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For a series as long running as Sword Art Online, naturally it has spawned a lot of memes.

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    In General 
  • Essentially hating on SAO itself is a meme, due to the franchise's status as one of the biggest Snark Baits in anime history.
    • SAO = YouTube money note 
    • The series' general reputation for this is best summed up by a quote one youtuber: "It is so terrible that the fact that the fact that it's terrible is a meme is a meme."
    • To put this in perspective, it's pretty much a given to expect virtually any video, forum, or thread that talks about SAO in a positive or neutratone, for someone to come in and comment something along the lines of "SAO sucks", "SAO is trash", "SAO is shit" .etc
    • It's also a meme to not just hate SAO, but to try and trigger fans of it with intentionally spiteful comments directed at SAO.
  • Several different sarcastic fan nicknames or phrases that refer to Kirito as a divine being, have gotten insanely popular. This is in regards to Kirito's overpowered fighting style and how he always shows up to finish the job at the end of the day.
    • "Jesus-kun" would be the biggest one.note 
    • "Kirito, our lord and savior"note 
    • "Kirito is GOD!" / "Kirito wa KAMI DA!" note 
  • "I'm Kirito."note 
  • It's become popular to use "Asuna" as a synonym for internet girlfriend/wife, such as in the phrase "many boys want to find their Asuna."
  • Dat assnote 
  • Klein's screentimenote 
  • Kirito's Unwanted Harem has no shortage of memes.
    • Klein is best girlnote 
  • The fact that the sword holster buckle that Kirito wears looks like a fidget spinner.
  • "Sword" being used as an euphemism for penis, such as: "You make my sword go online"
  • Some people felt that the death scenes of certain characters were massively forced and failed to evoke any feelings. This led to the creation of this hilarious video.
  • Character-comparing memes for Kirito and Guts are quite popular, with Kirito always receiving the short end of the stick.
  • The real "Black Swordsman"explanation 
  • "MORE DEBAN"explanation 


    Season 1 
  • "GLOP! GLOP!" and "two years worth of semen" thanks to Chapter 16.5, an infamous fanfiction about the series.
    • Or just mentioning "Chapter 16.5" as a shorthand/euphemism for "sex scene".
    • Or more appropriately, "Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Asuna."
    • What makes this funnier is that the voice actors themselves love bringing this up.
  • Sandwich-kun/Sandwich-chanexplanation 
  • Keep it occupied for 10 seconds! explanation 
  • Asuna can cook!explanation 
  • Kirito's derp fishing face
  • This shot of Kirito drinking tea is very popular to meme.
  • "I forgot, lol"explanation 
  • EPIC RAPE MUSIC! explanation 
    • "KAYABA!" explanation 
  • HABERKORNexplanation 
  • PINA used HYDROPUMP! It's super effective!explanation 

    Season 2 
  • Season 2's second episode has sparked off plenty of parodies of the typical MLG FPS montage, complete with dubstep, Snoop Dogg, gamer slang, product placement, and FaZe clan plastered all over the screen.
  • Kirito is best girlexplanation 
  • Kirito is a Jedi!explanation 
  • "Kirito, I am your father!!!"explanation 
  • Grenade Hugexplanation 
  • "It's the same ending as last time!" explanation 
    • Before the Alicization arc aired people started joking the same thing would happen again, where Kirito would meet another girl who would be victim to Attempted Rape from the Big Bad before Kirito gains a new power to finish them off. If only they really knew...
  • "ASADA SAN! ASADA SAN! ASADA SAN!"explanation 
  • Kirito pulling Sinon's Cait Sith tail became an instant hit.

    Season 3 
  • Episode 1 alone spawned a LOT of these:
    • Kirito diesexplanation 
    • Silica with a machine gun turret become quite popular.
    • Farting Lightsabersexplanation 
  • The Gigas Cedar is the toughest boss everexplanation 
  • Kirito is Goblin Slayerexplanation 
  • Suguha's bust size (or lack thereof) in Season 3. Many fans pointed out how her enormous rack seems to have deflated.
  • Kirito's sword grows when he thinks of Asunaexplanation 
  • Eugeo is a serious student of the Aincrad styleexplanation 
  • Tiese's forehead.
  • The shot from Episode 10 of Raios leaping into the bed, spawned a tonne of memes where he gets photoshopped or edited into various other places.
  • I've seen this combination of gold and blue beforeexplanation 
  • Umuexplanation 
  • Wet Eugeoexplanation 
  • Kirito uses T-pose to assert dominance over short peopleexplanation 
  • Bankai!Explanation 
  • Begone manwhoreexplanation 
  • "Remove core protection"Explanation 
  • Eugeo is JesusExplanation 

    Game adaptation 
  • "Sodana"/"Keep it up"explanation 
  • Asuna is watchingexplanation 
  • Trolling Premiere. Hollow Realization released an AI onto the internet, with the idea that her interactions with others will shape her her personality, which will then be patched into the game. Naturally, she and her sayings became a quick meme once people figured out how to exploit her and teach her horrible, racist, and mean-spirited comments.
  • Koharu is an Immortal Objectexplanation 
  • Loli Asunanote 
  • 1* Kiritonote 

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