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Oh boy. Where to even begin?

Run BTS! has its own page.

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  • The dance practices for War of Hormone. Here and here.
  • J-Hope screaming.
  • God of Destruction RM breaking his sunglasses while putting them on
  • Let's Speak English! aka the source of some memes.
    • "Jimin, you got no jams."
    • "Oh my god, my heart is... my heart is... oh my god."
  • When RM got injured near the end of 2015, the other members carried around a fan with his face on it to represent their missing leader. On that fan, Jimin wrote "Don't get hurt, you klutz".
  • Jin and Jungkook praising themselves and not caring about the other members when reacting to the teaser for Run.
  • Suga reviewing The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1 and tossing away a photocard of Jin, since it wasn't one of himself.
  • Jungkook and Suga arguing over lamb skewers when filming their fight scene for Run MV.
  • Jin scribbling on the fans of the other members as revenge for them scribbling on his fan.
  • Suga, Jin, Taehyung, and Jungkook doing a cute video for losing at the arcade. Highlights include Suga doing aegyo, V being surrounded by Pokemon plushies and parrying a Kermit toy away because it wasn't a Pokemon, and all four of them being incredulous at how long the song is.
  • The Run Hotel video.
  • V trying to rap "Cypher Pt.3".
  • The members were asked about what to throw away after 2017 had ended. While other rap line members replied seriously, Suga... well. (though It Makes Sense in Context)
    Suga: I want to throw myself away. What he actually meant 
  • Jimin and V disturbing other members' sleep, only for Suga to kick Jimin in his crotch.
  • The VLive video showing their rehearsals for Seo Taiji's 25 TIME: TRAVELER anniversary concert has several:
    • Apparently, Seo Taiji, Korean Pop Music legend, told them to call him "dad". While other members have some difficulties, Jin and Jungkook are happy to obligue.
    • This interaction is both this and a Heartwarming Moment:
      Suga: Do you have a studio at your home, too?
      Seo Taiji: Yes, I do.
      Suga: (nervous) ... may I visit?
      Seo Taiji: Sure.
      Suga: (laughs and does a happy dance)
      (later, with the other members)
      • Made funnier by the fact that, if Zhou Mi is to be believed, Suga has an habit of inviting himself into people's homes. In the middle of the night.
    • Seo Taiji, Korean music legend, randomly walking by Jimin and J-Hope while they're talking, making them laugh.
    • After Jungkook gets told he kind of looks like young Seo Taiji with the attire he's wearing, he does a goofy imitation of him... until he realizes that Seo Taiji, Korean music Legend, is only a few meters behind him. Luckily, he doesn't notice.
  • The members doing the Flinch game at The Late Late Show. Highly recommended to watch without spoilers.
    • The first ones to go are Jin and J-Hope, which, well...
      James Corden: You think they'll be cool behind there? You think they'll flinch?
      • Jin protesting as a result, followed by a Beat and the fruit getting launched. It has to be seen to be believed: J-Hope goes flying while Jin yells while doing scared hand gestures. James Corden calls it perhaps the best flinch they've ever had on the show.
    • After V says he'll keep his eyes open, Jungkook prepares to not flinch by standing very still, his eyes very wide. He fails after he gets distracted.
      • After he succeeds while standing still like a statue, expression impenetrable, V immediately reverts to his usual demeanor, grinning and doing a happy little dance.
    • Suga, RM and Jimin trying to pull cool poses without flinching. They fail. And RM ends up almost falling backwards, so he ends up doing worse than Jin.
  • The members doing the Fortnite Dance Challenge on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • When Jimmy "collapses" from the exertion, four of the guys start creeping up and dance-emoting around him (basically a more socially acceptable take on tea bagging).
  • The members taking a Buzzfeed quiz for "Which BTS member are you?".
  • Look up any BTS encore performance after they receive any awards.

    Music Videos 
  • Jin driving a bus at the beginning of No More Dream and crashing it into some boxes.
  • The other members' reactions near the end of War of Hormone when the girl they're fighting for picks Taehyung (V).
  • "IDOL" is an acid-trip of a video featuring the members... just being themselves, pretty much.
    • The first pre-chorus has a zoom-in into Jimin's mouth...into a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of V's making a :O face.
    • Another blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment is a Funny Background Event in the second pre-chorus: Jungkook twerking.
    • Jin, self-proclaimed "worldwide handsome" and "a 10 among 8s", smugly looking down on the rest of the members, who appear tiny. Later on in the song, he is also given the line "It's OK, I'm in love with myself."
    • The shot of Jimin surrounded by hundreds of CGI versions of the members' faces can be this just for its sheer weirdness and unexpectedness.
  • The music video for "Waste it on Me" (by Steve Aoki, ft. BTS) is an All-Star Cast love story featuring Ken Jeong as a waiter. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Ken Jeong lipsyncing Jungkook's verses with a dramatically serious face.
    • Ken Jeong, a waiter, has a crush on a girl (Devon Aoki), who's already dating another guy (Ross Butler). When he goes to their table, he politely hands a menu to the girl and pettily throws it on the general direction of the guy.

    Rookie King 
  • The increasingly wilder punishments for the members in a Once an Episode luck-based game, with Jimin and Suga somehow getting them disproportionately often.
    • Suga dressing up as a maid for a punishment.
      • "Hip hop is dead."
    • RM dressing up as Sailor Moon.
  • The "Of Course" game, where a member has to reply "of course" to whatever his opponent says or he loses.
    • First there is Jin VS Jungkook.
    Jungkook: You know that we are saying you are handsome only because it's on broadcast right?
    • Then there is Namjoon VS Jimin.
    Jimin: Do you know how to speak Maori?
    Namjoon: I AM KOREAN!
    • Lastly there is J-Hope VS V.
    J-Hope:(when we were kissing) Do you know your tongue had stuck out?

    BTS Gayo 
  • J-Hope and Suga failing to guess RM's attempt at 4minute's "Whatcha Doing Today?" on Track 1.
  • Track 3 has everyone attempting to recreate scenes from popular Korean dramas. Highlights include:
    • V using too much force attempting to pop a balloon positioned on J-Hope's butt and J-Hope screaming in pain.
    • Jimin repeatedly failing to say his lines and Jin getting irritated due to not saying any of his lines yet.
    • Suga and RM repeatedly failing to catch some tissues while jump roping together.
  • Track 5: Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, and V getting repeatedly hit on the head with a hammer by Jin and RM when they failed to guess Jinusean's "Phone Number".
  • Track 7:
    • Everyone splitting up into two teams, with all those who were wearing red turning out to be in the same team by pure chance.
    • J-Hope screaming even more every time someone got close to guessing the correct song.
  • Track 15 has the members create their very own music video for "Spine Breaker" in the hotel they were staying at. Stylistic Suck and Hilarity Ensues.
    • They decide to make a literal interpretation of the lyrics, with Jin creating the choreography. This results in the chorus having all the members bending forward like their back is literally broken.
    • Suga and RM very clearly forgetting their lyrics (the song was, after all, 3 years old by then).
    • J-Hope rapping from the toilet. While wearing three pairs of sunglasses.
    • The gratuitous special effects.
    • The "music video" release somehow made it to actual online news sites in Chile (where the video was recorded). They talked about it like they would with a serious music video.


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