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Nico nico nii!

Let's just say that Love Live has a lot of material to work with given that it is a popular multi media franchise filled with expressive characters, Adorkable voice actresses, awesome music, cute outfits and enough Les Yay to massively fill three pages.

Please add entries in the following format:
  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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     Love Live! School Idol Project 
  • Todokete, setsuna sa ni wa... Explanation 
    • Fans at the live concerts activating high-intensity Ultra Orange glowsticks at the start of "Snow Halation"'s final chorus, as seen here.
  • Nico nico nii! Explanation 
    • "Nico-nico-niii" is NOT ALLOWED on PayPalExplanation 
    • Nico Nico KNEE!Explanation 
    • Say [X] again, and I'll break your nico nico kneecaps!
  • Kotori's photobomb in the anime's opening hasn't gone unnoticed by the fan base. Images such as this have surfaced. The 6th PV even has her repeating the act.
    • This is even further lampshaded in the official μ's →NEXT Love Live! 2014 ~ENDLESS PARADE~ pamphlet, where on Aya Uchida's message page, she is doing the same in the bottom left of the page.
    • She does it again in episode 13 of season 2.
    • It should be noted that Kotori's photobomb goes all the way back to the first PV, as seen here.
  • Maki's "Imi wakannai (I don't understand!)" and "Betsuni (dunno)" lines is also considered as one of her "special" charms for the non-Japanese foreign fans.
  • Kotori the birdExplanation 
    • Taken Up to Eleven with the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon, in which Grass-type bird starter Rowlet shares a similar color scheme with Kotori (its shiny version even shares Kotori's image color — mint green) and even does the Kotori photobomb in Pokemon Refresh. In addition, Maki and Umi also get the same treatment with the other starters Litten and Popplio, respectively.
  • Rin is often portrayed as Azazel in disguise due to their similar hairstyle.
  • Umi's poker face.Explanation 
  • Nozomi's "parfait face". Explanation 
    • Because of this, the word "Parfait" is now considered as a sexual innuendo by the fans.
  • Go EDM somewhere else Explanation 
  • "Haha Rin Boi" Explanation 
  • "Awesome sauce!" Explanation 
  • Washi washiExplanation 
  • smol nozoomyExplanation 
  • "It doesn't seem like you have a girlfriend, and I don't think you'll get one"Explanation 
  • Due to Eli's (and to a minor extent: Arisa's) background as part-Russian, expect her to become a poster girl for anything Russian (such as her ability to rule with the power of dictatorship, doing "Rush B" as her strategy) and/or Gopnik stereotypes (such as her doing squats while wearing tracksuits, or her major addiction to vodka) in many fans' eyes.
  • Since the second season's second episode, fans almost eventually believed that rich people like Maki own a ceiling fan. note 
  • Like Hirohiko Araki, Yoshino Nanjo's young-looking appearance in her 30's leads her to be called a "vampire who is forever 17" by her fans.
  • Maki is Knuckles Explanation 
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter. Explanation 
  • µ's is DeadExplanation 
  • A render of a younger version of Umi from the kindergarten flashback scene serves as one of the materials for the "Can I Get Uhhh" meme.
  • 6/9Explanation 
  • One of the joke "interpretations" of Honoka portrays her as having god-like abilities, such as having the ability to control the weather (she shouts at the sky hard enough to make rain disappear) and being a time-traveler (the mysterious girl she meets in The Movie is at least somewhat implied to be a future version of herself, although this is never elaborated on).
  • Futa(na)ri Happiness (NSFW) Explanation 
  • The Nebukawa train station on where µ's stood by in the 2nd Season's 11th Episode is infamously known as the location where Idols disband.
  • Fans also alternated the nicknames for several duo songs, more or less homo-erotically punny:
    • NicoMaki: Zurui yo Magnetic Togay
    • UmiEli: Storm in Gay(er(s))
    • NozoEli: Gayrasu no Homozono, or Gayrasu YES Homozono.
  • The School Idol Movie also spawned some memes after it's release in the West:
    • "Yes. We are school idols! We are called µ's." note 
    • "Ah, Honoka na..." Explanation 
      • "Ah, Chika na..." if one both refers a similar ending to Aqours in their own movie...which also resulted in a meaningless chorus as well.
