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newLEGACYinc is a video game streaming group on YouTube and Website/Twitch, who focus mainly on Professional Wrestling. Created in 2009, the group initially consisted of Johnny (AKA johnEblud), the primary streamer and de facto leader of the group, along with friends Slip, LT, and Blake. It has since expanded to include many other gamers and wrestling fans, including Duel, Jericho, and Homer (formerly collectively known as 3MBTeam), Htial, Dino Winwood (impressionist and real-life wrestling manager), Sprite, Adam, Beefy (the editor and producer for the highlight videos) and Caveman (co-creator of the "Hogan vs. Flair" Create-a-Wrestler league), as well as occasional appearances from Johnny's pet cat Smokey. They've also befriended various real-life wrestling personalities, including Vince Russo, Evil Uno, Jervis Cottonbelly, Andrew Everett, Rosemary, Dakota Kai, Brennan Williams, Shane Thorne, Mansoor, Xavier Woods, Tyler Breeze, Adam Cole, Colt Cabana and Brodie Lee. Through the group's expansion and changes, it has remained consistent in its love for wrestling video games, along with Grand Theft Auto V, The Jackbox Party Pack, and other fun games.

Some of the group's most popular wrestling game series and projects incldue:

  • UMAD: An MST or Retsupurae for pro wrestling videos, featuring the guys providing reactions to backyard wrestling, Create-A-Wrestler leagues, action figure wrestling, among other miscellaneous videos. One of the most popular series for early fans, the series was eventually ended due to viewers finding and harassing the original video makers, usually young children.
  • Story Time: Whe group watches randomly downloaded custom stories from the THQ WWE games. This series ended after Story Designer was discontinued.
  • Universe Mode: Featuring two to three members managing brands in WWE Universe Mode, with the group making up storylines as the year progresses. Active from 2K15 through 2K18, currently on hiatus.
    • This was preceded by a "universe" in 2K14, in which the group booked and played Pay-Per-Views through online matches with randomly selected wrestlers and improvised storylines. It eventually became part of the 2K15 Universe continuity through Arc Welding, continuing into 2K16.
  • The Saltyverse: A semi-competitive series of online matches in WWE 2K17.
  • Slipdown vs. Raw is Johnny: A playthrough of GM Mode in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2006.
  • Playthroughs of story/career modes for WWE and other wrestling games.
  • Royal Rumble Marathons: the group simulates Royal Rumble-style matches in as many wrestling video games as possible, with the goal of squaring off the winners in the Royaliest of Rumbles. This is a charity stream.
  • Stable Wars: A series where 4 nL members (and occasionally other associates) play through various wrestling games using 4 teams of 5 randomly chosen wrestlers.
  • Wrestling Games Grand Prix: Spun off from nL's Kingiest of the Ringiest event, a series of championship matches where the champion defends against any wrestler in any video game so long as they are both on the default roster. Initially featuring a single world title, a Multiversal title was later added allowing CAWs to fight each other so long as they are in a game with a currently functional online workshop. On hiatus as of June 2023.

nL currently streams on Twitch, and can be found on YouTube here. You can also occasionally catch Johnny on DEADLOCK's podcasts.

HULLO! And welcome everyone to newLEGACYinc's tropes!

