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Nightmare Fuel / Kill la Kill

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As a Nightmare Fuel page, all spoilers on this page are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • How Senketsu's transformation looks from the outside. First he begins to bloat up creating what seems to be teeth around the openings (sleeves, neck, bottom of the shirt, upside of the skirt, frills of the skirt). Then he bloats up even bigger with Ryuko visible in his mouth. Then he seems to jam his mouth shut with Ryuko's head and hands sticking out between his "teeth". Then he presses himself together vertical and then horizontal still with Ryuko visible. Finally he forms into her combat outfit, his teeth disappearing. All while blood is spitting out. While it doesn't seem to be all too painful, Ryuko looks visibly exhausted. Both members of the student council witnessing it are a bit disturbed. The transformation sequence after Ryuko fully "accepts" Senketsu looks considerably less painful until Ryuko's berserker rage, that is.
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  • The whole of Episode 12 after Ryuko, consumed by fury and already in her Roaring Rampage of Revenge, causes Senketsu to lose control, and ultimately mutates both him and Ryuko into this hideous, mindless, howling monstrosity that looks more like something out of The Thing or a David Cronenberg work than anything else. In some shots, it's clear that Ryuko's neck isn't connected to her spine any more, and the "horns" coming out of the top of her head are actually her bottom teeth cutting through her skull. Then she gets the Cool Down Hug, and everything's better! Except instead of a quick, sparkling change back; we see in black-on-red silhouette as her body very slowly twists itself back into a proper shape, with more groaning and sobs of pain, and the very unsubtle popping and snapping of joints and ligaments as they are bent back in place.
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  • The fate of those that are overpowered by Kamui is to be made into clothing and consumed.
  • The sudden Nightmare Face Nui gives Mako. And every one after that, especially her expressions while the stumps of her arms spray blood on Hououmaru's expressionless face - first she has a completely manic expression, and then when Hououmaru warns her about Ragyo's possible reactions, Nui's face becomes terrifyingly blank briefly, as she rejects the possibility of needing to explain her predicament. Said Nightmare Face is even worse in the home video version (which provides the current page image) because she now has teeth to go with it.
  • Ragyo Kiryuin is a massive case of this and Tear Jerker for how she can have no disregard for life. The way she treats her daughters is monstrous, molesting them and discarding Ryuko as a baby. Not to mention she controls virtually the whole world.


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