battle through pure sassiness.
  • The 3:33 dance from "Fire", which requires very good coordination of your neck and legs, which both move independently at the same time.
  • Hobi's solo dance for the "Boy Meets Evil" comeback trailer. The song is pretty amazing, too, and it got many people awaiting the release of his mixtape.
  • Their full performance in the 2016 MAMAs (part 1, part 2) was the ultimate proof of BTS's ability to put on a show. Highly recommended to watch from beginning to end, with no spoilers.
    • It starts off with Jungkook hanging/floating in mid-air, with RM's voice narrating a passage from Demian (the same one featured in the "Intro: Boy Meets Evil" trailer).
    • Then J-Hope appears, performing both the rap and (very difficult) choreography of "Intro: Boy Meets Evil", when it suddenly stops; Jimin appears and proceeds to dance to a remixed portion of "Lie" flawlessly... while blindfolded. And then, the chorus of "Boy Meets Evil" kicks in, with both J-Hope and (still blindfolded) Jimin dancing to it in perfect synchrony. Then Jimin takes off the blindfold, and everyone else appears to perform "Blood, Sweat and Tears".
    • After that, an Ominous Pipe Organ starts to play in the background, during which V appears and kneels behind Jin (who is sitting facing away from the audience), takes of his in-ear and part of his jacket and bares his shoulders, showing scars where wings should be. Then he grabs Jin, looking absolutely sinister.
    • Then comes an interlude with many backing dancers performing to Ominous Latin Chanting (actually a remix of "Interlude_Dream, Reality", a track from Agust D), then silence... where flames start consuming the stage screen, followed by BTS' performance of "Fire". The fact that the choreography of this songs demands so much energy, but they still placed that song in the end (with an extended ending, even!) makes it even more of an awesome feat; you can see them sweating all the way, but still going all-out to the end.
  • Jimin getting a chance to show off his contemporary dance skills in "Butterfly" and "Spring Day". Several fancams from the Melon Music Awards 2017 have even shown other idols amazed at him doing the movement from "Spring Day" from the link, while making it clearer that yes, he's doing it while singing.
  • Due to the wide shot and the amount of dancers, "Not Today"'s choreography has a moment that's easy to miss (at 2:04-2:11): Jungkook (white shirt, second of the group from the left, on the back row) doing a somersault in slow motion (of the slow-down-then-accelerate kind).
  • "Intro: Singularity" has V doing his first solo choreography, which makes great use of his acting skills. By using nothing more than a coat hanger with a suit, he makes you believe that he's caressing and being caressed by another person. Not only that, but after his great dancing throughout, Son Sung Deuk (BTS' choreographer) acknowledged him officially as the fourth member of BTS' dance linenote .
  • The performances for "Fake Love", "Airplane Pt. 2", "Anpanman" and "IDOL" really show how far RM and Jin have come with their dancing, at times having them front and center.
  • The "Fake Love" choreography manages to convey the meaning of the song by incorporating the concepts of the Monkey Morality Pose (as in, lying to yourself and the other), the Smeraldo flower (the undelivered truth/hopeless dream), and the idea of a marionette (changing and losing yourself to make the other person happy).
    • The marionette part is shown through moves such as stretching arms in ways that create the illusion of the members being controlled by invisible strings. At one point, the members drop to the ground like dolls, as though the strings were momentarily lowered; Jimin does the split while doing so!
    • There's also the Fridge Brilliance of the choreography starting more or less right where the "DNA" choreography ends, which is the members standing on a line with the back to the audience. "Fake Love" starts with the members in line facing the audience, with the line then unravelingnote .
  • The "IDOL" choreography, like the song and video, perfectly mixes references to Korean culture with the Gwara Gwara from South Africa. There's also a pretty cool moment during J-Hope's verse ("Sometimes like a superhero/I'm your Anpanman") where each member briefly adopts a pose of an iconic superhero (Spider-man for Jimin, The Hulk for Jin, Black Panther for Suga, Captain America for RM, Thor for Jungkook, Iron Man for V, and Anpanman himself for J-Hope).
  • "I'm Fine" is one of BTS' best choreographies when it comes to tell a story through dance, with moments like an individual member falling or stumbling and being quickly picked-up by the others as a group. It also follows directly the end of "Save Me" (which "I'm Fine" is the Sequel Song for)... with Suga and J-Hope then quickly moving to the center while still lying on the ground to support V.