  • Arc Number : "22?!"
  • Ascended Meme: After a Sheamoose sign appeared on WWE programming, Sheamus himself went on to tweet about it.
    • During Charlie Haas' match at Ring of Honor's Final Battle 2012, a "fiscal" sign could be seen in the crowd in addition to a small chant for it.
    • Spotted at the 2015 Bound for Glory show: "THE BIG DOG" (for Andrew Everett's match) and "nL Slip HOF" signs.
    • "Big Dick Nick" has become an ascended meme after Shane Thorne revealed he's aware of the meme's existance.
    • Rene Dupree is aware of nL's SVR 2006 season mode video about him, after he was asked about it during a livestream.
  • Author Appeal: Midgets. In the WWE '13 era, the gang was fond of creating midget variations of existing wrestlers, and Johnny has admitted to legitimately enjoying midget wrestling.
  • Bears Are Bad News: YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB A BEAR! Also, Paul Bear, who is The Undertaker's manager, Paul Bearer, wearing a fuzzy helmet with bear ears.
  • Berserk Button: The Overdrive/Playmaker. Seeing that move elicits explosive hatred from them.
    • Johnny will go into a rage whenever someone adds thermography to a custom entrance in a WWE game.
    • Johnny's deep rooted hatred of Brian Adams.
    • The whole group had a bit of a vendetta against Matt Hardy (mostly for being fat), but it has noticeably vanished almost completely by 2015, especially when in the Royal Rumble Marathon, he was not booed much at all.
    • "Hey... fuck Lance Storm!" note 
    • Ask Homer for his opinion on Daniel Bryan, and you will likely get an angry rant in return.
    • For various reasons, Dino utterly despises Super Dragon. One notable demonstration of how much he hates Super Dragon is this TLC match in WWE 2K14 where he frequently attacks Johnny, who is playing as SD.
      • Dino also has a severe hatred of Johnny Gargano, for unknown reasons. It has derailed some streams and resulted in him being muted.
    • Mojo Rawley has become the latest one for the whole group.
    • Bradshaw became one in the latest episodes of Shut Your Mouth season mode, following the rumors of JBL bullying Mauro Ranallo into leaving WWE.
    • For whatever reason, Slip hates being compared to Sting.
  • Big "NO!": Duel's frequent use of the expression "OH NO!" when something bad happens to him while playing games has reached the point of Memetic Mutation.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Johnny when the Payback PPV in the WWE 2K15 Universe Mode started with Ryback vs. Sting.
  • Butt-Monkey: Duel.
  • Cannot Talk to Women: Awkward Teenage Kane due to years of being institutionalized.
  • Dueling Shows: In-Universe:
    • SlipDown! vs. RAW is JOHNNY.
    • SmackDown (Htial) vs. RAW (Duel). Becomes the centrepiece of a faction war between the new owners of SmackDown and RAW.
    • During the brief 2K17 Universe, WWE (Duel) vs. WCW (Jericho) vs. ECW (Johnny).
    • In the 2K23 MyGM series, RAW (Johnny) vs. SmackDown (Slip) vs. WCW (Adam) vs. NXT 2.0 (Jericho).
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: This is a big one. After being kicked off two hours into the 2014 TNAid charity stream (a twenty-four hour marathon effort for the anti-cancer charity Fighting Back), nL switched over to, a competing streaming site. They were greeted not only by the entire viewing audience who had switched over, but by a Hitbox admin, who proceeded to immediately grant nL partnership benefits, AS WELL AS donating a couple hundred dollars to their total himself!
    • Furthermore, in a craze instigated by one of the channel's moderators, the nL audience got several notable wrestling personalities to retweet the stream link, from the likes of indy stalwarts Michael Elgin and The Young Bucks to WWE legends like Jake Roberts and Triple H!
    • Further furthermore, infamous wrestling personality Vince Russo not only retweeted the link multiple times, he even joined the Skype call - twice - to book a show in EWR with the nL crew, and to close out the marathon by promising that anyone who bought a membership pass to Russo's website would see their money donated to nL's grand total, which by the end of their stream was over $10,000!
  • Fan Boy: Jericho is one to "Straight Shootin'" Stevie Ray. To the point where one episode of the Royal Rumble Marathon has him endlessly listing facts about him.
    • Duel is a huge Edge fan boy.
  • Forced Meme: Not in My Salad
    • It's getting over, dammit!
    • More recently, Mama Hernandez. Funny the first time Jericho did it, but he began to use it in everything.
    • Alexa Bliss is "Small Butt Fierce".
  • Formula-Breaking Episode: They are known for playing mostly wrestling games... so one night, they decide to watch a children's Spelling Bee. Glorious riffing occurs.
  • Gratuitous German: "So, what's 'die'?"
  • Invincible Hero: Htial is somewhat on this category during the Saints Row 2 streams as he constantly beats the crew of nL playing most of the times alone.
    • Even when not necesserally winning the whole battle, Htial will end up getting a huge score because, after all, he is the only member of his team, so his points are the same points of his team while the others will end up being runners-up and so on.
  • Keeping Secrets Sucks: Homer knows a website where you can get 1600 MS Points for free, but keep it to yourself. ;)
  • Mad Libs Dialogue: In this video, they play for "the... Of. Of. Of. Of. Of. Of. Championship!"
    • The Spelling Bee videos as well, with the group coming up with different canons and backstories for contestants.
    • Recently, their commentaries of wrestling PPVs and other shows have served as this.
  • Noodle Incident: For reasons never quite explained, Johnny DESPISES Big John Studd.
