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Kill la Kill's WMG.

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    Main Characters and Elite Four 

Isshin/Soichiro is still alive
It's a long shot, but they never did find his body after the Matoi mansion exploded and burned to the ground, he's already managed to successfully fake his death once before, and Trigger has pulled crazier plot twists in the show already.
  • Jossed as of Episode 12's flashback.

Mako is only Obfuscating Stupidity
She's actually a real badass but only pretends to be an average no-star student because she doesnt want to conform to Satsuki's ideals.
  • Tempted in Episode 7 by Satsuki, and discards them in the end, confirming this.

In episode 5, she says that, if Ryuko could make friends with her, then surely she could make friends with a piece of clothing, which implies she sees herself as less than clothing. She also lives in the crappiest part of Honnouji with a mildly dysfunctional family. Granted, clothes are a huge deal in the world of KLK, but it's probably still unhealthy to think of oneself as worth less than an inanimate weapon.
  • I think that her reply was supposed to mean something like "having normal friends is harder than having imaginary friends, and she already made a normal friend (Mako) so she can have an imaginary friend (Senketsu) too". Mako's just ... I don't know, too crazy, for her to be a Stepford Smiler. Especially since there were moments in the show when she was not smiling (episode 7, anyone?).


  • When Mako defended Ryuko's wearing pajamas on No Late Day, she was shocked to learn that Gamagoori slept in the nude because he might catch cold and not be able to perform to the best of his ability. Gamagoori didn't have a counter argument, to which Mako asked him to start wearing pajamas. Gamagoori in turn asked Mako's name and said he will remember it.
  • Gamagoori is possibly the only person so far that responds to Mako's odd but profound philosophies, like Hatsuyume and proceeding in life with caution. He even becomes familiar with her Comically Missing the Point of his own sayings.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but when Mako is gushing about wanting to go for a drive in Gamagoori's Cool Car, he blushes briefly.
  • Out of all the No Star seats during Episode 10, Gamagoori decided to sit beside Mako...half naked. The episode's preview even made them look shippy.
    • Mako then climbed onto Gamagoori's shoulders to cheer for Ryuko (making no effort to prevent him potentially seeing up her skirt), and though he made her get down again she received no further punishment.
    • Later, when Ryuko is countering Nonon's soundwave helmet, we see that Mako got on top of Gamagoori again and this time he isn't even bothering with telling her off. In fact, it's quite possible that the first time he yelled at her wasn't because he really minded her antics, but because he was really pissed off at Nonon and didn't have the patience for Mako's behaviour.
    • In Episode 12, when Mako didn't deny that she's an underachiever, but wanted her name to be properly recognized, Gamagoori didn't chew her out but actually praised her for being true to herself.
  • After Gamagoori caught Mako handing out anti-Kiryuin newspapers, something normally deserving several weeks in the Punishment Box, he lets her off with a stern warning and manual labour.
  • In Episode 15 Gamagoori showed concern about Mako getting too close to Ryuko and Satsuki's fight. Not to mention that, while he does try to stop Mako from helping Ryuko, he doesn't actually do anything but stand there and stare her down. Hell, he goes so far as to say that he'll stop her "even if it's you".
  • He met her parents in Episode 17. He also twitches when Barazo mentions Mako's name.
    • By Episode 19, Guts the dog seems to have really taken a liking to Gamagoori and treats him like one of the family.
  • This gif taken from Episode 18.
  • And then, the miracle known as Episode 19 happened, starting with Mako getting assimilated by COVERS and Gamagoori repeatedly screaming her name. After the one month Time Skip, Gamagoori has not only vowed to save her no matter what, in front of her entire family no less, but he seems more motivated to do this than to save Satsuki. And as soon as he gains the means to defeat COVERS, he takes the first opportunity to kill the suit that he believes might contain Mako. And whaddya know, it is her after all. Cue Gamagoori sporting an actual Luminescent Blush and averting his gaze because Mako is naked. Nonon actually lampshades the Ship Tease, telling them to quit flirting (which Gamagoori adorably and heatedly denies). The show could confirm it outright in a later episode, and it wouldn't be a bigger leap from today.
    • It gets better when you realize that Gamagoori gave Mako some of his own gear for her to wear. That's right, Mako is doing the Nudist Beach version of walking around in your boyfriend's shirt.
  • In Episode 20 he interrupted Jakuzure to defend Mako's right to come along with them (or maybe he just didn't want to get separated?), once again praising her stubbornness.
  • In Episode 21 he invaded Mako's "hallelujah" rant, once again being the first to express concern for her safety.
  • When everyone was having dinner together in Episode 22, Gamagoori was looking in Mako's direction while holding a plate of croquettes that oddly resemble her.
  • Episode 23 has one brief yet touching moment - when Mako fears for Ryuko's life and the Elite Four leap to Satsuki's aid, Gamagoori gently places Mako's cap, which got displaced in a previous blast, back on her head.
  • Episode 24 has Gamagoori Taking the Bullet when Nui tries to kill Mako, then Mako going over to his side and crying buckets while he says that her safety is all that matters. However, Gamagoori survives thanks to wearing plated armor under his uniform.
    • In the ending credits, the Elite Four are seen following Mako, Satsuki and Ryuko, supposedly to help Gamagoori ask Mako out (he's blushing and carrying flowers). However, whether he goes through with it or not, and her answer, are left up to question.

Mako isn't human and is possibly immortal
While Kill laKill is known for flaunting it's disregard of anything even remotely resembling the laws of physics, Mako takes this Up to Eleven with her absolutely bizzare antics. Alsom she never seems to worry about being killed, such as how when she was about to be boiled in oil she was worried about her clothes becoming see-through, or how she was worried about her stomach being sliced open and her lunch falling out. She also seems to have no concerns about dropping in to extremely dangerous situations, like the Ryuko vs Satsuki fight in episode three, or sitting next to pissed-off Elite Four members. All of these things suggest that Mako is not human, but something much more.
  • As of the halfway point, IIRC, only two characters have successfully interrupted a fight by standing in between the combatants. One is Mako. The other is Nui.
  • Or maybe, if the Elite Four members DO gain back their place, it will happen at some point in time.
  • Partially Confirmed: Ryuko is a Life fiber human/hybrid with regenerative powers from fatal and severe wounds. It is unclear whether or no she is full immortal though.

Mako's eyes hint that she has superhuman powers
Notice how she has four-pointed stars in her eyes when she gets really enthusiastic? Perhaps those add to her "star rating" - i.e. when she wears a Two-Star Uniform, her overall power level is four stars, explaining how her attacks easily matched or exceeded any Three-Star uniform in the show. Could she be a Life Fiber hybrid or some other sort of test subject?

Her Skewed Priorities are because the punishments she faces can't actually hurt her much, even though they'd kill most people.

Ryuko will develop her own Holy Backlight later on
Since she's a Kiryuin herself, she'll most likely gain one as part of some character development later on. As for the color, it'll be red, just like the highlights on her hair.

Gamagoori (and possibly the rest of the Elite Four) will start treating Ryuko like Satsuki
Since The Reveal that Ryuko is Satsuki's younger sister the Elite Four will begin to treat Ryuko in a roughly similar way to their treatment of Satsuki, but Gamagoori will go overboard with it, calling her Ryuko-Sama, bowing to her, apologizing profusely for repeatedly trying to harm her and demanding to be punished for it, and doing all the things he does for Satsuki for Ryuko whether she likes it or not.

This will, of course, be Played for Laughs.

  • Hmm ... I like this one. Though I think it would be even better if Gamagoori called her Imouto-sama instead.

Mikisugi is Sanageyama's father
They both have similar hairstyles, and they both have glowing junk. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Satsuki and Takarada have more history than they acknowledge
As heirs apparent to rival megacorporations, the two of them are arguably each others' only real peers, both clearly socially awkward in different ways and set apart from the rest of society by class and character. The garden party meeting they both downplay was more than that: it was in fact a brief, awkward adolescent romance, in which Satsuki - confused and consumed by self-loathing due to Ragyo's ongoing sexual abuse - latched onto Kaneo for companionship which none of her subordinates, even Nonon, could offer.

Of course Satsuki's inability to embrace and/or express her emotions in a positive manner (due to Ragyo's molestation), together with their families' mutual enmity, soon drove them apart. Takarada, unaware of Satsuki's tragic history of abuse, did not understand, and Satsuki, still confused and afraid of her own sexuality, tried to forget the entire episode. Thus when they finally met again at Osaka, neither of them acknowledged their past.

This explains why Takarada enthusiastically assists in organizing an operation to rescue someone who just destroyed everything he had - once he learned the full story about the pattern of psychological and physical abuse which his Satsuki has suffered, he forgave her and threw himself into rescuing the girl he once loved.

Ryuko is actually Kinue, Tsumugu's older sister

Iori was a very sickly child.
He wears a mask and a Two-Star Uniform because he has a low tolerance for Life Fibers after being constantly bedridden throughout his childhood. It's also why he's so thin and short now.

Iori was merely hiding the third star on his uniform.
In Episode 22, Iori is tasked with repairing the Elite Four's uniforms for the final fight. To get it done in time and by himself, he transforms his THREE-star Uniform, Tailor's Regalia. When he transforms, he flips up the left lapel of his jacket, revealing a third star. Up until now, the uniform's lapels were never shown flipped up, and as such, it appeared he only had a Two-Star Uniform. However, he was trusted greatly by Satsuki, and was even present when she made the last arrangements to overthrow Ragyo. Considering that he's the president of the Sewing Club, which creates the Goku Uniforms, it's possible that Satsuki entrusted him a Three-Star Uniform, designed so that the third star would never be shown until he needed to transform, which would hide his importance in her plans. In a similar vein, after the Elite Four teamed up with Nudist Beach there wouldn't be time to make another uniform. Iori was a Three-Star the entire time.
  • Erm ... yes? I'm not sure why isn't it obvious enough to accept it as a default, but yes, that's most likely the case.

Satsuki is a Life-Fiber Hybrid
She just hasn't 'activated' yet. It was mentioned that she was experimented on as an infant, much like Ryuko, but was considered a 'failure', while Ryuko was a 'success'. However, it seems to be that the way Life-Fiber hybrids are 'activated' is by suffering a mortal wound, notably Ryuko when she was a new-born. Ergo, Satsuki hasn't suffered such an injury, thus her internal Life-Fibers are still dormant. At some point during the final battle, she will get such an injury (likely Taking the Bullet for Ryuko) and her Life-Fibers will activate, likely gaining a Blue Skunk Stripe and being able to hear Junketsu.
  • The latter part is jossed. The basic premise of this WMG still isn't, but it's unlikely to be confirmed.

In the episode 24 finale Gamagoori isn't planning to confess to Mako, but Satsuki.
It would be pretty low to ambush someone like that while they're having a date with someone else, and that sort of thing really isn't characteristic for eternally honourable Gamagoori. However, especially early in the series it was many times implied that he held chivalrous love for his Lady Satsuki, but without any intent to act on it due to their hierarchical relationship. Now that Satsuki is no longer the unapproachable Student Council President, he can finally take action. Conversely, the instances between him and Mako that people interpreted as romantic are simply a case of misunderstood Big Brother Instinct.

Senketsu didn't actually die in the end
Senketsu faked his death (or rather, dispersed himself) so that he, now possessing Absolute Domination as well as being a human-life-fiber hybrid, could set out to the stars and correct the parasitic nature of the remaining life fibers in the universe, effectively becoming a catalyst for their evolution (in a nice twist from life fibers evolving their hosts).

Mako is the interdimensional version of Nagisa Momoe
Nagisa Momoe is the girl, which later accepted Kyubey's contract to become a magical girl and became the witch Charlotte as a result. The reason for her taking the contract was, that she had cancer and because of the chemo she was unable to eat normally, most notably her favorite food, cheese. Due to Mako's mom being one of Ragyou's experiment's (see the WMG below about Sukuyo being infected with a life fiber virus), her physical characteristics were superhumanly enhanced, including her immune system, which could fight off the cancer and give her the opportunity to stay healthy, visit school, eat all the cheese she wanted (she was trapped 2 times using cheese) and finally meet her "bestie" Ryuuko (or girlfriend?) and in the end, help defeat the deadly danger to the whole planet Earth, the Life Fibers and their main collaborator, Ragyou Kiryuuin.

Gamagoori's Dad is Half black(African-American)
Seriously. I don't think that is any other real explaniation to why Gamagoori has such dark skin, yet his dad is an American soldier. So the logical conclusion this that Gamagoori much be quarter black. Comming form personally experience as there are some "Quarter-castes" that are as dark skinned as one of their parents.

Ryuko had fought superhuman opponents before coming to Honnouji
Looking at Episode 10, where you see Ryuko immediately pick apart the whole Awesomeness by Analysis gimmick that Imouta's using and counter it with Confusion Fu. She's clearly a very experienced fighter well before coming to Honnouji, and she's almost certainly had to face down opponents who could create interesting and dangerous tactical situations for her.

Now, we know that Goku Uniforms are limited to Honnouji Academy, but the academies in Kansai have their own powers and themes that fall under "some form of Magitek," most notably Osaka's money-tech. So, this is a world where a lot of groups have some kind of local magic, and Ryuko's done some fighting of her own in the past. I get the feeling that she wasn't facing the Goku Uniforms completely blind.


    Ryuko's Family 

The scissor blades were made by Isshin Matoi for Ryuko

Nui flat out calls her half the other half of Ryuko's blade when she pulls it out.

  • Confirmed

Kinue is Ryuko's adoptive mother.
We know that Ryuko's adoptive mother died when she was a few years old, and we know Kinue died a few years before the series begun. Also, she was pretty much the closest person to Matoi Isshin and he wasn't the sort of person likely to have a lover, which means she could have filled in as Ryuko's adoptive mother. And there's the fact that nobody in the series ever described Kinue to Ryuko nor has anyone asked Ryuko how her (now we know adoptive) mother looked like, and whenever Kinue was shown her face wasn't really visible.

Amusingly, that would sort of make Tsumugu her adoptive uncle.

    Kiryuin Conglomerate 

Satsuki's mother killed Ryuko's father
It's mentioned that the student council get away with their actions because of her mother being the school chairwoman. In the end either Satsuki will have Heel–Face Turn or, more likely be defeated and shown to be Mummy's Little Villain causing the chairwoman to show up as the woman behind the girl.
  • Un Jossed and confirmed. This turns out to be exactly the case - Satsuki does undergo a Heel–Face Turn or rather turns out to have never been a heel in the first place, and Matoi Isshin/Kiryuin Soichiro was killed on Ragyo's orders if not physically by her.

Ragyo will at one point fight Ryuko in a Kamui and willingly let herself be consumed by it.
For some reason or another, Ragyo Kiryuin will allow herself to be consumed by her own Kamui and even after still actually remain the one in control and use the overwhelming power it will give her to take down Ryuko once and for all. You gotta admit, seeing something like that as a sort of final boss would be damn mundane.
  • Half Confirmed and Half Jossed she gets a Kamui, but the one getting consumed is Nui.

Nui Harime is a living doll made of Life Fibers
When Isshin strikes her in the belly, something that ambiguously resembles either foamy saliva or cotton stuffing falls from her mouth. Her eyepatch stays in place without anything visible to support it; perhaps it's a sewn-on patch? And nothing has been shown to harm her besides the Scissor Blades. And this is a minor one, but her being a doll would complement her lolita fashion nicely.
  • This might also be supported by her limited animation, as if she's moving jerkily and inhumanly like a doll with limited articulation, and possibly her skin being cold to the touch. It wouldn't explain the blood jetting out of her wounded eye, though.
    • But was that blood, or Life Fibers...?
  • The latest episode also revealed that it's possible to give puppets the appearance of life if Life Fibers are used as the strings (it was even Nui herself doing this).
  • Expanding on this, Nui is possibly COVERS or an avatar thereof.
  • As of Episode 16, more hints are dropped to this effect. Satsuki refers to Nui as "incomprehensible" (as in, an Eldritch Abomination), and it's implied that Life Fibers, not just Kamui, may be sentient and can take whatever shape they like.
  • Also expanding on this, nothing seems to put a dent to Nui's flawless skin, her hair, and even her clothes, even if she gets caught in an explosion. The only thing that has put a permanent damage on her is the Rending Scissors.
  • Confirmed. Nui is/was a Life fiber Eldritch Abomination.

