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As is the case will all pages detailing Heartwarming Moments, Spoilers Off


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    R1: Rebellion 
  • Bumblebee breaking off his fight with the Lancelot to rescue civilians.
  • In Chapter 4, after Lelouch explains his backstory to the Autobots, how he and Nunnally were exiled by their father after the death of their mother, and Charles basically told Lelouch that he has always been dead to him, all of the Autobots are horrified to hear this and completely sympathize for Lelouch, with Bulkhead, Ironhide, and Arcee even willing to Groundbridge directly to the palace and blow it all up for what happened. Lelouch is completely shocked that the Autobots are so sympathetic to him they would be willing to storm the palace for him. This is just the beginning of their partnership and friendship he has with them.
  • One of the first signs that being around the Autobots, notably Optimus, is changing Lelouch, is seen in Chapter 10. After taking care of the Refrain trading deals, Lelouch intervenes with the circumstances surrounding Kallen and her mother after learning about her home life from Cliffjumper. Using his Geass, he arranges for Kallen and her mother to live in an apartment for free away from Kallen's stepmother. Kallen thanks him with a hug from behind, solidifying her loyalty to him.
  • Another sign of the Autobots being a positive influence on Lelouch is in Chapter 11, where he offers himself up as bait for the Scraplets instead of Bulkhead in order to save the Autobots from being eaten. This action earns him the trust of the rest of the Black Knights, as well as Ratchet, Arcee, and Ironhide, who were the Autobots that didn't trust him that much up to that point.
  • Kallen and Arcee bonding after their horrifying encounter with Airachnid. They've both suffered loss, but they also will do anything to protect the ones they care about; including each other. The fembot goes on to call the redhead her (junior) partner while requesting a Groundbridge.
  • Chapter 13 has the birth of a new friendship: Knock Out and Lloyd. Both finding common ground in the liking of the finer details of technology, especially in the Lancelot, and later working together to provide what upgrades and modifications come to mind. Especially when four of the Knights of the Round arrive in Chapter 21.
  • Chapter 18:
    • Kallen is conflicted about her reasons for fighting since hearing of the (apparent) death of Shirley's father. Arcee and Cliffjumper console her and encourage her to keep fighting for what's right to make sure at least the deaths of innocents are not in vain. Kallen gratefully promises that she will follow the two Autobots to the very end. Cliffjumper corrects her.
      Cliffjumper: I think you mean, ride with us to the very end. We're your partners, not your superiors.
    • While he doesn't go into the full details, Lelouch tells Shirley about his mother's death, telling her that he knows the pain of losing a parent they love dearly and offers to be someone to comfort her. Shirley's reaction is to cry in Lelouch's chest and accept his comfort, hurt but also relieved that she can share her grief with someone who understands her pain.
    • Bulkhead and Wheeljack also offer comfort to Rai as well when he feels guilty over causing the avalanche that caused Shirley's father's death and angry over Suzaku calling the Autobots and Black Knights cowards. The two Wreckers assure him that they're not cowards and that they'll protect everyone they can, even if they can't save some people. This strengthens Rai's resolve to not fail in protecting Shirley.
  • Chapter 19:
    • It's revealed that Lelouch has come to view Optimus as a father-figure. We know Lelouch and we know what will be the end road for him. However in this iteration, thanks to OP, he starts to open up more, bonding with his teammates and even finding better options to save everyone. Hopefully, he'll get his happy ending.
    • After Lelouch and Rai reveal the truth to Shirley, despite all that has happened, she still forgives them. Furthermore, not only does Lelouch not erase her memories, he even lets her meet the Autobots. After all the crap she underwent in canon, it's surprisingly sweet.
    • Kallen and Nunnally bonding together, with Kallen revealing that she knows of Lelouch and Nunnally's past, and assuring Nunnally that she will always be there for her and Lelouch, whenever they need her.
  • Chapter 20:
    • After slowly understanding Lelouch's and Kallen's reasons for fighting, the realization of countless people in Japan losing their livelihood to Britannia, and the Decepticons' involvement making things worse, Shirley finally makes her heartfelt decision after refusing to sit by any longer.
      Shirley: Kallen, I want to join the Black Knights.
