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As members have said themselves, BTS have aimed since the beginning to make music that inspires their listeners, often making content that draws from their own personal experiences and struggles. As a result, many people have found strength or comfort in BTS' songs.


  • "Tomorrow" is directed to everyone (especially young adults) who's feeling stuck or lost in search of a dream, encouraging them to not give up. The fact that it was written by Suga while they were trainees, when the future of the group was completely uncertain - not to mention that Suga himself was seriously struggling with financial problems and mental illness during that period - makes the song even more meaningful.
    Because the dawn right before
    the sun rises is the darkest
    Even in the far future,
    never forget the you of right now
    Wherever you are right now,
    you’re just taking a break
    Don’t give up, you know
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  • "Moving On" is about the members moving to a new dorm, looking back and reflecting on the memories (good and bad) of the old, smaller one they lived in since they were trainees.
  • The WINGS album features some of their most personal and emotional work to date, with each member getting a solo song in which each had heavy input in some way.
    • "Begin", Jungkook's song, is based on what he once told the others: that he could endure any difficulties he had as an idol, except seeing his older members going through difficult times. It also tells the story of how, being the youngest member, he was practically raised by the others and shaped into who he is now.
    • "First Love", by Suga, is a powerful ode to his piano, told with a rap style that (with the initial lack of a clear beats), resembles narration or a monologue; the song grows adding more classical instrumentation, with Suga's voice going harsher, louder and more emotional along the way. It narrates his relationship with his piano during the course of his life, concluding that, even if he at times abandoned the instrument and wanted to throw it all away, the piano was always there for him, becoming his lifelong companion.
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    • "Mama", by J-Hope, is about how, now that he has finally achieved success, he can finally repay his debt to his mother - who supported his dream - and make her proud.
    • "Awake", by Jin, is a beautiful, bittersweet song heavy with Reality Subtext. Having joined without knowing how to sing or dance, he particularly struggled to keep up with others during the early days. In "Awake", he accepts that struggle is his reality; however, even though he might never "fly", he'll always keep fighting.
    • "Reflection", by RM, basically talks about someone's anxiety, lack of purpose, fear and overall lack of self esteem. What makes this heartwarming? During live performances of the song, in the final verse which is just the phrase "I wish i could love myself" repeated 8 times, ARMYs would chant "We love you" in between each saying of the phrase note . RM was so touched by this single display of support, he gradually started to change the closing verse to "Yes, i do love myself", and later to "I wish we could love ourselves".
    • After the solos (of which the majority alternate between dark, sad and/or bittersweet), the second half of WINGS ranges between emotionally inspiring, empowering, or all-around defiant, starting with "Lost", which is about how losing your way in life might just be another way to find your path.
    • "21st Century Girl" encourages women to not worry about what anyone else says, and instead live their lives proudly.
    • "2! 3! (Still Wishing for More Good Days)" is directed to their fans, ARMYs. It addresses some of the difficult times both BTS and ARMYs lived during the group's career (it should be mentioned that WINGS was released months after the "plagiarism boys" hashtag incident), saying that while they can't promise that things will surely get better or that the good days will last, they can still hope for more good days. Moreover, they thank their fans for being their support all those years, and encourage ARMYs (and casual listeners as well) to forget about the bad times and smile together. It ends with all the members chanting the chorus, meant for the audience to sing along in concerts.
      It’s okay, come on, when I say one-two-three-forget it
      Erase all sad memories, hold my hand and smile
      It’s okay, come on, when I say one-two-three-forget it
      Erase all sad memories
      Smile holding onto each other’s hands
    • "Interlude: Wings" (and the extended version in the repackaged album) ends the album on a high, uplifting note, being a dance track with lyrics encouraging the listeners to believe in themselves and follow the path they choose.