If the name Honnouji is to mean anything, Ragyo and Nui are Oda Nobunaga while Satsuki is Akechi Mitsuhide...

  • At the very least, the betrayal part is confirmed!

Nui Harime a decoy puppet for a remote human operator — and just one of many.
The real Nui is remotely controlling this puppet and staying out of harm's way. It's possible that she is actually crippled or in suspended animation for some reason, and her lack of true connection to the real world is what has caused her sociopathic streak. And there's more than one Nui doll walking about; she somehow managed to be at Honnouji Academy and REVOCS headquarters at the same time, after all. Later in the series she's going to Zerg Rush against Ryuko after losing her own Scissor Blade.
  • Episode 18 had Nui using a number of puppets in her likeness, so that's evidence.
    • And of course, it's not really evidence considering those puppets are animated scraps of clothes much less durable than her. It might be something, but it might also be not.

Nui was brought in purely to infuriate Satsuki enough that Junketsu would consume her.
Satsuki's not a nice person. Not even close. But she does have a will of iron, and incredible patience; she wouldn't be a good leader without it. The only time so far we've seen Satsuki panicked or extremely annoyed has been specifically when Nui showed up and when Nui tried talking to Satsuki after causing Ryuko's uncontrolled Senketsu rampage. Having her best soldiers lose against her #1 threat (Ryuko) or when said chaos Nui causes puts the students in danger, she's still calm; that extreme annoyance with Nui is more of a Tranquil Fury at best, even. This basically means that when it comes to Nui, Even Satsuki Has Standards.

So what if Nui was actually a Jerkass childhood friend to Satsuki, and Ragyo knew this, bringing her in specifically so that she could get Satsuki to get so angry and annoyed that she loses control and gets consumed by Junketsu? Ragyo would have Satsuki completely under her control; granted, as a disgusting beast, but still an incredibly useful weapon, considering Junketsu's strength. Nui's clothing designing is also a very good reason to have her on your side, but who else could possibly try Satsuki's patience so well? The reason Nui denied to undergo Satsuki's "blood purge" wasn't because Nui was afraid of getting killed or anything like that; it was because that with Satsuki dead, she can't be consumed, thus failing the mission Ragyo gave her.

Shinjiro Nagita was real, but not in the way you'd expect.
Seriously, even in this series, Nui Harime being able to completely render herself unrecognizable in almost every way because she's just that good is a bit of a stretch. She initiated a Batman Gambit using her own Split Personality. By the time Nagita realized what she was doing, it was already too late and Nui took over again. Maybe there will be an episode where Nagita and Nui will fight for dominance.

Kill La Kill is a reference/homage to the tale of Oda Nobunaga, and Ragyo represents Oda Nobunaga.
Seeing as Oda was killed when went to stay at Honnouji temple (to put it in simple terms) and how Ragyo is currently going to visit Honnouji Academy in the next few episodes. It can be seen that she will meet her end here. And Oda was betrayed by a trusted general of his Mitsuhide. Now Ragyo views Satsuki as essentially a trusted tool in her plan. Now to connect Satsuki to Mitsuhide, we need to go into some theories on why Mitsuhide betrayed Oda in the first place.1. Theorists have said that it had been out of revenge from Oda's insults and derisive treatment towards Mitsuhide (sounds exactly like how Ragyo has been seen talking and acting towards Satsuki)2. He felt Oda was showing more favor towards another vassal of his Hideyoshi. (Similar to how Ragyo treats Nui compared to Satsuki.)and 3. Mitsuhide had found out of a rumor that Oda Nobunaga was engaged in a ritualistic and homoerotic relationship with an attendant of his Mori Ranmaru. (Now this might be where it gets a little different, in that Satsuki after her chakra opening scene/fanservice/Ragyo showing her superiority over Satsuki shows clear resentment towards her mother with the cold "We will welcome you with open arms mother." That scene could be the reference to that 3rd theory.) It is at Honnouji Academy where Ragyo will meet her end, at the hands of her own daughter ( and of course also in help with Ryuko...she is the main character after all)
  • Partially validated! Satsuki does betray Ragyo at Honnouji... and then Ragyo gets right back up and gives her a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, disrupting the metaphor somewhat.

Ragyo Kiryuin and Nui Harime are in a villainous relationship
Nui and Ragyo seem to spend quite a bit of time together, and Ragyo often allows Nui to get away with quite a lot of really crazy things, often complimenting her. It also makes sense given Ragyo's loyalty towards the alien lifeforms known as Life Fibers, if it turns out that Nui is, indeed, a living doll/corpse animated with Life Fibers. L Aso, the two of them seem to have similar sexual tastes and a disregard for social and cultural taboos, as evidenced by Ragyo's repeated molestation of her daughter and Nui straight-up saying that "(paraphrasing) Taboo things are what feel the best."

Given these facts (even if one of them is an assumption) it would not be completely nonsensical to assume that the two of them have at least a casual sexual relationship. It definitely wouldn't surprise me.

  • There seems to be little to support this in the show. It looks like even Ragyo prefers to keep Nui at arm's length, while Nui doesn't seem to have any passions outside violence. Ragyo seems to use sex mostly as an expression of power, and with their current characterisations it's very hard to imagine Nui being dominated sexually.
  • As of Episode 21, Nope, they totally are, given that Nui notes that Ryuko is 'as good at kissing as Ragyo' Yeah...

Ragyo Kiryuin is a racist and a classist
In episode 17, of the Elite Four, Ragyo only greets Jakuzure and Inumuta, both of whom are pureblood Japanese and come from wealthy families. She completely ignores Gamagoori, a man with American heritage, and Sanageyama, a man who grew up in poverty.
  • Although, she trusts Rei Hououmaru with full details of her plan and Hououmaru is revealed to be both a foreigner, having been born in Africa and likely from a underprivileged family, from the looks of her village.

Rei Hououmaru is a badass
She seems to hold a position of authority that is on par with Satsuki's, and regularly accompanies Ragyo, and even speaks on friendly terms with her. In a world where Asskicking Equals Authority and Authority Equals Asskicking, it is safe to assume that she is at least somewhat competent in a fight, and that it is entirely possible that her clothing contains Life Fibers that augment her skills substantially.
  • Jossed, I guess. She doesn't manage to do much during Ragyo's assassination attempt and is unceremoniously absorbed in the penultimate episode.
    • Actually seems to be at least somewhat confirmed. Rei is able to utilize her suit as a weapon (by extending the sleeves) and survives being cleaved in halves by Satsuki somehow. She can clearly fight, but she is Overshadowed by Awesome as Nui and Ragyo seem to be significantly stronger.

Harime Nui is also Ragyo's daughter.
Only she isn't conceived naturally, but created through cloning and genetic engineering, and imbued with the Life Fibers right in the womb. While alive and powerful, this process had negative side-effects on her mind, and she's become difficult for even Ragyo to keep in check, and may in fact be even closer to the will of the COVERS than even Ragyo is. She may also be incapable of synchronising with a Kamui due to her altered genome, which makes her only a partial success in Ragyo's mind.

  • The part about not being conceived naturally is confirmed, since Nui was a Life Fiber hybrid born from an artificial womb, but she and Ragyo don't seem to view each other as mother and daughter.
    • But then again, Nui called Ragyo "mama" before offing herself to serve as a power-up for Ragyo, and we don't see Ragyo caring about any of her daughters nor even treating them like anything more than subordinates. And if this WMG was true then it would explain why Nui sees herself as a "soul sister" to Ryuko (and maybe Satsuki too; she never spoke that out but her other comments to Satsuki can be taken as such).

Ryuko kissing Nui is going to be what kills her (Nui, not Ryuko).
When Nui asked if Ryuko was still going to get revenge for killing her father, her reply is to kiss her. Now, here are a few things we know about Ryuko: she isn't the type to give up, she's resourceful and getting revenge for her father is what kickstarted the show in the first place. While she learned her lesson about letting revenge consume her, I doubt she's just going to let things slide. Also, Evil!Ryuko went berserk on anyone that she perceived was going to take away her happiness - and getting revenge for her dead father seems like just the thing the that would make brainwashed Ryuko happy. The kiss probably messed up Nui's Life Fibers in some way, and this time, her getting stabbed isn't going to be a No-Sell this time.
  • Jossed: Only for the Fanservice.

Harime Nui is related to Iori Shiro
It's actually never stated that Ragyo used her own genetic material to create Nui and she never seems to treat her as a daughter. They are somewhat similar in appearance, having long curly blond hair. They are also outstanding tailors which might be a talent passed down the family line. Perhaps Ragyo wanted a life-fiber infused genius tailor and used the genetic material of Iori/Harime family.

Nui has somehow replaced Mako in the finale
We already know she's a master of disguise, and, well, LOOK. I am terrified.
  • Nah, we can see Mako's eyes. Remember, last time, she kept her not-eye covered with bangs
  • When she was merging with the PLF, that giant Nui head had both eyes.
  • Visible pupils, or just a socket?
  • It's a bit unclear. Both appear to have pupils, but the way the left side is drawn, it looks like it could still be vacant. This theory is a really just for the paranoia-inducing horror.
  • Its empty, the shades are visibly darker, indicating shadow, indicating vacancy.
  • If so, perhaps the Life Fibre bullet which was not used on Ryuko will be used on Mako/Nui? It's still around, along with the Scissor Blades (which Nui managed to block with her new arms). Also, Ragyo states that the Life Fibres will be back, and she's a master of the Xanatos Gambit - Nui was her final FINAL plan should she fail.
  • Better explained. It looks lke Mako is unaware that she is dressing Nui, while the latter is slowly taking over...
  • Though, of course, this raises the issue of exactly HOW Nui could do this, considering she was consumed by the Original Life Fiber.

Ragyo can't actually feel pain.
All those times she reacted to being stabbed/cut/sliced/impaled? It was either out of surprise that 'mere imitations' could harm her, or she was faking it like Nui does for kicks or that extra dose of hope-crushing it brings, For the Evulz. While Ryuko can feel pain, she claims to be both human and kamui. Even though Ragyo is supposedly the same, at the ending where she rips out her own heart and crushes it without hesitation can mean that she actually doesn't feel pain, instead of just ignoring it like the rest of the Made of Iron cast. Nui could be the same.
  • Alternatively, it's a case of Your Mind Makes It Real and human–life-fiber hybrids simply don't feel pain, Ryuko included, but that only works after their life fibers awakened so Ryuko, whose life fibers were dormant for most of her life, simply felt pain even after that because she thought she is supposed to feel pain. And on the other hand, Ragyo and Nui both had their life fibers awakened for quite some time, so they don't react like that because they know they aren't supposed to feel it ... most of the time at least.

Ragyo, Nui, and Hououmaru were Indoctrinated by the Primordial Life Fiber.
Regarding Ragyo's, Nui's, and Hououmaru's single-minded devotion to the Primordial Life Fiber's plan for the Earth, with how they regard it with almost-religious awe and see it and the ultimate carrying out of its plan as 'beautiful'... What if they were Indoctrinated by it? As in, what if the Primordial Life Fiber had the same or similar long-term mind-warping effect on them as the Reapers did on their organic victims? Ragyo and Hououmaru would've been under its mental sway for decades, and Nui from birth. They would have become conditioned to think the way they did about the PLF and its plans for Earth.

Now, Ragyo would've likely been a nasty, cold, manipulative bitch even without that (remember how Saren was a humongous racist jerk long before Sovereign got its tentacles on him), but the PLF's Indoctrinating effect would have turned her and her closest minions towards wanting to carry out its plans and come to borderline-worship it (remember some of her lines, like after Satsuki accidentally steps on the PLF and Ragyo viciously kicks her away, and after SuperSaiyan!Ryuuko tries to cut her Final Form and Ragyo claims Ryuuko has sinned by drawing her blade on the 'divine' robe). Ragyo would've basically played a role that was a cross between Saren and Dr. Kenson (remember the latter's crazed lines about "the Reapers' divine blessing" and such). And, of course, Nui was Kai Leng.

  • This is actually an interesting theory because it makes Ragyo less of a Generic Doomsday Villain. The show never presents an explanation for why exactly she sided with an invading alien race and now tries to help it blow up the world, the closest thing we get is an implication that she's just that off her rocker and sees the Life Fibers as some sort of divine entity. However, maybe her research started out with trying to use Life Fibers for purposes of human body enhancement. But over time, under the influence of the Primordial Life Fiber and after fusing herself with Life Fibers, she lost everything that made her human and became completely alien in her goals.

Ragyo's body consists of 70% Life Fibers.

The amount of "stars" a uniform has indicates its Life Fiber content, i.e. 3 stars = 30% Life Fibers. Ragyo has seven star-shaped scars on her back. Maybe that means her very body is composed of 70% Life Fibers.

Souichiro is not Isshin Matoi.

Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Ragyo sees Ryuko is a hybrid and believes Ryuko is her daughter because she's egotistical enough to believe that another Life Fiber hybrid must have something to do with her. Satsuki believes it because she wants to believe her father was intelligent enough to defy Ragyo and get away with it. The truth is, Souichiro died when Ragyo put a hit out on him. Isshin Matoi was just an entirely different scientist studying Life Fibers looking for a way to stop them and spliced Life Fibers into a very young girl, perhaps not even his daughter, for that purpose.

The scene where Ragyo and Nui molest Ryuko isn't real..
Seconds after the scene ends they're both standing several feet away from her and fully clothed. It was probably a Mind Rape, which still speaks volumes about how twisted Ragyo is, how many people do you know that would give their daughter images like that?

Ragyo is European.
I don't know, she strikes me as western. And it'd explain her love for saying gratuitous french.

At one point in development, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime and Ryuko were going to be similar to Vampires.
One thing that's very consistent is that Life Fibers, and especially Kamui need to suck blood to function and survive. It only makes sense to this troper that hybrids like those listed above would need have need of the essence too. How it would work is that obviously it's their own blood that keeps them alive but they would need to ingest some exterior blood to increase or maintain their powers. My brilliant theory is that back when KLK was on the drawing board the idea was tossed around but was probably cut because it would over complicate the story or something.


The Axis won World War II
Considering the many Third Reich references it's possible

The entire show takes place after Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan

First, the world they live in is totally desolate, and yet there is no danger in the outside world save for starving to death, because humanity can build skyways across the wasteland from city to city. That reflects the ending of Gurren Lagaan, where there is a limited number of people living in a highly-populated city, simply because the technology to live there already exists and life is easier within the city. Why not just mirror Tepplin as you expand across the ruined earth?

Second, the life fibers. The life fibers are shown as highly advanced forms of technology, with constant research being done to upgrade and manipulate them. It could follow that this research comes from the fact that Life Fibers aren't inherently understood, and that they are highly-reformed versions of Spiral Energy engines. Both Life Fibers and Gurren Lagaan operate on the confidence and fighting spirit of the user, and openly defy conservation of mass and energy (to start with!). By using blood, one can tap into the spiral energy directly, allowing for better miniaturization. But one Life Fiber wouldn't be enough to pull off TTGL action, so the creators wove them together for greater power. And with such combat power in packages the size of clothing, why would anyone need giant robots to do the same thing?