    • Ima ga saikou! Explanation 
    • The Nozospin, where Nozomi does a little spin during the song ?<-HEARTBEAT in the movie. Also done by her voice actress in the Final Live, and her Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari card also depicts her doing it.
  • April Feels Explanation 
  • Since the reveal of a picture of Eli's cover for the ''Solo Live! collection Memorial BOX III'' album, references of a certain Doki Doki Literature Club! meme went flying. To say which one would be spoilery to that visual novel.
  • DENDENDEN!!! Explanation 
  • After Suzuko Mimori was revealed to have been dating Okada, a.k.a., "The Rainmaker", memes of Umi dating an animated version of Okada began spreading online immediately after the fact. Other than that, it's common to see how both Umi's and Mimorin's moderate fans (and sometimes non-fans) get to make fun of the fans who have crushes on either one of them by bringing up Okada every time either Umi or Mimorin is being talked about.
    • And now that Mimorin has confirmed that they are married, expect more memes of this sort to pop up. Like Umi's face become Kanan/Chihaya as result of Umi's VA married or funeral of Ucchi and Mimorin's pair.
  • Zenkai no Love Live! Note  is a popular song among the Japanese that it had become a staple challenge in Emitsun Fight Club, wherein Emi Nitta (Honoka's VA) had to sing ad lib to the song.
  • Umi Episode Never. Explanation 
  • This GIF from one of the songs in the movie. Explanation 
  • This GIF from Happy Maker at the end of the anime is often used as a reaction image for celebrating something.
  • "What's wrong with Honoka-chan?" Explanation 
  • In a very minor extent: If one reads the resources from Dengeki G's, Eli originally had 2 brothers before they're written off, which also made some of them jokingly assume that Arisa (the only on-screen sibling) is a crossdresser.
  • MAY BOYPREN NA Explanation 
    • Later mutated to MAY ASAWA NAExplanation  after Mimorin's reveal that she's already married to Okada.
  • Thanks to Nyannyancosplay's cosplay seen on Tik Tok, some fans ironically view cheerleader Nico as the "Hit or Miss" girl.
  • Despite being a third year high school student and due to her small stature, Nico is occasionally viewed as jailbait.
  • SHAMELESS / 破廉恥です Explanation 
  • Nozomi is also often compared with the MILF (Sera's mother) from Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi (an R-18 comic later animated).
  • "Press F for A-RISE" Explanation 
  • Oh shit a guy Explanation 

     Love Live! Sunshine!! 
  • You Watanabe's official English spelling of her first name has the same spelling as the English pronoun, creating a lot of puns on various websites.
    • You (not Watanabe)Explanation 
    • Also, You's "Watashi?"note  is often used as a(n adorably catchy) response when her name is mentioned by the fans.
  • Kanan is always Right. Explanation 
  • "Ninenbu~uri desuka!" (It's been two years!) Explanation 
  • Mirai zura! Explanation 
  • Buu buu desu wa! Explanation 
  • Kan kan mikan! Explanation 
  • Chika being referred to as a walking, talking mikan and vice versa thanks to her design and association with the orange is something of an endearing joke about her among the fandom.
  • IT'S JOKE. Explanation 
    • It isn't joke.
  • SHINY!!! Explanation 
  • Riko seems to have a meme associated with her each week, especially whenever her very expressive reaction faces are concerned. Her VA is also a source of memes among the fandom to a certain extent. See below for some of the memes associated with her.
  • Yohane has a nose!Explanation 
  • Kanan having very little screentime in the first 7 episodes has made people ironically say that she doesn't exist.
    • You tends to be treated as this as well for having very "minimal" screen time in the second season despite being 5 episodes in. It gets to the point that You is degraded as a supporting character by the fans, and when she appeared in the 3rd ending credits sequence in the 4th Episode (which focused on Dia), fans believe that this was the final nail to her screentime's coffin.
  • Many fans also see one of Yoshiko's (and the rest of her Guilty Kiss cohorts) "fallen angel" postures as "dabbing".
  • Riko's Motherly Side Plait-ish hairstyle in Season 1, Episode 10 made the fans joke (or concern) that she would potentially die.
  • You became this, either as humorous and mostly tragic:
    • After Riko's love confession to Chika in Episode 10, some fans rewrote You Watanabe's personality as a Yandere character, which consists of her getting revenge on Riko to take back Chika's love (or in several occasions, Yoshiko's since the 2nd season's 5th Episode), due to the YouHane ship from various fans and recently: from the song Jimo Ai ♡ Mantan ☆ Summer Life), making her somewhat a Memetic Psychopath, almost exactly like how Kotori was portrayed in the previous series.
