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For a group of hilarious guys playing Professional Wrestling games, they have had a lot of Funny Moments.

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    Wrestling game streams 
The Smackdown Vs Raw/Smackdown/WWE series...
  • In this video, in a match between Rhyno and an Amazing Red CAW on Here Comes the Pain, the PS2 suddenly shuts off.
    • One of the nL crew members compared it to the Halloween Havoc incident from over a decade ago, hence the name.
  • "I'm alive--oh FUCK!" "FUCK YOU NO YOU'RE NOT!"
  • Before there were 2K14 PP Vs or Universe Mode, there was SVR 06 GM Mode, AKA Slip Down vs. Raw is Johnny. Eugene was randomly awarded the WWE Championship, before dropping the title to Steve Austin in a hard-fought Iron Man match.
    • Later, when the series was revived for one night only, Slip made the unfortunate choice to book Christian and Ric Flair in a submission match. For over forty minutes, the two men brawled, including Christian hitting over a dozen Unprettiers, and each getting busted open, but failing to attempt any submission moves. The "highlight" came when Ric Flair earned a finisher, but instead of going for a Figure Four, elected to do a Shooting Star Press.
  • On the release day of WWE 2K14, they decided to give '13 a sendoff by having Johnny stream a Royal Rumble simulation as he stepped out to get a copy of the new game at midnight while the others commentate. During the run, his cat stepped on the Pause button, leaving the stream showing the pause menu for more than 30 minutes as the rest of the crew talk about whatever came to mind waiting for Johnny to get back home.
  • The almost-entirety of this SummerSlam 2013 simulation in WWE '13.
  • The entire Royal Rumble 2013 simulation.
  • The guys look into the future and show us Wrestlemania XXX with crazy results.
    • And now Extreme Rules has been given the same treatment.
      • They've continued on past Money in the Bank and Battleground, with Battleground having quite a few CMO Fs, including Dino's K. Malik Shabazz Austin claiming ownership of the company for the Snaketion of Domination, the redubbing/creation of the Inter-John-tinental Championship and its stipulation that the holder's first name must become John (thus leading to new/inaugural champion John Big John Studd), and finally, the unification match for the WWE Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Mexican Iraqi Championship.
  • In August 2014 during their Fighting Back Cancer Society charity stream, the guys play EWR for #TN Aid. Who are they joined by? Vince Russo.
  • The Great Khali, Big Show and Seth Rollins continuously destroying the laws of physics in the Hell in a Cell in WWE 2K15.
  • The WWE 2K15 Universe Mode in an entirety, especially when Raw has the two Hulk Hogans feuding with each other and Corey Graves as Smackdown's World Heavyweight Champion.
    • On the week of a PPV, Smackdown's tag team championships were suddenly vacated and removed from the titles on Smackdown, much to the surprise of Johnny. The assumption is that the champions lost their belts.
      • It has happened on TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS so far.
    • Htial singing the Smackdown theme. The keyword is "singing".
    • Soon enough, Slip, who had little involvement in the Universe streams (besides being the social media ambassador), created an NXT brand that goes on the same continuity as the rest of the brands. It consists of CAWs of NXT rookies and wrestlers not in WWE, while being given weird new names. And then there's CM Punk and Mr. America.
      • And in the announcement of this roster, they introduced Gunner and Bram as Bram and Gunner, respectively. Hilarity ensued when it came apparent that NO-ONE noticed the switch!
      • "...AND THE BIG DOG WINS!"
    • The Season 3 Premiere of RAW featured an elimination tag match between the New West Ofrica and titleholders I Don't Fuckin Know (Whipwreck and Savio Vega). The finish of the match had Kofi hit a dropkick on Whipwreck and then do nothing, giving Mikey enough time to hit the Whippersnapper and pick up the win.

