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  • Colbert Bump: Got a big one after being featured in Botchamania 222.
    • It didn't stop there. Starting with TonyPizzaGuy, nL became a part of the WWE Games community, to the point where Johnny actually got invited to some of 2K's WWE game launches.
  • He Also Did:
    • Before nL, Dino worked in Pro Wrestling Guerilla, and did commentary for several shows which you can find on DVD.
    • When he was a teenager, Johnny was actually the sound guy for CZW.
      • Johnny also joined Tony and CMPulse's wrestling podcast, Deadlock at the tail end of 2019.
  • Old Shame: UMADs became this for Johnny and Slip. Johnny has done a few one-off episodes of UMAD (both taking a look at backyard fed Crazy Hardcore Wrestling), but still thinks he was too harsh in earlier videos. Slip, meanwhile, jokingly begs Johnny to do more.
    • A lot of nL's older content seems to qualify, more than likely because of the type of humor the group used back then. The group has since grown past the need for the "edgy" type of jokes and tend to stick to Refuge in Audacity. Johnny even deleted the Charlie Haas Here Comes the Pain season mode for a bit before reuploading it with edits to some of the more offensive material.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: mixed with Old Shame, when Vince Russo began to send out homophobic tweets, nL cut ties with him.


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