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  • Why exactly DID Ian carry a gun with him during an archaeological dig, right before meeting Parasagun in the flashback from episode 4? Sure, maybe some guy will attack you, but he could have brought something multipurpose, like a machete to cut down undergrowth. Literally all a gun would be good for is shooting a person, and the likelihood of this happening would have been slim. Then again, a lot of weird stuff happens in Sentai, so he probably packed just in case.
    • Protection against thieves perhaps?
    • He could just be a gun enthusiast and carries one around all the time.

  • So what's the deal with where Ramirez comes from? He says he originally lived in the Dark Ages, and he also lived 500 years ago, when the Dark Ages were 1000 years ago. And his name suggests he is Spanish, but he looks more like a Norse Warrior, which would fit in with the Dark Ages.

  • What was Nossan doing in the North Pole when the Deboss attacked? What was all that people doing in the North Pole for that matter?
    • Maybe it wasn't the North Pole, it could have just been a place in the Northern Hemisphere and the North Pole was the closest location of a beast.
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    • That's true. The location could be somewhere in the Arctic Circle region.

  • Is Luckiero male or female?
    • Yes.
    • Gee, thanks for answering the question.
    • Honestly, i'm not 100% sure, but the voice sounds like a boy's. That could also mesh with the whole "trickster" personality that he/she/it seems to have going on.
      • Sounds like a boy... but is voiced by a woman.
      • You mean like in most anime/shows?
    • Does Luckiero reading a shoujo/romance manga gives us further hint?
      • Not really.
    • She's female. It isn't just that she likes shojo manga, she wears pigtails! Her human form was a woman as well.

  • Why did Candeliera's monster turn evil in episode 5? It was supposed to make people happy with cakes and then it turned evil and even she had no idea why. Is it Lord Chaos' influence? After all, Lord Chaos' powers kept Aigeron alive.
    • The culprit is Debo Viruson
  • Is there a reason that Torin doesn't seem to know how all the Zyudenchi work? Surely the past Kyoryugers have used them at some point, so he couldn't take the two seconds to say something like, "Hey, this one gives you a new weapon, so don't try shooting it out of your gun."?
    • None of the old Kyoryuger had the Gaburivolver, so they may have worked differently. Or he forgot because it's been several hundred years and things tend to run together. Or he lets the team learn for themselves how to most effectively utilize the battery.
      • Just my two cents, but if the rumor about Kyoryu Violet/Purple turns out to be true, That he's named Dr. Ulshade, and is the one that made the Gaburivolvers/Calibers and Zyuden Arms for the modern team then it's reasonable to assume that he might have either created batteries for the Guardians and left before they could be tested, or else repaired them from being damaged in the original fight. In the former, it'd be no wonder why Torin wouldn't know what each would do, and for the latter, it could be chalked up to forgetfullness.

  • OK, so Violet created the Gaburevolvers and Gaburicalibers and maybe the Armed On weapons, which explains why Ramirez and Tessai don't have them. The question is then, who created Utchi's gear? He had it in the past so how was it created? Did Torin make it? Was there some genius in the past who could create the weapons?
    • Perhaps there was gear for every Kyoryuger back when the original fight went down, but all but Gold's was wrecked/destroyed in the aftermath. Torin would need to maintain it, but that wouldn't necessarily be difficult to do.
      • Less likely now that we know that all the voice clips in the team's gear come from Doctor Ulshade himself.
    • Maybe it was requested to some katana blacksmith.
      • We find out in Episode 22 that Torin made the GaburiChanger, almost costing him his life in the process.

  • Can the Deboss only harvest emotional energy from events that they directly cause? You never see them absorbing it from natural instances, like sorrow from funerals or fury from traffic jams.
    • Since it seems that the absorbed emotions are tied to the Debo Monsters that cause them, i'd say yes, they can only gather what they create.

  • Why did Aigaron self-destruct while he was in the middle of kicking the Kyoryugers' asses? Don't toku villains usually only do that if they're losing?
    • Remember, the team had just seemingly "killed" not only their lord and master, but also Chaos, Dogold and two of the Extinctioners. He was royally pissed and wanted to kill some of them in retribution.
      • And to top it all off, Debo Hyogakki's plan for the episode caused people's own tears to freeze solid and trap them. Including Aigaron's. Not only did his comrades get killed, but the knight of sorrow couldn't even cry about it. So in lieu of sorrow, he decided to vent with Unstoppable Rage.
      • I chalk it up to some bit of Foreshadowing regarding Endolf - remember, once Endolf showed up, Aigaron had A LOT of instances where he'd spaz out and rage.