Other WWE games

Other wrestling games


  • The SvR 2010 story POOPYDAY. Just... just Poopyday.
    • "Meanwhile, on Helen Keller Wrestling..."
    • "So a British guy, a Russian guy, and a clown walk into a bar..."
  • ALL of Stupid Officer, from the inclusion of Officer Nasty, to the unusual dialogue that sounded like the story was made by a gangster on drugs.
  • Zack Ryder bangs AJ Lee....
  • Another story called Damien Wost Gay Day likely has something of a similar effect, as the role of Damien Sandow, as it's presumed by the title and some of the scenes, is portrayed by The Rock.
    • The scene where Johnny is blessed with foresight:
    Johnny, as Vince McMahon: "YOU GOTTA SUCK MY DICK, DAMMIT!"
    Vince McMahon, in game: YA SUCK IT
  • Chocolate Drop. Amusing on its own, but the nL gang's reaction really pushes it over the top.
  • One Night in Phoenix:
    • Johnny's reaction to Mark Henry's entrance. (This story was played just a few minutes after "Stone Cold Acpoclyps" [sic], in which Johnny struggled through a glitchy tables match as Mark Henry.)
    • "Beth Phoenix wasn't in that era!" "She was only a twinkle in Brock Lesnar's eye."
    • After announcing that he's cheated on Beth Phoenix with several different women, we get this immortal line:
    X-Pac: Women are complicated.
    • This exchange between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler before Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma:
    Cole: Beth is eager to find out who the home wrecker is and deal out some punishment.
    Lawler: I can't wait to see who it is, I love a good catfight!
    Cole: Is that why you and Miss Kitty divorced?
    Lawler: I only hit her when she deserved it Cole, you idiot.

    Other streams 

Episode 1
  • "PEPSI!!" ...Note that the reaction was from after seeing a can of Pepsi on the top of the Hell in a Cell-esque building in the match.
  • In the match in the video, just when you think things couldn't get any more weird, the Sandman figure (the ECW original, if you thought it was the other Sandman from Spider-Man) spazzes out after taking a chair shot to the back.
  • After The Sandman wins the match, there is a brief shot of what seems to be The Undertaker and D-Von Dudley lifting a referee with a blue glove.
Episode 2Episode 4
  • nL's reaction to One Handed John Cena. (The John Cena figure had only one hand.)
  • Did I forget to mention that the ring is the Elimination Chamber floor?
  • The random run-ins by Goldberg and Chris Harris aka Braden Walker.
    • Not to mention that Goldberg hides under the flooring when Harris/Walker arrives.
  • UWAAH Episode 2.
Episode 26
  • The Socially Awkward Package, which is the nickname for the worst small package seen early in the video.
  • One of the guys wrestling in the match shows a small scrape on his arm to the camera for no reason.
    • "We now interrupt the match to show you this scar."
  • Halfway through the match, seconds before the moment where that one guy shows off a scar on his arm, the same guy oversells getting shoved towards a pile of small boxes, to the point where he nearly does a headstand. He almost made Dolph Ziggler's selling look like John Cena's selling!
Episode 28
  • John Cena can defy gravity and float up to your face in this.
  • In the match between John Cena and his opponent Undertaker, after an Attitude Adjustment and a leap off the titantron, John Cena manages to lift the ENTIRE ring just to grab a ladder.
  • After a ladder bump, out from off-screen comes another John Cena. Soon after the two Cenas begin fighting, hell breaks loose when dozens of figures begin raining from the sky, and flying everywhere, even towards THE CAMERA! Mind Screw? Yes. Best UMAD ever? Maybe.
Episode 32
  • The nL group comparing The Jungle with Daniel Bryan, due to the presumed similarity in design, and the fact that he was called a technician.
  • The Jungle later gets replaced with a rip-off of Papa Shango.
  • Johnny's reaction to David S., who is apparently a nudist.
    Johnny: "Is that a man? You have a vagina!"
  • Not to mention that David S., at one point, leaps up and rubs his groin in Grant Truth's (his opponent) face, before dropping down. The nL group burst into laughter.
    Johnny: "He is going to kill himself!"
    • David also gets sent flying onto Grant on the outside when the referee tries to leave.
CHW SpecialNote 

Years after the last UMAD, the group decided to have a one-off special looking at the backyard wrestling promotion CHW.