    You: Well, how do I say it...Something inside my body is knocking and is trying to take me over. It feels like my negative thoughts are going to explode...I can only say tsukkomi responses...for now..."short laugh"
  • Like You, Dia also became this:
    • Dia's over-the-top reactions early in the first season are also used by fans for replying to people who (ironically, or unknowingly) mispronounced µ's as "U's" or "Muse (although this was once the correct romanization UNLESS you're talking about the other uses of it)", Aqours as "Aquors (or "Apours" in the Japanese news channel, or even the erroneous "Aqour" on one of the knightblade straps for the 2018 Aqours 3rd Love Live! Tour ~WONDERFUL STORIES~ live concerts)", making her a Memetic Berserk Button.
    • Apart from this, Dia also became a subject for the Memetic Loser trope: she also tends to be seen as a Third Wheel of the trio. School Idol Festival even twisted the knife by cutting out her solo part from its version of Mijuku Dreamer, which was the third-year trio's debut as part of Aqours. Taken Up to Eleven since Season 2, Episode 11, which she had no one left to get near with. Not even her voice actress is safe from this in the Niconamas and in some photos.
    • Dia also tends to be portrayed as a sis-con to Ruby, either as comical or Incest Yay Shipping types.
    • Dia being portrayed as an extremely obsessed Eli fan is also popular among the fandom.
      • Also: "Eli-sama!"
    • Though somewhat short-lived, the short-haired Dia is also popular in the fan art community.
    • Dia's butt got a lot of attention for a while thanks to how it was given emphasis on this cover art from Sunshine's Third Fan Book.
  • Some fans took advantage of Riko's cynophobia (fear of dogs) by replacing Shiitake with other things that is named after the dog (Mushrooms, or even a Japanese Chocolate brand). However, the joke is likely to met it's fall after the fact that she got over her fear in the 2nd Season's 5th Episode (plus she had a pet pug named Prelude in the 13th Episode). However, take note that this would resurface anytime soon.
  • After Season 1 Episode 4, Hanamaru tends to be portrayed as a person who randomly deactivates any device she touches. While this was jossed as she is able to use a smartphone, it doesn't stop fans from repeating the joke ad nauseam.
  • Like the rest of the Anime/Manga Token Mini-Moe characters, and from all of the Aqours members: Ruby of ALL the first years is extremely infamous for having a tendency for being treated as an instant jailbait due to her childlike persona, regardless if she’s a child or a first year. This ultimately resulted on the fans portraying her as a girl with an "extremely heavy-handed" protection from any perverted male fans (Which is caused by Dia herself, but they would occasionally include her as the target due to her "Sis-con" tendencies), which is accompanied with response pictures or gifs of Police with/without their cars or the SWAT Team storming.note 
    • Ruby's VA (Furihata Ai), also falls into this even though she's in her 20's. And again, like the rest of μ's seiyuu, this is most likely that she will become forever linked to the character.
      • And true to form, the police/SWAT/"FBI, open up!" memes came out in force when Furirin released her first gravure photo book.
    • This also applies to other Aqours and/or µ's members' younger selves (including their voice actresses) as well. note  (Chika's mother is also this, in a very lesser extent.)
  • Unlike the previous series, Sunshine!! had developed a fairly strong number of Neto Rare-themed memes due to Chika, Riko, & You's relationships (which sometimes goes under the title "Love Live! NTR Project"):
    • For You's (the main sufferer of this), see above.
    • After Season 1, Episode 10, Riko tends to be seen as a "couple destroyer" by the shippers, for which they gave her the nickname "Redhead Bitch" or, among her fans, the "NTR/Cuckold/Harem Queen".
    • One word: Chi-Cuck.
    • "Love Live is also an NTR Anime."
  • Based on her first appearance in the Anime, Fans tends to see Yoshiko's hair bun as her "true sentient form", with the human body as her "host".
  • A number of fans noticed Hanamaru's resemblance with Yui from Tamashii Insert (it's a hentai manga later animated), due to their similar hair, eyes & bust.