    • Optimus shows Lelouch that he really does trust the ex-Britannian prince after he allowed C.C. to go to Mao, as he was confident that Lelouch wouldn't simply allow her to give herself up and had faith that he would strategize a means to save her. After C.C. is rescued, Lelouch and the Autobots reaffirmed her that she had real companions and that they truly cared for her happiness.
  • Shirley hugging both Kallen and Rai in Chapter 21, happy to be a part of the Black Knights and helping her friends. Kallen and Rai return the hug while Lelouch looks on with a smile, happy as well that Shirley's with them.
  • Chapter 22:
    • It's bittersweet, but Cliffjumper and Gino's banter throughout their fight. They give friendly taunts and genuine compliments. These two would probably be best friends if they weren't on opposite sides of a war.
    • Lelouch seizes the brief chance of Cornelia being captured to order her via Geass to answer all of his questions truthfully. After learning many of the Britannians' battle strategies and more about the death of his mother, he then remembers Optimus recently saying that even Decepticons can change for the better and asks his older sister what she would do for him and Nunnally. Still, under the Geass' effects, Cornelia immediately says that she would stand against Britannia, against their father, for her younger siblings. Lelouch is definitely touched.
    • Much later, Lelouch and Optimus discuss everything the former learned from his captive, and Lelouch breaks down and confesses he truly wishes to have Cornelia as an ally. He even asks Optimus if there is an actual chance; the Autobot leader immediately says yes and promises they will both have his full support if she decides to join them.
    • Lelouch then thanks Optimus from the bottom of his heart for everything he and the Autobots have done to make him a better -and happier- person. Optimus, in turn, praises his growth in maturity and finishes with this:
      Optimus: Lelouch vi Britannia, I am honored to be your mentor, your ally, as well as your friend.
  • Chapter 23:
    • On a minor note, Lelouch still wants to come clean with Nunnally about his secret actions. Part of the reason is that he wants to introduce her to Optimus.
    • Despite being understandably afraid of Mao's return considering what he did to her when they first met, Shirley is still willing to help Lelouch, Rai, and Suzaku with rescuing Nunnally from him, refusing to let what happened to her happen to Nunnally as well.
    • The simple fact that Lelouch beats Mao because he is willing to place absolute trust in his friends to complete his plan. Lelouch literally erased his own memories via Rai's Geass so that Mao couldn't learn his plan, meaning the only thing he had to go on was his friends' word. And it paid off.
      • This also ends up highlighting a fundamental difference between Megatron and Lelouch - he trusts his allies. While Megatron had very little faith in Mao and ultimately left him to Shockwave's nonexistent mercy when he failed, Lelouch put all of his trust in his friends and had it rewarded.
    • After Mao reveals that Suzaku killed his own father, causing the latter to have a Freak Out moment, Lelouch and Rai help him back home. Even if he is on the other side of the conflict, he's still their friend.
    • C.C. feeling pity for Mao when she senses the peril he is in. For all his actions and the fact he thoroughly deserves whatever Shockwave will put him through, she did care for him as a surrogate son. And then she renounces her ties with Marianne telepathically because she has the utmost faith that Lelouch and the Autobots can and will stop Ragnarok. It's refreshing to see how much she's grown to show her human side and trust in others.
    • When Cornelia reveals that she's always been envious of Nonette, seeing her senior as a better warrior than herself, Nonette is quick to tell Cornelia that she's capable of much more than she thinks of herself. She also tells Cornelia that she considers her as a rival and a friend, and apologizes for not being able to help Cornelia when she was abandoned by Airachnid and captured by the Autobots. Cornelia is surprised and relieved at Nonette's confession, and Euphie pulls the two of them together in a Group Hug, which they both return. Nonette then assures the two sisters that she'll be there for them if anything happens.
  • Chapter 24: Tamaki proves that underneath his hotheaded tendencies is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold when he allows Rai the honor of reviving a comatose Bulkhead, by lending him his electric guitar.
  • Chapter 25: The beginning of the chapter is just a big bonding moment between Kallen, Nunnally, and Lelouch.
  • Chapter 26:
    • It turns out Ironhide and Chromia are an item in this story, as he reminisces fondly about her in a conversation with Ohgi. Too bad they haven't seen each other since Cybertron went dark.