  • There's probably some meta explanation for this, but why take Yayoi away for "training?" She killed a Cambeastian in one slash for crap's sake!
    • Still a rookie. Both in fighting, and also working with her Voltasaur. The Doc will probably train her body and mind and she'll be back when she's needed. Probably around Bragigas's debut.
    • Weren't there a second lab to build?
    • It's still being built, but is presumably functional.
    • Looks like she'll be back in 26.

  • What do candles have to do with hatred?

  • Why is the Spirit Base in Bragigas? It presumably wasn't before Bragigas woke up. Then Torin said he would explain later, and he never did.

  • So... how is Utsusemimaru able to keep a low profile as a civilian while wearing those flashy gold clothes and carrying the Zandar Thunder and Gaburichanger in full view 90% of the time? The other kyoryugers have color-keyed civvies, sure, but they all look decently innocuous, and they stash their Gaburevolvers out of sight when not using them. Utchy's clothes practically make him look like a warrior superhero even before he transforms (and come to think of it, where did Amy even get those clothes for him? A cosplay shop?).
    • Maybe he's not... I mean he doesn't really need to have a low profile.
    • For that matter, Amy's RICH and can probably have things made on short notice. Plus, his outfit looks exactly like you said, a cosplay. Who would think he's anything then some sort of Samurai loving Otaku?
      • ...Shoot, that's an absolutely brilliant idea. Headscratcher resolved!

  • In #26, how the hell did Yayoi not know how the +1 battery worked? I thought she designed the damn thing?
    • She didn't think it would release as much power as it did. It's similar to Kentrospiker and Deinosgrander, in that the power needs to be properly channeled to be used. Further, from how she was cut off at the beginning, I think she didn't have enough time to do proper testing.
    • Most likely the same way when all the other batteries had to be tested out to see what they do.
    • The +1 battery was made in response to the evolution of the tyrannosaur spirits. Nobody, even Torin, was aware of what exactly that entailed. Plus, nobody could've guessed the battery made Daigo stronger by shrinking Gabutyra down.

  • When Torin saw the beauty of the dinosaur world, does it include what they eat?
    • Hey it's not any different for humans. You have to take the good with the bad.
    • Plus when compared with where he came from, we're pretty good. We don't actively try to destroy planets and all life on them with monsters.

  • Tessai is said to have been the first human to transform with a Jyudenchi. Okay, makes sense since he's from 1500 years ago, farther back than both Ramirez and Utsusemimaru. What doesn't make sense is that, in his premiere episodes, the blanks on his lab table indicate that Doctor Ulshade invented the blasted things ''in the present-day'', specifically to be used with the Gaburevolver as a conduit to channel the powers of the Jyudenryu. What.
    • No no. The Doctor's only responsible for there being so many for each. We know that the Guardians all had at least one each that they were unable to grant to a partner, hence they gave them to Torin. Likely the same could be said for the main ten. The only new ones (besides the copies) are the two Victory and Maximum batteries and the Carnival battery. Now a good question is how Utchy had six...
    • Methinks its because the Zandar Thunder can consume up to 3 Zyudenchi, just to be on the safe side.
      • So Torin made them along with the Gaburichanger? Seems about right.
      • Er...Yayoi did mention that she and Dr.Ulshade did make extras for Ucchi around the time they made extras for everyone else. As for Ucchi having 4 at the start, I would guess Pteragordon gave him all 4.
  • So has no one at the Frozen Castle noticed that Endorf has suddenly disappeared?
    • Err...Hey look, it's Gabutyra! *flees*
    • Ehh, they probably just assume he died and him not growing giant was because of Luckyuro's incompetence. Then again, Chaos is a pretty smart guy and knew there was some bad blood between them, so maybe he knows more than we think?
      • If he does know maybe he believes that a double powered Dogold is better then having two of his generals at each others throats. This way at least they're working together (in a twisted way)
      • Turns out Dogold just lied about it and said he died.
    • Also, why is Tessai bald the first time we see him out of the outfit, but he grows a decent amount of hair pretty quickly by the next time we see him?

  • Guardma's implied to be stronger than Deboss was in his dinosaur form, given the team seems like they'll need another power-up to take him down, so how does that work? Seems like a 'god creating a door he can't open' deal.
    • All he needs to do is reabsorb it. Deboss wouldn't be so dumb as to not make something that wasn't totally loyal to him.
    • As it turns out, Guardma isn't necessarily stronger than Deboss, it's just that he has the specific ability to neutralize the team's powers. In addition, he's stated to have gotten stronger in the present day, while the Kyoryugers had fought Deboss while he was in a weakened state.

