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  • The 2014 TNAid charity stream counts as one. Two hours in, while playing WWE Raw 2, newLEGACYinc's Twitch channel was immediately and unceremoniously temp-banned due to a DMCA auto-flagging. After a few moments of worry, the crew started the marathon stream back up on competing streaming site Hitbox. Not only were they greeted by a large majority of the audience from Twitch, but a few users had alerted Hitbox staff to nL's plight. In response to this, a Hitbox admin proceeded to immediately gift nL partner benefits with the site, and donated a few hundred dollars toward the eventual total.
    • Furthermore, spurred on by one of the newLEGACYinc channel moderators, users began to tweet several notable figures in the wrestling business as a means to get the word out. While only Lance Storm outright refused to help (calling cancer charities a scam), and only the infamous Vince Russo went the step further and participated in the call - twice! - many of the sought-out personalities did offer their support by re-tweeting the stream link, including the likes of then-ROH World Champion Michael Elgin, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts, and WWE's current head of Talent Relations, a humble old guy by the name of... oh yeah, Triple fucking H!
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  • Early on in the launch stream for the last-generation version of WWE 2K15, Johnny decided to try out the 360/PS3-exclusive "Who Got NXT?" mode, choosing Sami Zayn to play as. Dino Winwood - not only a part of nL but a former roster-mate of Sami's during his time on the independent scene as El Generico - was audibly moved seeing his friend having made it into the game, complete with OLE! chants and signs bearing the design of Zayn's old mask.
  • Adam's speech during the Royal Rumble Marathon 2K15 (an event in itself a CMOH). Each word was spoken from the heart, and it speaks levels about how depression can be quelled by someone listening, as well as how the group is more than happy to be there to provide comfort.
  • This tweet.
  • Almost all of Slip's Tweets.
  • The boys set a donation goal of $30,000 for their 2019 Royal Rumblethon. They hit the goal on the second day with 17 hours still to go. The reason for this is because they received a truckload of large donations during the Day of Reckoning rumble. The guys are so ecstatic when they play the 3-Count theme as they always do when they reach a donation goal and loudly sing along with it. It's hard not to get drawn into their excitement and sing along with them.


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