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Film / The Forest (1982)

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"Daddy's gone-a-hunting...."

A Slasher Movie from 1982.

Group of city folks decide to take time off from LA and go camping in the woods. There they run into a killer who starts hunting them for food. Also, there are ghosts of the killer's wife and kids hanging around.

This film has the examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: John's wife treated their kids like crap. Undeath hasn't changed her.
  • Barred from the Afterlife: Due to their dysfunctionality, the ghosts of John's family are unable to move on. Once John dies, it shown that they are able to move on, and disappear from our world.
  • Creator Cameo: Film's director appears as the forest ranger who talks to Charlie and Steve before they venture into the woods.
  • A Deadly Affair: John's late wife was constantly sleeping with other men, which he didn't mind at first. Then one day he came early from work, and found his children locked in the closet while his wife was with yet another man. He snapped, killed the two lovers and moved into the woods with the children.
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  • Evil Overlooker: John's eyes are hovering over the protagonists in the poster above, as well as his knife.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: John is killed with his own knife.
  • Hungry Menace: John isn't shown to be particularly fond of human flesh, he just hunts anything he can to satiate his hunger and is too crazy to stop living as a hermit.
  • It's a Long Story: When asked why he is living in a cave, John answers that it is long story. But he'd like to tell it, and Charlie and Steve agree to hear it.
  • Never Found the Body: Several people have disappeared in the woods over the years, and not even their bodies have been found. It's because John ate them.
  • Noisy Nature: As Sharon and Teddi sit by the campfire, they keep hearing growling, howling and hooting around them. Then a ghost appears.
  • Slashed Throat: The hiker lady in the opening is chased down and has her throat slit.
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  • Undead Child: John's children were so unhappy about living alone in a cave with their father that they died of sickness. Now they are ghosts, who sometimes visit their father, warn people about him, and avoid the ghost of their mother.