  • The group introduces CHW:
    Johnny: We've been watching CHW for, uh, how long?"
    Duel: Ten years.
    Htial: Two years?
    Duel: Five years.
    Johnny: One of those is right.
    • And then they dive into the roster:
      • Agent X (who wears a mask due to being burned by a sheet of paper):
      Johnny: First up is Agent X, who is Jericho's favourite-
      Jericho: No, it's fucking not!
      Johnny: You liar, you love him!
      • David Storm gets mocked for his description, for both his Accomplishments section reading "Accomplishments: None" and his bio stating that he has "a wide array of moves such as the Scissor Kick":
      Duel: That wide array of one move.
      • Miniak, who Johnny apparently crushed on, and according to Jericho "makes a mean eggplant patty".
      • Ric "The Mic" Roberts, who's "a big mumbly bastard".
      • Robb Banks, a kleptomaniac who is a bunch of different wrestlers in costume and the sole reason why nL stuck around with watching CHW in the first place.
      • Swede Savard (Pronounced "suede"), the Pride of (formerly) Pittsburgh.
      Johnny: "Born: Pittsburgh"? Get the fuck outta here!
      Jericho: Oh, he's pure fucking metal!
      Johnny: The worst of the worst.
      Jericho: Dude, he was the wrestler of the year!
      Johnny: He is "Tryhard: the Wrestler", fucking hate him.
      • Matty Boyle, the toughest guy on the roster and backed up by legitimate MMA experience, is another favourite:
      Johnny: Imagine if Brock Lesnar was the GM of RAW or something, this is him. He just, people get in his face and he goes and beats them up. It's amazing.
      • In the Alumni section, we have Devastator, who was fired for showing Innovator his porn collection.
  • Their impersonations of the announcer's very unique voice. Johnny's is so good that it legitimately fools Jericho.
    • "Thank you for watching!" "No problem!"
  • Nikky Chance vs. Scythe:
    • This match is given a bit of backstory by Jericho:
    Jericho: Nikky Chance, what he does at home is that he sits around and he glues cards to shirts. And Scythe, Scythe's gimmick is fire but he loses every fire match he's in, he's like Kane. Nikky Chance was just walking down the back alley, and all of a sudden he saw all of his really shitty custom shirts on fire, on a table, in the middle of the alley! And he was like, "Noooo!". And now he want's Scythe's Interstate Title, who of course beat Nikky Chance for that belt. Now Duel, how do you win a Flaming Tables match?
    Duel: I believe you have to keep your opponent down for a 10-count.
    Jericho: Now, Htial, explain a Canadian Flamles Tables match?
    Johnny: Flamles Tables, Htial!
    Jericho: Yes, come on, Htial!
    Htial: You have to keep them down for a 10-count, and then pin them for a 3-countNote .
    • "What's Scythe's finisher?" "Losing".
    • Nikky yelling "CHOO CHOO" before ramming the table into Scythe.
    • One of the neighbours, a child, watches the match and actually yells at them in fear to stop.
    Jericho: (falsetto) "I'm a Scythe Freak!"
    • The awkward sign fight.
    • "Use the lawnmower!"
    • Both wrestlers use a spray bottle full of gasoline on the tables to have them burn. A really small spray bottle. All the fires are extinguished seconds after they're ignited until Nikky Chance just pours it all over.
    • Nikky gets sent through the table ass-first, so his ass ends up being on fire. The kicker is that he doesn't notice it.
    • Scythe squats next to the table and near Nikky, which is seen as a taunt by the nL collective
    Johnny: "Look at my not-burning ass!"
  • Phil Knoxx vs. Chris Vega:
    • Despite the two of them being tag team champions, they end up working really stiff with each other.
    • The fact that the two of them have monologues while they wrestle.
    • Chris Vega smacking his head into a chair while giving Phil Knoxx a stunner.
    Johnny: The only way to stop him is to hurt myself.
    • After the match, Phil Knoxx grabs both titles and gives one back to Chris. This would be touching if not for the fact that Knoxx dangles the title over Vega in an almost mocking fashion.