  • I've got a big one. In episodes nine and ten, we learned that Dogold is basically a suit of Animated Armor, and that in the Warring States Period, he wound up pulling a Grand Theft Me on Utsusemimaru. Okay, who or what was he using as a body before that point?
    • Possibly a Cambrima.

  • Why does Daigo pilot Gigant BragiOh while Torin, Bragigas' ACTUAL partner, stands Right Next to him?
    • Consider he only did that once before they used Gigant Kyoryuzin. That and Torin wasn't yet Kyoryu Silver during that episode.

  • Did the producers look back at Shinkenger and realize it was too serious and dark? Because they bring in Ucchy as a samurai and he's goofy and dorky and way more fun to be around then the Shinkenger characters.

  • In #39 Did Violet knew Meeko's about to ambush Red or was that her Moment of Weakness?
    • I read it as Moment of Weakness. Let's be honest: which is more easy to believe, Yayoi being jealous, or magically knowing that Meeko was possessed?
      • I think we were meant to read it as Moment of Weakness until we saw the Flute Buster, ie she managed to catch the sight of the weapon before anyone else did
      • Remember that Yayoi's glasses are highly advanced pieces of technology that are able to collect and analyze data, among other functions, and has been collecting data on the Deboss Legion since childhood. She probably got some form of reading from the roses and attacked on instinct. That, and I seriously doubt that they'd let anyone who would prefer murder, as opposed to seeing her first crush go out with someone else, keep powers and weapons that put them at superhuman status.

  • I'm sure this can mostly be explained with simply lack of time, but why don't any of the dead knights seem to show up in Deboss Hell in the finale? I mean I can understand not wanting to bother showing Killboreo, Endolf and Dogold dying again just after they'd died in the real world, and Dogold might have died in such a way he can't come back, which might apply to Aigallon, but why doesn't Aisuround show up?
    • Two different explanations for the first two. Killboreo was killed so close to Deboss Hell being destroyed that there probably just wasn't enough time for him to re-generate down there. (Even Chaos didn't show up down there right away.) As far as Endolf is concerned, my guess is that because Dogold had a hand in killing him, that blocks him from entering Deboss Hell. Remember how Deboss couldn't kill Torin or else Torin would become a Spirit Ranger? Same kind of restriction. (And clearly Dogold and Aigallon went through a kind of soul-purging death that would allow them to truly move on.)

  • In the finale how did that monster get in the Spirit Base? Why would Bragigas allow a deboss monster into its head?

  • In Kyōryūger vs. Go-Busters, why did the Vaglass come back and work for Voldos? Enter claims that there was a one-time Vaglass restoration program on Earth that brought him and Escape back, and that it was activated by Voldos. Why? How does the presence of an evil space dinosaur in the thermosphere activate this program? Did Voldos send out one of his agents to activate the program? If so, why did he? Voldos doesn't have any reason to know anything about the Vaglass, and even if he did, why would he expect them to work for him? What did he expect to gain by working with them? Sure, the Vaglass provided useful technology to siphon Dino Hope out of the Dinosaur teams, but that brings the question back to why Voldos would've known anything about the Vaglass. Further confusing things is why the Vaglass chose to work with Voldos. Even if he did somehow activate the restoration program, it doesn't make much sense that the Vaglass would submit to whoever happened to activate it.

  • Another one regarding Kyoryuger vs Gobusters: How do the Kyoryugers know who the Gobusters are, but not recognize Abared or Tyrannoranger?

  • So in the world of Super Sentai... what REALLY killed off the dinosaurs? Deboss or Bandora?
    • The Power Rangers Wiki (which also covers Super Sentai) admits that there are contradictory explanations for the extinction of the dinosaurs but speculates that the events were concurrent.

  • Why isn't there "A" Kyoryu Yellow? There's only been an explanation for why there isn't a male Kyoryu Yellow - there HAVE BEEN female yellow rangers (heck, the last 7 seasons had female yellow rangers); why didn't they just make a female yellow Kyoryuger?
    • Because they want Kyoryuger to look like a badass, manly show, right from the start (The premise is that the rangers have to defeat the giant dinosaur mecha), so one girl on the team is settled. Pink is probably chosen over female Yellow because she's a heavier contrast to manliness of the team, and after that they considered the Yellow ranger to be male, only to still find it too feminine to work out.

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