  • The repackaged version, appropriately named WINGS: You Never Walk Alone, adds three more songs:
    • "Spring Day", possibly their most emotional/heartwarming single (with an equally beautiful, heartwarming music video, listed below). It's about missing a person (a friend, a relative, a loved one), but it ends in a positive note: like with the seasons, the hard times are not eternal; things will get better with time, and it will become less painful. It also ends with the possibility of the person taking action to reunite with the other.
    • The other single "Not Today", an empowering hype song meant for the underdogs, with the initial lines being reminiscent of Aragorn's speech in The Return of the King.
    • The final song "A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone", which as the name indicates, is You Are Not Alone made into a song, about enduring the pain and hardships together.
      Hey, why does God always make us feel lonely?
      Oh no no no no no no
      Yeah, even if we're covered in scars
      We can smile if we’re together
  • The overall message of the LOVE YOURSELF series, as stated by Word of God, is that love can not only be between people, but also between "me and myself". Love between people can only last if you're able to show both the good and the bad sides of yourself to the other; you can truly love yourself only if you accept both sides of yourself while still striving for improvement.
  • LOVE YOURSELF: Her (the first half, anyway) has some of the most joyful music BTS has done. The first song, "Intro: Serendipity", is about finding and falling in love, talking about love as either a happy accident, or something pre-destined. The soft instrumentation and Jimin's voice make the song pure Sweet Dreams Fuel.
    • "Best of Me" is also about love; it can be interpreted as romantic love, but is also directed (as stated by the members) at the fans, meaning that they've given BTS the best side of BTS themselves.
    • "Dimple" (also known as "Illegal") is a pure love song about... loving someone's dimples, a physical feature that is not often talked about, let alone positively. They also happen to be a quality many fans vocally love about some members, especially RM.
    • "Pied Piper" is again about the fans, but in more of a "tough love" (as described by Billboard) sort of way. They gently chide fans for leaving their lives and responsibilities aside for BTS.
    • They added their Billboard award speech from 2017 as a Skit, as a way to, in their words, treasure an important memory for them and their fans. Then it's followed by "Mic Drop", where it goes from Heartwarming to Awesome.
  • While LOVE YOURSELF: Tear has a darker vibe, there are several songs that fall into this, mostly encouraging listeners to allow themselves to live life to the fullest despite bad times and pressures from other people.
    • "Paradise" talks about how it's okay to not have a dream, as long as you're happy, and the need to stop thinking of life as a race to the top. It's based on Suga's New Year's greeting to ARMYs a few months before (where he said that exact same thing), and it's meant as a song where listeners can take a break.
    • "Love Maze" is about how you should keep trying in love, despite the hardships and dark times you'll find there.
    • "Magic Shop", produced by Jungkook, is another song made for ARMYs, with many Call Backs to things members have said in lyrics, Twitter posts, among other things (but also enjoyable for casual listeners nonetheless). It's pure Sweet Dreams Fuel. It thanks their fans fully for their success, saying ARMYs were the ones who saved them when they were at their lowest so they'll always do the same in return, being a relationship of mutual comfort. They make a Call-Back to "Best of Me" in the last lines; however, rather than telling fans to find our best versions of themselves in BTS (as "Best of Me" describes more of a co-dependent love), "Magic Shop" encourages fans - and anyone who's listening - to find the best versions of ourselves by ourselves, just like fans helped the group become the best versions of themselves.
      You gave me the best of me
      So you'll give you the best of you
      You found me. You knew me
      You gave me the best of me
      So you'll give you the best of you
      You'll find it in your galaxy
    • "Anpanman" is a Shout-Out to the manga character of the same name, a superhero who, having a head made of food, is not the "ideal" type of hero we often see in media (the kind that has biceps or a super car and fights evil, like Batman and Superman), but one that gives up parts of himself to help people who are starving. They make a parallel to themselves as artists: while they might be imperfect people with weaknesses, they aim to inspire and help people with their music. The performance for "Anpanman", which is very cute and fun, also features them partly dressed in firefighter uniforms.