  • At some point Mako or Ryuko will find Simon's drill and the latent Spiral Power gives Senketsu a powerup.
  • Possibly Jossed: They probably don't even have the rights to use Gurren-Lagann stuff, since they aren't Gainax anymore.
    • Doesn't mean this isn't the intent, they just can't outright show it in series.
  • Considering that there is a theory which states that Gurren Lagann takes place after Evangelion... HOLY SHIT, YES!!

The entire show takes place before Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • The life fibers are attempting an assimilation plot, and Ragyo's office looks startlingly similar to Gendo Ikari's. It's possible that the Kiyruin Zaibatsu lost a lot of it's influence after Ragyo's death, and Nerv bought one of their buildings and remodeled it somewhat. Then the life fibers changed into more elaborate forms, becoming the Angels and making another attempt.

    Theories on Kamui, Goku Uniforms, Life Fibers, and Kamui Destroying Weapons 

Life Fibers are incapable of complex thinking
Not even a really "wild" guess: the most complex behavior we see from Life Fibers can be described as "instinctual" at best, and it's still true even for the original Life Fiber ship... thing. All the human-level thinking comes either from humans or artificial constructs with human DNA. Ragyo's (and Nui's, Rei's, etc) behavior is usually explained by being brainwashed, but there's absolutely no factual support to that: they might be wanting to End The World As We Know It out of their own misguided intentions and due to generally being quite crazy, not because Life Fibers are skewing their viewpoint.

The Scissor Blades color code (and more) to their user

When Ryuko obtains both Scissor Blades and combines them, the previously-purple blade turns red. Seeing as Nui's clothing is often pink/purple, and Ryuko's is often red—as is the stripe in her hair—it would make sense that this is, at least, done as a coloring motif by the animators. But to this troper, it'd be quite cool to think that the blades change color for an in-universe reason: that perhaps Ryuko's and Nui's life fibers influence the color of the blade. This would also possibly indicate that Ryuko's red hair stripe has to do with her Life Fiber infusion, and in addition, it might suggest that the blades alter in nature as well as appearance based on their wielder. Certainly, when Nui uses her single blade, its transformation is very different than that of Ryuko's single blade—yet once in Ryuko's possession, this blade's transformation becomes the same as the other. This would either indicate that the blades can always pull off either transformation, or that their abilities change based on their user. It would be cool to imagine what other things each Life Fiber infused being might be able to do with the blades. For instance: what would Ragyo's influence do to them??? :3

Life Fibers are Incubators
The Incubators have been ever since at the dawn of human civilization, manipulating sentient species and giving us technology, science and clothing. It was later revealed that they did this so that they can harvest energy from our souls, and they don't care if the Earth was destroyed, only if they were able to harvest their energy quota. If one wears a Life Fiber cloth ("making a contract") the human becomes able to use Magical Powers unleashed by the Life Fiber but there is always the risk of the wearer losing control of his or her clothing ("falling to despair") and becoming totally consumed by the Life Fiber to become a monstrosity ("witch"). Perhaps the Life Fibers are a more efficient refinement of the Puella Magi system so that the Incubators don't need to rip out the souls of girls, an inefficient process, and instead harvest human energy in the blood directly through skin contact?

Life Fibers are Vampires
Kamui, which are Life Fibers as sentient beings (albeit stripperiffic costumes), feed on the blood of its host, and how much the Kamui and its user function with each other depends on how well the user accepts the garment, plus they are vulnerable to fire, as shown when Senketsu disintegrated from re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere during his Heroic Sacrifice to save Ryuko. Additionally Life Fibers-enhanced beings like Ryuko and Ragyo and Life Fibers constructs like Nui have Super Speed, Super Strength, Super Toughness and an extreme Healing Factor, making them very heard to kill and, just like vampires, have to be killed with specific methods. Plus, in the case of Ragyo and Nui, they have Mental Refitting, mimicking the Vampires' mind-control abilities. Also, given that Ryuko and Ragyo are still human (albeit infused with Life Fibers), this would make them, in a sense, dhampyrs, whilst Nui Harime, being made entirely out of life fibers, would be considered a true vampire.

Ira Gamagoori is a Zentradi
It would explain his constantly-shifting size.

Mako will get her own kamui
It will be called Kinketsu, or "slowly going broke"

Junketsu killed Kinue.
It is mentionned in episode 17 that the experimental kamui that killed Kinue was the prototype for Senketsu. Considering all the new information on life fibers and kamui in the last couple of episodes (16 and 17 at the time of writing), one question comes to mind:

Where the heck did Junketsu come from!?

It's possible that Junketsu is in fact the prototype for Senketsu, and if so, he/she/it is responsible for Kinue's death. Considering how violent and vicious Junketsu is already, it's not too far of a stretch.

Senketsu isn't quite so dead.

In ep 13, spoilers, Senketsu was shredded by Nui and reduced to scraps. However, Ryuko kept one fragment in her hand. And Senketsu absorbs Life Fibers, meaning that if Ryuko manages to destroy more uniforms with the Scissor Blade, Senketsu can eventually regrow into a new form.

Said new form will be used to rip Nui and the rest of the Kiryuins a new one.

Half Confirmed, half Jossed

Junketsu is going to kill Satsuki.
Have you SEEN the animalistic thirst for blood that thing has?! She has to keep it pinned to the wall just to keep it from jumping on her and sucking her dry! One day, it's gonna take its toll and kill her mid-battle one day... Knowing this anime, it'll probably happen in only a few episodes. Then Ryuko'll have to deal with the vengeance of Ragyo for the rest of the show...

The Scissor Blade is made of Death Ore
...Or some similar analogue material that represents Death and is contrary to the Life Fibers, explaining why it's an anti-Goku Uniform weapon.
  • The blade takes on a scythe-like shape in the OP as of episode 4, further supporting this.
    • Jossed, Scissor Blades and Bakuzan are made of Life Fibers

Senketsu will end up being the Big Bad
So far, he and Ryuko have shown that Dark Is Not Evil, but there are so many things off with him that it's highly probable he's a bad guy: he is awakened from slumber figuratively by Blood Lust, grants Power at a Price, and "conveniently" has Laser-Guided Amnesia (possibly as a way of Obfuscating Stupidity). Of particular note, his ability to absorb Goku Uniforms after Ryuko defeats their wearers is because they were originally threads of himself, which is screaming for him to be a Dismantled MacGuffin/Sealed Evil in a Can, that would go One-Winged Angel if Ryuko gets enough threads from the Goku Uniforms. Assuming his amnesia is genuine, then that plus his genuine bond with Ryuko would make him a Tragic Monster, but unless an even Greater-Scope Villain shows up, consider Senketsu at the top of my personal "who's the real Big Bad?" list.
  • Possibly jossed as of Episode 16. Nudist Beach reveals that Senketsu was created as a weapon to fight the Kiryuin Conglomorate, and Isshin immediately hid him away before he ever woke up when Nui entered the lab.
    • Jossed. Senketsu ended up dead, protecting Ryuko from re-entering Earth's atmosphere after the last battle.

Shinra-Kouketsu dismembers its user
There is something simply off with Shinra-Kouketsu's size and proportions. look at the size of its sleeves, for example. whenever we see Ragyo wearing it, the sleeves reach past where the knee would be, and yet, her hands are always visible. not only that, but Ragyo seems to be far larger when wearing it. Adding that to the fact that Kamui in general have a way to feed off its user's blood, it would be plausible to think that Shinra-Kouketsu dismembers whoever is wearing it to feed off their blood Which would explain Ragyo was the one who wore it: she's a Life Fiber Hybrid, which means SK dismembering her wouldn't kill her
  • It's certainly plausible, we already know being dismembered doesn't really do anything to hurt Ragyo.

Senketsu is the only truly and independently sentient Kamui
Life Fibers are either all non-sentient animal-like beings with only Primodial Life Fiber being sentient or have a Hivemind. Senketsu is unique because he is independently sentient and intelligent. Satsuki has never shown any indication that she can communicate in any meaningful way with her Junketsu and the thing seems to be more of a wild animal than a sentient being. When Isshin created Senketsu he didn't just create a Kamui, he created one that has high-level of intelligence and is sentient unlike it's brethren.
  • Possibly Jossed, the reason Satsuki couldn't communicate with Junketsu is likely related to the fact that she isn't a life fiber/human hybrid like Ryuko is. Whether or not Ragyo (or in the unlikely event, Ryuko) can communicate with Junketsu will either confirm or deny the theory.

The reason why three-star uniforms can inflict damage to kamui while one-star uniforms can't hurt three-star ones is ...
... the fact that the uniforms need to spend some of their power on keeping the connection and on the most basic protection. With that, let's say that the uniforms need to sacrifice just 5% of total possible power on this. That means the one-star uniforms, which operate on 10% total possible power even if the power levels are linear, are really 5 times weaker than the three-star uniforms and most of that power goes to protection. Most two-star uniforms are also more defensive than offensive in nature, which means they are the same in that regard. But because three-star uniforms are for elites who don't have to worry about that, they are thus more offensive and have enough power to attack with to hurt even a kamui.

There are different colors of Life Fibers, each color has a different effect.
In Episode 16, right before the Great Sports and Culture Festival, Ragyo is seen holding spools of thread that glowed with various colors. So it is possible that there are different kinds of Life Fibers that have different effects when used.

  • Child WMG, Satsuki's Junketsu is bade up of Blue Life Fibers.

Satsuki's Bakuzan is made of the same material as the Scissor Blades
  • Confirmed as of Episode 23. Bakuzan and the Rending Shears are both made up of ultra-hardened life fibers.

At some point Satsuki will be forced to perform full-body transformation of Junketsu and it will then go berserk
In episode 15 Satsuki used partial transformations of her shoulder fins, one turned into a grapling hook and the other in the drill. In the next episodes it was those two elements of her Kamui which started to go crazy. If she is ever forced to perform a full-body transformation like when Ryuko uses Senjin or Shippu forms then her Kamui is almost guaranteed to go completely berserk.

Isshin created another Kamui other than Senketsu, but it was never fully completed.
In episode 18, Ragyo steals Junketsu from Satsuki, and then a couple minutes later revealed that Ryuko was Satsuki's younger sister. It may be possible that Isshin knew about who Ryuko really was since he found her, and made another Kamui for Satsuki in the event that Ragyo rose to power.

Ryuko is actually the one absorbing Life Fibers and her suicide will finally defeat them.
Numerous times the Life Fibers which Ryuko tore out of Goku Uniforms went where her heart is. It is possible that it's actually Ryuko who absorbs the Life Fibers and not Senketsu. Senketsu have actually withhold some information from her. After Nui destroyed him he told Ryuko that Satsuki took his pieces but not that she covered Ryuko in a blanket so he might not be telling her entire truth. The final solution Isshin prepared and what he called Terrible Fate when Ryuko found him is that Ryuko will have to commit suicide. After she absorbs all of the Life Fibers into her body she will have to kill herself with the Scissor Blade to finally defeat them.

Tsumugu could hear Senketsu because Kinue's body was synchronized with Senketsu's life fibers.
It's been revealed that Senketsu has been made with the intent of being worn by Ryuko, and has been spliced with some of her DNA in the process to make this easier. This is what allows the two to communicate.Since Kinue has been involved in his development as a test subject, it's possible that Senketsu's partly synchronized with her too (or would have been if not for the obvious). Tsumugu, being her brother, is genetically similar to her, would thus have a very limited commection to the kamui, which doesn't manifest until Senketsu gets up close.

Kamui aren't actually Life Fiber creatures and Senketsu is Soichiro
When you look at the full transformation sequence of a Kamui wearer it looks like some sort of demon or dragon transforming from the Kamui and then devouring the user. But then Life Fibers appear and restrain that creature, forcing it into the form of a Kamui. Kamui actually Aren't Life Fiber creatures, Life Fiber only serves to restrain and cram a being into the form of Kamui but the Kamui itself takes it's mind and sentience from the creatures which was sealed.

Also Senketsu is actually Soichiro. We have not heard his voice yet and there may be only one reason for that, because Soichiro is someone we know. Satsuki and Ragyo, probably the only people who could identify Soichiro by his voice can't hear Senketsu. When Ragyo went after him, Soichiro was either devoured by Life Fiber or heavily injured. Matoi Isshin then used his knowledge to preserve Soichiro's mind or soul and then crafted Senketsu from it. Soichiro might have seen it as Atonement for his crimes, he lives as Senketsu, though not knowing it, because he wishes to protect Ryuko and atone for his crimes.

  • Second half probably Jossed. Since Matoi Isshin is Soichiro, and we've heard his voice already.

There are other Life Fiber Hybrids beside Ragyo and Ryuko
Ragyo says that "Very few humans are merged this perfectly with Life Fibers." implying that there are more than just two of them. Nui is an obvious candidate, Hououmaru may also be one.
  • Confirmed. Not only Ryuko and Ragyo are Life Fiber Hybrids, but also Nui Harime has been embedded with Life Fibers.

Junketsu is also sentient.
Ragyo criticizes Satsuki for forcing it to bend to her will, but she also uses Life Fiber Override because she knows or suspects that Junketsu might take violent exception to being worn by her. After all, it was presented to Satsuki by the same person who later made Senketsu.If Satsuki learns to use Life Fiber Synchronize, she might begin to hear Junketsu's voice.

Junketsu is very old, also there might be other Kamuis around
When we first see Junketsu we get a sound effect for strong, cold wind and snow. This could mean that he originates from a wintery region like Hokkaido. Now the word used to describe clothing like Junketsu is Kamui which is close to Kamuy, the word for Ainu gods. It is also translated as God's Clothing.

Folk legends about Gods and mighty heroes were actually originated from the Kamui clothing. Humanity at that point was nowhere near as advanced nowadays. Kamui provided the wearer with incredible, god-like abilities. They are resistant to firearms and absurd amounts of punishment, they would seem even more powerful to people for whom a bow and a spear are pinnacle of warfare. Some humans back then found the Kamui clothing and became bonded with it, when they showed off their abilities they began to be revered as gods/heroes. After the Kamui finally devoured them the mitologization only grew stronger as people believed they ascended into Heavens.

Junketsu was either one of those Kamuis or The Kamui from back then. It might have slept for hundreds or thousands of years since those times and just recently was discovered by Ragyo who donned it and also found the Primodial Life Fiber.

Junketsu being repaired with Ryuko's blood and Senketsu's life fibers will help it synchronize with Satsuki.
It will awaken it and facilitate a Heel–Face Turn.

The Scissor Blades only have their full power when wielded together.
Both times Ryuko stabbed Nui through the chest, Ryuko was only in possession of one Scissor Blade, and Nui recovered just fine.However, when Ryuko dual-wielded both Scissor Blades and lopped off Nui's arms in episode 22, Nui was unable to recover. What this means is that if the scissor blades are separated (as they were up until episode 22), they can cut life fibers just fine, but lose their ability to stop life fiber regeneration. Further supporting this is when Isshin puts out Nui's eye (which never recovers), the two Scissor Blades were both in possession of Isshin at that point.
  • Confirmed, to stop the process of Life Fiber regeneration, both blades must be used, also works with Bakuzan... theorically
Senketsu will be revived.
All the known life fibers on earth have been destroyed, right? Nope, there's still a source of life fibers in Ryuko's body. Perhaps due to her deep affinity with Senketsu, part of him, maybe even his consciousness, remains in Ryuko.


If things go south for Satsuki she will order evacuation during which Honnouji will pull Balamb Garden
Satsuki must have some contingency plans in case she fails to beat Ragyo. For that purpose the entire Honnouji can turn into a giant sea-faring island much like Balamb Garden. Honnouji, as seen in the second opening, is placed entirely on water in the middle of Tokyo Bay and the school itself bears a strong resemblance to a warship with pipes and strong metal doors. It would be only reasonable that if her coup fails she'd evacuate and get away from Ragyo's sit of power in Japan.

