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Recap / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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    Season 1
Maria: What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for, Agent Ward?
Grant: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.
Maria: And what does that mean to you?
Grant: It means someone really wanted our initials to spell out "shield." It means we're the line between the world and the much weirder world. We protect people from news they aren't ready to hear. And when we can't do that, we keep them safe.

Following the Battle of New York, Phil Coulson assembles a team of agents to counter threats and protect the world. Among these is the mysterious hacker, Skye, who doesn't appear on any official databases, as well as Agent May, a legendary agent known among others as "The Cavalry". Team Coulson face off against a criminal organization known as Centipede, who desire to create gifted humans in order to further their own agenda. Also, an old adversary of S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to uncover just how Coulson survived his apparent death at the hands of Loki...

(Iron Man 3 was the most recent MCU film to premiere in North America prior to Season 1.)

  1. "Pilot"
  2. "0-8-4"
  3. "The Asset"
  4. "Eye Spy"
  5. "Girl in the Flower Dress"
  6. "FZZT"note 
  7. "The Hub"
  8. "The Well"
  9. "Repairs"
  10. "The Bridge"
  11. "The Magical Place"
  12. "Seeds"
  13. "T.R.A.C.K.S."
  14. "T.A.H.I.T.I."
  15. "Yes Men"
  16. "End of the Beginning"note 
  17. "Turn, Turn, Turn"
  18. "Providence"
  19. "The Only Light in the Darkness"
  20. "Nothing Personal"
  21. "Ragtag"
  22. "Beginning of the End"

    Season 2

With control of S.H.I.E.L.D. now passed to Coulson, he must balance his directoral duties with his desire to keep his team together, as events start to occur that changes the nature of his team. Skye in particular has her past explored, with her lineage and ancestry revealing a brand new side of her that has until now been kept secret by everyone.

(Guardians of the Galaxy premiered in North America between Season 1 and Season 2.)

  1. "Shadows"
  2. "Heavy is the Head"
  3. "Making Friends and Influencing People"
  4. "Face My Enemy"
  5. "A Hen in the Wolf House"
  6. "A Fractured House"
  7. "The Writing on the Wall"
  8. "The Things We Bury"
  9. "...Ye Who Enter Here"
  10. "What They Become"note 
  11. "Aftershocks"
  12. "Who You Really Are"
  13. "One of Us"
  14. "Love in the Time of HYDRA"
  15. "One Door Closes"
  16. "Afterlife" note 
  17. "Melinda"
  18. "The Frenemy of My Enemy"
  19. "The Dirty Half Dozen" note 
  20. "Scars"
  21. "S.O.S., Part 1"
  22. "S.O.S., Part 2" note 

    Season 3

Following the events of the previous season, Terrigen has polluted the Earth's oceans, allowing latent Inhumans to undergo Terrigenesis without realizing it. The massive influx in Inhumans sparks panic over whether it is a virus or something more, while Skye (now going by her birth name Daisy) and Team Coulson try to aid these new Inhumans in controlling their newfound abilities. Standing in her way is a new adversary hellbent on killing any Inhuman it finds unworthy, while an old enemy rears their head in their quest for revenge on Coulson. Complicating matters further is the alien obelisk that has kidnapped Simmons; just what is its purpose, and why were HYDRA so keen on getting it?

(Ant-Man premiered in North America between Seasons 2 and 3.)

  1. "Laws of Nature"
  2. "Purpose in the Machine"
  3. "A Wanted (Inhu)man"
  4. "Devils You Know"
  5. "4,722 Hours"
  6. "Among Us Hide..."
  7. "Chaos Theory"
  8. "Many Heads, One Tale" note 
  9. "Closure"
  10. "Maveth" note 
  11. "Bouncing Back"
  12. "The Inside Man"note 
  13. "Parting Shot"
  14. "Watchdogs"
  15. "Spacetime"
  16. "Paradise Lost"
  17. "The Team"
  18. "The Singularity"
  19. "Failed Experiments" note 
  20. "Emancipation"
  21. "Absolution"
  22. "Ascension" note 

    Season 4 

Ghost Rider
"I didn't ask for this, this curse. But vengeance calls."
Robbie Reyes / Ghost Rider

Six months after the Hive Incident ended, Daisy has gone rogue, taking down Watchdogs on her own to keep her friends safe. Likewise, Coulson has made some changes of his own to the team, now struggling to cope without her. Things come to a head when a mysterious plague begins affecting people - who appear to die from being literally scared to death. They talk of ghosts, which leads Team Coulson to an artifact known as the Darkhold, which seems to have supernatural powers. Daisy meanwhile comes across someone else with supernatural abilities and some connection with the Darkhold...

  1. "The Ghost"
  2. "Meet the New Boss" note 
  3. "Uprising"
  4. "Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire"
  5. "Lockup"
  6. "The Good Samaritan" note 
  7. "Deals With Our Devils"
  8. "The Laws of Inferno Dynamics" note 

One of these is not like the others.