  • Their performances of "IDOL" and especially "I'm Fine" in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon might perhaps be some of their best in the US, from the camerawork to the members' clear live vocals while dancingnote , being one of the best showcases of their abilities in US media.
    • If you look closely during the "IDOL" performance, you'll notice V's shoes are untied, yet he still does the choreography with no problems.
  • Their performance at the 2018 Melon Music Awards. From their performance of "Fake Love" (with the members dancing as puppets inside cages, much like the concept pictures from the E version of LOVE YOURSELF: Answer), to "Airplane n. 2", to "IDOL" - with the latter in particular, with its large scale and its celebration of Korean traditions and dances - through an intro with solo numbers from j-hope, Jimin and Jungkook and a remix of "IDOL" with Korean instrumental - being one of the most memorable and iconic performances BTS has ever made.
  • Their performance at the 2019 Melon Music Awards, which lasts near 40 minutes, and make it worth it every second. They take the concept of the "map of the soul" (starting with "Intro: Persona") and they use it to take a look through their entire career and their growth.
    • "Boy In Luv" back-to-back with "Boy With Luv", then "Mikrokosmos", with the whole venue changing to resemble a galaxy.
    • A man appears blowing a giant horn. Then a series of solo performances for each member and each era, all heavy with themes from Greek Mythology: V with "No More Dream" (dancing while surrounded by dancers, referencing Apollo), Jin with "Danger" (referencing Ares by standing on a giant Trojan Horse), Jimin with I NEED U (doing a contemporary dance with a white translucent scarf, referencing Artemis), SUGA with "Fire" (standing in the middle of walls of fire, referencing Hephaestus), Jungkook with "SAVE ME" (dancing on a pool of water, referencing Poseidon), j-hope with "FAKE LOVE" (hip-hop dance while surrounded with lasers, referencing Zeus). Then RM reappears and takes a thyrsus waiting for him at the stage, giving way to "Dionysus".
    • One of the giant inflatable leopards used in the SPEAK YOURSELF tour appears. The man with the horn reappears. "Dionysus" is introduced by girls (dressed as maenads) throwing flowers one by one. Knights with horses start to enter, occupying the sides and lower sections of the (prerecorded) stage. Then the background opens and reveals a large table occupied by BTS. And then Dionysus starts.
    • After SUGA's verse from "Dionysus", an elaborate dance break starts... from a remix of "N.O.". And then it goes back to "Dionysus".

    Variety show moments 
  • Jungkook somehow gaining the lead in the 400m Relay and winning it for the group in the 2015 Idol Star Championships. Watch the entire thing here.
    • Even more awesome in the official ISAC video. You can see the camerawork and even the commentators focusing only on the other groups taking the lead at first - not even mentioning BTS when they're on second place... then Jungkook suddenly entering the frame during the final lap, surprising everyone. It's a pretty good Real Life example of a Dark Horse Victory.
  • Everyone (except Jimin) doing a sped-up version of Dope's choreography which was already fast at normal speed.
  • In Run BTS! Episode 2, despite everyone else's attempts to get Jungkook to spit out water, he still managed to keep in even though his shirt got undone during all the chaos. Also doubles as Funny Moments.
  • Jin being able to open a bag of snacks with his feet a few times in Run BTS! episode 5. He also does it in Weekly Idol and in Knowing Brothers.
  • The members doing the Flinch game at The Late Late Show is mostly an example of Funny Moments, since several members fail miserably on it... except for V, who doesn't even blink.
  • The members killing it in the Fortnite Dance Challenge on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. They do difficult dances like the Worm, the Robot and the "Electro Shuffle", and nail them. Also doubles as Funny Moments, with everyone easily doing the Floss/Backpack Kid dance except for Jimmy Fallon himself.

    Meta - Records and Achievements 
  • Here are some of their achievements in 2019 alone.
  • BTS is the first K-Pop group outside of the Big 3 (meaning they aren't under SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment or JYP Entertainment) to:
    • Have a video reach 100 million views on YouTube.
    • Win Artist of the Year at the MAMA Awards. Which they won again the next three years!
  • Winning the Top Social Artist award at Billboard Music Awards 2017 and ending Justin Bieber's six-year winning streak in that category. Equally awesome for ARMYs since the award was fan-voted.
    • There are many reasons this win was meaningful: BTS is a Korean group that makes music almost completely in Korean. The award was proof that there is a market beyond the traditional charting methods (local album sales, streaming and radioplay), a market that is willing to listen to music not in the English language, music made by Asian artists from a relatively unknown country such as Korea and (to top it off) with empowering social messages in their lyrics despite the stereotypes associated to the category of "idols".