  • OHIRU TABETE, also known as 1:44Explanation 
  • A stock photo of FuRyu's Nuigurumi Mascot ~Sanensei~ Mari Ohara plush is this thanks to a fan from a Facebook group. Before it eventually expands into a material for various memes, the doll begins as a variant of the "Perhaps" meme used for Barnyard's Otis the cow.
    • And due to her Italian-American mixed blood, Mari herself has become a walking memetic millennial by many.
  • The numbers Zero (0) and Ninety-Eight (98) can become an instant Tear Jerker button for Chika.
  • FUCK. Explanation: 
  • Everything about Sunshine's April Fools' puppet show in 2017. 'Everything'.
    • KORAAAAA! Nani shitteru no? Explanation 
  • From Season 2 Episode 4, a scene of the dolphin's head partially submerged behind Dia before diving back down as Dia turns her head around has instantly become a meme consisting of the dolphin mocking her.
  • An UR Card of Mari taking a selfie while poking Dia's cheek, released in mid-November 2017, also became a subject of Photoshop by fans within a few days of its release.
  • Smug Riko Explanation 
  • "Nocturne", or "Laelaps"? Explanation 
  • Who will be the top/X-Top or Y-Top?" Explanation 
  • GangBangRubyExplanation 
  • Chika donning the winter face mask has become a subject of Counter-Strike-themed (and by extension, criminal/bank robber/terrorist-themed) memes.
  • The reveal of the official Sunshine!!-themed Hand (fidget) Spinners in December 2017 had made some fans began to create mock-up merchandise ads like the "Mari Ohara Vibrator", "Ruby Kurosawa Brass Knuckles", "Yoshiko Tsushima All Purpose Gear", or even the "You Watanabe Dildo!".
  • The reveal of the Natsu e no Tobira Never end ver. outfits had made fans associate them with sushis, notably Hanamaru's due to a similarity with a tamago sushi.
  • White Taco (and by extension, My Taco) Explanation 
  • Chika's Center-stealing Powers Explanation 
  • As with Maki's Tsundere lines, Kanan's hands-behind-head posture (which is a very frequent pose) is also considered as a(n unusual) Charm Point by the fans.
    • Speaking of unusual charm points: The sleeveless outfits on the show, combined with the Hands-behind-head (or any other arm) posture, also resulted in a strong ignition of the armpit fetishism.
  • Everything Rikako "Rikyako" Aida (Riko's seiyuu) draws, thanks to how her drawings are hilariously bad yet somewhat cute, ranging from the elephant she drew in the niconama, to the dog, which was also featured in the anime, and recently, to the otter...thing she drew for her "Marugoto Rikako" show have all become instant memes in the fanbase.
  • Sexy Home Tutor. When referenced, expect a member of Aqours to recreate Ai Furihata's poses in the infamous sketch.
  • Suwa's Harem Explanation 
    • First wife: Aina "Ainya" Suzuki, for being the first member that Suwawa captured.
  • Speaking of Ainya, her voice is always at 100% volume. Explanation 
  • The shipping between Yoshiko's and Riko's moms takes the "You're Mom Gay" jokes in an extremely literal way.
  • Doubling as a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment; various Vietnamese Love Livers joked about Hanamaru's literal translated name: Flower Circle ("花"and"丸"), which is also used as a name for the funeral wreath in Vietnamese culture. Not helped to the fact that Hanamaru's mother had a Motherly Side Plait, which is seen as a "Hairstyle of Death". (Though Hanamaru mentioned that she's alive and well)
  • "Aida-san can do X"! note 
  • Fans also made fun of Rikako's cooking due to her making a burger within 3 Episodes, which also applied to her other things she do.
  • The title of the Sunshine movie Over the Rainbow reignited a lot of Les Yay jokes.
  • Aqours shuugou! Bangou! Explanation 
  • Leah drinking coffee while angry. Explanation 
    • From the same episode, we also have the Imagine Spot where the first years form a fake idol group with Leah that happens when the girls worry about why they didn't come with them. Pictures from the sequence are frequently posted online by fans.
  • "Give up!" Explanation 
  • A strip of Yoshiko licking her laptop monitor from a doujin titled "Shico Rico Douga" (warning: NSFW) also became a meme template.
  • Riko-chan BEEEEAAAAMMM!!! Explanation 
    • Became an Ascended Meme when Riko yells "Riko-chan Laser BEEEEAAAAMMM!!!" in the Guilty Kiss song, "New Romantic Sailors".
