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Members of nL

Johnny Blud/Jawnny

Slip Q. Slippington

  • Accidental Misnaming: Hates being called Sting.
    • Invoked by the rest of the group (Johnny in particular) so often that it's essentially lore.
  • Author Appeal: However this might have something to do with the fact that Sting is his favourite wrestler.
  • Backfromthe Dead: nL Slip was revived as a zombie in Wrestling Revolution, almost 3 years after his initial death.
    • becomes Back for the Dead in Part 4 of his return run, getting killed by Brock Lesnar.
  • Combat Commentator: In Jeri-MAX, alongside Jericho.
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  • The Lancer
  • The Snark Knight

L.T. Dangerous

50 Foot Blake

  • The Big Guy: Well, at least in Caveman's nL mansion, where a mod turned him into the legendary 50 Foot Blake, a name he still holds to this day.
  • Bring Me My Brown Pants: Once shit himself laughing at something Jawnny did while he (Blake) was sick.
  • Everything Is Big in Texas: From Texas, and is 50 foot.



Dino Winwood



  • The Ace: Often the winner of many games amongst the nL crew. ESPECIALLY Speedrunners.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Emphasis on deadpan. Htial is very deadpan, but he can still snark with the likes of Johnny and Slip.
  • Nepotism: We found out in Puppy Bowl 2018 that Madison is Htial's Daughter (or Htaughter's Dial), and designed the field with her in mind.
  • Not So Above It All: Despite his deadpan personality, he's also prone to fits of giggling whenever something stupid happens.
  • Oh Canada: Is a Canadian, but don't think that he has a preference for Canadian wrestlers. He's gone on record saying he's not a fan of Bret Hart (to which Johnny remarked: "Don't you get thrown out of the country for that?").
  • Phrase Catcher: "HITARU"
  • The Rival: To Duel, on nL Universe.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: His real first name is Laith.



  • Ascended Extra: Started out as the guy in the chat who hosted Royal Rumbles on WWE 12 before eventually being added to the calls.
  • Author Appeal: His favourite wrestler is Chris Jericho, and he even has borrowed his last name as his own name.
  • Combat Commentator:
    • In nL Universe, alongside Johnny.
    • Alongside Blee and sometimes Slip in Jeri-MAX.
  • The Everyman
  • Follow the Leader: Taking a page out of the YES! Movement, Jericho started the "Twovement."
  • Forced Meme: Not In My Salad
    • Probably doesn't count, but it seems like Jericho likes to force Stevie Ray onto things, starting with him spending 30 minutes in a WCW rumble, during the Rumble Marathon, reading his Wikipedia and Pro Fight DB pages. Then he booked him into a tag team with Wrestling/Cesaro (another one of his favorites) in Universe Mode.
    • Mama Hernandez, the mother of EA UFC Fighter Neddy Hernandez. Originally from a EA UFC career mode stream, Jericho started to use the character almost every stream and was forced into Universe Mode as the commentator for Divas matches.
    • Alexa Bliss is "Small Butt Fierce".
  • I Have Many Names: Has been called many things over the years, such as Jericho, Jerichool, Big Jerichool, J222, & Jay Triple-Two.
    • A more recent one that has entered memetic status in record time is "THE BIG DOG!", thanks to Jericho's Large Ham delivery as the 'character' in Universe episodes and the name being bestowed to Fighting Back 2015 marathon guests Player Uno, Jervis Cottonbelly, Johnny Yuma, and Andrew Everett.
    • His name on the Jeri-MAX shows is "Bubba the Love Fudge".
  • Large Ham / Red Baron: As THE BIG DOG!


  • Noodle Incident: He absolutely DESPISES Daniel Bryan, and he's not shy of expressing his feelings towards him either.
  • Token Black Teammate: He is the only black member of nL.




Vince Russo

Player/Evil Uno

Jervis Cottonbelly

Andrew Everett

Sidney Bakabella

Evie/Dakota Kai


Manny Faberino

  • Combat Commentator: Appeared as the special guest commentator in nL Universe's Greatest Balls of Fire event, commentating alongside Johnny and Jericho.

Tony Pizza Guy

Chris Denker


Macho T

Takahata 101



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