    • The award also became a turning point of their career in the US, finally managing to cross over to the mainstream and starting their streak of records in the main Billboard charts below.
    • Their appearance at the awards was also the origin of several collaborations with artists of the Western industry, including Steve Aoki and The Chainsmokers.
  • BTS' new mini album LOVE YOURSELF: 承 Her reaching #1 on iTunes in 71 countries worldwide.
    • Similarly, the lead single, "DNA", charted at #85 on the Billboard Hot 100, making them the first K-pop group to crack the Hot 100 since Wonder Girls in 2009, and the first period to stay more than one week. It achieved RIAA Gold less than 5 months later.
  • BTS having their debut U.S. performance at the 2017 American Music Awards, right before Diana Ross. Both the performance and the sheer number of fans present caught the attention of both celebrities and the public.
  • Being the first Korean idol group period to win "Musician of the Year" (and to be nominated at all in that category) at the Korean Music Awards in 2018. Rather than sales or voting, this award is purely based on the vote of a panel of judges composed by a variety of musicians, critics and other experts from the industry, with the ceremony itself being small and relatively unknown due to the organizers refusing to rely on sponsors (to avoid having their decisions influenced by external forces). Therefore, this is a credit not to their popularity, but their artistry.
    • For the 2019 Korean Music Awards, they received four nominations and won three: Best Pop Song, Song of the Year (both for "Fake Love") and Musician of the Year (Best Album being the only one where they didn't win). With this, BTS became the first artist in history to receive the KMA award for Musician of the Year two years in a row, the first male act to win it twice, and the second act to win it twice (after Lee Tzsche).
  • BTS making their "Fake Love" first comeback performance at non-other than the Billboard Music Awards 2018.
  • LOVE YOURSELF: Tear managed to get #1 in Billboard 200, with "Fake Love" (to the utter surprise of fans themselves, as predictions had it at #20-30) debuting at #10 in Hot100. Tear is the first album in a foreign language to get #1 on Billboard since 2006.
    • Tear also earned them their first Grammy nomination for Best Recording Package.
  • LOVE YOURSELF: Answer getting #1 in Billboard 200, their second number one in 2018, making BTS the only artist to get more than one album to top the list in 2018 and the first pop act to do so since One Direction in 2014.
    • "IDOL" breaking Taylor Swift's record for most views garnered by a music video in the first 24 hours.
    • Answer managed to sell over 2 million copies, being the first Korean album to do so since the year 2000. Especially notable considering that this happened in the streaming era, where physical albums aren't sold nearly as much anymore.
  • BTS becoming the first Korean artist to have a stadium show in the U.S., being scheduled to perform at the Citi Field Stadium. And then having the tickets for the show sold out in 20 minutes.
  • Receiving the Order of Cultural Merit (awarded by the South Korean government for "outstanding services" in "promoting the national culture and development"), the youngest people to do so.
  • While being nominated for Best Recording Package at the Grammys and being invited to present an award might not seem much, the Grammys' attitude against non-English artists and boybands in general (let alone a Korean boyband) shows just how important this is for BTS, and it might set the path to a nomination in bigger categories!
    • The nomination itself is also this (even if it didn't win), as it gives recognition towards the great design of the albums in the LOVE YOURSELF series (in all their minimalistic-yet-meaningful glory), all designed by HuskyFox.
  • In February 26th, 2019, BTS received various awards in one day:
    • They won 3 awards in the Korean Music Awards, including Musician of the Year again (see above).
    • They won a prize at the Edaily Culture Awards for the Concert category, and they won the Grand Prize (chosen among the winners of all categories), being the first time the award is given to a concert.
    • Received several awards from VLIVE: Artist TOP10, Video of the Year, Best V Original (for Run BTS!), and Best Channel 10M Follower (being the only channel with that amount of followers).
  • According to the IFPI, they were the second most successful artist globally in 2018, surpassing the likes of Eminem, Queen and Ariana Grande, and only coming behind Drake.
    • They are also the first Korean artist to appear on the chart.
    • LOVE YOURSELF: Tear and LOVE YOURSELF: Answer also appeared in the 2018 IFPI Global Album chart (that is, the biggest-selling albums worldwide) at #3 and #2 respectively, surpassing Ed Sheeran and the A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody soundtracks and only coming behind the The Greatest Showman OST!
  • "Boy With Luv" became the video with most views in its 24 hours (78 million unofficially, 74.6 million officially), as well as the fastest to reach 100 million in Youtube history.