Kill la Kill is a retelling of Devil May Cry 3
Bear with me for a bit here.So, we have a protagonist with a very forceful, Chaotic Good personality, who wears a red and black color scheme and carries a large, somewhat unusual sword. The plot begins with the protagonist's arrival at a massive, towering structure, at the top of which stands the protagonist's bitter rival. This rival prefers the ideals of power and ambition, wields an absurdly sharp katana and dresses in primarily blue and white. The first time the two face off, it's a clear win for the rival, though this motivates the protagonist to try harder to bring the rival down; their second encounter is a draw. The protagonist and rival both have the unique ability to transform into more powerful forms, and while the rival eagerly embraces this power, it takes the protagonist a little while and some character development to finally warm up to it.At the same time, the rival is working with the main villain on some master plan to rule the world, though the rival ultimately betrays the villain to pursue their own goal. The main villain is also opposed by a revenge-seeking individual who lacks the same power as the protagonist and rival, but compensates through heavy use of guns and explosives, and they arrive on the scene riding a motorcycle.Quick: am I talking about Kill la Kill or DMC 3?

The first ending credits of the series is foreshadowing of the end of the series...figuratively
We know from interviews that the 1st ending credits has something to do with the final episode, what this troper thinks is that Ryuko ends up cutting the fabric of space and time itself to kill Ragyo or whatever she'll be facing in the finale and ends up getting herself stuck in an alternate dimension where only a few elements of her world still exist in there. Even then they aren't the same in their attributes, just alternate versions (ex. the Senketsu uniform and Ryuko poster you see are respectively a gimmicky and eccentrically designed outfit, and the poster is for Kill La Kill the series, however everyone in the alternate dimension just thinks Ryuko herself is coincidental.) Ryuko is forever stuck in this world, in which it never experienced the apocalypse of her world, it is a nice world, but she finds herself alone despite being surrounded by people, never again will she ever see everyone she knew from her own dimension.

When the scissor blades recombine, it will gain a double-Decapitation Mode attack called Kill La Kill.
Probably wielded by Ryuko and Satsuki together.

There's going to be a Last Episode Theme Reprise, and it's going to be epic.
Most likely using OP 2, which is far more energetic, and, well, epic.

Bakuzan will be reforged

By the end of their rivalry, Ryuko will stop hating Nui.
No, she won't grow to love or respect her either. Ryuko will grow flat out apathetic in response to Nui's manipulation of her previous emotional outbursts. The grinning Life Fiber abomination will stop being a rival or enemy, and will be just a roadblock towards stopping the ever-growing madness that's engulfing the world. If Nui values love and hate as two sides of the same coin, how would she react if that coin was thrown out entirely?
  • It would be hilariously badass if Ryuko somehow finished off Nui with an Offhand Backhand.

And that's how the series will end:
Ragyo and Nui gonna battle Ryuko, Satsuki, Mako and all the others on this space station, Ragyo and Nui gonna get iced through heroic effort from them all and then Junketsu and Senketsu gonna send a special kind of signal to all the Life Fibers on the planet to convince them, that a non-parasitic and non-destructive relationship with humanity is in their best interest. It works, the Life Fibers decide to become true symbiotes with humanity and humanity will in turn help the non-destructive Life Fibers to spread in the galaxy, so that more races gain such a evolutionary boost as the humans did and help them combat and convert the parasitic Life Fibers still out there in the galaxy to their cause of true symbiosis.
  • Half Jossed there's no space station, there's no Junketsu/Senketsu signal, Half Confirmed, theres a space fight. between Ryuko and Ragyo.
    • There is the satellite, but only Ryuuko and not Senketsu did trigger the signal and the signal did only tell the life fibers to release the humans, nothing else, IIRC.

The kid who stole a Goku Uniform in the beginning scene will appear in the last episode.
Just to invoke the Book-Ends trope.
  • Ain't this poor sonuvabitch deader than a doornail?
    • Actually he might still be alive

When this series gets an engilsh dub Gamagouri will be voiced by BRIAN BLESSED.
  • Other notables will get the voiceover of other legendary Large Hams

Sukuyo was also a test subject
Sukuyo was also Ragyou's test subject, but not her daughter. She infected an infant Sukuyo with a virus, that made her body compatible for life fibers and used the life fibers to enhance it (that's why Sukuyo looks to young and sexy). The virus is better compatible with the female physiology and is transmitted by bodily fluids. He husband contracted it from her through sexual contact and it enhanced his physique, too, although on a lesser scale (enhanced physical resistance, e.g. surviving flying out of a car against a telephone pole face-first). Her children contracted it during her pregnancy; Mako had the same or even greater physical enhancement than her mom and an extremely high compatibility to life fibers (look at Inummuta's data about her), her brother was also enhanced by the virus like his father (survived the bike accident). The dog had also contracted the virus (he bit one of the members of the family while having a wound in the mouth) and has also heightened resistance to injury and enhanced reflexes and agility.

Boota is...
  • His cover identity was being Isshin Matoi's mouse.

Aikuro is responsible for the "nude" part of Nudist Beach.
  • Isshin didn't seem to be all that into the nudity aspect of his alleged anti-clothing crusade, being more fixated on defeating Ragyo. He even created special clothing, Senketsu, for that purpose. But after his death, Aikuro is shown to be the highest ranking member of Nudist Beach. The same Aikuro who according to Tsumugu strips because he likes to and designed the ridiculousness of the DTR's piloting method because he thought it looked good.



Ragyo's Unlimited Wardrobe is made up entirely out of Kamui.
Ragyo asking her numerous dresses, "Now, which of you will adorn me today?", with one of them responding by beginning to move suggests that most, if not all of her clothing is sentient. And the only sentient clothing we've had in this series so far are Kamui.
  • Confirmed as of Episode 16, the Kiryuins are the ones that hold the primordial source of the life fibers and Ragyo can manifest outfits from it.
  • But Jossed in episode 18. Ragyo's clothes are made out of Life Fibers, but they are not Kamui, as evidenced by the fact that she steals Junketsu from Satsuki and powers it up to take down Ryuko.

Satsuki will eventually kill Nui.
Nui has been a thorn in Satsuki's side ever since she arrived on the scene. Satsuki went so far as to ban her from entering the Academy, and yet she continues to find ways to mess with her. Ragyo has explicitly stated that she is not planning to protect Nui from Satsuki. Further, it's entirely possible that Satsuki will end up wielding the blue half of the Scissor Blade, to cement her position as Ryuko's opposite number. The most likely chain of events leading to that scenario involves her going up against Nui and defeating her, possibly with Ryuko involved somehow.
  • Jossed: Partially, since the actual whereabouts of Nui are up in the air, however it was not Satsuki.

The monkey skull on her uniform is a hint that Nonon will try to kill Sanageyama at some point.

His upgraded uniform may be insanely powerful, but Nonon's can utilize his one weakness: sensory overload. Alternatively, if she doesn't fight him head-on, she'll abandon him at a critical moment or otherwise arrange for him to be killed.

Sanageyama is Wrong Genre Savvy, and because of this, would eventually become a Battle Couple with Ryuko.

I'm just telling what I typed in the CR forum,

Sanageyama is the typical shounen hero, with tropes of being a male Japanese Delinquent with Anime Hair, Sports Captain, Power Armor/Mech Pilot, Blind Swordsman, The Rival to Ryuko, etc. However, because of this, he is not made for a world with powerful Action Girl(s) and Women with powerful Magical Girl Warrior outfits.

The only tropes he hasn't had yet for the MGW genre are the romance tropes of being a Jerkass with a Heart of Gold, Useless Boyfriend, and Battle Couple.

Part of me that likes to ship kinda wants him to be a Love Interest and Battle Couple with Ryuko, but I think it's a bit unlikely with how Ryuko is too driven with fulfilling her revenge on her father's killer and other players behind his death, making her more of a Chaste Hero, although it's not impossible barring character death.

So if he somehow wraps his resolve of accepting that he is not the shounen hero of this anime's universe and improve from there, I think that's how he could succeed.

  • Not really seeing this happening. Sanageyama isn't THAT important of a character in the grand scheme of things.
  • Completely and utterly JOSSED.

Mako helped defeat the clubs in Episode 5
Some of the students were defeated by brooms. Brooms are not Tsumugu Kinagase's (who defeated the other students) schtick. Mako was cleaning the bathrooms that day...with a broom.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass ?
    • Supported by Episode 7. She was giving Ryuko a good fight until Ryuko stopped fighting. Then at the end when she stopped holding back, she unleashed an attack stronger than any other Two-Star shown so far.
    • During that fight Mako actually managed to damage Ryuko and draw blood while Senketsu was still active. Remember that this is Ryuko who have already unlocked Senketsu's full power and even before she did, she could pretty much No-Sell any attacks thrown at her by other Two Star students.
    • Honestly, is there any way to actually confirm or Joss this one?
    • We'll just call this one Jossed. In episode 23, Iori's battle data of Mako rates her "power levels" at absolute zero before she dons her Goku uniform. Therefore, she couldn't have possibly helped Tsumugu defeat the clubs.

Sanageyama will abandon his Goku Uniform and will gain a power up because of that
We don't see him wearing his newest Goku Uniform in the second opening because he won't be using it. Just as he abandoned his sight to gain a much greater power, he will also abandon his Goku Uniform. He will come to a conclusion that he became too reliant on it's power and because of that grew weak himself. He will train himself up and will become even more powerful than when he had the Uniform.
  • Jossed. In Episode 19, Sanageyama lost his uniform because it finally wore down from constant use against the covers. He was still very much desperately trying to rely on his uniform and came to no such revelations as speculated above.

Satsuki isn't Ryuko's father's killer...
Rather, it's Mako. She only befriends Ryuko to get her red Scissor Blade back and finish what she started, after Ryuko takes down the Student Council for her first so they won't get in her way. She pretends not to notice or worry about the carnage around her because she's just that used to death around her. Her white and blue outfit goes well with her blue Scissor Blade, the opposite of Ryuko's black and red outfit. That, and she cut her hair so Ryuko can't recognize her.
  • The fact that the Scissor Blades can be shrunk means its possible for them to be easily concealed in something as small as a pocket or a lunch box. Mako could be carrying the thing on her at all times for all we know.
  • Jossed, while it isn't Satsuki, it isn't Mako either. It's Nui Harime, the Grand Couturier of Revocs.

Satsuki is going to get stripped of her Goku Uniform
But unlike the Boxer, it won't stop her for a single minute. Satsuki may be a subtle as a bunch of bricks expy of Hitler, but she's also a badass warrior lady. Once she loses her uniform and stands before the student body in her birthday suit, it's likely that she'll throw fists at Ryuko.
  • Uzu Sanageyama tried to do this. Ira (a prime representative of Satsuki's morals) didn't approve of this behavior, so this is pretty much jossed.
  • The core is confirmed, the details are Jossed. In episode 18,Ragyo does strip her of her uniform, but it's after Satsuki gets brutally defeated, so at this point she can't do much about it. Also, it's a Godrobe/Kamui, not a Goku uniform.

Satsuki is so strong becuase she has the Four Star Goku Uniform, which has the unique ability that its effects are permanent, and so they persist even when she isn't wearing it.
  • Jossed she's strong because, aside from being a Badass Normal, her katana is able to cut through even Kamui like Senketsu. Also, she doesn't have a Four Star Uniform, she has her own Kamui, Junketsu.

The Four Devas have been together for a very long time.
Their families all serve Satsuki's family, and they have served Satsuki since they were children. They all came from influtential families, Satsuki of course is the richest, then Jakuzure's, since it is canon that Satsuki and Nonon are the closest, then Gamagoori's family, then Inumuta's, and lastly Sanageyama's.
  • Jossed in ep. 6, at least for Sanageyama. He was a delinquent in middle school, and only joined Satsuki 3 years ago.
  • Jossed again in ep. 8 for Gamagoori. He was the president of the middle school Satsuki attended, and he didn't seem to bear any connection to her until then. He probably wasn't part of the upper class either, since he was unable to stop the bullies with connections from talking a student into suicide.

Aikuro Mikisugi is the Big Bad, or at least, the killer of Isshin.
For a guy who is working with the daughter of his dead friend, he doesn't seem upset about making her feel uncomfortable during their talks; he also seems far too willing to put his life on the line to help someone he just met. He spends his spare amount of time in sinister lighting (especially the end of episode 3) as well as being both too ambiguous in his assistance to Ryuko and helping her out just enough to get her by.
  • Also, when Ryuko came to visit the old mansion, the entire underground was cleaned up by him. Maybe he was trying to clean up any evidence he left behind?
  • Jossed Isshin was killed by Nui Harime.

Satsuki actually is the person who killed Isshin Matoi.
At this point, the only thing we know for sure is that there will be some sort of twist. Given the fandom's pinpoint accuracy at predicting the show so far, it is thus to be expected that there is no twist at all.
  • Jossed Isshin was killed by Revocs Grand Couturier Nui Harime.

In episode 5, Mako will die.
In the preview, if you look closely, you can see her get impaled with what appears to be sewing needles. This episode also looks like it will be a much more serious one.

Ryuko's father's killer was someone from Nudist Beach.
Nudist Beach despises Goku Uniforms and, by extension, Kamui. The weapon left by the killer was half a scissor blade made for cutting up Goku Uniforms. Ryuko's father made a Kamui before he was murdered. There's no reason for anyone from Honnouji Academy to want to kill Ryuko's father, especially with a weapon made to destroy their very own uniforms. Nudist beach, however, has plenty reason to want him dead, what with making a Kamui.
  • Jossed killer Nui Harime works for Revocs and the Kiryuins.

Mako will die in episode 8.
Let's look at all the supposed connections... In episode 7 In Mako's reflection on her glasses as she makes a calculations on a calculator and the numbers "51 1 013" can be seen, this could be meant as "Si I die" or "Yes, I Die." Now in the preview of episode 8 it involves driving and a car. Now remember what day does this episode air? On Nov. 22 2013, which is also the 50th remembrance/commemoration of the JFK assassination. Now why exactly is this important?

Well in the preview for episode 8, you can see Ryuko and Mako in the backseat of a car, with Ryuko holding Mako trying to protect her from gunfire, which you can see from the bullet holes in the car and the broken window in the same shot. This is same type of events that happened in the JFK assassination. Also the episode's title "I'll wipe my own tears" seems to speak alongside this theory. Having Mako die in this episode would also explain the special ending episode 7 had, which is usually saved for season finales or series finales, and that episode 7 featuring Mako in an mundane manner and her being the main focus of that episode would serve as a last grand hurrah for our comic relief girl.

Harime Nui is the leader of Nudist Beach.

Or at least a member. The word "Nui" is very much likely derived from the japanese verb "nugu", which means "to take off", "to strip".

  • Jossed. She's an assassin for Revocs who takes orders directly from Satsuki's mother.

Harime Nui is NOT the person who assassinated Isshin Matoi

I could see Nui as being one to play dirty and strike psychological chords ruthlessly, and what more dirty than telling you killed a man to said man's very daughter ? One thing's for sure : she's trying to get a reaction out of Ryuko, and that succeeded big time. As for how she got her hands on the scissor blade and the information surrounding the assassination of Ryuko's father, she would have probably gotten it from Satsuki's mother or the actual assassin.

  • To further support this theory, if you compare Harime's blade with Ryuko's and try to join them the way you would any other pair of scissors, you'll realize that they wouldn't match up properly like scissors should, possibly hinting that Harime's blade is fake and that she's lying in order rile her up.
  • Harime's half is consistent with what we see in the flashbacks. Also, the asymmetrical design is typical of sewing shears.
  • Jossed, episode 12 shows a detailed flashback where she killed him personally and the half of the scissor that she owns is from the same scissor as Ryuko.

At the very least, the half of the Scissor Blade that Harime Nui has is a forgery created for the purpose of misdirection.

