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Honey Bunny: I love you, Pumpkin.
Pumpkin: And I love you, Honey Bunny.
(They kiss, then stand up and draw their handguns)
Pumpkin: Okay, everybody, be cool! This is a robbery!

Friend 2: We can still hang out, I just won't be in it with you.
Friend 1: The point is, I'm not going to have time to hang out with you because I'm going to fucking busy with this fucking cult!

If Leafpool is like water, calm, deep running, reflecting the stars, then Squirrelflight is fire. She has energy to scorch every tree in the forest, and a tongue that could leave scars in beech bark.

Luke Cage: You should be usin' that magic fist of yours to crack heads, not focus your feng shui.
Iron Fist: Focusing my chi. Maybe if you were open to focusing your own energy, you wouldn't be so angry all the time. It's not healthy, Luke.
The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, "To Steal an Ant-Man"

The hotter I got, the colder she got, until we canceled each other out like either side of a chemical equation.
Cassie, The Fifth Wave, referring to herself and Ringer

Zodd: I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that you two have a Naruto/Sasuke best friend/eternal rival thing going on.
Guts: Uh...that's great. Are you going somewhere with this?
Zodd: Do you remember a little thing called "Valley of the End"?
Guts: So you're saying that Griffith and I are going to have a falling out, and Griffith is going to turn into a winged, lipstick monster. That seems a little farfetched.
Berserk Abridged

Garcie!Bass: Why do I think this is basically perfect matching? One's idealistic and loves justice, the other just loves to snark.
Raidou: ... Wow. You are right, Bass. It's an extraordinarily fitting thing.
Garcie!Bass: The only thing to complete it is if [Garcie] and Luca were originally rivals.
Garcie: Heh, yeah. Wait, does Luca's Incarnate count?
Raidou: Garcie was technically created by an evil mad scientist, much like Luca. And Garcie originally opposed a version of Luca.
Plenair: So you are saying that in a way, they were originally rivals?
Raidou: In a way.
Garcie!Bass: Good point.
Luca!Mega Man: I... think so.

"These two really are Birds of a Feather, but also total foils to each other. The idea of them being exactly the same and yet polar opposites is going to be a huge factor in upcoming episodes."
JesuOtaku discussing Vash and Wolfwood from Trigun

Rory Gimore: Let's not make each other feel bad.
Paris Geller: Hey, hug a dolphin another day, alright?

And the reality of that [Feud Episode] situation is... that you two need each other. Brittnay, you make Mackenzie stronger! Mackenzie, you make Brittnay smarter. Together, the two are fucking unstoppable! You're the leaders of the greatest cheer squad in the history of the world. You can win championships, expose corruption, you two can be President! (Beat) Consecutively, or simultaneously, whatever you want! But apart, well, you two can't get much of anything done, can you?
Trisha Cappelletti, The Most Popular Girls in School (Episode 70) note 

"Basically, in any relationship you work this out, it took me years — one of you is Bert, one of you is Ernie. That's what it comes down to: one of you is really good at chopping vegetables up very small and explaining factional loyalties in the Middle-East, and the other one is really good at saying 'Help! I'm locked outside! I can't feel my arms!' "
Dylan Moran, Off The Hook

Hulk: Hulk like fire, Thor like water.
Thor: I think we're both like fire.
Hulk: Yeah, but Hulk like real fire, Hulk like raging fire. Thor like smoldering fire.

Lord Burnham: For god's sake, Mako! You've got blood on you...
Mako: You should see the inside of your car. I brought a little something with me for the road, eh?
Lord Burnham: I thought we agreed to keep things low-key. This is England. You can't just go around cannibalizing V.I.P.s and not expect the authorities to take notice -
Mako: Fuck them. You are the authorities. You are a Lord. You make the law, eh?
Lord Burnham: Nevertheless, there are certain appearances to be kept up. Pretenses to be maintained. Besides, your powers have multiplied a thousandfold. There's simply no reason for you to continue this mindless slaughter of mages. You have enough power.
Mako: There is no such thing.
Lord Burnham: Heh. We are not so unalike after all, are we, you and I?
Hellblazer: The Roots Of Coincidence

Mau had learned this about the brothers: it wasn't a case of big stupid Milo and little clever Pilu. Milo didn't talk as much, that was all. When he did talk, he was worth listening to. But Pilu swam through words like a fish through water, he painted pictures in the air with them, and he talked all the time.

Anthony Mason: Is there a big difference between drawing for DC and Marvel, or is it essentially the same job?
Alex Ross: It's kind of a difference between mood and vibe of the material. There's something about the stoic heroes of DC that can be contrasted against the hyperkinetic heroes of Marvel.

Rachel: I'm the one who does hard and fast. And relentless.
Rachel: While you want to sit around and think every stupid little step to death. You've got a Hamlet complex, Marco.
Marco: Yeah, and there's a method to my madness. Which is more than I can say about your finer moments.
Animorphs #37: The Weakness

[The brothers] had always been like that, so different in temper, Rhy's hot and quick to burn, Kell's cold and slow to thaw.

Steven: Where did you get these? I thought they stopped making them!
Pearl: Well, we heard that too, and since they're your favorite...
Amethyst: We went out and stole a bunch!
Pearl: [annoyed grunt] I went back and paid for them.

Bob Parr: [listening to the police scanner] 2356...what is that? Robbery?
Lucius Best: This is just sad...
Bob: Yeah, robbery. You wanna catch a robber?
Lucius: No. Tell you the truth, I'd rather go bowling. Look, what if we actually did what our wives think we're doing? Just to shake things up. [...] What are we doing here, Bob?
Bob: We're protecting people!
Lucius: Nobody asked us.
Bob: You need an invitation?
Lucius: I'd like one, yes!

Nadine Ross: Think it's safe?
Chloe Frazer: You know that treasure hunting is not a good gig for the risk-averse, right?
Nadine: Neither is being a mercenary. Difference is, when I pull the pin on a grenade, I know what's going to happen next.
Chloe: My way's much more fun.

America: Are you serious? You can’t go with that lame-ass operation!
Britain: Oh, yes I can! Some of us like to be careful and make informed decisions instead of charging in all willy-nilly like an impetuous toddler!

Vi: These two are like night and day, huh.
Leif: We can relate to Brooke's angry power reading aura.
Kabbu: Oh, then I'm Libren's joyful search for new stories!
Vi: You're both just nerds.


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