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Kill la Kill. While this may be Studio Trigger's first televised series, considering what the producers created, there is no surprise that this page exists. Most memes were created during the show's original run, so spoilers abound.

  • Even before the show started, it was already being called Simon's Daughter vs. Rossiu's Daughter due to Ryuko and Satsuki's character designs being pretty reminiscent of Simon and Rossiu. It doesn't help that their personalities are somewhat similar, what with Ryuko's obsession with revenge for a dead loved one and Satsuki's obsession with order and control.
    • An offshoot of that, Hakodate Omiko, Honnouji's tennis captain, has been called Viral's daughter for similar reasons due to her having the same blonde hair and pointy teeth as him.
  • If they aren't calling Ryuko Simon's daughter, they're calling her Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • When Ryuko picks up the Jerkass Ball in Ep. 20, she's known as "OW THE EDGE" instead.
    • Comparing the anime to Shadow the Hedgehog due to the similarities between the two protagonists. Check this, this, and this. This was only further cemented when Ryuko obtained a Red and Golden Super Mode not unlike Super Shadow in the final episode.
    • Speaking of Shadow, she's usually seen with other "edgy" characters like him or Dante of DMC: Devil May Cry in a sort of sliding scale of edginess. Take this picture for example.
    • Due to some surprising similarities and songs that fit Kill la Kill, the series has also been compared consistently with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, complete with little submemes like "Life Fibres, girl!" in the vein of the Nanomachines meme.
    • Plus, the series has often been likened to the much-longed-for second season for Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Add the fact that Ryuko and Satsuki are often compared to Panty & Stocking's titular characters...
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    • Amongst fans who are also into Touhou, Ryuko is often compared to Seija Kijin due to their very similar hairstyles. Personality wise, Seija Kijin is more like Nui Harime than Ryuko.
    • We have come full circle.
  • Hype la Hype, an affectionate Fan Nickname given to the series.
  • "Kill la Kill is going to save anime," and "ANIME IS SAVED!". These lines being parroted constantly on /a/.
    • "CHRISTMAS IS SAVED!" or "KILL LA KILL SAVED CHRISTMAS", following the leak/release of the official soundtrack on December 23rd-25th.
    • Not just the soundtrack; during the lead-up to Episode 12 there was a great deal of speculation that Mako would die, with the meme "Trigger is going to ruin Christmas" emerging. When the episode aired, Nui seems to be about to attack Mako and the recovered Ryuko, but Satsuki stops her, leading to variations on "Satsuki saved Christmas!"
    • After a three-week hiatus, Episode 13 finally came out, and upon seeing Ryuko get defeated and Senketsu getting sliced and diced by Nui, it led to some people musing that Trigger could've ruined Christmas if the hiatus never happened. It wouldn't be the first time they did it.
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    • And as of Episode 18, Ryuko and Satsuki became more of a pair of woobies when it's revealed that Ragyo used Ryuko as a guinea pig for Life Fiber experiments, disposed of her through a garbage chute when she was thought to be dead, Satsuki being savagely beaten by her mother while demeaning her, and Ryuko's heart being torn from her chest by Ragyo. Some fans jokingly or seriously exclaim that Trigger ruined Valentine's Day because of it.
    • With Kill la Kill getting added to Toonami's schedule right after it got shortened by three and a half hours, now people are exclaiming that Kill la Kill is going to save Toonami.
  • "DON'T LOSE YOUR WAAAAAAAAAY", perhaps the most memorable line in Ryuko's Leitmotif "Before my body is dry" (not counting "I GOTTA FIND OUT WHO KILLED MY DAD" as noted below).
  • WAY STATUSExplanation 
  • "Headline: Girl Gets Raped by School Uniform"Explanation 
  • Let me tell you two useful pieces of information.
    • One: This is Memetic.
    • Two: It is also a Mutation.Explanation 
  • Modified versions of this image have been making the rounds on Image Boards as of late.
  • Aikurou's hilariously hammy delivery of "NUDISUTO BEAAACHI" (Nudist Beach), the organization he and Tsumugu are part of.
  • Nonon's squeaky delivery of "Nani sore?!" ("What's that supposed to mean?!") in Episode 6 has become popular to quote.
  • Satsuki found another paperclip. Explanation 
  • Three Stars, Zero Fucks. For the Elite Four, specifically their tendency to react to any violence or damage aimed at them with a Nonchalant Dodge.
    • A variation of this is No Stars, No Fucks. Explanation 
    • Team Satsuki continues to give no fucks.
  • People predicting Mako's death with each new episode, then re-predicting it for a later episode when she survives.
  • Inumuta being Kill la Kill Tumblr fans' spirit animal, after threatening Mako with death if she did anything to his laptop.
  • "PING PONG CIRCULATE"Explanation 
  • Overanalyzed Scissors.Explanation 
  • After Shinjiro Nagita revealed "himself" to be Nui Harime in disguise, many people made jokes comparing it to Vince McMahon's reveal of himself as the Higher Power. This has led to many spoofs.
    • "Aw, son of a bitch!"
  • After episode 13, many jokes have been made about Kill la Kill being Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt season 2 Spoilers for both! 
  • Takarada's got LOADSAMONEY. Explanation 
  • Relatedly: SHUT CHOUR MOUF AND TAKE MY ZENI! Explanation 
  • GODDAMMIT NUI! Explanation 
  • BAKANA! (and its variation BANANA!) Explanation 
  • After the reveal that the source of the Life Fibers are aliens that have shaped mankind, many jokes relating to ancient aliens theories and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos began to surface.
  • Rainbow underhair/Disco milf Explanation 
  • Gamagoori has one set size: Bigger than you.Explanation 
  • Mako's Bizarre Adventure.Explanation (spoilers!) 
  • Happy Valentine's Day from Trigger! Explanation 
  • Life Fibers, daughter! Explanation, spoilers to episode 18 and Metal Gear Rising Revengeance! 
  • RESOLVE in relation to Satsuki. Complete with cleaning articles.
  • Y'all be welcome to Ragyo's Rape Cage!Explanation 
  • Dotonbori Robo? DTR!Explanation 
    • Netorare? NTR!Explanation 
  • Mom of the Year everyone!Explanation 
  • BroketsuExplanation 
  • Takarada's salute.Explanation 
  • Satsuki writing her plan on Mako's palms in ep. 21 inspired various people to edit the image and write on Mako's hands their own messages (mostly variations of UR A FAGET, though).
  • After ep. 22, any discussion of Nui will get derailed with arms puns.
  • Because of ep. 23, Nui is now prone to suddenly popping up in videos and hijacking them. "Welcome to the runway of death!"
  • Nui World OrderExplanation 
  • Orgy EndingExplanation 
  • "I'm crying over a sailor uniform."Explanation 
  • Bully La BullyExplanation 
  • No homo, Ryuko-chan! Explanation 
  • Satsuki's eyebrows. Explanation 
  • Hello!. My name is Ryuko Matoi. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die.


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