Through Freeze-Frame Bonus, one can see that both halves of the blade don't match up, either through the hilts or through the flat edges of the blade; one of these two won't match up with the other no matter how you arrange them.

  • Harime's half looks exactly like the ones seen in Ryuko's flashbacks. Also, the asymmetrical design is typical of most sewing shears.
    • Not so: Compare the image on the left with what Nui is holding. Nui's blade does not match up because it is too symmetrical to Ryuko's; the purple Scissor Blade should have that odd curve to it like the top half of those sewing shears, but Nui's is straight and would not properly form sewing shears with the red one.
      • I would agree if it weren't for the fact that Ryuko's blade is also just as straight as Nui's is. For Ryuko, the blade is supposed to bend up a little upwards for her, but instead it's straight. It could just be that the blades were constructed like regular scissors, but the hilts were constructed to invoke the image of sewing scissors.
  • Jossed, episode 12 shows a detailed flashback where she killed him personally and the half of the scissor that she owns is from the same scissor as Ryuko.

Harime Nui is lying.
She's not Isshin Matoi's killer, and if she is, then only in a very technical sense. She just said she's the killer to get Ryuko riled up, and oh boy, did it work. Supporting this is that her scissor blade is purple, not blue nor red, and the hints(Mainly, how the background in Ryuko's flashback is comprised of fabric) that Ryuko's memories are unreliable.
  • Jossed, episode 12 shows a detailed flashback where she killed him personally and the half of the scissor that she owns is from the same scissor as Ryuko.

One of the Elite Four, or all of the Elite Four, are going to live with the Mankanshoku family at least temporarily
Sure, it may seem like a bit of a far-fetched idea at first, but hear me out : where else would they go to ? Back to Satsuki ? I highly doubt she would take them back in that easily, elite four or not. They are confirmed no-stars since Ryuko beat them, and the closest relation they have in no-stars is, you guessed it, Mako. Plus, let's face it : the interactions would be hilarious. Four individuals that were practically nobles getting downgraded to no-stars and trying to get used to it with one of the most eccentric families around (not to mention the very person that beat up most of them up is living under the same roof as them) ? Yes, please.
  • As of Episode 13, seems more likely Jossed since Satsuki still has them in her company to discuss how the Battlefield Trip will be conducted and there's even a mention that Iori is still modifying their new Three Star Uniforms and have to wear the standard uniforms in the meantime.

The entire school will grow jet engines/tank treads/what have you for the Battlefield Trip
As opposed to, you know, the army itself moving about.
  • Jossed, as of episode 13, the school went on the Battlefield Trip in truck convoys.

Goku Uniforms were made of Senketsu
From what can be seen on the official arts Satsuki has a Sentient Uniform like Senketsu as well. Her however is pristine and complete. Senketsu on the other hand is heavily damaged and rather stripperific. The thing is that this is not it's default appearance. It only looks like that because large parts of it were torn out at some point in the past. Someone defeated Senketsu, tore it to shreds and then used those shreds to make Goku Uniforms. After Ryuko beat the boxer captain and destroyed his uniform a small strand has returned to Senketsu. It was pretty much evident that Takaharu's uniform was no match for Ryuko. That was because it only had a small strand of Senketsu inside it as a power source, it couldn't compete with the original. This would also mean that the higher level the outfit is the larger fragments it would have. Over the course of story, as Ryuko and Senketsu destroy more uniforms, Senketsu will repair itself to a state that is closer to Satsuki's.
  • And Ryuko will be all the happier for not being practically naked all the time.
  • That is the reason Senketsu has gaps in its memory. And as it recovers threads, it will recover its memory.
  • Child WMG: The complete Scissor Blade was used the shred Senketsu in the first place, was broken in half in the process.
    • The Child WMG is completely Jossed. We have a flashback of Nui ripping the scissor blade in half after using it to stab Isshin, and took it as payment for losing an eye to Isshin's surprise counter.

Satsuki has other plans for the people who were trapped by the Goku uniforms during the festival
Since Honnouji is her fortress to fight COVERS, then it doesn't make sense to have her army be defeated/consumed by the Life Fibers. This means then that the special uniforms that they gave out for the festival don't actually work the way Ragyo thinks they do and the people inside aren't actually consumed. Rather, their designed to some how give Satsuki and Honnouji some other advantage against COVERS.
  • If Satsuki as Anti-Villain as we think those uniforms might actually exist to protect those people. If Satsuki attacked Ragyo before she transformed those people there would lots of casualties from the stray attacks. But with them cocooned in the extremely resilient Life Fibers they are much safer.
  • Jossed somewhat. She was okay with them being trapped because she knew she would be able to break them out.

Senketsu is actually Isshin Matoi, Ryuko's dead father.
This works on downright scary levels. With his human body was killed, Isshin transferred his soul into one of the Kamui that he created, and he lost his memory. This pretty much explains everything: How Senketsu always knows exactly his own powers work (even when he can’t explain WHY he knows), why Isshin and Senketsu both have the exact same eyepatch, and why Senketsu will only drink Ryuko’s blood (claiming other blood tastes awful).

  • Jossed. All life fibers are aliens.

Ragyo Kiryuin, formerly Kinue, fused with her Kamui and became a Hive Queen of clothing
Tsumugu's old partner Kinue was decapitated when the Kamui consumed her, and Ragyo wears a distinctive sort of metal choker - possibly to keep her head on what's little more than an animated mannequin. She also has scars resembling Life Fiber stars across her back; her eyes are in multicolored segments like those of Senketsu and Junketsu. After the incident, she changed her name to signify the birth of a new being utterly devoted to fabric. She doesn't resemble Ryuko's berserker form because she's achieved total control and balance.

In conjunction with the above theory ("Ragyo's entire wardrobe is Kamui"), Satsuki most likely invented the Goku uniforms to be impervious to her mother's control. Since the Goku uniforms are clearly still being tested, and yet the Kiryuin Conglomerate has been in power since before Satsuki started Honnouji Academy, Revocs must have had some other way to wage war through clothing; possibly brainwashing, or at least being able to physically manipulate the people who wear their products.

Also, her name contains the character for silk; Ragyo's contains the character for gauze, which was originally made from silk, further signifying her 'evolution'.

  • Can we call this one Jossed? The time frames just don't fit.

Combining those two WMG, we get...

Ragyo and Nui were Kinue. The head became Ragyo, the rest of the body become Nui. Satsuki, being Kinue's daughter, either wants her mother to be restored, or put an end to those inhuman monsters. To this end she is perfecting the Goku uniforms so she will have an army to fight those two abominations, who will most likely object to their existence coming to an end.

Life Fibers are made of Exactly What It Says on the Tin — people's lives
I'm basing this mostly on the visual motif in the opening and end credits that shows rows of interlocking red human figures, which might mean we're going to have a Soylent Green-esque reveal coming up about the true nature of the Life Fibers ala the Philosopher's Stones in Fullmetal Alchemist. The constant Third Reich references don't help matters.
  • Jossed. All Life Fibers are aliens.
    • Life Fibers use those using them, in this case humans, as an energy source, so they can expand an cover the planet

Ryuko and Satsuki had the same father and two halves of his soul were transplanted into Senketsu and Junketsu

Very off the wall theory for a sec.

Isshin is not actually Ryuko's father but her grandfather or godfather. Ryuko's and Satsuki's true father was Ragyo's first Grand Couturier and her eventual Husband or Lover. He was the one who found out that Life Fibers were the physical manifestation of a person's lifespan and used his own Life Fiber to extend Ragyo's life. (See the theory on the Kiryuin Conglomerate section).

Because he knew he didn't have much time to live with Ragyo and take care of his daughters, he volunteered to be a guinea pig to Isshin's soul transfer experiment by splitting it in half in an Evangelion-eque fashion as a way to protect them in the afterlife.

His soul is in the form of a darker, passive, protective side in Senketsu, and a lighter, aggressive, destructive side in Junketsu. Both Kamui have fragments of his memories that can't be completely uncovered until they are fused together again.

  • Jossed as of Episode 16 as life fibers are actually alien symbiotes.

Ragyo Kiryuin used to be an Ill Girl and her eventual Husband/Lover's Life Fiber was used to cure her illness or deformities.

This is an interpretation of the symbolism of the translated lyrics from Ragyo's Leitmotif, "Blumenkranz".

I would like to be stronger. Because our world is very cruel. It is advisable, to remove withered flowers.

You ask me if I’ll go with you. You whisper in my ear. You ask me if I’ll take your hand. I have no reason to reject you. (You whisper to me).

Ragyo used to be a sweet, but very Ill Girl who didn't have long to live and depreciated herself because of it. But she met someone who was her ideal man and he loved her very much. He would eventually become Ragyo's lover and Satsuki's and Ryuko's father.

Yes, I am much stronger than I ever thought. Fly higher! Walk a lot faster! Do not forget the truth! Yes, I am much stronger than I ever thought. I’m removing withered flowers. Why do you look so sad?

Ragyo became more confident about herself and did everything she couldn't do before. She became a perfectionist so she could be a perfect match to her lover. However, Ragyo noticed he was trying to hide his sadness of the truth of his life.

This world is cruel. It is sad but true. This world is strange. It is questionable but true. Is the flower garden real or fake?

This after finding out the man she loved sacrificed a good deal of his life so she could live a more fulfilling one, Ragyo started to become cynical about the world and questioned if it was her own power or it was because of her lover's sacrifice for her happiness.

What do you want from me? Whether I want to or not, I have the enemy to pursue. I am not free from this world

No matter how tough you are. Fly higher! Walk a lot faster! You are very strong. You bind a wreath of flowers. Why do you look so sad?

Ragyo bitterly questioned why her lover gave so much of himself away for her and used every opportunity to gain everything she can in her life and would treat everything and everyone as her enemy to conquer since he would be gone before her and nothing to free her from the feeling.

The "wreath" her lover binded was the funeral wreath for his eventual death. And what was left of his being was transferred to Senketsu and Junketsu to protect his daughters even in death.

...Yeah, this is very unlikely theory, but very heartbreaking if something like it happened.

Ragyo will betray Satsuki in the episode 16

In the preview for episode 16 there was a bit at the end where Satsuki was visiting Ragyo in her bathhouse and appeared that they were having a conversation, and it ended with a look of shock on Satsuki's face. So either Ragyo just betrayed her, or she revealed something big VERY to Satsuki.

  • Likely Jossed, as Ragyo didn't look as if she is going to sabotage her daughter, but there is still a chance Satsuki will.

Nonon is nowhere near as close to Satsuki as she thinks she is

Despite however much Nonon goes on about she's the one that knows Satsuki the best and is her BFF or whatever, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of Satsuki actually reciprocating that affection shown.

Senketsu, and maybe Junketsu, used to be human.
They may have been used as test subjects in order to create life fiber, and somehow ended up becoming Kamuis in the process.
  • Jossed. They're aliens.
    • Though close to being true in one case: Senketsu has Ryuko's DNA spliced into it, so we could say that he is half-Ryuko.

Ragyo intends for Satsuki to be consumed by Junketsu.

Another WMG related to the "Ragyo is the fusion of Kimue and her Kamui": Ragyo is setting up Satsuki to be consumed by Junketsu in a similar way, based Nui's comment that Ragyo desires "to see her (Satsuki) go all-out" - Junketsu is bloodthirsty enough that it would jump at the first chance it got. There are a few different reasons for this.

  • She wants Satsuki to follow in her footsteps by transcending humanity and inheriting her ability to control clothing.
  • She's providing Satsuki as a sacrifice to Junketsu, so that it can gain a body of its own.
    • Considering how touchy-feely Ragyo was with Satsuki, she may also be in love with Junketsu. After all, Satsuki's father referred to Junketsu as a "wedding dress" (which also implies that Junketsu could be a female Kamui).
  • This could be an aspect that drives Satsuki to a Heel–Face Turn. Her mother might subtly try to abuse her into being consuming by Junketsu, until eventually just trying to outright FORCE her to, at which point Satsuki will snap and give a great big 'screw you, mom' speech. After a fight (that most likely ends with Satsuki getting utterly destroyed in a fight for the first time in the whole series, showing that Ragyo is a whole new ballgame when it comes to fighting), Ragyo will end it by initiating a huge Wham Episode that involves her stripping Satsuki of Junketsu, effectively making Satsuki powerless. It will be Ragyo herself or possibly Nui (who now becomes The Dragon to Ragyo, if she wasn't already) doing the honors.
    • Jossed. It appears that Satsuki is one of the few people in the world she doesn't want to get consumed by the Life Fibers, since she's a massive Social Darwinist and considers her flesh and blood to be on the top of the foodchain, right after her and COVERS. No, it's Satsuki who ends up betraying Ragyo because she refuses to be a pawn of the Life Fibers!
    • Double Jossed. Ragyo intended that Ryuko, not Satsuki, would be consumed by Junketsu.

Ryuko is not human.
Remember that woman called Kinue mentioned by Tsumugu? In his memory, she tried on a Kamui and was promptly devoured by it right before his eyes, thus causing him to utterly despise anything related to Life Fibres. In memoriam of her, and to continue research on the Life Fibres in-depth, Tsumugu and Ryuko's father made a daring attempt: they wove a life-sized rag doll out of Life Fibres, and managed to transfer her soul onto it, resulting in a living being who can interact with Kamuis, and lives to see if she could unlock their full potentials.

  • Most likely jossed since Episode 17 states that the connection between Ryuko and Senketsu is because the latter has some of Ryuko's DNA spliced into his Life Fibers.
  • Jossed: Ryuko is definitely human although she has had Life Fibers integrated into her body.

Satsuki recruited the Elite Four for no other reason than to act as stepping stones for Ryuko.
Not Ryuko specifically, but so that if she ever found anyone who could actually measure up to her in power, then she would have these guys to act as a way to train the other person under the guise of fighting through her Elite Four. And when she saw Ryuko defeat a few two-star Club leaders like it was nothing, she decided to test Ryuko directly, hence their fight in Episode 3. after Ryuko proved herself as strong enough to Satsuki, she put her plan into action, allowing her to make Ryuko not just stronger, but also fight more strategically, without her mother knowing exactly what she was doing.
  • Jossed: Satsuki never knew about Ryuko until after she set up the academy.

Aikuro is Satsuki's father.
Popular speculah on /a/. Much like Satsuki and Ragyo, Aikuro is highly luminous, and concept art shows him wearing a suit very similar to that worn by Satsuki's father in flashbacks.
  • It might be more likely than we think, at least when combined with the 'Bakuzan originally belonged to Satsuki's father' theory (see below), considering Aikuro gives Tsumagu a 'Tailor's Knife', a blade capable of cutting Life Fibers, in Episode 17. It might imply some sort of connection, especially since we don't actually see this 'Knife'.
  • One strike against this theory is that Aikuro doesn't seem to have any special reaction to Ragyo/Satsuki in 17-18, and seems surprised that she rebelled against her mother. That being said, Satsuki's father's face is finally revealed in a flashback in episode 18 and he bears a striking resemblance to Aikuro, minus the hair; and he was built up too much to be shown as a one-shot character.
  • Jossed: He isn't. But Isshin isn't either. Ryuko's father is Satsuki's father, who was killed by Ragyo.
    • Partially un-Jossed. Isshin WAS actually Ryuko's biological father (and Satsuki's, too) as he was created as an alter ego of Soichiro after Ragyo's first (and failed) attempt on his life. Now that we know he's a master of disguise and not so easily killed, there is a distinct possibility that Soichiro is still alive and under a new guise: Aikuro Mikisugi.