    • "So What" is about enjoying your life without worrying about others opinions, and just let go. It's also, appropriately enough, a dance song.
  • LOVE YOURSELF: Answer compiles all previous entries in the series and finally ends it in a heartwarming note.
    • "Euphoria" perfectly captures the feeling the song's titled after, beautifully conveying what it feels like to fall in love.
    • "Trivia: Just Dance" follows up on "Euphoria", with J-Hope singing and rapping about the simple joy of a new relationship by comparing it to dance.
    • "Trivia: Love" RM's beautiful solo song for the Her chapter, where he reflects on the nature of love by comparing the words "live" and "love", and the words "사랑" ("love") and "사람" ("person"). He wrote it thinking of making a song to go outside, and it shows; while "Trivia: Just Dance" is fun and exciting, "Trivia: Love" it's nice and refreshing, like spring.
    • Jin's solo "Epiphany", which comes right after "Tear" (the series' version of a Darkest Hour), is about the realization that what truly matters is not loving another person and making them happy, but finally accept and love yourself, even if you're not enough.
    • "I'm Fine" is a Sequel Song to "Save Me", but working on the reverse, using reverse melodies, reverse order of the rappers, but most importantly, thematically reverse lyrics, down to having RM's verses in both songs directly mirror each other. Where "Save Me" was about needing someone as a Living Emotional Crutch, "I'm Fine" is about gaining emotional independence and being unafraid to let go.
    • "IDOL" is BTS' take on the "love yourself" theme by applying to themselves as a group, boasting that they love themselves and can be whoever they want and do whatever they want without caring about what others have said and keep saying about them since debut. They proudly claim both titles of "idol" and "artist".
    • "Answer: Love Myself" brings the (not-quite conclusive) finale to the series with the promise to love oneself, while recognizing that it's a learning process.
  • "Promise", a song written and sung by Jimin, it's pure Sweet Dreams Fuel. It's dedicated to himself, but also to fans. He asks the person to promise to not throw out themself, and to find happiness within themself - rather than relying on the singer, which is more common in other songs, a message also found in "Magic Shop".
    • Also heartwarming taking in account that Jimin has been known for being particularly hard on himself. He is learning to love himself, after all.
  • According to Word of God, MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA is dedicated to ARMYs, more than anything. It's a Lighter and Softer EP meant to give back to the fans for love they've received and to celebrate - and the love expressed here is much healthier and more mature than the love expressed in BTS' early days. This is particularly expressed in the main track - its full title being "Boy With Luv (A Poem For the Small Things)" -, where rather than try to go higher and concern themselves with being "K-pop superheroes" (as one critic put it), they prefer to look back and find joy in fans and the small things in life.

Music Videos

  • In "For You", the group finds out that Kookie has been writing to a girl, and they all take up part-time jobs to raise money for a plane ticket so he can go and visit her in Japan. Even though they all practically collapse from exhaustion near the end, they're overjoyed and proud that they were able to make Jungkook happy and give him something very special. It's incredibly cute and sweet.
  • The theme of "Spring Day" is that no matter how bad things are, you are never completely alone, even if it may seem like it. From RM walking by himself into the Omelas motel to find the rest of the boys wreaking havoc inside their room (and him cracking a small "What the hell?" smile before getting hit in the face with a cake), to Suga sitting atop a large pile of clothing in the dark, only for a later scene to show him again, this time in the daylight, surrounded by the other members, to Jungkook staring out the window on a train, only for the camera to pan out and reveal that the entire group is with him, and Jimin going to hang a pair of shoes from a tree branch with the support of everyone else. It's also one of the most visually stunning videos of their career.
  • "Boy With Luv" is a bright and colorful video with a musical aesthetic that (as DKDKTV pointed out) is about BTS thanking ARMY and simply having fun, both among themselves and with Halsey.