  • Owing to Riko's reputation as Aqours's resident Launcher of a Thousand Ships, jokes about how Love Live Sunshine is less about Aqours saving Uranohoshi than it is more about Riko's quest to create the perfect all-female harem has been getting a surge in popularity among the fandom lately thanks to the anime and other official media (unofficially) supporting the idea itselfnote  by putting Riko in ship teasey pictures and moments with almost every single Aqours member evernote .
  • "Love Live Sunshine is a fighting game now!"Explanation 
  • "Mr. Takami can't hold this much longer!/Mr Takami's Comin' Atcha!" Explanation 
  • A pre-release example: Some of the fans portray Tsuki as a male (mostly for amusement) until both the final cut and the music video uploaded by the series' official YouTube channel reveals her true gender, which eventually turns this into a permanent Discredited Meme.
  • Several fans quickly pointed out comparisons to Citrus when it comes to several Fanons of Mrs. Sakurauchi and Tsushima remarrying to each other with Yoshiko and Riko becoming stepsisters.
    • Speaking of Citrus, Eli and Umi are sometimes seen as Yuzu and Mei's School Idol counterparts.
  • The reveal of Akiko Yajima voicing Mari's mother has led a few Japanese fans to create 4komas/fanarts of her in the style of Crayon Shin-chan.
  • '"Mari's Mother desu!" Explanation 
  • After the reveal of Sarah's dislike to Broccolinote , many fan artists took advantage to her weakness by drawing her with the said vegetable.
  • Chika the Disney Princess. Explanation 
  • Onti999's depiction of Mari having two mothers (one based on her original, brunette-haired appearance in Season 2, Episode 10, and the other based on her appearance in the movie) also gained some following on Twitter. The fanart is hashtagged as both "#오하라세가족" and "#小原三人家族".
  • Pai Pai Deka Melon (ぱいぱいでかめろん) Explanation 
  • "Chika/Shuka Blyat!" Explanation 
  • Sarah with a lightsaber Explanation 
  • The Brightest Earthquake Explanation 
  • The reveal of the "Dance with Minotaurus" song included in the Mitaiken HORIZON single had fans slapping actual dancing Minotaurs with Aqours in fanart.
  • Thanks to the infamous "GamerGirl Bath Water" by Bell Delphine, many fans jokingly see the Love Live-branded Ramune drinks (or the Nijigasaki-themed slime) as one of theirs.
  • "EAT PIE, SAY EAT PIE"Explanation 
  • This illustration of Kanan in the October 2019 issue of Dengeki G's, holding an N-shaped object, made many fans spew out "Don't Say The N-Word/N-Word pass" jokes. Explanation 
  • "Hey, sisters!" "Hey, teacher!" note 
  • "Rikako! Rikako! Rikako! Rikako!" Explanation 
  • "Riko! Yoshiko! Sangakuflask (Triangular/Erlenmeyer Flask)!" Explanation 
  • Horse RikakoExplanation 
  • Initial D is synonymous with eurobeat so when an actual eurobeat song ("JIMO-AI Dash!") was previewed, fans already started putting the song over anime clips and other car drifting videos.
  • The popularity and utter weirdness that is Ruby's "Cotton Candy Ei-Ei-Oh!" solo MV has quickly turned it into a Fountain of Memes for people to exploit due to the whacky and outright bizarre hijinks happening in that video.
    • "YOSHI YOSHI WASSHOI!"Explanation 
    • Ruby unexpectedly eating Dia in the MV also quickly caught the eyes of numerous viewers.
    • The MV's downright bizarre art style and deranged animation have made fans joke that eating cotton candy is Ruby's equivalent of taking drugs which explains why her MV is that way.
  • CUT ME IN HALF DIA-SAMAExplanation 

     Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 
  • Mere minutes after the anime's first PV came out, this shot of Yu and Ayumu standing in front of the Nijigasaki School Idol Club's poster quickly became an exploitable meme where either the poster's image, the background, or both are changed into something more hilarious. Case in point, just a few of the notable ones here, here, and here.
  • For whatever reason, Yu has a hilariously deadpan expression in her initial character artworks for the Nijigasaki anime adaptation despite being very passionate and excitable about school idols, which definitely didn't go unnoticed by fan art.
  • Fans have commonly expressed that Yu is a self-insert of themselves, resulting in many jokes such as fans partaking all Yu's interactions in the anime.