The woman Tsumugu talked about was Ryuko's mother and his sister (making him Ryuko's uncle).
Take into account the slight family resemblance between Ryuko, Tsumugu, and what we can see of the woman, and we get this conclusion. Also, Senketsu will turn out to be the Kamui that killed her.
  • Episode 17 confirms that Kinue is Tsumugu's older sister, jossed that Senketsu killed her, and still unconfirmed if she is Ryuko's mother.
    • Aikuro states that the reason Ryuko can communicate with Senketsu because his Life Fibers were spliced with her DNA, so if Tsumugu can hear Senketsu's voice, then that can only mean he shares Ryuko's blood.
  • Jossed in Episode 18: Ragyo is Ryuko's mother.

Tsumugu and Ryuko are related.
The two of them look eerily similar. Two people with one single red highlight in a head of otherwise black hair? Too distinctive to be a coincidence, so there's no way it isn't a family trait. The woman in Tsumugu's flashback is more than likely his sister as well as Ryuko's mother (Ryuko explains in episode 7 that her mother died when she was young). This would make Tsumugu her uncle. It would also explain why Aikuro knows both Tsumugu and Isshin personally. Ryuko's mother, wife to Isshin and sister to Tsumugu, was a shared acquaintance that brought the four of them together in the early days of Nudist Beach.
  • Kinue was confirmed to be Tsumugu's sister in episode 17, which makes this one still a possibility. Adding to this, it was also revealed that the reason Ryuko can hear Senketsu's voice is because he's bonded to her via her DNA. If Tsumugu is indeed related to Ryuko, it could explain why he was able to hear Senketsu's threat in episode 5.
  • Jossed. Episod 18 reveals that Ragyo is Ryuko's mother.

Satsuki didn't actually Backstab her mother
It was actually Nui Harime in disguise (Ragyo DID say something to the effect of "Wear something I would deem acceptable"), that, or it was a doll controlled by Nui like the One-Star Students in episode 13.

Mikisugi and Kinue are Ryuko's parents
And I do know how squicky it sounds, considering all the stuff Mikisugi said and did during his meetings with Ryuko.

Ryuko bears quite a strong resemblance to both of them. She has the colour and gloss of Kinue's hair as well as the spiky, chaotic hairdo of Mikisugi. They also have similar eyebrows and Mikisugi seems to have blueish eyes. Furthermore Mikisugi and Kinue seemed to have been close in the flashbacks. It is rather unlikely that Isshin would be Ryuko's father, on one hand he was old and on the other he didn't seem like someone who'd be interested in starting a family. As for why Mikisugi acted like he did around Ryuko? It might be a way to draw further parallels between Satsuki and Ryuko. Parents of both of them are crazy sexual harassing weirdoes.

  • Jossed. Ragyo is Ryuko's mother, and she and Satsuki Soichiro/Isshin as their father.

Matoi Isshin is actually Ryuko's Grandfather and father of Soichiro.
He worked for Ragyo along with his son but when Soichiro realized what a monster Ragyo was he had his father smuggle out little Ryuko out and leave the Kiryuin Conglomerate.
  • Partially Jossed. Soichiro is actually Isshin after altering his appearance.

Matoi Isshin is actually a Kamui himself, possibly a renegade COVERS.
Consider his peculiar appearance (especially in silhouette), his name, his clothing which looks like the COVE Rs suits, and the fact that given Episode 18, Ryuko probably isn't his real daughter. Also consider that Satsuki now lacks a Kamui for the final act. It's altogether possible that she'll stage a comeback, and the most dramatic way for that to happen would be wearing a Kamui.Or perhaps he's the same thing as Nui, whatever she is...?
  • Jossed. Matoi Issin is Soichiro with plastic surgery. He has that slouch in back because he forcibly altered his spine in one swift motion. Ouch.

Sanageyama will die in Episode 19
Sanageyama is the only member of the Elite 4 not shown in all his outfits during the second opening. Also, the preview for Episode 19 shows Sanageyama in the last frame bruised and grimacing in the rain. This could be foreshadowing his death, possibly by Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Jossed, he's still alive.

Satsuki will suffer a Heroic/Villainous BSoD in Episode 19
She just got utterly destroyed by her mother, her plan is in shambles, Junketsu was stolen from her, she and Ryuko have possibly been captured, and she just learned that Ryuko is her Long-Lost Sister that she thought was dead.
  • Jossed, even chained up, she's planning a way to escape using fake toenails made from the same material as Bakuzan.

Mako will snap Ryuko out of her Heroic BSoD in episode 20
Mako has always been a source of comfort for Ryuko, but given Ryuko's emotional state at the end of episode 19 this may be the thing that pushes Mako into Living Emotional Crutch territory for Ryuko.
  • Jossed, for the first time, one of Mako's monologues fails to have an effect on Ryuko.

Harime Nui is a walking corpse
The easiest "evidence" for this claim is when she touched Senketsu, he immediately jerked away from her, claiming her to be freezing. Corpses, due to a lack of flowing blood, are naturally cold. Additionally (and while this wouldn't normally count being an anime, it's worthy of note here), Harime is abnormally strong for a human, and, unlike Ryuko or Satsuki, who need to wear Kamui, or Jakuzure or Sanageyama, who need to wear Goku Uniforms to increase their abilities, so far, Harime has shown immense physical abilities beyond the human limit without any form of Goku uniform. This would imply her body is no longer heeding the natural limits the brain places on a living body; fitting if she's a corpse. Finally, she doesn't seem to bleed as easily as the other characters — a cross gash across her stomach barely elicited a drop of blood, it took a slash to her eye to cause any real damage.

  • Jossed. She's an artificially created Life Fiber/human hybrid.

Mako will die via Heroic Sacrifice or Taking the Bullet.
Due to all of the rumors that Mako will die in episode 21, this is my theory. Mako will somehow find a way to get in between Satsuki and Brainwashed!Ryuko and attempt to use the same Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! technique she used on Beserk!Ryuko in episode 12. However, this will fail tragically, and Mako will be mortally Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by her. This will cause Ryuko to finallycome back to her senses.
  • Jossed, Mako is still alive.
    • Ironically, Ira, the man few would suspect to die, almost does this in her place.

Satsuki will wind up being the one to break Ryuko from her brainwashing, via the power of family
In the fake memories implanted by Ragyo, Satsuki is never seen. This logic issue could come up if Satsuki ever addresses Ryuko as her sister, Ala "Who are you? I have no sister..." etc.

  • Jossed. It's Senketsu and Mako. Satsuki is instrumental in their success, though.

She is a Couturier, not a couturiere. The pronucation here is definitely for Couturier, a male tailor. Couturiere is the female version. She also calls herself "Boku,", usually used by boys. And the title of the next episode is "I'm not your cute woman". She is also flat chested and acts overly feminine.
  • This would be an interesting theory, but her image on the Characters page does show that she has cleavage...
    • Cleavage can be faked. On the other hand, some modern groups apparently use the word Couturier for both men and women. This could go either way. FWIW, the Japanese fandom seems to love this theory (though even they don't seem to be making any assumptions either way).
    • She's also a Life Fiber-hybrid and there's a good chance she is actually genderless, since she was born from the Primordial Life Fiber.
  • Jossed. She's shown naked in episode 21 and her body is very clearly female.

Satsuki will get a brand-new Kamui
Satsuki may need a replacement due to Junketsu's theft by Ragyo, So she and Ryuko will go to Ryuko's old house and learn how to make a Kamui like Senketsu, but with Satsuki's DNA in the Life Fibers instead of Ryuko's
  • Jossed. Junketsu has Ryuko's blood and Senketsu's life fibers injected into it, to help Satsuki control it better.

Satsuki is trying to shape Ryuko into her rival as a way to test herself

Satsuki is extremely dismissive of Ryuko's attitude and goals whenever they fight, but at the same time she also seems very eager to fight her, especially on an even level. So now I have the theory that Satsuki is trying to build Ryuko into an appropriate opponent to match herself.

Satsuki's goals appear to be a kind of world domination where she reshapes the "pigs" of the world into something better, more befitting her vision, and Satsuki is the one to do this, due to her own clear mental, physical and philosophical superiority. However, if you have nothing (or no-one) appropriate to test yourself against, how can you be completely certain of your own superiority? The corrupt pigs of the world clearly are no match for her, and even those who became her Elite Four were no match for her, though they were worthy of joining her mission, and at this stage they're all too loyal to try and fight her or try to move her from her course. Now enter Ryuko, the only person who really seems to have the ability and the spirit to oppose Satsuki directly (even if for what Satsuki herself sees as petty reasons). She encourages Ryuko to become stronger, both to better her soldiers by giving them an enemy to work against, but also as a kind of measuring stick for herself. In her mind, Satsuki may picture Ryuko as her (potential) Worthy Opponent. If Satsuki can fight Ryuko on equal ground and prevail, it shows that her cause is the more righteous, and also difinitively proves that no one can surpass her. But if someone of equal or greater power can best her, then maybe her goals are as noble and pure as she thought. (Though Satsuki might not be self-aware enough to consider that last bit.)

  • There might be more to that. Satsuki might suffer from Lonely at the Top. There is no one who can count as her equal, no one who can best her in combat, people are either crushed by her or join her side. It's different with Ryuko who not only opposes Satsuki but actually succeeds at that. That actually makes Satsuki happy, for someone who didn't have any worthy opponent her whole life the various fights were probably immensely boring. But now she finally has someone that can bring her joy of fighting an equal. That is also a reason why Satsuki gets incredibly angry any time Ryuko fails to live up to her expectations. She is both angry and afraid that she will lose her worthy opponent and will be lonely again with no real challenge in her life.
  • Jossed. Episode 22 reveals she tried to use Ryuko in order to defeat Ragyo.

The last Ryuko vs. Satsuki will end with a fist fight.
And may be naked while doing so.
  • Jossed While Ryuko did try to punch Satsuki in episode 22. She loses interest after the Elite Four got involved and Satsuki heartwarming speech.

Tsumugu will fly off the handle in the next episodes.
Considering the reveal that not only is Ryuko Ragyo's daughter but she is also part life fiber Tsumugu, who already had a strained relationship with her, will probably get extremely angry. Even if he won't he'll grow extremely suspicious of Ryuko and will watch her like a hawk making their situation is even worse.
  • Jossed he doesn't change at all. In fact he accepts Satsuki as well.

Mako will defeat Nui Harime.
As silly as it sounds, Mako could have the potential to defeat Nui. Because of Mako's influence on Ryuko, she will become a more prominent target to Nui in order to completely destroy Ryuko, and repeat what happened in episode 12 if Senketsu is still there. In episode 13, She even knows to separate Mako from Ryuko before confronting her. However, a few small details found in episodes 5 and 7 may hint that Mako is stronger than she seems. She even manages to slap Ryuko in her berserk form! It's not very possible that Ryuko should be able to fight Nui again due to her psychological torment, but Mako has enough silliness in her that this might just work.
  • Also, Harime's opponents, Sanegayama and Ryuko, were both Goku Uniform wielders and neither of them have won. However, Mako isn't one, so she definitely has the potential to beat her.
  • Well demonstrated in episode 18, where Ryuko advantageously fights Nui with ease. The battle was cut short because of Ragyo's interruption, but we can easily speculate that Ryuko is now easily capable of defeating Nui if she's good enough to wipe the smile off the girl's face.
  • Considering the setup for the Final Battle, this might actually be likely. With both Ragyou and Nui still in action, it's likely that Ryuko and Satsuki will be focusing entirely on Ragyou, leaving Nui to Mako and the Elite Four.
  • Jossed as of 24. Nui decapitates herself and merges with the Original Life Fiber and is absorbed by Ragyo

The combined scissor blades will defeat Ragyo.
With Bakuzan broken in episode 18 and Ryuko's single scissor blade described as less keen than that, having the whole scissor used to fight Ragyo seems like the only option in sight.
  • It seems likely that Ryuko and Satsuki are going to be wielding them together.
    • Half confirmed, half jossed, Ryuko and Satsuki wield them together, but Ragyo commits suicide. Mostly jossed though as it is Ryuko and Senketsu's absorption ability that causes her defeat and not the scissor blades.

Harime Nui has physical control over Satsuki's body
When Nui appears to break the 4th wall by reaching across the split-screen to toy with Satsuki's hair, it is only Nui's hand in the first shot. In the next shot of Satsuki, the hand playing with her hair is clearly not Nui's (she has pink frilly sleeves, whereas the new hand is bare). The first split-screen was a visual metaphor, and Satsuki's own hand is actually mimicking Nui's gesture against her will. This would explain why Gamagoori, Jakuzure and Inu were shocked even though they couldn't see the split-screen gag.
  • This would also explain why the silhouette of Isshin Matoi's murderer more closely resembles Satsuki than Nui - it was Satsuki, acting under Nui's control.
    • This subpoint, at least, is jossed.
  • Nui even says that the two of them are "two hearts beating as one."
    • JOSSED

In the final battle Ryuko will fuse with Senketsu
Rather than wear him like she normally does she will fuse with him, their bodies will become one which will give them an enormous boost in power. It will be like her berserk form but much more elegant and with them firmly in control. It will be also a Deadly Upgrade because it will overwhelm Ryuko's nervous system and will start killing her. It was said that putting Life Fiber inside a living being overwhelms and kills them but at the same time Life Fiber can get much more energy. It stands to reason that fusion would grant Ryuko much greater power but at a risk of losing her life.
  • Jossed. It was still the usual Life Fiber Synchronization.

Satsuki is angry with Ryuko because she sees the girl as a wasteful, petty Born Winner
Bear with me please because this is going to be a bit long.

The things Satsuki respects the most in a person is resolve, strong-will and spirit. What she holds in contempt is weakness and hedonism, wallowing in debauchery and pleasure.

As far as we can tell she actually lives a nearly ascetic lifestyle. The only pleasure we have seen her engage in is drinking Soroi’s tea and even that seems to be bitter with no sugar added. We have not seen her eat sweets, engage in any form of entertainment, it’s almost as if she shunned worldly pleasures altogether. Even her room in the tower is almost bare and bath facilities seem to only have a simple shower, something incomparably more modest than the Kiryuin Manor bath or Two Star baths.

During his fight with Ryuko, Gamagoori stated that "Satsuki’s form is forged of her iron-will and well-trained body". At first glance it seems like a hypocrisy he is using to defend Satsuki’s exhibitionist appearance when she is using Junketsu. He is probably speaking the truth though. While we don’t see it, Satsuki is probably training regularly and her training must be quite arduous to produce the results we see. It is altogether possible that she has been training since very young age.

Altogether we get an image of an extremely focused and strong-willed woman who eschewed all kinds of pleasures and focused solely on her goal. She abandoned everything else.

Now we get Ryuko, a girl who pretty much fell into power, she got Scissor Blade from her father, a weapon that is only marginally inferior to Satsuki’s Bakuzan. Soon after that she got a powerful Kamui and could not only put it on but also use it easily. After her first fight with Satsuki she only continued to grow in power while Satsuki herself began to suffer from just wearing her Junketsu.

And all Ryuko does with all of that power is trying to find the one who killed her father. From the point of view of Satsuki, who dedicated her life to stopping her mother and subjugating the Life Fiber, that is extremely petty. Here is a girl who possesses power comparable to Satsuki’s, girl who pretty much got that power as a present and didn’t have to go through hard training or hardships Satsuki endured and what does she do with all that power? Squander and waste it on something extremely petty.

  • This argument kind of defeats itself. You say that Satsuki would be angry at Ryuko because everything she had just fell into her lap, but she ALSO had her Kamui given to her and unless she forged Bakuzan herself then she had THAT given to her as well. And in the first line, you state that Satsuki respects someone with "resolve, a strong will, and spirit," Ryuko has ALL of those things, and does not live a very luxurious lifestyle herself, even before she moved in with the Mankanshokus. But the biggest detriment to his argument is that for Satsuki to be ANGRY with Ryuko over any of the things you listed above, would, itself, be petty. Dismissive of her? Sure, but not angry. Ultimately, this feels less like a WMG and more like a thinly-veiled bashing of Ryuko's character.
  • The point of that WMG was to attempt an analysis of Satsuki's psyche and Satsuki is a human being, not a peerless, perfect God. She is allowed to be petty or a hypocrite. Satsuki judges the world by herself and her standards so she will be biased against those who oppose her. She has plenty of pride and a big ego which makes her vulnerable to getting angry at someone whom she sees as superior to herself in some aspects. Lastly this WMG was not an attempt at bashing Ryuko, merely an attempt at showing Ryuko through Satsuki's eyes.
    • Either way, it's jossed. Satsuki herself says that all great causes are driven by personal motivation. And her main reason for rebelling against Ragyo (Other than to free humaniy from Life Fibers) is that Ragyo killed her Father and (as Satsuki thought) younger sister.

