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  • Acceptable Targets: Just about everyone, but there are notable exceptions to the rule. When Blake made a joke about Bobby Heenan, the other nL members were so appalled (though still trying not to laugh) that "Bobby Heenan!" is now jokingly exclaimed whenever one of the group thinks a line has been crossed.
  • Badass Decay: In-Universe with the New West Ofrica. In the 2k15 universe, they were the most dominant stable on both rosters. In the 2k16 universe, Kofi Kingston and Mark Henry lost to the team of I Dont Fuckin Know, and their leader Stardust got pinned by Sin Cara after being hit with a Russian leg sweep in his debut, before losing his next match to Zack Ryder.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Dino Winwood, thanks to his many, many impressions, such as those of Paul Heyman, Joey Styles and Rob Van Dam.
    • Jericho's character The Big Dog, hammy House Show reporter from WWE 2k15 Universe Mode has become really popular, with his lines appearing in official nL T-Shirts.
    • Duel and Htial, the two feuding general managers of nL Universe.
    • The nL version of The Ascension is considered far better than the real team itself. Their status as Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains constantly losing to Roman Reigns is embraced wholeheartedly by the chat.
    • "Big Dick" Nick Miller.
  • Fan Nickname: The guys and their fans like to give them to certain wrestling moves, including John Cena's Attitude Adjustment (Ballgame), Neville's Red Arrow (Break Orbit), the wheelbarrow facebuster (Fuckbuster), and sitout spinebuster (Gordita Crunch).
    • Don't forget Johnny's favorite move: Any wrestler who happens to be a bit...large and does a senton, which has resulted in the move being immortalized as the Big Boy Senton.
      • There's also: The Phoenix Splash (the Feeny), The Ushigoroshi(Ushigoroshi NEWJAPANPROWRESTLING), moonsault (Moon-flipping), springboard reverse DDT (the X-Division), the Gore (Thing I Do), and the Falcon Arrow (the Deal, taken from Excalibur from PWG).
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    • Instead of referring to Mick Foley's famous sock as Mister Socko, a joke led to the boys dubbing it "Mister Condom."
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Batista winning the Rumble match in the nL simulation stream of the 2014 Royal Rumble.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Streams of new WWE games tend to be filled with these. The WWE '12 Big Show ladder glitch is particularly infamous.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Batista winning the Rumble match in the nL simulation stream of the 2014 Royal Rumble.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The Royal Rumble 2K16 Simulation successfully predicted some stuff, but not in the cases you'd expect:
      • Ric Flair being inappropriate in some way (being naked in the simulation, and kissing Becky Lynch in the real show).
      • The most obvious being AJ Styles's debut.
      • Jericool222/Jericho proclaims "Welcome to the big leagues, kid!", a line said by Chris Jericho the next night on the post-Rumble Raw.
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    • The 2k16 Universe sim featured them portraying Baron Corbin as "Oil Baron" Corbin and naming all his moves after oil puns. Late in 2016, the real Baron Corbin got entrance graphics that feature a desolate city being absorbed by what appears to be an oil spill.
    • The team Los Caronies in nL Universe Mode actually ended up becoming a team in real life.
      • As did Team EAR (Rusev and Aiden English), though minus Edge.
  • Moment of Awesome: Also Heartwarming Moments: The nL boys participated in the annual TNAid charity for breast cancer awareness in 2014, holding a 24 hour stream from August 15 to 16th. Over the course of one day, they went from banned on Twitch to breaking viewer records on Hitbox AND getting a partner sponsorship within MINUTES of showing up, having Vince Russo as a guest on stream (TWICE!) and exceeding their goal with many wrestlers and entertainers retweeting the stream to show their support.
  • Memetic Mutation
    • Three words: BIG. BOY. SENTON.
    • Kane Face.
    • Singing SUCKING A DICK YEAH, SUCKING A DICK over Rhyno's theme.
    • Chocolate Drop
    • Hullo?
      • Oh hullo!
    • Jawnny shits in the bathtubExplanation 
      • JAWNNY FEARS TOILETSExplanation 
    • "You! And you! Suck my dick!
    • Steee-Vuuuun Richards
      • RTC is fine!Explanation 
    • The Last Riiiiiiiide.
    • To the back!
    • Big paaaants.
    • Is he alive!? Is he still alive!?
    • Old Man Jenkins
    • Big Dick NickExplanation . Became an Ascended Meme when Shane Thorne revealed that he's well aware of the name.
    • nL Slip and his shenanigansExplanation 
    • Martial Arts Kick! Martial Arts Kick!