    • Lelouch and Rai can't tell Nunnally the full story about their friends or the... company Suzaku has fallen in with, but they promise her that they'll watch out for their friend. Nunnally in turn trusts them completely.
    • Monica sincerely expresses her condolences to Shirley about her father's (supposed) death. Another reminder that not all Britannians are egotistical Social Darwinists.
    • Tohdoh being informed that Katase is not dead by Zero.
    • The Four Holy Swords become fast friends with the Autobots and Black Knights. Then when he is rescued and presented with his new Knightmare by the Autobot leader, the Miracle Worker says this:
      Tohdoh: Optimus Prime, it's an honor to finally meet you face-to-face.
      Optimus: The honor is all mine, Kyoshiro Tohdoh.
  • Chapter 27:
    • As a sign of showing trust, Lelouch finally reveals his true identity to the collective leaders of Black Knights, showing how far he has come under Optimus' tutelage. Those that already knew who he was defended him keeping it a secret and his loyalty vigorously (which he's grateful for, of course). After some discussion, everyone present says Lelouch has their support and trust.
      • Word of God also confirms that unlike in canon, the Black Knights will not betray Lelouch as they did under Schneizel's manipulations.
    • C.C. and Nunnally have a nice bonding moment, with C.C. even telling Nunnally her real name. Goes to show how spending time with the Autobots has really changed her.
      • There's also something about the banter between her and Bumblebee afterwards. Almost like they were siblings.
    • In the same scene Nunnally reveals that she ships her brother and Kallen, having noticed that they seem to be attracted to each other.
    • A minor one has Monica consoling Rivalz when he learns of Milly's engagement with Lloyd. She even offers to help call it off as a Knight of the Round, realizing that Rivalz has feelings for Milly, as well as Milly not being interested in the marriage and Lloyd not really caring that much either.
  • Chapter 28:
  • Chapter 29:
    • After Lelouch finally reveals the truth to Nunnally, he also introduces her to Bumblebee. He even lent her his earpiece so she could understand the scout better!
    • There's also the part where Lelouch promises Nunnally that he won't die and he won't leave her and that he'll make the world a better place for them both to live in with everybody else after Nunnally expresses that she can't imagine the world without her big brother, which was what she said when Lelouch died in the Code Geass finale. Here, with Lelouch becoming a better person thanks to the Autobots, Optimus Prime in particular, perhaps the siblings will be able to live together in that better world in the end. Only time will tell...
    • Rai immediately tells the others everything about his past life, breaking down as he blames himself for the death of his family. Shirley, Bulkhead, Fixit, Lelouch, and Optimus each take turns reminding him of all the good things he's done and the fact he has another family with them.
    • After an argument between Cornelia and Euphemia leads to Cornelia slapping Euphie, an action that she immediately regrets, Guilford comforts her, assuring her that she's not a bad person despite her past actions, as well as expressing his distrust of the Emperor and the Decepticons. He then tells her that he would side with her without a moment's hesitation if given a choice, which Cornelia appreciates.
  • Chapter 30:
    • Continuing from the previous chapter, Rai gets pep-talks from both his half-sister, Nunnally, and his fellow Wrecker, Wheeljack.
    • Both Euphemia and Dreadwing are deeply worried about Suzaku, to the point where the former practically begs the latter to watch out for him. Dreadwing agrees without protest or hesitation.
    • Lelouch also comes clean about everything between him and Clovis with his sister after she calls him on a secret line. After assurance he's not alone thanks to the Autobots and the Black Knights, the siblings end the call with a mutual "I love you."
    • When both Dreadwing and Suzaku are surrounded by the Chinese Federation forces and are moments away from being killed, Dreadwing tells Suzaku that it was an honor to fight by his side and know him as an individual, even calling him his brother. Luckily they are both saved by the arrival of the Black Knights and Autobots, with Dreadwing noting that he and Optimus teaming up has become something of a habit lately.
    • Euphemia finally explains to Suzaku and Dreadwing what Optimus explained to her on the island, that Megatron lied to them and that he was the one responsible for destroying Cybertron. She ends up asking them both to help her in her goal of not just stopping the Decepticons, but stopping all the war and bloodshed Britannia has caused for so long and bring peace to the world. Not only does Suzaku support Euphemia, Dreadwing kneels to her and pledges himself to her goal and protect her. This really shows how far the friendship between the three of them has come, with Dreadwing even willing to turn on Megatron and work with the Autobots and Black Knights if necessary.