Tsumugu will use the Life Fiber Bullet to incapacitate Ragyo
They still have that bullet and the situation is bad enough to warrant it's use. The best they can probably hope for is immobilizing or incapacitating Ragyo long enough to be able to escape from her.
  • Jossed. Aikuro and Tsumugu simply attempted to use a combination attack from their DT Rs and failed.

The Scissor blade is meant to be wielded as two halves
Specifically by two people working together, Ryuko and Satsuki.After all, it was pretty ineffective when used by Dr. Matoi, having no decapitation mode or the like.
  • Jossed, they were made to be wielded together.

Nui will backstab Ragyo and become the show's Final Boss.
As of Episode 16, Nui serves as the Grand Couturier for Ragyo's conglomerate. Moreover, Ragyo allows Nui to to act on her own agenda with the excuse of being an artiste. However, Episode 16 reveals that Ragyo's actually collaborator of COVERS, the will of the Primordial Life Fiber. Moreover, Life Fibers are extraterrestrial life forms that accelerated human evolution so that humans would start wearing clothes, allowing Life Fibers to be worn by, and subsequently feed on, humans. If the above WMGs in this section regarding Nui are true, then one could see Ragyo's decision to be an act of utter Genre Blindness. Not to mention if Nui is in fact entirely made of life fibers then she has no reason to stay loyal to the conglomerate since Ragyo is the one following the fibers' will. In short, if Nui is in fact a life-fibers monstrosity, then one should be ready for Ragyo's handling of this psycho to backfire.
  • Jossed as of 24. Nui merges with the OLF which merges with Ragyo.


Satsuki has some sort of connection with Matoi family
It's very slight but when she is told Ryuko's name she is surprised for a moment and then smiles gently. It's a very out-of-character action for someone who was presented as a tough-as-nails badass Hitler-expy. It might just be that she knows Matoi family, maybe even was friends with Ryuko when they were both kids.
  • She reveals later that she's responsible for sending the one who killed Dr. Matoi to the Matoi mansion, ultimately resulting in his death. Though it turned out to be a lie.
    • Mostly confirmed as of episode 18, since Ryuko is the other daughter of Raygo. Also in the following episode it's revealed that Isshin is also her father.

Satsuki isn't the Big Bad and will have a Heel–Face Turn or simply turn into The Rival later on. We'll see the true big bad appear later on.
Having Satsuki remain the big bad over the course of 2 seasons would be hard to pull off. Not to mention that the series is supposed to be about the relationship between Ryuko and Satsuki which would be hard to develop if she simply remained the big bad, or at least the big bad that Ryuko had to chase after. If we follow the precedence of Imaishi and Nakajima's previous 2 cours show (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), there's whole program with the Goku uniforms is most likely a response to some other outside threat - a threat that whoever is the wielder of the other half of the scissor blade may be linked to.

  • Alternately, after Ryuko defeats Satsuki, Satsuki will place Ryuko in charge. Satsuki believes firmly in Asskicking Equals Authority; clearly if Ryuko defeats her, Ryuko is more qualified to be Student Council President. Her philosophy and ideals will then remain completely unchanged, so she settles in as the Token Evil Teammate.
  • Well, clearly Ryuko isn't going to like this, since she refused to be the Fight Club president a few episodes back. She'll probably just give the position of president back to Satsuki anyway. At the very best, Ryuko will just serve as an independent ally of Satsuki if she turns out to be good.
  • The second Opening seems to heavily imply this will be the case, with Ryuko and Satsuki walking down parallel 'paths' that lead to Ragyo. At the very least, we can assume an Enemy Mine scenario.
    • The sequence does show Satsuki being attacked by One-Star students. Of course, this might not mean anything, but knowing Trigger...
  • Confirmed in Episode 17.

Sanageyama will suffer the Worf Effect at the hands of Nui Harime

I'm guessing that before Ryuko will start her final match with the Elite Four, Nui will interupt them and say she wanted to finally meet Ryuko. Sanageyama will get pissed off that Nui is interupting his rematch but Nui kindly dismisses him or else he will get hurt. Sanageyama didn't listen and she uses removes the "needle" Restraining Bolt eyepatch to show her sensory and Power Nullifier eye and quickly eliminates him.Just a guess on her possible introduction.

  • Confirmed. This does actually happen, except that Nui is a tailor and manages to rip out the Banshi (the "core" of a uniform) with her nails, destroying the uniform instantly. Before that, she blocked a strike from him with her parasol, which the characters themselves acknowledge as quite a feat.

Satsuki's true goal is to take on REVOCS herself with Ryuko at her side

It's pretty much known at this point that Satsuki is working towards a new world order. The thing is however, is that REVOCS is pretty much entrenched with the current world order. Furthermore, despite being on the board of directors, Ragyo pretty much doesn't seem to exert much influence on the goings on in Honnoji (outside of providing a way for Satsuki to be in charge). The dialogue between her and Soroi in episode 11 seems to indicate that they are secretly working against REVOCS and that Ragyo may be aware of her plans. Plans which include having Ryuko eventually join her in her fight. Everything so far seems to indicate that she's doing all that she does as a test of Ryuko's resolve as well as a way to make her stronger. Hopefully strong enough to face the people under her mother such as Nui Harime who is able to dispatch a 3-star Goku Uniform wearer with ease. The biggest clue so far is in episode 11 when Satsuki quietly expresses that everything is in Ryuko's hands now as the latter goes to fight Nui Harime. Her worried tone is one of some leaving everything in the hands of a trusted ally, not an enemy.

  • Half-Jossed, as REVOCS is shown to be working towards its own goal of "transforming" the world. Satsuki might still be aiming to stop them; it's not at all clear what her intentions are.
  • Confirmed as of episode 18.

The Elite Four were recruited by Satsuki to act as generals/lieutenants in the fight against her mother.
Think about it; Jakuzure was recruited because of her loyalty to Satsuki, Gamagoori because of pretty much the same reason, and his iron will, Sanageyama because of his fighting ability, and Inumuta because of his computer skills. All of these people (except Jakuzure) once stood against Satsuki and she recruited them for their skills and has spent the past several years making sure that they were loyal to HER and not her mother or REVOCS, all so that she can use them to fight her mother for whatever reasons she needed.
  • All but confirmed by the subtext of episode 17. The scene of the elite four performing a wine toast and smashing their glasses, while barely notable in the western context, has deep roots in east Asian literature. The implication is that this was the plan from day one and they're prepared to carry it out by any means necessary.
    • Confirmed in episode 18.

Satsuki is building an army to attack her mother or some other Greater-Scope Villain using Honuji Gakuen as a base of operations
Almost everything Satsuki does can be explained this way.
  • The One-Star uniforms are foot soldiers, Two-Stars are commanders, Three-Stars are the Generals, and Satsuki is secretly grooming Ryuko to be her Lieutenant.
  • She is taking over the other schools to both increase the size of her forces, but she lacked a worthy second-in-command. Upon meeting Ryuko, she saw a someone who was Not So Different from herself, and an extremely powerful combatant.
  • After watching her gain a decisive victory over two Two-Star students, she donned a Kamui to test Ryuko's strength for herself, and was satisfied with the results.
  • She sent Ryuko after her Two-Stars to build up her strength and to weed out the weak generals.
  • She sent Sanageyama to make Ryuko see how strong her opponents could become, and sabotaged Sanageyama's uniform so that he could not finish Ryuko off.
  • Upon becoming satisfied with Ryuko's strength, Satsuki initiated the Naturals Election to both massively power up Ryuko and discover the flaws in the Uniforms of the Elite Four (as mentioned by the President of the Sewing Club).
  • This is why she was so freaked out when Nui showed up unexpectedly, as it threw a monkey wrench in her plans by setting Ryuko up against a foe she may not be prepared for.
  • The school itself is built for this purpose, it has the high ground, fortified walls, and only one, easily-defendable, entrance.
    • More or less confirmed. She has openly declared war on her mother in episode 17. Though it's unlikely that her life fiber-empowered mooks are going to be a lot of help. Most likely it will be just her and her closest confidantes instead of an army.
    • confirmed as of chapter 18. of course, it didn't work out in the end, but the feeling is what matters.

Satsuki has further plans for Ryuko.

There is no way that Satsuki does anything for no reason. She has said that she knows all about Life Fibers and Isshin's murder; so if she is done with Ryuko, why keep her around and further more, why not fight her? If Satsuki has no further use for Ryuko, then why would she keep her around. Ryuko may wind up mucking up Satsuki's plans if the she stays at Honnouji, she's a total wild card. She may not have plans to team up with her in the future, but she almost definitely has plans to use/exploit Ryuko's power in the future.

  • This could also be why she gave the shredded pieces of Senketsu to her various students/soldiers, to make Ryuko arrive at the various battles for some reason.

  • All but confirmed with Senketsu's reveal in Episode 14 that Satsuki has his last piece, specifically, the 'Syringe Glove' (AKA, the 'Kamui Activation Switch'). Meaning that Satsuki not only wants her at the battle, she wants Ryuko to come straight to her.

  • Confirmed in episode 17; Ryuko's return to Honnouji is part of Satsuki's plan, complete with a deliberate information leak to lure her and Nudist Beach back.

Satsuki is running a Xanatos Gambit of EPIC proportions.
Her plan is to create an army capable of taking on REVOCS/COVERS and the Honnouji Academy Student Body isn't large enough, so she needs the other schools students to form a large enough army, so she sets out to conquer them, but she is not sure that her own forces will be able to cut it, so she created a backup plan. She gave the shredded pieces of Senketsu to various students so that Ryuko would have to intervene and attack the invading Honnouji students and become a hero to them so she could get back the Senketsu pieces, allowing her to use Ryuko as a figurehead to control the other three schools in an invasion against REVOCS/COVERS. If her own forces can win, she has the schools in her control and she has her army, if they cannot, Ryuko repels them, and she has Ryuko lead them by convincing her to attack for the sake of killing Harime Nui, who works for REVOCS/COVERS.
  • Both jossed and confirmed, as Ryuko didn't become a hero figure for the Kansai Schools, but she did force Satsuki to stop the raid in Osaka. As of episode 17, Satsuki went on to stab her mother in the back.

Satsuki's ultimate goal is the the subjugation of Life Fibers.
Her emphasis on will and ambition isn't just a personal philosophy, she truly believes that this is the key to being able to subjugate the Life Fibers instead of being controlled by them as parts of COVERS. Hence the reason she made Honnouji Academy and the social order around it. It's a way for her to create an ordered society with those able to control Life Fibers at the top, weeding out those who's will or ambition isn't strong enough. All of this in a way to create a human society strong enough to resist and subjugate the will or COVERS and the Primordial Life Fiber.
  • This also sets up a nice dichotomy vis-a-vis Ryuko on how to deal with the issue of REVOCS/COVERS and the Life Fibers. Ryuko represents a different way to save humanity, by showing that humans and Life Fibers can coexists as True Companions.
  • This seems unlikely, considering that Satsuki only apparently learned the truth about the Life Fibers in episode 16. Before that she only seemed to know that they are dangerous weapons that need extreme willpower to use. But I wouldn't wonder if she'd adopt this goal now that she knows everything about COVERS.
  • Satsuki didn't know about the exact source, but she knew that Life Fibers require strong willpower to overcome them. She's also aware of COVERS (as seen in episode 13) and is most likely at least partially aware of whatever it is that Ragyo and COVERS plan for all the dormant Life Fiber embedded clothes is.
  • Somewhat Confirmed as of Episode 17. Satsuki and Honnouji are now in open rebellion against REVOCS/COVERS.

SATSUKI will betray RAGYO
Not the other way around, a ton of theories centered around the idea of Satsuki partnering up with Ryuko after she being betrayed by her Mother and REVOCS. However, after learning that Life Fibers are alien life forms and Ragyo's endgame is to have all of humanity consumed by them, Satsuki did not look particularly enthused at that idea. So at the "World Sports and Culture Festival" that Ragyo is throwing as the final stage of her plan, it is possible that Satsuki will betray her mother in an attempt to stop her from allowing humanity to be consumed by Life Fibers.
  • As of Episode 17, it's all confirmed.

Ryuko is a Human/Life Fiber Hybrid
If her mother is either Kinue or Ragyo then Ryuko was born after either of them got infested by the Life Fibers. Unlike her mother she is not controlled by Life Fibers but they are part of her own body. That gives her both a much greater compatibility and resistance to Life Fibers, makes it easier for her to communicate and grants her greater natural power than that of a human. Ryuko has been shown to do things even One-Star Students are incapable of without Senketsu being transformed or even after it was shreded she easily curb-stomped armies of even Senketsu-enhanced students. This also explains why more of her hair turn red when she activates Senketsu, the dormant Life Fiber in her body is being activated.
  • Confirmed as of episode 18

Satsuki and Ryuko's mothers are one and the same
Mostly due to both characters being conspicuously absent in the story thus far. We have seen Satuski's mother briefly, but no sign of Ryuko's yet.
  • Possibly Jossed: Ryuko mentions her mother died when she was young in episodes 7 and 8. Then again, that could turn out to be a lie.
  • Other things possibly backing this up; Satsuki and Ryuko look fairly similar (their faces get put side by side at the end of the intro, so it's easy to compare) and Satsuki's mother has hair like Ryuko's, only the underside is rainbow-coloured, not red.
  • Confirmed in Episode 18, said mother being Ragyo.

Ryuko and Satsuki have the same mother, and she killed Ryuko's father
Natural conclusion of several previous theories.
  • Partially Jossed: Ragyo (Satsuki's mother) did NOT kill Ryuko's father (but it is possible that she is the one who sent Nui after him) but there is no word on weather or not she is Ryuko's mother.
  • Also partially Confirmed in Episode 18: Ragyo is the mother of both girls.
    • Episode 18 confirms that Ragyo was the one who sent the Kill order to Nui and is also Ryuko's mother, and that Isshin Matoi was not her father.
      • This sub point is partially Jossed: in the following episode, it's revealed that Soichiro changed his appearance and name to become Isshin Matoi. So Isshin WAS, in fact, Ryuko's biological father.

The new character, Nui Harime, is the person who killed Ryuko's father.
  • Confirmed!

The silhouette is similar enough, and the preview implies that she may be Ax-Crazy. She may have killed isshin under satsuki (or her mother's) orders.

  • I hope not, that would make her a Stranger Behind the Mask.
  • Nui is probably an assassin working for Satsuki's mother. Revocs (the name on the building she appeared in) was stated by Inumuta to be a clothes manufacturing company, so they could be a group of evil models. There was also a brief flash of clothes in the preview for the next episode, so we might start seeing more of Satsuki's mother as the villain.
  • Confirmed as of episode 11, jossing the other WMG's about the killer in the process.

Satsuki's mother will dethrone her daughter when it comes to being the big bad

It is hinted that she's the one who ordered the assassination, and if we follow the theory that Nui is not the murderer of Isshin Matoi, it would make perfect sense for Ryuko to seek out the bigger bad. And even if it was revealed that she was in fact the assassin, would Ryuko really be the type to stop there ? She would certainly want to know the whys of the situation, and exact her revenge upon the true mastermind of this story.