  • Ayu-pyon/Ayu-bunExplanation 
  • Speedrun recordExplanation 
  • "侑ちゃん 刺される" or "Yu-chan's gonna get stabbed"Explanation 
  • "HITORI DAKE NANTE ERABENAI YO-!!!!"(ヒトリダケナンテエラベナイヨー)Explanation 
  • After Episode 9, jokes about Karin's habit of easily getting herself lost and being hilariously bad at following easy directions spawned memes of her getting lost in other series franchises by having her be photoshopped in screenshots of said franchises.
  • Ayumu Uehara disliked this video.Explanation 
  • Haha Ayumu cuckExplanation 
  • School Idol Days 3Explanation 
  • "Is Setsuna-chan more important to you than me?!"Explanation(Spoilers!) 

     Love Live! School idol festival 
  • All Perfects and a C.Explanation 
  • 4th place, Full Combo.Explanation 
  • Getting 1 Good near the end. Explanation 
  • 1 SR Pull. Explanation 
  • #LoveLiveWins Explanation 
  • H*noka Explanation 
  • KLab Hates **noka. Explanation 
  • Soldier Game FC with sausages. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: someone managed to get a Full Combo on one of the hardest Expert songs playing with sausages. Watch it for yourself.
  • The Umi Bloodbath, EliRin Massacre, and KotoMaki events. Explanation 
    • The KotoMaki event is also notable for spawning two memes in relation to it: "Doing Your Best is Suffering" (based on the name of the event proper) and HEY HEY HEY MITE YO (based on the intro of "CheerDay CheerGirl, the event's featured song, to the point where even mentioning the song title or the opening lyrics of the song will give players who were into that slog PTSD)
  • A common meme is getting a notification in the middle of a song, and having the sound effect or toast notification disrupt the player's concentration (and more often not, a Full Combo), and—if it was a message from someone—the player subsequently getting angry at the sender (despite the sender having possibly no way of knowing that the recipient was in the middle of a game). It gets worse if the notification lags the player's device. Most modern smartphones running current OS versions usually have a mode to silence notifications, something that many players either don't know or forget to do in advance.
  • KLab hates Pana.Explanation 
  • Haha No UR Explanation 
  • Ruby's line "I'm carrying so many books" while holding a cake note  is often compared to Fighbird's "Is this a Pigeon" meme.
  • Awaken the PTSDExplanation 
  • Super Succ / Ultra SuccExplanation 
  • This unidolized Umi card is also used as a decline-based responses or memes.
    • Many cards can potentially become the subject of various edits due to awkwardness or silliness on how they are portrayed in their cards.
  • You can frequently find several snowcloned memes lamenting the player's complete frustration regarding the game's luck or their upset reactions on other players getting URs.
  • If an event gives players the ability to use stamps (such as Score Match, Companion Match or Rhythmic Carnival), expect people to spam stamps of the following: "Nico nico ni", "Chun chun", "Mirai zura!", "Pigiii!" and "SHINY!"
  • GO GO, AQOURS! Explanation 

     Love Live! School idol festival ALL STARS 
  • Karin's interjection (Ara, ara) boosted her into popularity thanks to the said interjection eventually becoming a popular fad for the Anime fandom in 2019.
  • The reveal of official artwork depicting Rina in a virgin-killer sweater also sparked declarations of protection, police-themed responses and related memes, just like Ruby Kurosawa.
  • Because ALL STARS lets you change the characters dancing in the background based on the team that you have, fans started using different songs with different characters with the end result being funny. Out of all the songs, "Starlight" Explanation  is the most popular due to being Hotter and Sexier, hilarious or both. Bonus points if you make either Ruby or Rina dance it in a live. After Shioriko officially joins the roster of playable school idols, the act of having every single playable character dance to "Starlight" is now infamously known as the "Starlight Initiation".
    • Other popular songs used in this manner are "Diamond" Explanation  and "Doki Pipo Emotion" Explanation . Bonus points if you make the serious characters (Eli and Dia are the most popular choices) dance to it.
    • Shippers didn't waste any time to put their favorite couple/s in songs with Les Yay scenes.
  • It didn't take long to find fanart of the girls stuffing their faces with macarons.Explanation 
    • Became an Ascended Meme when Agupon, Nacchan and Kaorin ate macarons as their reward for the party games during the October 9, 2019 livestream.