  • Chapter 31:
    • Euphemia and Nunnally finally meeting again at the festival.
    • Chapter 31 also reveals that Milly had known Lelouch's identity as Zero for some time now, and had been keeping quiet about it for Lelouch and Nunnally's safety. She assures Lelouch that he's not a bad person, knowing that Shirley's father (supposedly) dying was an accident, and she'll be his friend no matter what.
    • Upon meeting Rai again, this time knowing that he is her half-brother, as well as his past, Euphie offers her condolences to him and even offers to be a sister for him. Rai is touched by Euphie's kindness and is surprised when she pulls him into a hug.
    • Lelouch also introducing Nunnally to Arcee and Cliffjumper (even though the two were in vehicle mode along with Bumblebee for covert purposes).
  • Despite being really dark, Chapter 32 does have several moments:
    • It begins with Milly saying her goodbyes to Lelouch, Nunnally, and Sayoko before they leave Ashford Academy, with the siblings thanking Milly for everything she and her grandfather had done for them. In return, Milly asked Bumblebee to look after the two siblings, despite not having a translator.
    • Lelouch finally gets to introduce Nunnally to Optimus once he gets her to the Ark. Lelouch is excited deep down over seeing them finally meet and immediately hit it off, due to both of them being kind, compassionate people deep down.
      • There's also Nunnally feeling Optimus's presence near her: One of hope, comfort, and awe that she had never known before.
    • Before it all goes to hell with Airachnid kidnapping Euphemia, the moment between Euphemia, Dreadwing, and Suzaku is this with Euphie thanking Suzaku and Dreadwing for supporting her, and even kissing Suzaku on the cheek. Dreadwing even calls Euphemia by her nickname, showing how much he's grown to care for her.
      • Likewise, after being kissed by Euphie, Suzaku sees Dreadwing have a smirk on his face, which he returns before exchanging words playfully.
    • After being told about her past and the Cybertronian war by Ohgi, Villetta/Chigsua, who's still suffering from amnesia, and grateful to Ohgi for taking care of her, decides to join the Black Knights in order to make up for her sins, expressing her distaste for the person she was before losing her memories. Ohgi also promises Villetta that he'll help her if she gets her memories back.
      Villetta/Chigusa: I don't want to be that person anymore... but if I do become her again, go ahead and do what you have to. Protect your friends, even from me.
      Ohgi: Alright. But I won't let you become that person again. Even if you do get your memories back, I'll do what I can to help you.
    • When Lelouch expresses to Optimus, Bumblebee, and Nunnally his concerns that he may end up like Megatron after realizing how alike he and Megatron are in some ways (overthrow the old regime by force), the three are quick to point out that Lelouch is much different from Megatron, as he cares greatly for his friends and family, acknowledges his mistakes, and has grown to be a better person.
    • Arcee and Cliffjumper personally saving Kallen's mother during the SAZ Massacre, making sure that she gets through a Groundbridge safely with a child. When Kallen's mother expresses concern for her daughter, Arcee assures her that Kallen is safe.
    • Dreadwing and Suzaku have a Heel–Face Turn!
    • Lelouch telling Suzaku that he doesn't want to have him as an enemy any longer, and he doesn't want to see him die. The former prince makes it clear to his best friend that he will never give up on him, begging to let him help. What really solidifies Suzaku's decision to join the Black Knights is Nunnally comforting him.
      Nunnally: Do you remember what I said seven years ago, Suzaku? How a warm touch is good for tears?
      Suzaku: But...I'm not crying...
      Nunnally: I've done many bad things Suzaku, but you are not a bad person. Megatron is the real monster, he tried to make you into something you're not. He twisted your heart, mind, and soul so much that it makes me cry just thinking what he tried to do to you. But, I know you can be something better. Big Brother wants to help you, Optimus wants to help you, Shirley wants to help you, I want to help you. Let us help you...let us help put your wings back together so you can be the angel you were before.
  • Chapter 33:
    • Suzaku's farewell message to Cecile and Lloyd at the beginning, thanking them for giving him a chance and warning them to be careful of the Decepticons.