With the Darkhold secure and the threat stopped, a new enemy emerges in the form of rogue AI Aida, who is after the Darkhold for her own machinations. But all is not as it first appears, as there is someone else playing a long con with S.H.I.E.L.D. and wants the book for their own grand scheme...

  1. "Broken Promises"
  2. "The Patriot"
  3. "Wake Up"
  4. "Hot Potato Soup"
  5. "Boom"
  6. "The Man Behind the Shield"
  7. "Self Control" note 

Agents of HYDRA

In order to rescue their friends, who have been abducted and trapped in an alternate reality, Simmons and Daisy journey into the realm of the Framework, which is a world where HYDRA have successfully taken over the world. Can Daisy and Simmons rescue their allies in a hostile reality where the odds are stacked against them? And just what kind of allies will they meet on their journey? It is a race against time before Aida's grand plan reaches its climactic conclusion...

  1. "What If..."
  2. "Identity and Change"
  3. "No Regrets"
  4. "All the Madame's Men"
  5. "Farewell, Cruel World!" note 
  6. "The Return"
  7. "World's End"

    Season 5
Set shortly after the end of the previous season, Team Coulson find themselves transported to the year 2091 thanks to another Monolith where the Earth has been almost completely destroyed and humanity has relocated to a space station controlled by the Kree. Piecing together what few clues remain of the past the team must find a way to return home to their timeline while freeing the humans from Kree control. But even if they can return to their time will Coulson and company be able to stop the Bad Future from occurring? And what will they need to sacrifice in order to save the world?

(Both Spider-Man: Homecomingnote  and Thor: Ragnarok premiered in North America on July 7 and November 3 respectively, the entirety of the first seasons of The Defendersnote , Inhumans, and The Punishernote , and the first four episodes of Runaways (2017)note  aired respectively between Season 4 and Season 5.)

  1. "Orientation, Part One"
  2. "Orientation, Part Two"note 
  3. "A Life Spent"note 
  4. "A Life Earned"note 
  5. "Rewind"note 
  6. "Fun & Games"note 
  7. "Together or Not at All"
  8. "The Last Day"
  9. "Best Laid Plans"
  10. "Past Life" note 
  11. "All the Comforts of Home" note 
  12. "The Real Deal"
  13. "Principia"
  14. "The Devil Complex"
  15. "Rise and Shine"
  16. "Inside Voices"
  17. "The Honeymoon"
  18. "All Roads Lead..."
  19. "Option Two" note 
  20. "The One Who Will Save Us All"
  21. "The Force of Gravity"
  22. "The End"

    Season 6

A year has passed since Coulson's seemingly-final death, and the remaining members of his team are literally worlds apart. While Fitz and Enoch attempt to find a way to the future, where Fitz believes the rest of the team to be, Daisy and Jemma seek to reunite with them and return home now that the Bad Future from last season has been averted. Meanwhile on Earth, Mack struggles to adjust to his new role as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., while he and the rest of the team investigate a crew of alien mercenaries attacking various locations across the country, led by a man who looks just like Phil Coulson...

Season 6 was held back until Summer 2019, after Avengers: Endgame resolved the events of Avengers: Infinity War, to avoid this show getting tangled up in that story. In addition, the first season of Cloak & Dagger and seven episodes of its second season; the second seasons of Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Runaways and The Punisher; the third season of Daredevil; and the films Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel (as well as Endgame) were released before Season 6 aired.

The season began airing on May 10, 2019.

  1. "Missing Pieces"note 
  2. "Window of Opportunity"note 
  3. "Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson"note 
  4. "Code Yellow" note 
  5. "The Other Thing"
  6. "Inescapable"
  7. "Toldja" note 
  8. "Collision Course (Part I)"
  9. "Collision Course (Part II)"
  10. "Leap"
  11. "From the Ashes"
  12. "The Sign"
  13. "New Life"

    Season 7

Set immediately after the previous season finale, Team Coulson is scattered across time, as Enoch's race, the Chronicoms, seek to take over Earth as a replacement for their own destroyed planet. In order to ensure the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D. and save the world, they'll need to come to come together one last time to face the Chronicoms, who have enlisted younger versions of some of the team's worst enemies. However, our heroes have a few aces up their sleeve...

Season 7 was announced on November 16, 2018, before Season 6 had even aired. Another short season, it was filmed back to back with Season 6 and aired from May to August 2020. It has been confirmed that this will be the final season of the show. The third and final season of Runaways aired in the interim. This season serves as the final MCU-related Marvel Television production.

  1. "The New Deal"
  2. "Know Your Onions"
  3. "Alien Commies from the Future!"
  4. "Out of the Past"
  5. "A Trout in the Milk"
  6. "Adapt or Die"
  7. "The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D"
  8. "After, Before"
  9. "As I Have Always Been"
  10. "Stolen"
  11. "Brand New Day"
  12. "The End is at Hand"
  13. "What We're Fighting For"