    • Episode 9 of the anime also briefly featured the first-years eating macarons, another nod to the meme.
  • Rina's "Rina-chan Board"Explanation  is a popular subject of Photoshop and fanart by fans.
  • Ayumu's bunny outfit from the Exciting Animal Set is very popular among fans and can be considered an Iconic Outfit for her, just days after the reveal.
  • Nana vs NanaExplanation (spoilers!) 
  • Like You Watanabe, Yu Takasaki and Ai Miyashita's first names sound like the English pronouns, leading to a lot of puns.
  • Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Civil WarExplanation (Season 2 spoilers!) 
  • Rina's blonde harem or Rina, the blonde hunterExplanation (Minor season 2 spoiler!) 
  • Ed Sheeran joins the School Idol Club.Explanation 

Several Japanese fan artists cross Love Live! with other Sunrise franchises, notably the Gundam franchise.
  • Some fans compare Nozomi and Eli with some other Gundam pairings (like Char and Garma, McGillis and Gaelio, Full Frontal and Angelo, etc.) due to their similar hair colors.
  • The reveal of The Sunshine!! Movie: Over the Rainbow. Cue Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn jokes.Explanation 
    • Speaking of the movie, knowing that Mari's mother is voiced by none other than Akiko Yajima who was the iconic voice behind Relena Darlian/Peacecraft from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, it's not uncommon to find fans joking about Mari being Relena and Heero's daughter.
  • Setsuna Yuki has several Gundam-related memes:
  • The reveal that Riko's VA now voices the young Chall Acustica in SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays. Now the Riko-chan Beam isn't an exclusive Shout-Out to Ultraman anymore.Explanation 
  • Rina has some comparisons to Haman Karn, such as both of them having pink hair and a near-identical hairstyle.
    • Also, in Episode 13, Rina is seen using an Aran avatar in a video game, which is equipped with Attack Drones that functions like the funnel weapons equipped on Haman's Qubeley mobile suit, further emphasizing the similarities among them.

     Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure-related 
Most Western fans would cross Love Live with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-related memes thanks to the very vocal fandom (In Pixiv, it was tagged as "Jojo Live (ジョジョライブ!)", and most agree that they work quite well.
  • AZALEA's pose in the bridge of "Tokimeki Bunruigaku" during live concerts are often Photoshopped to add the "MENACING" sound effect, to make their poses even more Jojo-like.
  • Nozomi and Eli are compared to Joseph & Caesar as their male counterparts, and even Kanan and Mari aren't immune to this comparison.
  • Thanks to their respective Friendly Fandoms, fans occasionally viewed Love Live! and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as a shared universe a la GaoGaiGar/Betterman.
    • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 10: School Idol Project Explanation 
  • "Kono Dia da!" (It was me, Dia!) Explanation (Spoiler) 
  • Dia also became an example of a walking JoJo's Bizarre Adventure meme.
    • First of all, she shares her birthday with the manga's debut.
    • One of her gestures in Season 1, Episode 13 strikingly resembles Josuke's trademark battle pose.
    • Her name is also one letter off from one of the series' main villains (Dio, see above).
    • Finally, her name is also one letter off from supporting character Dire, and her trademark "buu buu desu wa" gesture also comes with crossed arms, just like Dire's memetic "Thunder Cross Split Attack".
  • Since the debut of Saint Aqours Snow's "Awaken the Power" single, references of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's "Awaken my Masters" and Pillar Men went flying.
  • The story of Aqours' trip to Italy in Over the Rainbow had ultimately taken the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure crossovers Up to 100 due to both the announcement of the animated adaptation of Vento Aureo (which is set in Italy) and the movie taking place in the same country.
  • A full-blown irony is that despite treating the males as non-existent, many Jojos Bizarre Adventure fans actually crossed the male characters with the girls in fanarts, memes, and fan-fictions.
  • Setsuna's solo song "Chase" shares the same title as the second opening theme of Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable (released a month after the former) further reinforces the fans' theories of both series being a shared universe.
  • The crossovers went Up to Eleven in 2019 following r/Memelounge pitting both fanbase's meme subs, r/Otonokizaka and r/Shitpostcrusaders, against each other. The resulting memes on both sides were glorious
    • It even became a Friendly Rivalry of sorts as Shitpostcrusaders ended up knocking Otonokizaka into the lower bracket and hoped to meet them again the finals. Sure enough, they faced-off again in the finals but Shitpostcrusaders won in the end.