    • "Duel! What number Durango is it?"
    • MUAHAHA Explanation 
  • Promoted Fanboy: Duel, Htial, Sprite, and Jericho. All began as chat members who made their names known through various means (such as Htial wiping the floor with Johnny and others during streams or Jericho hosting online Royal Rumble matches) and were eventually welcomed into calls.
    • This is widely considered to be a thing of the past however; the group is so tightly-knit now that it's unlikely any chat member will be able to ascend (no pun intended) into nL status ever again.
  • Schedule Slip: Due to the group's choice to never set schedules, a lot of their content tends to be uploaded long after it's taken place, or long after the group's said it could (such as the final part of the 2016 Valentine's tournament almost after Valentine's Day itself). Also quite obvious with Universe Mode - not even counting the NXT series, which has had two episodes (the first in July 2015, the second in January 2016) - where the series' last streamed episode was November 2015, returned for a single set of episodes in March 2016, and has since gone on hiatus again.
    • The same thing seems to be happening with their rebooted Universe Mode in WWE 2K17. Universe Mode was brought up as a likelihood during the 2K17 release stream (it didn't); then it was allegedly set to start at some point in the days following the draft on 16 October (it didn't), and as of this writing (17 November) they have yet to start, with fan unease growing as the delay continues.
      • And indeed it has; episodes of 2K17's Universe Mode were recorded on November 20th and as of this writing (1/12/17) nothing else has materialized. We've seen several masturbatory hour-long extreme rules matches though, as if we haven't seen those countless times...
      • Johnny eventually acknowledged on 3/9/17 that Universe was on hiatus, though not officially cancelled, citing the overambition of running three brands combined with the lackluster AI action and lack of storyline spontaneity that was most prevalent in 2K15. Though 2K18 would have a season mode that lasted basically the whole year, it didn't carry on into 2K19 as most of the gang had flat out gotten bored of even doing random match streams of the game within a few months and abandoned it in favor of other games.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Homer, by far. If someone gets pissy during the call, it's Homer, if someone cries racism despite spouting slurs themselves, it's Homer. He also can be a massive Jerkass. He will hate on anyone for saying that Daniel Bryan is good (or any wrestler well known for their days in the independent circuit), even resorting to throwing more slurs around to insult them. Furthermore, in a distinct parallel to how virtually every other member of the group (past or present) operates, - even compared to other mods, including the infamously-terse RezClown or the notoriously-moody Slip - Homer was extremely likely to be hostile toward fans in the chat. It wasn't an uncommon occurrence to see a small chat move to a virtual standstill when Homer showed up because nobody wanted to be the one to set him off.
      • This hit new heights with one of his tweets; when he predictably caught hellfire, he tried to play it off as wanting people to be upset, but this just comes off as damage control. In response, Homer was merely de-modded from nL's Hitbox channel, but remains in power elsewhere (such as their Twitch channel and Discord server) and is openly welcome in calls as of July 2016, only four months removed from the event. Not much of a punishment in the long run.
    • On that matter, Slip is also seen as this by a portion of the fanbase, due to things such as his short temper, his demeanour (whenever he streams or joins calls, his voice rarely rises above monotony and never sounds like he really wants to be there), his sense of humour being hit-or-miss compared to the other members (whenever he does make a good joke, it's unfortunately sullied by his tendency to explain or expand upon it further), and the quality of his recordings (his headset picks up a significant amount of background noise). It's nowhere near the same level as Homer and he definitely has his fans, but the elements are still there.
      • This is rising up again majorly with his recent increased activity on the group's Discord server, including disrupting conversations, insulting users, changing channel placement and names, spam-posting pictures across every channel in the server, and punishing users (removing their ability to speak) for minimal acts.
    • Jericho's character Mama Hernandez, an Ambiguously Jewish mother of nL-created MMA fighter Neddy Hernandez became this after Jericool started forcing the character in almost every stream. It led to the character's Kay Fabe Retirement at one episode of WWE 2k15 Universe Mode.
    • Dino Winwood has become a Scrappy of his own for a not-insignificant portion of the nL fanbase for his tendency to overrun the others in calls during streams and LIVE REACTIONS™, as well as his inflammatory Homer-esque hateboner for Johnny Gargano, which recently led to Jawnny muting Dino during the main event of a show that was being LIVE REACTIONS™'d that featured Gargano in the main event.
  • Unfortunate Character Design: Aaron Rodgers' face in Madden NFL 12 has turned him into a sort of sketchy Memetic Molester.

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