    • Cornelia taking on Megatron for the sake of her siblings. Yes, she had no chance against the Champion of Kaon, even if she wasn't attacking in a blind rage, but she was willing to throw down with him in order to get revenge for what he did to Euphie, as well as the fact that the Decepticons could have killed Lelouch/Zero at any time, leaving Nunnally devastated. If there was any doubt about Cornelia's dedication and love for her siblings, it went away with this moment.
    • Suzaku owing up and confessing his sins and mistakes to Todoh and Ironhide. Both soldiers tell Suzaku that despite everything he had done, he is still capable of changing and doing good in the world.
      • On top of that, Todoh and Ironhide assuring Suzaku that they will save Euphie once they get the chance to do so. Ironhide even notices that Suzaku and Euphie's relationship may be like his with Chromia.
    • Nunnally comforting Dreadwing and offering her condolences to him when the truth of Skyquake's death is revealed.
    • Optimus assuring Lelouch that he will not leave his side no matter what.
    • Ohgi and Chigusa's farewell kiss before the Battle of Tokyo.
    • Kallen finally comes clean with her mother, telling her that she's a Black Knight, as well as the truth about Lelouch and Nunnally. While Mrs. Kozuki is understandably worried for her daughter after losing Naoto, she expresses pride in her daughter for taking a stand against Britannia. Kallen even properly introduces her mother to Arcee and Cliffjumper.
      Cliffjumper: Nice to meet ya. You raised one hell of a kid.
    • Shirley gets several moments as well in this chapter. Like Todoh and Ironhide, she assures Suzaku that he can still do good in the world and make up for his mistakes, and expressing her happiness for finally having him in their ranks. The second moment is when she confesses her feelings to Lelouch. While Lelouch tells her gently that he doesn't have feelings for her like she does for him, he still considers her a close friend. Likewise, Shirley assures Lelouch that she'll stand by him as a friend, even telling him to make sure that if he ever gets a girlfriend, to make her the happiest girl in the world. Lelouch even expresses his hope that Shirley will find someone as well.
    • Suzaku and Lelouch's phone call before the Battle of Tokyo begins, with Suzaku assuring his old friend that he'll now stand by him 100 percent.
  • Among the many battles of Chapter 34, we still get some kind moments:
    • Suzaku briefly loses his cool when an asshole soldier badmouths Euphemia, going on a wild rampage. It's Ironhide, one of his biggest skeptics, that talks the kid down.
    • Gino, Nonette, and Monica all listen to their consciences.
      • While Arcee is naturally wary around him and Kallen reminds him he's still got a lot to answer for (which Gino himself admits), Cliffjumper welcomes his former Friendly Enemy with a smile.
      • Nonette makes clear her loyalty to the Emperor and Britannia will always be secondary to her loyalty to Rai, even calling him by his preferred adopted name. Rai returns the favor by standing by her side against Dorothea.
      • No sooner does Shirley send her a text saying Decepticons have taken their friends hostage (itself showcasing a lot of trust between the two girls) does Monica stop in her fight with Suzaku and head straight for Ashford Academy to rescue them.
      • As Ratchet Groundbridges himself there to help, Shirley pleads with him to take her along.
        Shirley: Please! Let me help! They need me!
        Ratchet: (hesitates, then smiles) Of course they do.
  • Chapter 35, as well:
    • Shirley manages to talk Nina out of going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge for Euphemia's sake, helping her realize the evil of Britannia and the Decepticons, and that Euphemia and the Black Knights want to help people.
    • When Shirley decides to help Ratchet, Bumblebee, Cecile and Monica fight Hardshell, Rivalz, Milly, and Nina volunteer to help as well to repay the Autobots for saving them.
    • Cliffjumper doesn't show any fear or hesitation while shoving Luciano into a generator, instead giving Arcee and Kallen a parting smile that remains even after his death. He even promises to say hi to Naoto and Tailgate for them.
      Cliffjumper: I love you guys.
    • Rai blows off Breakdown's head and takes down Knock Out and Dorothea, all because he wants to protect Nonette and Bulkhead.
    • Suzaku and Euphemia reuniting with the latter giving Suzaku a full kiss on the lips.
    • Cornelia and Euphemia apologize and reconcile with each other after being freed, with the former even thanking Suzaku and Dreadwing for saving them. She even addresses Suzaku by his first name.
