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  • Acting for Two: Ayumi Fujimura provides the voices of Matarou Mankanshoku and Rei Hououmaru.
  • Anime First: The tie-in manga debuted on the same day as the anime.
  • Author Avatar: The DVD special documentary revealed that a few Studio Trigger staff members made themselves appear as students within the Honnouji Academy. Special mention goes to the student with those Iron Man and Hulk figurines; he's the avatar of lead character designer, Sushio.
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  • Blooper: In episode 16, Ryuko is seen reverse sitting on a chair, her legs through the holes under the arm-supports. Then she violently stands up, grabbing said chair and lifting it above her head. However, there is no scene of her pulling her legs out from under the arm supports. It's pretty much like they phased through her legs when she was standing up. Can be seen here and here.
  • Breakthrough Hit: For Studio Trigger. Granted, the two big names behind the project (Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima) were already noted for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann; Kill la Kill was just their breakthrough for their new studio (which had already done a few things like animation for Project X Zone).
  • Completely Different Title:
    • In the original drafts of the script, the series' title was The Crimson Garment.
    • The series' Chinese title, which translates to both The Girl Who Cuts Cloth and The Girl Who Cuts by Dual Wielding.
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  • The Danza: Suzuki was named after his Japanese voice actor, Chihiro Suzuki.
  • Edited for Syndication:
    • The broadcast version of episode 9 that aired on Toonami has the scene in which Gamagoori whip Ryuko's expose butt cut; while she is still shown getting hit by his whip, they just cut the lower part as not to show it hitting her butt. The part in which Mako gets a nosebleed when Ryuko hangs off the stage by her suspenders was also cut.
    • The broadcast version of episode 16 cut Satsuki and Ragyo's bath scene for obvious reasons.
    • In the broadcast version of episode 19, the scene where Ragyo has Satsuki captured cuts away just before the former puts her fingers down the latter's crotch. Despite this, it is still shown in a way that makes it obvious what Ragyo is doing.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Hype la Hype": The series itself, for the popularity and close following of each episode during the initial airing in Japan.
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    • "Schoolzinger" for Honnouji Academy.
    • Aikuro goes by just about every moniker ("Sexy Sensei", "Coach", "Kamina", "Akio", "Aizen" and "Sycamore") except his real name.
    • Ryuko sometimes gets called "Female!Kamina" or "Female!Simon", in addition to "Simon's daughter" or "Shadow the Hedgehog".
    • Sanageyama:
    • Gamagoori's transformed Goku Uniform has been christened "Bondage Iron Man" by some.
    • The "Ambiguously Gay Duo" for Ryuko and Mako.
    • Satsuki's mother, Ragyo, rapidly caught the nicknames "Rainbow Mom" (or, in a similar vein, "Ragyo Dash"), "Seven-Star Body", "Disco MILF", "Mama Bad Touch", and " Rainbow McFeelYouUp".
    • Nui gets "Nui Pie" for being pink, doing things like reaching across split-screens and leaning on her own Boss Subtitles text, and being incredibly Cute But Psycho.note 
    • Collectively, Ragyo, Nui, and Hououmaru are known as "Lady Gaga", "Kyary Pamyu Pamyu", and "Nicki Minaj" respectively, such as in this post.
    • "Naked Snake" in reference to Jakuzure, after the events of episode 19.
    • Takarada has increasingly been referred to as "Crab Nicholson" and "Mr. Krabs" thanks to his animal themed power armor. And of course, there's his title as the "Dosh King".
    • Ever since episode 18, Ryuko and Satsuki have been dubbed the "Scissor Sisters", with fans anticipating both of wielding one half of the Scissor blades. They got their wish in the final episode.
    • Mako in her Goku Uniform is occasionally called "Kawaii Sukeban".
  • Gotta Ship 'Em All: The Japanese Elite Four brewed up their own shipping gossips within their Newtype magazine's March 2014 issue interview:
  • I Knew It!:
    • Many fans saw Satsuki's betrayal of her mother coming, based mostly on her characterization, which showed that she cared for her subordinates, and even Ryuko. It also helped that the series has several references to the Sengoku Period, and that Honnouji is the place where Oda Nobunaga was betrayed by Akechi Mitsuhide.
    • Many fans had called that Satsuki was training Ryuko.
    • At the same time, many people called the twist from episode 18 regarding Ryuko and Satsuki being sisters.
    • Some fans managed to figure out that Soichiro Kiryuin and Professor Matoi are the same person, after Ragyo revealed that Ryuko is her daughter.
    • The purpose of a Kamui's Stripperiffic-ness was very easy to guess (to avoid overwhelming the wearer). The lack of purpose for the high heels made it hard to be 100% sure, though.
    • Virtually everyone, from the beginning, theorized that Honnouji Academy was somehow a giant mech in one form or another, something that was confirmed in the OVA.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Good luck in trying to obtain the DVDs/Blu-rays containing the English dub, with the OVA included, as Aniplex has made obtaining them very expensive, forcing fans to have to buy five separate individual volumes instead of a box set. It's possible to get the whole series, sans OVA, on digital home release via iTunes, but it's only subbed. To really add insult to injury, Kill la Kill's home releases have gone out of print.
  • No Budget: In spite of the series' stellar Animation Bump and Awesome Art moments, the series was made on a rather tight budget compared to similar series that premiered around the time, resulting in numerous Limited Animation moments. Nui Harime actually uses this to show how inhuman she is.