    • "Did he just high five his fist bump?"
  • Miniak vs. David Storm:
    • The group cracking jokes over Johnny's former crush on Miniak.
    • Jericho initially puts CHW's flag match concept over, stating that it's the only one to make any real sense (you win by being the first to raise your flag on a pole). Instead, the flag match fought between Storm and Miniak ends up being a glorified ladder match, to the dismay of Jericho.
      • Johnny points out that you don't even need a ladder to win, you can just reach up and pull your flag down. This, of course, is completely ignored by both wrestlers.
    • This exchange:
    Miniak: That hurt!
    Duel: Shut up. It's backyard wrestling, not backyard ballet.
    • The group railing on David Storm for the entirety of the match, and not without reason:
      • His own bio states "Achievements: None"
      • Midway through the match, Storm remembers that Miniak has hurt her ribs. Right after this, he attacks her thigh.
      • While Miniak is down, Storm tries to win the match, but he almost pulls down the wrong flag.
      • Yelling "Take that, U.S.A.!" to (the Quebecois) Miniak, prompting the ire of Johnny and Jericho.
  • Ric Roberts vs. Agent X:
    • Their reaction to Agent X during his promo:
    Johnny: "Mmmm'iniak."
    • Not even a minute into the match, and Agent X's mask begins to fall apart.
    • Ric Roberts making some questionable comments to Agent X:
      • "I wouldn't want to be his woman" right after getting choked by Agent X.
      • While Ric puts Agent X into a hold, his comment of "fuck you ref" is misheard by the group as "fuck your ass".
      • After Agent X's strap falls off, we get this exchange.
      Ric: [turning to camera] Shit happens in the backyard, lads.
      Htial: No, shit happens in the bathroom. You're doing it wrong.
    • Agent X yelling "DON'T BE A DICK" to the ref.
      • Prompting Johnny to say: "Don't be a dick, ref. Fuck you in the ass!"
  • Nikky Chance vs. Xristo Diavlo
    • Their running joke of Nikky Chance suing the nL collective.Explanation 
    • Much like David Storm, Xristo Diavlo prompts the ire of nL for being a tryhard.
      • Xristo headbutting a lighttube.
      • We get an unwarranted closeup of Xristo's face after the match.
    • Nikky hits Xristo with a lighttube. He can't even break it.
    Nikky: Let's see if this works, too! [lightly hits Xristo with lighttube]
    Johnny: That didn't work, stupid ass.
  • Miniak vs. Phil Knoxx:
    • Phil Knoxx cuts a promo on Miniak, saying that he's looking forward to their thumbtack match. As he walks off, he bumps his against the roof with an audible thud. The nL collective completely break down into laughter.
    Knoxx: Get ready for some pain. BONK
    • Later on in the match, Miniak tries to throw Knoxx into a pit of thumbtacks, while Knoxx holds onto the wooden sides. Knoxx, being a big oaf, ends up snapping off one of the wooden planks.
    • The giant iPhone prop.
    • The group mocking the cameraman for getting some unfortunate shots of Miniak.
    • Miniak hits Knoxx with a sign, drops it out of frustration and then walks away. Knoxx turns around, picks the sign straight back up and starts hitting himself in the head with it.
  • While they don't look at Ric Roberts vs. Xristo Diavlo, they do look at Roberts' pre-match promo, who explains what the both of them will be fighting for in their ladder match. It's a bag of what's supposed to be weed, that instead ends up looking like a bag of string beans.
    Duel: [imitating Ric's mumbly voice] It's a good source of iron.

    Other Videos 
  • HaitchTales.
  • Johnny (along with Htial) watches the February 22nd, 2016 edition of RAW, and reacts to the return of Shane McMahon (13:30) and Vince revealing his mystery match. (30:33)
  • Twatsterpiece Theatre Episode 1 (the only one): L.T reads off the wiki page for Teryo Law, a CAW that was a try-hard "bumpmeister".note  What sells it is the fact that L.T is deadpan for most of the readthrough, obviously hating it.note 

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