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Due to every single episode of the show so far containing multiple moments of awesome, this page has been split by season.

WARNING: Later episodes may contain unmarked spoilers.


  • Clark Gregg made such an impact in the MCU, despite playing a supporting role to colorful superheroes, that Coulson's death in The Avengers led to a fan campaign to somehow resurrect the character that actually worked.
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  • Joss Whedon claiming that Disney wouldn't let them show any new clips at "all [they could] show" was the entire first episode.
  • Despite being put in the same time slot as the #1 show on network television, which could make one think this show had been Screwed by the Network, it did well enough to be renewed. That's right: Agent Philip J. Coulson (Team ABC) went 22 rounds with Special Agent Leroy J. Gibbs (Team CBS), and while Coulson lost on points, he managed to avoid a total knockout. note 
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. quite possibly made television history by incorporating the major plot twists of Captain America: The Winter Soldier literally a week after the film had its American premiere. When TV shows spawn movies, it often takes a season for any plot developments from the film to make it on to the show (and more often they never really do). AOS actually made people watch Winter Soldier to keep up on the show's plot...or rather, Winter Soldier drummed up so much popularity that it got people to return to the show in droves.
    • And they pulled it off in reverse in Season 2, where it was Coulson who discovered and told the Avengers where to find Strucker and List, and then revealed that he'd been responsible for providing the Helicarrier that showed up at the climax of the film.
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  • After Marvel announced that they were going to air the teaser trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron during the sixth episode of Season 2 in order to get people to give the show a second chance now that it's improved so much, some jackass decided to leak it online, thus robbing Marvel of this opportunity. However, instead of getting worked up, Marvel responded by jokingly pinning the blame on HYDRA. Then they released the clip properly so fans could watch it with their consent, then promised — and delivered — a different piece of exclusive footage for people to catch at the end of the episode. All in all, while Marvel wants to get people to give their show another chance, they still put their fans first and made the best of a bad situation.
  • The show went from spending its first season reacting to events in Marvel movie releases to taking a pro-active role in the universe by setting up the introduction of the Inhumans five years before they're due to get their own cinematic outing. Not to mention spending the whole season essentially setting up the opening to Avengers: Age of Ultron.
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  • Many fans would agree that the first episodes of the show are not as strong as what comes later. But if you actually do know the big reveals from the end of Seasons 1 and 2, and then go back to watch them again, you suddenly realize that the writers knew exactly where the show was supposed to go and dropped hints left and right. In addition, a lot of the dialogue suddenly gets an entirely different meaning. Effectively, the writers were trolling the audience and nobody noticed.
  • A certain someone also isn't too happy about what happened to Tripp.
  • While Skye and May fighting in S.O.S. is a Tear Jerker to be sure, it has to be appreciated on a meta-level: A couple of episodes prior, Chloe Bennet broke her arm during a fight scene. Here, she is not only once again doing her own stunts, but she is visibly not wearing a cast, having refused to use one. She must be hurting like hell during those takes, but she still makes the fight look perfectly convincing. If that doesn't prove that she's a one-hundred percent badass, then nothing will.
  • At San Diego Comic Con, they announced that Ghost Rider will appear in season 4!
    • Boy, that Ghost Rider transformation sequence from season 4 premiere sure was some Visual Effects of Awesome! Pity their SFX budget wouldn't allow them to do that often, right? Wrong! Every episode featuring Ghost Rider contains a badass transformation sequence with the face/skull transition shown in great detail, although in some cases it's not Robbie Reyes who transforms.
  • The day "Self-Control" released, Marvel decided to show a little spoiler on who is back. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Brett Dalton is back.
    • As of "No Regrets," let's add B.J. Britt. #TrippLives indeed.
  • The most-upvoted thread on the r/arrow subreddit? A picture of the Agents of SHIELD cast.
  • A somewhat indirect CMoA, but Clark Gregg is going to return to the films as Agent Coulson in 2019's Captain Marvel.
  • Just the fact that the show has lasted five seasons worth of over 100 episodes (reaching 110 by the end of Season 5) is an impressive feat, and this despite the show not really setting the ratings on fire.


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