  • Playing Against Type:
  • Playing Gertrude: Sukuyo Mankanshoku is old enough to have a teenage daughter, but in the English dub, her voice actress, Erika Harlacher, is actually among the youngest of the cast, being two years younger than Erica Mendez (Ryuko) and Christine Marie Cabanos (Mako), and 37 years younger than Philece Sampler (Mataro).
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • The Reveal: After the whole season being listed as "?" in the credits, the voice actor for the dog, Guts, has tweeted himself out two days after the finale aired:
    Katsuyuki Konishi: "...Let me give you two pieces of information. One, our DVDs and Blu-rays are selling like hotcakes; Two, I'm Guts, GATTSU-GATTSUU~!!"note 
  • Symbolism: This is a good run-down of much of the mythological symbolism used in the series. It involves The Four Gods (The Kiryuin Conglomerate, though there seems to be no one for Seiryu), The Four Devas of Hinduism (The Elite Four), Chakras, some Japanese history (which puts Satuski in Oda Nobunaga's role of attempting to unite Japan), and the placement of the REVOCS building (Tokyo) and the academy (where Tokyo's three rivers converge).
  • Throw It In!: Satsuki's Say My Name moment during the finale was improvised, according to Ryoka Yuzuki. There wasn't anything written in the script, but Yuzuki's mind was screaming that Satsuki had to catch Ryuko at all costs and she couldn't help but cry out Ryuko's name. Given that said moment is featured in the Awesome, Funny and Heartwarming sections, it's probably safe to say that fans are glad she did.
  • Trolling Creator:
    • Episode 15 ends with yet another victory for Satsuki, along with the promise of a much-needed Info Dump in the next episode. Episode 16 opens with Senketsu stating that it's time for a Recap Episode! Just before the audience can get too angry, it becomes apparent that the recap will be a Motor Mouthed crash course that doesn't take a full minute. The episode proceeds as it should from there:
    Senketsu: Those of you whose hearts sank at the words, "compilation episode", rest easy! Kill la Kill is known for its lightning pace! Even our compilations are wrapped up in the teaser!
    • Fans have been predicting Mako's death since the series began; episode 21 just takes this and runs with it by putting her into so many near-death experiences. Unsurprisingly, she survives the episode. Episode 22 follows suit and she still survives.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally, the anime was supposed to be titled The Crimson Garment and the animation/art style was to be similar to Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
    • In the earliest scripts, Ryuko was supposed to be a bounty hunter with a price gun as her weapon. However, while the original script was scrapped for being too dark, the price gun concept was recycled into Tsumugu's sewing machine and the Osakans' money guns, and Ryuko's original bounty hunter concept was recycled into Tsumugu. Also, Tsumugu's mohawk was supposed to be pink.
    • Ryuko's original design was supposed to resemble Satsuki's. The fact that Satsuki wears Senketsu later on in the series is a Call-Back to Ryuko's original design.
    • Originally, Ryuko didn't have any transformations. In fact, transformations were added very late into the series' development.
    • Senketsu's mouth was originally green and in his transformed state, the middle exposed area between the straps was going to have a transparent stocking-like material. This was scrapped because Trigger thought it made Ryuko too sexualized.
    • Mako was originally going to have either a ponytail or pigtails, along with having black hair, and Goku uniform was originally going to be able to transform into what Wakabayashi described as a "giant Hulk-like Mako". The transformation would have been named, "The Invincible Mako" or "The Unbreakable Mako".
    • Jakuzure was originally going to be a punk rocker wielding an electric guitar and would use guitar riffs. However, this design was scrapped in favor of the the marching band look and classical music since they better fit the high school theme of the series.
    • The Elite Four was supposed to be all girls and Houka was originally supposed to have black hair.
    • Aikuro Mikisugi was originally going to have red hair along with the idea of possibly making him one of Ryuko's few blood relatives; this was originally going to be one of the many plot twists in the series. Due to his nature, this was dropped for obvious reasons.
    • Nui's parasol was supposed to be a pink lightsaber.
    • Takaharu Fukuroda was originally going to have a larger role in the plot. Additionally, the series was initially going to have a greater focus on boxing, from which he was left over.
    • Senketsu and Junketsu were going to become mechs in their transformations. Apparently, Trigger has a "NO ROBOTS" policy, although recycled and reintroduced introduced in some of their transformations.
    • Ryuko's transformations was originally written to be triggered by her running her bloody thumb down the stripes of Senketsu's collar. The sequence itself would have Ryuko doing a henshin pose before Senketsu engulfs and transforms her similar to the real time version in episode 2.
    • Originally, Ragyo was going to be a man and Satsuki and Ryuko's father. However, Nakajima decided that Raygo should be a woman and the mother because he didn't want the story to become "murky" and he figured the protagonists could fight to their fullest. The semblance of her old designs can be seen in the designs for Isshin and Aikuro.
    • Apparently, Soichiro was supposed to have a more major role in the plot according to some concept art, particularly where he's with Mako and there is some dialogue. Likewise, he was also supposed to be in a wheelchair and bald.
    • The Anime Expo 2018 panel for Kill la Kill the Game revealed that there was a scrapped episode that involved Senketsu and Junketsu being at the cleaners at the same time and focused on the two communicating with each other.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Kill la Kill Wiki.
  • Word of God: What isn't said in the series (or the supplementary materials), it's said on Studio Trigger's social media pages and/or shown on Sushio's Twitter or Instagram account.


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