This folder applies to all series.

  • Due to the series' heavy amount of Les Yay moments, any normal activity/event from the girls (for example: "Let's go practice", or "are you free tonight?") can eventually turn into an "Accidental Innuendo" or a Double Entendre.
  • The "X is Canon" meme from K-On! is pretty much snowcloned for this franchise.
  • Any black-haired (or otherwise) Third Year character can be commonly seen as a Third Wheel of the group.
  • The words "friends" and "straight" are considered as derogatory terms by the fanbase, or are used with large amounts of sarcasm.
  • In a somewhat minor extent, the animation/continuity errors is ironically seen as "Anime/Idol Magic".
  • A very long-running joke consists of the male background characters' rare appearances/being absent in the show, the fans ironically treated the male gender as "endangered" with the world is being entirely female-dominant (often to the point of being Acceptable Targets), making the Love Live Universe a real Lady Land. note 
    • Also, this makes Love Live! the first and so far, the only anime to develop this kind of ironic joke that ran for four years.
    • Honoka's Dad is the only man in this world. Explanation 
    • A majority of the fans would respond that they're transgenders (even if they are Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc's Sakura Oogami-ish buff, assigned as female similar to Simoun, or rarely, Gintama's Yagyuu Jyubei(Kyubei)-ish man-with-a-feminine-voice type) if you showed them with evidence.
    • One must realize that Rin and Hanamaru actually crossed with a male Hedgehog for the SEGA Image Girl posters... only for the associated School Idol Festival stories to reveal that this was actually a life-size plush Sonic doll and not the actual Sonic, thus not breaking the trend.
    • This joke is later repeated and Up to Eleven during Sunshine's airing, which they also went to the point for treating them as "truly extinct" due to their absence in the series due to the show's very heavy Chromosome Casting. It helps that unlike the previous anime, which at the very least would have male characters as background extras, Sunshine has (almost) absolutely no men in sight. note 
      • One strip of the Takuji Sunshine Shorts doujin had made a jab on this joke.
      • However, the 2nd Season's 3rd Episode reveals that one scene of the Kano Dome's restroom halls had the men's restroom sign being removed (and the kindergarteners in the next episode are all girls), which strongly hinted/confirmed that the male gender is a truly non-existent concept in the Love Live! universe after all. As long you're not paying attention to the fact that the male bathrooms were moved downstairs.
      • Despite the physical appearances of Mari's, Chika's and (partially) Riko's fathers (while Hanamaru's father & grandfather appeared in one of the visuals for School Idol Diary), they would probably go back on dismissing them as totally endangered people.
      • And then some Marvel fans jokingly noted that their lack of existence is caused by a wearer of the Infinity Gauntlet (either from Thanos, the show's main female characters, or even the (Yuri) fans themselves) from Avengers: Infinity War.
      • And then one Granblue Fantasy fan implies that Aqours is unknowingly cursed by removing the concept of male gender.
      • Averted on their Fate Episodes where they actually interact with some males like You inspecting sailor's outfit and later rescued male workers from the Giant Crab's invasion; then Hanamaru, Ruby and Yoshiko battles a sole male thief in playable form.
  • Season 3 Explanation 
    • And by extension: Episode 14.
  • Time Doesn't Matter. Explanation 
  • School Idol Days Explanation 
  • Fansubs sometimes leave some memetic dialogue untranslated such as Maki's "Betsuni" and "(Nani sore?) Imi wakannai" and Anju Inami's "Hai to iu koto de".
  • Three Holes (Warning: NSFW) note 
  • #(X ship) Marriage committee Explaination 
  • (X) had a DICC/Is a Futa Explanation 
  • A trend on Facebook consists of the fans snapping their fingers to magically make the merchandises shown on their computer/laptop screen, to make appear in front of their hands note , and the final clip had them trying to summon the in-show characters themselves. Another variant consists of them failing to summon the merch on the computer screen.
  • "Just get married already!" Explanation 
  • In the Western fanbase, Nico and Yoshiko tend to be seen as cancerous characters by default. The fact that their zodiac sign is Cancer does not help at all.
    • Due to her involvement with Nico and Yoshiko as School Idol Festival representatives, Setsuna is jokingly viewed as a "Cancerous" character although her horoscope is a Leo.
  • #iPhoneシャワー/iPhone Shower

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