    • Fans (especially female/female-assigned fans) have also pointed out how Halsey's role and BTS' attitude towards her in the music video is a subversion of toxic masculinity and harmful tropes related to gender (as detailed here), most notably mirroring the way masculinity and women were represented in BTS' own early work (namely, the "Boy In Luv" and "War Of Hormone" music videos). Rather than seeing the girl as an object and trying to impress her through aggressive attitudes and following in the streets, here the boys simply treat Halsey like an equal, a friend and part of the group, with her being comfortable with them (something many fans pointed out as quite rare in media).

Group Moments

  • Everyone supporting each other in Run BTS! Ep.9 when they all had to bungee jump.
  • Other members carrying around something to represent a missing member.
  • In Run BTS! Ep. 10, Suga and J-Hope were the only ones who didn't win a grand meal during a challenge and so they ate some simple meals. When all the members were eating, Jimin offered some crab to them and Suga let J-Hope eat said crab, saying that he's full watching the younger member eat.
  • While American Hustle Life remains controversial within the fandom, V, Suga, and Jungkook having a blast while getting vocal lessons from Dr. Iris Stevenson is just a joy to watch.
    • Similarly, their entire relationship with their mentors Nate and Tony. The latter especially was shown to have a soft spot for Jimin (this is where his nickname Chim-Chim came from!).
    • While the episode where BTS has to make a music video for "Boy in Luv" "American-style" has a lot of Cringe Comedy - featuring the boys having to go to the streets to cast girls for the video themselves, for starters -, the women who actually make it into the video shoot are actually very nice and you can see them genuinely have fun with the boys. Also a Tear Jerker: Jewel Brangman, one of the girls featured in the video, died in a car accident only months later due to a faulty airbag.
    • The part where, after a day of working jobs such as cleaning hotel rooms or washing the dishes, they go with Nate and Tony to buy food for homeless people, who in turn give them genuine, meaningful advice: stay true to who you are and to your art, and don't be like some other group; never forget where you came from, no matter how rich or poor you get, because a small mistake can take you all the way back to the bottom; live your life by giving your all, and never give up. This also becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight, as it's clear in their work and in what we know about them as people (both from what they show to fans and from reports by famous and non-famous people who have the boys) that they did follow that advice.
  • The 2 Daesang (Grand prize) win award speeches, full stop.
  • Winning Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards.
  • Namjoon always taking the time to thank ARMY during the aforementioned award speeches is very heartwarming, especially since it's usually the very first thing he says, but him taking the time to thank International ARMY in English as well, is incredibly sweet.
    • As any ARMY who was there on Twitter will tell you, the voting process for the iHeart Awards 2018 was long and stressful (around 2 months of voting mainly through hashtags for 2 separate categories, Best Boy Band and Best Fan Army, with heavy Fandom Rivalry with two other nominees). When the actual awards came around, the Best Boyband category wasn't even mentioned, and they showed a very short clip of BTS thanking the fans for Best Fan Army; needless to say, ARMYs were disappointed. However, not only did BTS post the two full clips of the members' acceptance speech right after the awards, but Namjoon then came on both Twitter and Fancafe (both in Korean and in full English in the former) to personally thank the fans, assuring that they did see how much effort fans put on voting. He really goes out of his way to thank all of their fans.
  • Suga's speech at the end of the Epilogue Concert.
  • Their COMEBACK STAGE performance of 21st Century Girls is ridiculously adorable. Everyone is having so much fun, and seeing Yoongi with so much energy surprised and delighted a lot of people.
  • J-Hope getting his mom to record "Annyeonghaseo" in the backing vocals for his solo song, "Mama".
  • The members writing letters to each other in Bon Voyage season 2.
  • Everything about their participation in Seo Taiji's 25 TIME: TRAVELER anniversary project, including them performing together in the 25th anniversary concert in September 2017. In what also doubles as a Moment of Awesome, Seo Taiji (the artist who set the basis for modern Korean Pop Music in the '90s) essentially named them his Spiritual Successors by telling them: "This is your generation now."
