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  • Mostly to Battle Fever J, Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger, and Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger:
    • Battle Fever ones include the Dance Battling, a multinational team, and the one girl being Asian-American.
    • Zyuranger ones include prehistoric beings in suspension for the past millenia and the presence of a Bigger Bad.
    • A Pteranodon mech emerges from a volcano?
    • The restaurant where Amy works is called "Tiger Boy" and has a yellow sign; a reference to the Yellow Tiger Ranger named Boi.
    • Jan also called himself a tiger boy (tora no ko, literally "tiger's child").
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    • Female villain Candelira sings a song a couple times about wanting Earth's destruction which might be a callback to Bandora.
    • Kyoryuzin's chest resembles that of Daizyujin... as does the -yujin name. Not the first time Daizyujin has been homaged with a similarly-named mech.
    • The Psycho Rangers are Mooks disguised as Rangers and have no special powers, sent impersonate the real team rather than fight them on even terms. (Difference is, Zyuranger's were to get the public against the heroes, while Kyoryuger's were to get the heroes against each other.)
    • Yayoi /Kyoryu Violet II's dress and hairstyle is very similar to Mei (Ptera Ranger)'s
    • The first Kyoryu Change with all five of the main Kyoryugers was prefaced with The Mentor tossing the part of the Transformation Trinket that makes it function to the group atop a rooftop, much like how Barza did it for his team's first battle so many years ago.
  • Abaranger ones include the dinosaurs being living partners of the heroes, the Mooks dancing during the ending theme (though this time joined by our heroes), a restaurant that every hero has enterednote , and a pterosaur-themed Sixth Ranger.
    • And the Ranger rollcall sequence looks more like the end of the Transformation Sequence for Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Also, due to the Debut Queue, Black was stuck in suit for the longest period.
    • The upgrade mode where the suit gets spikier, though it's only on one arm so far.
    • Blue's "weapon" is a shield.
    • The design of Raiden Kyoryuzin is practically identical to Killer Abaren-Oh, minus Stegaraidon. The pteranodon robot piloted by the Sixth Ranger transforms into its beast mode and docks with the main robot's back.
    • The Tuperanda Zyudenchi represents an obscure pterosaur called a Tupandactylus and is colored white, just like Abarekiller.
    • Both series also have an individual named Mikoto, although one's a doctor and the other's a pop idol. They both predominantly wear white, and had been evil at one point.
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  • Related to both Zyuranger and Abaranger, there's yet another dino mecha with a huge drill just like Gouryuzin, Abarenoh, and Gokaiger's Gozyujin; as well as another Red Ranger Super Mode that borrows powers from teammates like Armed Tryrannoranger and AbareMax. Also, dinosaur series seem to like their zigzag patterns.
  • The order in which each member reveals their identity roughly follows the order in which the members of Jetman are recruited (at least in their character archetype): the first is of course Red, followed by Pink/White, Blue/Yellow, Green/Blue and lastly Black.
  • Amy is forced to stick with the traditional formal speak, which Ahim was known for all season.note 
  • The characters seem to have lot of characteristics of past sentai heroes:
    • Red is hot blooded and gains respect from his team mates little by little. Seems like a combination of Red Hawk and DekaRed.
    • Black is a sniper who is a ladykiller. Seems like a mix of Black Condor, DekaBlue and BoukenBlue.
    • Blue is a family man who's is older and very strong. Appears to be Gao Black, Aba Red and Blue Buster.
    • Green has issues with his father regarding his fighting style and reverse grip. Gao White and Shinken Gold are the ones here, and even RJ from Power Rangers Jungle Fury!.
    • Pink is a rich lady, who is American and fights with kicks. Seems to be like Miss America, White Swan and Yellow Buster.
    • An Action Girl who's largely raised by her butler and is the only girl on her team until a scientist shows up? Sounds like Ranger Operator Series Yellow...
    • Gold’s status as the only samurai is similar to how DynaBlack and Yellow Mask were their teams’ solo ninjas.
  • Souji's father Genryu knows Barizorg/Sid (later Joe)'s Signature Move.
  • Ramirez's Transformation Sequence calls him a Spirit Ranger. Also a rare male Ranger in the lighter blue color, just like one of PRJF's Spirit Rangers, and an older member of the order just like all of 'em.
  • The Kentrospiker is a ramped up Goggle Golden Spear from Dai Sentai Goggle Five, it's a spear and using it involves Black, Blue, Green, Pink put their hands together and catapult a leaping Red even further to the air where he throws it to the Monster of the Week.