    • Dreadwing realizes his T-Cog is too damaged for him to escape the deposit's blast radius, so he stays behind to fend off the Insecticons until detonation, all while sending his final thoughts to Suzaku, Cornelia, and Euphemia.
      Dreadwing: Cornelia li Britannia, you and I may not have agreed on everything. But you are an honorable warrior, one who cares deeply for your comrades as well as for your family. I am proud to have fought beside you. [...] Euphie... you are a kind soul... one who wishes for all people to live happy lives, regardless of their differences. Continue to strive for the peaceful future you wish for, and never let go of that kind heart you hold deep inside. [...] Suzaku Kururugi... You are my brother. You have many flaws, but I wouldn't trade you for any other. You wish to atone for your past sins; be sure that you do, by living for the sake of those you care for. For your friends' sake, for your loved ones' sake, don't abandon them, not now, not ever. [...] Thank you... all of you... for showing me... light... Goodbye.
    • Even as Megatron's Geass nearly brings Optimus to despair, Alpha Trion appears in the vision to remind him of all the good he's done and will continue to do. The Prime cites Lelouch as an example: a broken child, angry at the world for the pain inflicted upon him and his loved ones, but still good at his heart. Optimus brought hope to him and steered him away from falling into the darkness, which in turn inspired many others. Revitalized by Alpha Trion's words, Optimus breaks free of the Geass and pounds Megatron.
  • From Chapter 36:
    • Throughout the chapter, Kallen is comforted for the loss of Cliffjumper by not just Arcee, but a good number of her friends. Her chatty Nice Guy partner will be remembered.
    • Lelouch's friends and allies unite to save him from Megatron's Dark Geass. With the power of the Matrix of Leadership, Nunnally, Optimus, and C.C. enter Megatron's vision to give the boy a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech. Remembering all the people he's come to care about, Lelouch breaks free of the nightmare with the promise that he'll never stop fighting.
    • Nunnally regains her sight!
    • Cornelia's reunion with Lelouch and Nunnally.
    • The Black Knights and Autobots cementing their loyalty and friendship to Lelouch. Likewise, Cornelia joins the Black Knights, as well as Euphie, Lloyd, Cecile, Nonette, and Monica. The rest of the Ashford Student Council also join as well to help their friends.
      • One of them quickly proves her worth to The Alliance: Nina suggests using the Decepticons' own broadcast to call for reinforcements, prompting this reaction from the resident Dr. Jerk:
        Ratchet: {laughs triumphantly} Nina Einstein, you are a genius!
        {Nina smiles blushingly}
    • Cera, while making a contract with Optimus, outright begs the spirits of the Primes to allow it, because she’s started becoming real friends with the Autobots and Black Knights, and wants to avoid losing them.
      • The Primes in turn do not attack her despite the power of Geass originating from Unicron itself, and once they hear her impassioned plea, fully agree to the contract, provided C.C. swears to put all her might into aiding her friends. Cera does so with the same words Lelouch used when they made their contract.
      • The interactions between Optimus and Cera as well, before and after they make the contract. At the beginning of the story, they are tentative allies at best, but now Cera openly says the Autobot leader has the strongest will of any person she's met in her life, and Optimus completely trusts the immortal despite her warning of Geass often having unpredictable effects.
        Optimus: Till all are one.
        Cera: Till all are one.
    • Somewhat tellingly, the characters and narration more frequently use (and by the end of the chapter, completely switch to) her real name as opposed to C.C.
    • The ending. Megatron sends out a message into space to rally his Decepticons to come to Earth and take over the planet. However, the Autobot-Black Knight alliance secretly sent a message of their own to gather any Autobot resistance that are scattered across the universe. No matter how bleak the situation is, there is still hope.

    R2: Revolution 
  • Chapter 1:
    • The Glinda Knights are shown to be very close with each other, as they're saddened by Johann Schwarzer's death and vow to stay by Marrybell's side.
    • As she, Milly, and Rivalz have infiltrated the Decepticons' communication center at Mt. Fuji, Shirley reports in her message to Zero that Guilford is alive and with them, noting Cornelia would be happy to hear that. Poor guy's finally going to get a break after six months.
    • Thanks to cybernetic braces, Nunnally is able to walk again!