    • The VLive video showing their rehearsals for the concert is this, full-stop. You can tell that BTS are both excited and nervous about performing with him, yet Seo Taiji treats them casually and goofs around a bit to make them comfortable. Apparently, he told them to call him "dad", and Jin happily obligues.
    • This interaction is both this and a Funny Moment:
      Suga: Do you have a studio at your home, too?
      Seo Taiji: Yes, I do.
      Suga: ... may I visit?
      Seo Taiji: Sure.
      Suga: (laughs nervously and does a happy dance)
    • Taiji at the end says: "While practicing, it really felt like Seo Taiji and Boys again. It felt so nice. It felt like I became young again."
  • The entirety of Run BTS! Ep. 23 is basically just 25 minutes of the boys playing with dogs.
  • Their 2-year "Love Myself" campaign, launched in partnership with UNICEF for their #ENDviolence global program to protect children and youth around the world from violence. If you bought an album from the LOVE YOURSELF series, part of your money went to the cause!
  • Getting to take part in the launch of UNICEF's Generation Unlimited global partnership in September 2018, with RM making a powerful 7-minute speech about the meaning of the LOVE YOURSELF series and the "Love Myself" campaign in front of an UN assembly.
    • The speech itself has RM talk about his own personal experience with self-doubt, from his childhood (when he started to think about what others thought of him and tried adjusting to a mold imposed by society) to his time with BTS (the hopelessness and desire to give up, which he would have if not for the other members and the fans). He acknowledges his own faults and past mistakes as part of him and states his desire to become a wiser person from them. It's incredibly vulnerable.
      RM: We have become artists performing in huge stadiums and selling millions of albums. But I am still an ordinary, twenty-four-year-old guy.
    • Encouraging young people around the world to not only embrace their faults and fears and love themselves, but to "speak" themselves and tell their own story, no matter the color of their skin or their gender identity (his words).
    • You can see J-Hope's proud expression next to RM throughout, as well as Jin's pat on his back after the speech ends.
    • Many ARMYs of various countries, races, sexual orientations and gender identities started tweeting their own stories immediately after the speech, under the hashtag #SpeakYourself.
  • Jungkook's "Golden Closet Films" (G. C. F.), which he uploads through BTS' BANGTANTV channel on Youtube. They're short videos mostly filmed and entirely edited and directed by him where he simply chronicles his travels abroad, be it for promos, concerts, or even vacation trips. You can tell it's meant for him to share his point of view of things, from stuff like photoshoots and rehearsals to small interactions with the other members.
    • His G. C. F. in Newark VHS ver. video stands out from the others in that (like the name indicates) he doesn't use a modern camera nor does he edit it with slow-mo or fancy transitions over a song; he simply records it on VHS, forgoing music while keeping the audio from the recordings. It's perhaps the best one in terms of showing everything through his eyes, from managing to record part of a choreography rehearsal from his point of view (showing the back of the members in front of him), to quiet shots of Jungkook brushing his teeth or dozing off in the car. It ends with a simple yet private moment of Jungkook simply arriving to the hotel room, with the camera recording from the inside as he enters, from the nightstand as he closes the curtains, and finally from the closet as he closes it.
  • In May 2018, a 9-year-old boy wrote a letter by hand dedicated to V, which was then published by his mother on Fancafe. The letter said that he didn't have any friends, but his mother introduced him to BTS and he became a fan. He added "I'm not alone anymore, and I have friends now". The letter also has a drawing of Tata, V's character from BT21, with the note "I hope Tata smiles someday!". V later responded by making his own hand-made letter, using a similar structure and accepting to be the boy's friend. He also added a drawing of Tata smiling!
  • The members doing the Fortnite Dance Challenge on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is this (as well as an Awesome and Funny Moment). It's the members pretty much just having fun. Most of them absolutely nail the dances, some don't, but they still hype Jimmy Fallon and each other so much that their enthusiasm is contagious.

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