  • Practically confirmed as of Episode 16. As the episode ends, Ragyo is heading for Honnouji to seal her final victory. Whether Satsuki will end up as The Dragon or a Defector from Decadence remains to be seen.
  • Episodes 17 and 18 confirm this.

Ragyo killed her husband or contributed to his death. Also Bakuzan originally belonged to Satsuki's father
It's quite clear that something traumatic happened to Satsuki when she was small. She is a very different girl in her flashback in 3rd episode and the one Nonon had to their kindergarten days. That something was most likely her father's death or perhaps his escape. That single flashback we see him in is the only time he is ever shown or mentioned. It might be that Ragyo killed him or fed him to the Life Fibers. Alternatively he escaped and is working towards crushing Ragyo as a member of Nudist Beach. We never hear his voice and the only reason for that would be if he was part of the active cast and Trigger wanted to conceal his identity.Back to theory proper, Satsuki was traumatized by the loss of her father and possibly started to plot Ragyo's demise as early as then. She treasures Bakuzan because it belonged to her father.
  • This is entirely possible, As the only two flashbacks in which Satsuki acted like a happy, normal, well-adjusted girl were the ones where she was with her father. And the Fridge Horror section of the site suggests that Satsuki's father was shielding her from Ragyo's sexual abuse. So it is within the realm of possibility that Ragyo killed Satsuki's father BECAUSE she wanted to get at her own daughter and Satsuki's father was stopping her. Causing Satsuki to go through a Trauma Conga Line of losing her father, knowing that her mother killed her father, and then being MOLESTED by her own mother. No wonder Satsuki wants her mother dead.
  • First part confirmed. Second part not confirmed, but heavily implied.
    • And in of episode 19, we learned that Nui killed him, on Ragyo's orders ... because he's Matoi Isshin.

The scissor Blades were made for the specific purpose of fighting the Kiryuin Conglomorate
Ryuko's father is a member of Nudist Beach and created the Scissor Blades for the members to use as weapons to fight. However, the Kiryuin Conglomorate was informed of this, possibly by a Mole, and sent Nui Harime to kill him and steal the weapon. But he managed to somehow keep the red half of the Scissor Blade and gave it to Ryuko for safe keeping so that she might give it to Nudist Beach so they could mass produce it.
  • Confirmed.

Ryuko's highlight is connected to the life threads.
Her hair is red, like the life threads. When she transforms, it gains even MORE red highlights. Obligatory transformation aside, Ryuko's easy synchronization with Senketsu could be connected to this.
  • Possibly confirmed in episode 18. Ragyo takes control of Ryuko and uses Life fibers to control her mind, and Ryuko breaks free of this with her red highlight spinning like a blade to cut the life fibers around her brain (it's REALLY hard to describe unless you have seen the scene.) and when she and Senketsu achieve perfect synchronization later in that episode, both the red highlights in her hair and the red stripes on Senketsu glow bright red.

Satsuki will wear Senketsu at some point
As of Episode 18, Ragyo has taken Junketsu for herself and Ryuko may be incapacitated (probably unconscious) , so Satsuki and Senketsu will work together out of a mutual desire to protect her.
  • Senketsu would also be able to synchronize better with Satsuki compared to any other person since she's Ryuko's sister.
  • As of episode 20, Confirmed. Satsuki dons Senketsu to battle the memory-altered Junketsu Ryuko.

Mako will wear Senketsu at some point.
And perhaps she'll end up turning into a monster like Kinue, Ryuko's maybe-or-maybe-not-mother.
  • Episode 7 featured Mako wearing a Two-Star Goku Uniform to battle Ryuko in order to keep her life of luxury, to Satsuki's desire. Of course, Mako discards it in the end when she realizes Ryuko intentionally offered no resistance to her fight.
  • Partially confirmed, she puts him on in Episode 21, but doesn't activate him.

Nudist Beach and the Elite 4 will team up to rescue Ryuko and Satsuki in episode 19
The Elite 4 want Satsuki back, and now that it has bee revealed that Ryuko is Satsuki's younger sister, Satsuki would probably be furious at them if they left Ryuko behind. Since they will be going up against enormous and terrifying odds, they ask for Nudist Beach's help, as they probably have a vested interest in freeing two of the most powerful warriors in the fight against the Life Fibers.

  • And all the while Ryuko and Satsuki will be trying to escape from the inside of wherever they are being held, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork ensues.
  • Yep. They joined Nudist Beach and fought together ever since.

Ryuko's mother will end up being important
So far there's been no mention of her, and while context suggests she's dead it's odd she hasn't been mentioned at all. Relatedly...
  • Ryuko does mention her mom in Episode 7; apparently, she died when Ryuko was a kid. Which, by the way, basically makes Ryuko an orphan now.
    • As of Episode 18 Ryuko's mother is VERY important to the plot, considering that Ryuko's mother is RAGYO KIRYUIN!

Satsuki and Ryuko's FATHERS are one in the same
The reason there's been no mention of him on the Kiryuin side is because he's already dead and Satsuki's mom keeps a tight lid on the information. He used advanced technology to change his appearance whenever he went between one household and the other. He was a two-timing bastard who only kept up the facade because he actually held affection for his daughters, thus his creating the Kamui for both, but got caught red-handed (probably by Satsuki's mother) and was killed for it, either by whoever found out or by an agent hired by them. This happened while he was Matoi Isshin, thus leading to Ryuko's actions.

Additionally, Satsuki and Ryuko met at some point when they were children and became best friends, but neither was aware of their relationship. Satsuki was never informed of Ryuko's gender, and Ryuko's mannerisms did not help, so she was convinced Ryuko was a boy, developed a crush and made a Childhood Marriage Promise (cluelessly on Ryuko's part), explaining her gentle smile as postulated in an above WMG, as she doesn't care about gender, because, in her own words, what does she care about the values of the Faceless Masses? Why bother typying this paragraph? Because I'm me.

Once the truth of it comes out, both will ally, Ryuko will turn out to be the older one and the ever hierarchical Satsuki will start calling her Oneesama and prompting everything from horror to Nosebleeds to Squee! from everyone, and a great deal more of Ship Tease will follow despite the fact that they are half-sisters.

Supporting facts: Their similar appearances (busty, above-average-height girls with dark blue hair and eyes. Ryuko's red bang comes from her mother), their shared headstrong personalities, their strong will and ability to press on against all hardship, the lack of true development on the front of their parents, inherited research of Kamui from their parents.

Yes, I'm extremely bored right now. Challenge: Given the extraordinarily insane nature of the show, how long will it take the show to prove me horribly, horribly wrong?

  • Might not be that far off target. As of Episode 16, we know that Isshin was working for REVOCS at one point.
  • Cool theory... but Episode 17 is hinting that might not be the case.
  • Episode 18 reveals that Satsuki and Ryuko have the same mother and father. And episode 19 reveals that Isshin Matoi is in fact Soichiro Kiryuin.

Gamagoori is associated with Nudist Beach in some way.
It's said in episode 4 he sleeps in the nude. Former agent? Sleeper agent?
  • Despite the less-than-desirable pun, this one actually holds up pretty well. Satsuki made the academy to create an army of Child Soldier(s) that had a strong resistance to life fibers, and Gamagoori, being the Disciplinary Committee Chair, was the leading force to make sure the students go too out of whack with their uniforms. Being that he was fighting with every ounce of his will against Life Fibers, this might be the best known Justified case of sleeping in the nude known to anime. Also, yes, he straight up joins Nudist Beach.

Kaneo Takarada is part of Nudist Beach, and his family is funding it.
He had the same Mini-Mecha as the Nudist Beach agents and they were also planning to rescue him from Satsuki's forces along with Ryuko. He'll probably have a more significant role after Episode 15.

While we're at it, it's unlikely that it's true, but maybe Kinue was his mother and he's in Nudist Beach to avenge her death.

  • The funding part has been jossed since Episode 16 reveals that Nudist Beach was founded from the royalties Dr. Matoi earned from his patents.
    • Of course, the Takarada Group could still be helping NB with operating costs and material. In Episode 17, the name of the Nudist Beach Mini-Mecha is revealed to be "Dotonbori Robo", after the river in Osaka where they're based.
    • As of episode 20, the Takarada Conglomerate is revealed to have spent every last cent they had on Nudist Beach's trump card: the S.S. Naked sun.

Isshin Matoi is just an older Soichiro Kiryuin.
Soichiro and Isshin are both genius scientists who worked for the Kiryuins before becoming disillusioned and turning against the Conglomerate. They're also the only two people in the show drawn like 70's anime characters.The reason Soichiro wasn't around for most of Satsuki's life wasn't because he was dead, but because he was busy running the resistance and raising his other daughter.
  • There is just one problem with this theory. 13 years ago Soichiro looked like he was around 30 years old. Unless he was actually in disguise as Isshin then it's impossible for him to have aged this much in such a short time. Isshin was already pretty old while working on development of Senketsu which must have happened at least between 5 to 10 years before the series starts. Not to mention that Isshin himself said that scientist reach their peak in their 60s, implying that he is around that age.
  • Close enough, Isshin is Soichiro with plastic surgery.

Nui Harime is a Life Fibers/Human monstrosity
She's a monster who came to exist after a Kamui devoured Tsumugu's S.O. The Kamui have gained human form and some measure of human sapience. That's why she both vomits cotton when struck as well as bleed when cut. She also fervently dislike Prof. Matoi for creating Scissors Blade, since it's the only thing in the world that can kill her (at least in its perfect form).

The monstrosity is obviously more powerful than any Goku Uniform, even the Kamui ones. Kamui are 100% Life Fibers, she's at least 1000% Life Fibers— the human side of her body is also made of Life Fibers. And the monster uses boku because it's aware that it's not a human girl.

  • The part about devouring Tsumugu's sister has been jossed (not to mention that she turned out not to be his S.O), but she is a Life Fiber hybrid.

...but this time will fight alongside Ryuko against a greater foe, be it one of the Elite Four, two or more of the Elite Four, Satsuki, Satsuki and the Elite Four, or whoever is going to end up as the Greater-Scope Villain.

Because, seriously, a girl with enough power to rival Ryuko in a one-on-one fight and possibly even Satsuki, considering the freaking crater she punched into the ground is way too awesome to simply waste on a Fighting Your Friend episode.

  • I would disagree that they're on the same level. Two-star uniforms have never been on par with a Kamui. Also, Ryuko could have easily been just as brutal with Mako like she is with the other club captains, but she wasn't. She was holding back and trying not to hit her friend, so she was not fighting at full power at all. Yes, Mako is very strong with the two-star uniform (she punched a crater out with her full strength, for crying out loud), just not as strong as Ryuko and Satsuki (they created craters by just stepping with a few kilometers of each other).
    • I think what's important, is that she punched a FRIGGIN CRATER with a 2 star! Imagine what she could do with a 3 star! To me that says she's got a lot of power, more than any other student to wear a 2 star, so logically if she got a 3 star or god forbid a friggin Kamui, she could really do some damage. Not as powerful as Ryuko or Satsuki, but still. No normal 2 star can draw blood from Ryuko in full synchronization, her base defenses, which is all she used against the Boxing club president to block his shots to her gut, can completely null every other 2 star BUT Mako.
  • I think she'll wear an 1-star with Senketsu's pieces that'll talk to her somehow.
  • She does briefly wear Senketsu in Episode 21, though she doesn't activate him.
  • Confirmed in episode 22 with the return of her 2-star uniform.

Ryuko will, after killing Nui, learn how to Dual Wield with the purple Scissor Blade
This series already runs on Rule of Cool, so why not?
  • And probably use the combined Scissor Blade for finishers.
    • The second OP shows the two halves coming together at the end of the OP
    • As of Episode 18, Satsuki's Bakuzan has been destroyed and she has teamed up with Ryuko and Nudist Beach... Sort of The other Scissor Blade might come into her possession as a replacement for Bakuzan.
  • Confirmed as of episode 22, though Nui is still alive.

The Naked Sun will transform into something even greater
Probably a giant blade or a mecha. The thing is, usually when characters, weapons etc. are introduced their names appear in red kanji. For Naked Sun however white ones were used. This might suggest that it has not achieved its Final Complete Form yet.
  • Confirmed in Episode 23—it turns into a blade that, with the help of Mako and the other former club leaders, pierces the outer shell of the Original Life Fiber!

Satsuki will eventually wield the other Scissor Blade
Possibly what's going on in the new opening, or maybe not. It's a chance.
  • Seems Jossed as of episode 22. Ryuko is Dual Wielding.
    • Confirmed, episode 24 gave us Satsuki and Ryuko holding both scissor blades, cutting Ragyo to pieces.

This is a simple concept to get behind, so I’m going to go the the extra mile: Ryuko will then combine the two halves again (double points if the purple blade becomes a matching red) and cut Ragyo Kiryuin’s head clean off. Because…

Satsuki will take up the other half of the scissor blade
One of the most common WMGs is that Satsuki will join forces with Ryuko to take down the Greater-Scope Villain of the series. So wouldn't it make sense to give Satsuki a weapon to match? Once Ryuko manages to defeat Niu, Satsuki will take up the blue half of the scissor blade and she and Ryuko will fight against REVOCS/Satsuki's Mother/whoever the Greater-Scope Villain is.
  • Bonus points: The blue Scissor Blade even matches the blue-and-while color scheme of Satsuki's Kamui
  • The question is, does she really need the blue half? It was outright said that her Bakuzan is even sharper than a Scissor blade. If anything taking up the other half of Scissor blade would weaken her because it would be inferior to her current weapon.
  • As of episode 18, the Bakuzan is broken
  • Bakuzan remains usable afterwards despite being broken when Nudist Beach reforges them into a normal blade and a short blade, which is wielded by Sanageyama and Nonon respectively until they are returned to Satsuki in episode 20.
  • Seems Jossed. Episode 22 shows Ryuko Dual Wielding both Scissor Blades. Satsuki is using the reforged Bakuzan in a similar manner.

Harime Nui is not human, or used to be.
While pleading with Ryuko to unleash her Kamui's full strength, Harime questions how Ryuko misjudges her cutesy looks, implying that her goth-lolita fashion is *not* the default. She's dismissive of anything short of a Kamui or it's wearer, dispatching & insulting Sangaeyama, and stating to Ryuko directly that she does not wear a Goku Uniform. Harime seems inhuman, not just insane — her power & bizarre features (her Banshi-shearing fingernail especially) may be hints of her being something beyond even the title and status as Grand Coutrier. Also, it's clear that most all Goku Uniform development has been a succession of risky and potentially deadly trials. Harime could be the result of another uniform experiment gone horribly wrong at REVOCS, either as a "ultimate" uniform or a developer-gone-mad (a precursor to the Kamui?)

  • Confirmed. She was born from the original Life Fiber using an artificial womb, so she's not human.
    • Ragyo called Nui her daughter, so probably Ragyo provided the D.N.A. and the Primordial Life Fiber provided the womb to produce the hybrid Nui.

Mako will befriend Satsuki in the same way she befriended Ryuko
Wether she likes it or not. Once Mako decided she wants to be your friend, it's not like the other person really has a choice in the matter.
Ryuko was also infused (only a little bit) with the scissor blade.
  • This explains how her red hair strand was able to cut through the life fibers that controlled her mind

The school is a giant mecha.
The school looks so much like a sailor uniform. There is the possibility that it's simply stylistic choice. But I have the strange feeling that it's going to get up and start walking around before the series ends.

Ryuko was also infused a little bit with the scissor blade.
This is how her red hair was able to cut through Nuis mind control.

Sanbika was originally meant to be the ending song.

[WMG: As confirmed in the OVA: Senketsu may not be dead after all.]

Aikuro Mikisugi is a direct homage/reference to Geek Boy.
Geeky guy (as a disguise) on the outside? Check. Hot smexy dude on the inside? Double check.


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