    • Chromia is one of the new Autobots that arrives during the Time Skip, reuniting her with Ironhide.
    • In blatant contrast to the Decepticons (except for Sky-Byte) gleefully slaughtering any humans in their path, the Autobots that have arrived in the time skip work almost seamlessly with their allies among the Black Knights and Peace Mark; they pair up to go after certain targets and watch each others' backs.
    • Cornelia's new Knightmare, a custom Vincent, is painted in the colors of the Glaston Knights in memory of Darlton and his sons.
    • Rai honoring his mother Sakura and sister Erina by having Kururugi be his last name.
    • Lelouch uses his Geass on a Vehicon to make him help the Black Knights free the slaves at Mt. Fuji, then tells him to leave and reconsider his life choices. Optimus notes with pride that Lelouch has changed — months ago, he would have ordered the Vehicon to kill himself, but now he's giving him a chance.
    • Optimus's Geass, the Prime Geass of Absolute Conviction, increases his Hope Bringer status even further, allowing him to raise the spirits of even those who are all but completely broken with his words, all without forcing his will on them.
    • Lelouch mentally promises Cliffjumper, Dreadwing, and all of their other fallen comrades that their deaths will not have been in vain and punctuates it with detonating Mt. Fuji.
    • A small one has Megatron praising Soundwave when the latter manages to decode several coordinates for the Iacon relics.
      Megatron: You never cease to surprise me, my friend.
  • Chapter 2:
    • Guilford and Cornelia reuniting after several months apart.
    • Cornelia has come a long way during the Time Skip, she's respectful to the Japanese Akari Kozuki, gently teases Guilford, and has no problem being in an Autobot unit and taking orders from Ultra Magnus, even asking him to have Guilford assigned to the Elite Guard with her.
    • It's revealed that Villetta/Chigusa's memories returned during the Time Skip, and despite this, she still wants to change for the better. She also mentions that even before, she considered Guilford an inspiration.
    • Grindcore giving Suzaku some advice and comforting him as a fellow ex-Decepticon, telling him he always looks out of his "Teamies".
      Suzaku: Teamie? But we're in different squads...
      Grindcore: Eh, so long as we both got this... (Points to the Autobot symbol on his shoulders and Suzaku's uniform) I don't care if we're on different squads, we're on the same team. And anyone on the same team is a teamie to me.
      • Jazz and Sideswipe later tell Suzaku much the same thing; they're aware of Suzaku's mistakes but are still willing to give him a chance to do better.
    • Bumblebee and Smokescreen have nothing but respect and glowing words for Alpha Trion, making Shirley wish they could've met the old Prime who had also mentored Optimus. The Elite Guard cadet says to that:
      Smokescreen: Well, I know he would have liked you guys. He always had a soft spot for the younger generation.
    • What's the first thing that Lelouch thinks of using the Forge of Solus Prime for? Fixing Bumblebee's voice box, which Cornelia notes.
    • Optimus almost managed to get through to Anya via his Geass and would have if Marianne hadn't intervened.
    • Lelouch protecting Optimus from being killed by the Dark Mordred, which is being piloted by his mother.
    • Gino rescuing Anya when her Knightmare is damaged.
    • When Kallen was abrasive to Suzaku (due to feeling that he was replacing the late Cliffjumper), it was Arcee who convinces her that while no one can replace their late comrade (having lost Tailgate along with the fact Arcee was also partners with Cliffjumper), that doesn't mean she couldn't find other partners - they met plenty of people during the time they spent with each other. Strongarm, despite being a rookie, was willing to be a friend to the redhead. This escalates in Kallen and Suzaku utilizing a Combination Attack with their Knightmares to defeat Steeljaw, Airachnid, Thunderhoof, and the Insecticons, and after the mission, they were finally able to make up.
    • Suzaku and Euphemia share a kiss or two at the end, the knight telling the princess he doesn't need a command to love her.
  • Chapter 3:
    • Nunnally could actually walk again under her own power soon.
    • The non-com Black Knights and Autobots, including Ratchet, praising Nina how far she's come since the end of R1.
    • Ms. X getting an actual name of her own.
    • Drift's concern for his Mini-Cons.
    • Doubles as a funny moment, after Suzaku thanks Grindcore for his advice, the Wrecker demands he get in his knightmare so he can give him a hug.


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