  • Becoming the first Korean idol group to perform in Saturday Night Live.
  • Appearing on the TIME100 list of 2019 (that is, the list of most influential people according to TIME magazine). Not long before that, BTS had already won the reader poll for the second time in a row, as well as named one of the Most Influential People on the Internet in 2018 and 2017.
  • Jimin's "Promise" breaking Drake's record of the song with most streams in its first 24 hours on Soundcloud.
  • With MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, BTS became the first group to score 3 #1s in Billboard 200 in less in a year since The Beatles in 1996, and the second fastest in history to do so (first being The Monkees).
  • Getting a #8 entry in Hot100 with "Boy With Luv" and a #95 with "Make it Right", becoming the first Korean act to get multiple songs simultaneously in the chart.
  • Winning Top Duo/Group in the Billboard Music Awards, cementing their status as a mainstream pop artist in the US.
  • Performing 2 nights in the Wembley Stadium, becoming the first Korean act to headline a concert there - both dates being sold-out. The tickets for the first day sold out in 90 minutes.
  • j-hope becoming the first BTS member to debut solo on the Billboard Hot100 chart (at #81) with "Chicken Noodle Soup" (featuring Becky G).
  • In the Melon Music Awards, going from receiving their first Rookie Award in 2013, to their first daesang (award in a main category, Album of the Year in this case) in 2016, to a complete clean sweep of the Melon daesangs in 2019 (winning Record, Song, Album and Artist of the Year), becoming the first artist to win all 4 in a Melon ceremony.
  • Becoming the first artist to win the daesang in both days of the 2020 Golden Disk Awards - that is, winning both the Album of the Year award (aka. physical sales) and the Digital Song of the Year award.

    Meta - Other 
  • The fact that even the members who joined the group knowing nothing about some areas (singing/dancing/rap) now not only keep up, but more than shine on their own on those very same areas.
  • Taking part in Seo Taiji's 25th anniversary project TIME: TRAVELER. BTS not only was one of the artists to cover one of his songs as part of the project (and one of Seo Taiji and Boys's most famous songs, at that, "Come Back Home"), but they performed several of Seo Taiji's classics with him in his 25 TIME: TRAVELER concert in September 2017, the only featuring artist there. During the concert, in what also doubles as Heartwarming Moments, Seo Taiji told them "this is your generation now".
    • To give this more context: Seo Taiji is the one who created the mix of Western and Korean genres that became the basis for Korean Pop Music. He, along with his group Seo Taiji and Boys, was the most popular Korean artist among Korean youth during the early '90s, challenging the music industry (that back then was tightly controlled by television) with a fresh sound and political lyrics, and therefore becoming one of the most influential figures in modern Korean music. And he basically named BTS his Spiritual Successors.
  • Their 2-year (extended to 3) Love Myself campaign, launched in partnership with UNICEF for their #ENDviolence global program to protect children and youth around the world from violence. If you bought an album from the LOVE YOURSELF series, part of the money went to the cause!
  • Getting to take part in the launch UNICEF's Generation Unlimited global partnership in September 2018, with RM making a personal and powerful 7-minute speech about the meaning of the LOVE YOURSELF series and the "Love Myself" campaign in front of an UN assembly.
  • Being featured on the cover on TIME magazine, under the title "Next Generation Leaders".
  • Fans on Twitter have made active efforts towards making the best out of the fandom's size and diversity following BTS' socially conscious message, be it by opening spaces to learn from each other's cultures, promoting mental health, or organizing projects for charity.
    • There are various fan projects on Twitter created to promote better fan behavior, both among the fandom, towards BTS and towards others, even if it means going against practices long established for fans of Korean idols.
      • The Purple Ribbon Project and Operation #SNAPP (April 2018), both fan projects created to protect BTS at airports, places known to be frequented by sasaengs, overly-excited fans and paparazzi. The Purple Ribbon project (originated in May 2018 for BTS' arrival at the US for the Billboard Music Awards) has fans creating a barrier for BTS to pass through (symbolized by a purple ribbon) and/or working along with airport security, all to avoid invasion of BTS' personal space (as much as the airport's infrastructure allows). Operation #SNAPP, meanwhile, works towards outright stopping the practice of fansite airport pictures, which are often a source of chaos and invasion of privacy in airports and elsewhere.
  • BTS was credited (along with Ariana Grande and Drake) by the IFPI for helping the global music industry "earn its biggest revenues in a decade" in 2018.


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