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  • In every conceivable way, the 24 hour Fighting Back livestream from August 15-16th in 2014. Let's go over them:
    • They underwent some turbulence when Twitch temporarily banned them. No problem, they switched over to Hitbox instead and kept on going.
    • After a few conversations on Twitter with him beforehand, they managed to get Vince Russo himself for their EWR game.
    • The biggest crowner of them all: they raised over $10,000 with the help of Russo, Michael Elgin, The Young Bucks, Jake Roberts, and TRIPLE H.
  • And now, the 2015 Fighting Back 24-hour marathon has joined with its list of awesome moments, including:
    • Wrestlers Player Uno, Jervis Cottonbelly, Johnny Yuma, and Andrew Everett all earned the title of BIG DOG alongside Jericho.
      • (As a plus, for many fans, the fact that Andrew Everett (arguably the most popular wrestler on the list), was an nL fan was a big CMOA.)
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    • Vince Russo returned, and although he didn't book another show with the gang, he DID carve a path of destruction in WCW Backstage Assault!
      • Considering the group's opinions on a certain wrestler and his comments made during the previous year's stream, this comment by Vince Russo is glorious:
    "Lemme slap the taste outta Lance Storm's mouth."
    • The glorious return of Christopher Notwinski's season mode, culminating with Notwinski winning the Royal Rumble!
    • The last major donation of the marathon was a staggering THOUSAND-DOLLAR donation from user Devil 09, easily the largest single donation of the stream!
  • The epilogue at the very end of the WWE 2K14 Night of Champions show, which has the 2K14 and 2K15 Universes merge leading up to the release of 2K16, resulting in the following:
    • Vince McMahon takes control of the New West Ofrica, with Stardust taking the helm as the second in command.
    • Kane '01, after his unmasking, remasked and then went on a rampage before suddenly vanishing.
    • The amusing return of LT Dangerous as a news reporter.
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    • The Great Khali, in a way to sign him off due to his absence from 2K16, is traded off from the New York Giants. His replacement is none other than Enzo Amore!
    • Bray Wyatt convinces the Dancing Machine Fandango to let go of Summer Rae as his handler, revealing that he built someone new to be his dancing partner...
    • Several workers leave the company as a result of the merger, including AJ Lee, Curfew Man Punk, Rob Van Dam, Justin Gabriel and Alberto Del Rio.
    • And Dario Culo explains the stress from him losing his van, leading to him selling off power to Vince, and revealing how much of his power he sold to Vince that he actually owned: "HALF". Who was the other half, exactly? "Surprise, dad!"
  • One of the early 2k16 streams was John vs viewers. It featured an absolutely amazing match between Johnny as Jimmy Havoc vs Kenny Omega
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  • An innocuous stream on December 3rd, 2015 turned into a glorious night of singing by CHIKARA stars Jervis Cottonbelly and Estonian Farmer Frog. It got to the point that of the two nL members in the call, Htial effectively muted himself for the majority of the stream to keep from laughing and Johnny well and truly lost control by the time Jervis and Frog started belting Bohemian Rhapsody (which, by the way, Johnny claimed was the finest moment in nL's six years of existence)
  • The 2016 Fighting Back Charity stream. Despite it being twenty four hours long, the guys broke their donation goal of ten grand in just 11 hours. Nearly a thousand dollars were donated every hour (at that point, at least). While the donations dwindled down afterwards, the total was 18,000, a record for them.
  • Their 2017 Fighting Back is even better. In the first day, they broke their goal of 15,000 and ended with about 17,000. On the second, before the other Rumbles even started, they broke the above goal of 18,000. They ended with around $27,500.
  • April 5th to April 9th 2018, nL did live reactions to several wrestling shows, from indie shows like Matt Riddle's Bloodsport and Joey Janela's Spring Break 2, to NXT Takeover and Wrestlemania, the BOYZ were on fire. However, a huge accomplishment happened. Impact Wrestling (Formerly TNA) allowed them to co-stream their Impact vs Lucha Underground show that happened at Wrestlecon. Let that sink in: nL got to commentate a show by one of the biggest wrestling companies in the US. On top of that, nL merchandise was featured on the Impact stream, being worn by The Big Dog Andrew Everett and Rosemary.
  • Less than two weeks later, former stream guest Evie, now wrestling in WWE as Dakota Kai, appeared in an nL shirt during an episode of NXT! But this wasn't the end of the nL-WWE connection. Just weeks after appearing at the Greatest Royal Rumble as one of WWE's first Saudi Arabian signees, nL fan Manny Fabernio (aka Mansoor Al-Shehail) was the special guest for Universe Mode's Greatest Balls of Fire. Dakota returned soon after to play GTA V, and later in the year Johnny played Drawful with Dakota and NXT wrestlers Brennan Williams and Shane Thorne on Brennan's stream. In ten years, nL has grown from a couple of friends screwing around with wrestling games to over a dozen real world wrestlers appearing as guests, including five current WWE Superstars!
    • To put it in perspective, nL has connections to WWE/NXT, TNA/Impact Wrestling, and AEW.
  • As mentioned above, nL has grown to be a considerably known group in the wrestling community in the past ten years, and it shows when Jawnny (thanks to Chris Denker of Denk Ops fame) brought him in for a stream from a little Youtube channel called Up Up Down Down. That's right, nL appeared on what was essentially WWE's gaming channel!

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