  • Utsusemimaru is a member of the previous generation of the team, survives into the present day by being possessed by one of the villainous lieutenants, is responsible for that lieutenant's erratic behavior, and goes all I Work Alone once freed. It's word-for-word from Gaoranger's Shirogane.
    • Not to mention that his mecha changes its appearance when it turns from evil to good, just as GaoHunter did.
  • Riku Sanjo expressed a wish to write for Kamen Rider Wizard before it aired - and some of the Zyudenchi perform similar functions as Wizard Rings - some pairings include Deinosgrander & Drill, Beyonsmo & Extend, Ovirappoo & Smell, Pukuputor & Big and Futabain & Copy.
    • It comes full circle in Super Hero Taisen Z when Wizard boards Kyoryuzin and has Wizardragon combine with it!
  • Episode 10 was not the first time a member of the team had his soul loaded into one of the team's special items and fired at a teammate who was under an enemy's control. It was how Sousuke got his body back after being the victim of Grand Theft Me.
  • The upcoming movie-exclusive ranger, Deathryuger, is an evil extra ranger. Apparently, dinosaurs and evil extra rangers go hand-in-hand, just like Dragon Ranger and Abare Killer.
    • Deathryuger's personal weapon doubles as a boomerang and a flute. Another nod to Zyuranger, and the call to force a Snap-together combination sounds a lot like Dragonranger's song to summon Dragon Caesar.
  • Episode 21 had the three revived Zetsumates make their entrance by first showing them flipping through the air in front of the sun. And they had a Finishing Move that involved them passing a ball (in this case, one of Debo Nagareboshi's meteorites) to each other with the third one shooting it at their enemies. Where have we seen this before?
    • In the same episode, after the Kyoryugers manage to steal said meteorite as their enemies try to do the same attack again, the way they returned the favor looked a lot like the Goranger Storm.
  • Episode 22 features the awakening of the Big Bad in an "Incomplete Form", sound familiar?
  • The Summer Special DVD has two past Debo Monsters Back from the Dead and planning to turn the Summer Festival into a Blood Festival, read as "Chimatsuri".
  • Torin's backstory evokes Master Kaku, what with the being part of the bad guys until he becomes the heroes' mentor thing.
  • The Monster of the Week from #31 has an ice cream cone drill arm; its special attack? Triple Drill Cream. (Of special note, both Gojyujin and the Kyoryu mecha being hit, Plezuoh, triple-change from flying vessel to dinosaur to humanoid.)
    • The Gokaiger mecha homage continues in #32, where Kyoryuzin wielded the Zyuden Bat to become Kyoryuzin Baseball. Gokai-Oh wielded the one-off Gokai Bat weapon in Gokaiger #8.
  • #33 homages an episode of GoGo Sentai Boukenger, where not only is the focus on the Black and Sixth Ranger, but the Sixth comes in a metallic color and they display their newfound caramaderie by morphing via contacting their morphers together!
  • #36 is an homage to Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger with the main focus being on the non-humanoid mentor becoming a Ranger. And it's probably not a coincidence that like Dekamaster, KyoryuSilver is a Master Swordsman.
  • #40 has Nobuharu's sister, Yuko, taking out mooks with her own Super Strength, all while sirens are blaring in the background.
    • She also says in a moment: "What an Emergency"
    • We also have Utsusemimaru, as a cop, saying "Perfect" with an Engrish that would make Hoji proud (though "Perfect" is a minor Catchphrase for Ucchi; he learned the word from Amy, and liked it enough to use it correctly even without knowing what it means. Even as he's dying).
    • There's another point where everyone is forced into a high-school movie. Daigo's outfit looks familiar.
    • Take a close look at the cover of Amy's Monster Movie DVD. The monsters in the cover are Infinity Dragon Long and Demon Beast Daitanix.
  • In #41, Daigo twirls his Gaburivolver with both hands, in a manner you may not be familiar with - if you didn't follow Series/Power Rangers Samurai.
  • Torin's human disguise in #43 is basically Toshiyuki Morikawa cosplaying as Big One.
  • #45 continues another tradition in a dinosaur-themed Sentai in killing off a Sixth Ranger, although the method in which it was done is much different than how it happened the first two times.
  • The Gaburincho of Music movie has a scene with Utsusemimaru ordering Pteragordon to shut his goggles.

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