  • Number Two: The position moves around a lot, depending on who is available for the call at what times. Slip is considered this by many, seeing as how he was with Johnny during the first UMAD. Jericho assumes this role in the Universe Mode streams.
    • Sprite takes this role on the group's Discord server as the only other member besides Johnny who is regularly logged-on and contributes to discussions.
  • Overly Long Gag: The Count's finisher during the Sesame Street Fight.
  • Planet of Steves: Team Batista
    • Essentially the entire gimmick of BatistaMania
    • The end goal of Adam's 2K23 Universe playthrough; everyone Axiom defeats must also wear Axiom's mask.
  • Power Trio: Duel, Jericho, and former member Homer, colloquially known as newLegacy's "3MB-Team."
  • Red Baron: "THE BIG DOG", by far. Jericho tried getting it over during a few Universe streams, but the name's popularity exploded during the 2015 Fighting Back marathon stream, where it was bestowed upon Player Uno (with video evidence!), Johnny Yuma, Jervis Cottonbelly, Vince Russo, and Andrew Everett.
  • Running Gag: Glitches. Lots of glitches.
    • Table matches in 2K16 and 2K17 ending as a result of a glitch that breaks a table. Usually happens against Johnny.
    • "What's his/her story?" "What's your favorite ____ moment?"
    • "Egg donated $2.22 and says... 'Egg'!"
    • Cody Rhodes showing up as a surprise opponent in every PPV sim of 2022 when we least expect it.
    • Seth Rollins is Waluigi.
    • Every member of newLegacy not named Duel booing Edge any time he appears in a Royal Rumble.
  • Serious Business: Both played straight and parodied with the 2K17 Saltyverse.
  • Shout-Out: Given nL are fanatical wrestling fans, their streams are loaded with obscure wrestling references. For example, nL's namesake is a shout-out to former WWE stable, The Legacy. Additionally, whenever L. T. closes out a stream, he does so with a string of shout outs, firstly paraphrasing Zack Ryder's conclusion to "Z! True Long Island Story", then stating "I've got two words for ya" before signing off with "Keep dancing!".
    • "I've got two words for ya" is a shout out not just to WWE's D-Generation X, but also to Wade Needham of NoDQ CAW fame, whose two words to close the show were "Be cool!".
  • Spin-Off: Homer, Duel, and Jericho's "Not In My Ballad," which can best be described as UMAD for wrestling related Music Videos.
  • Spiritual Successor: nL Universe is this to SlipDown! vs. RAW is JOHNNY.
    • Eventually, SlipDown! vs. RAW is JOHNNY returned.
    • The nL Live on Discord commentaries are one to UMAD.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Duel whenever L. T. is not around.
  • Tournament Arc: The "Brawl 4 All Stars Tournament" that took place on August 4th, 2012, which was won by Turd Master2.
    • The Brawl 4 All Tournament was done in several years after, with UFC Undisputed 3 and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns (twice, one with male wrestlers and another with female wrestlers)
    • The Hokey Pokey Tournament, hosted by Blake. Held every few months. The game used is WWE Wrestlemania 2000, where Blake has recreated iconic nL characters, as well as making some new stars. Most notable of the new blood: Willy 2 Silly
    • The WWE 2K15 Universe Mode had one in the King of the Ring, supposedly hosted by Lucha Underground's Dario Cueto, which was really just Dino doing another one of his endless impressions.
    • In a non-wrestling or MMA game example, Duel and Jericho held the Turd Martial Farts Tournament in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, with the two of them playing in every match.
    • The 2016 Valentine's Day Tournament in FPWR, featuring both real life and storyline wrestling couples.
  • Unlikely Hero: Corey Graves in nL's Universe mode. He goes from being completely forgotten about during the draft to being randomized as the first World Heavyweight Champion, and proceeds to surprise everybody (including Johnny and Jericho) by constantly winning matches, defeating Brock Lesnar numerous times, making Brock tap out to win back the World Heavyweight Championship, and continues fighting despite being destroyed by Brock at Summerslam.
    • Xavier Woods surprisingly became one on episode #14 of Raw. After not appearing at all after losing on the first SmackDown he is traded to Raw and put in a WWE Championship match against Kane? (02), WHICH HE WINS! Woods even acknowledged the win on twitter.
  • With Lyrics:
    • Tree Tree McGee (an Undertaker druid with a brown robe and green hood) has Undertaker's theme, to which L. T. sings "I am a tree, I am brown and also green". This is later applied to Paul Bear, for whom the lyrics instead go "I am a bear, I do Tombstone over there".
      • Culminates hilariously during Paul Bear's double run-in when the CPU manages to line the Tombstone Piledriver up perfectly onto a weapon, leading Johnny to exclaim "I am a bear and I do Tombstone ON A CHAIR!"
    • During Rhyno's season mode, Johnny sings along to Rhyno's theme, as heard in this video
      • The same is done with the World's Greatest Tag Team theme during Charlie Haas' season mode.
  • Wham Episode: Two hours into nL's second annual anti-cancer charity stream - intended to be a twenty-four hour marathon - their channel was unpredictably and unceremoniously banned from due to a DMCA complaint filed against them.
    • Night of Champions, what started as just a send-off to the WWE 2K14 servers ended up this. During the main event, Vince McMahon crashes the feed, announces that the 2K14 and 2K15 Universes have been crossed and he's in power with help from new West Ofrica and Stardust. A news broadcast with LT reveals Kane 02 is reeking havoc post being unmasked. Plus Bray Wyatt has built a new partner for Robodango who might be the Terminator, and Dario Culo reveals he only gave Vince half the power and the other half appears to belong to Shane!

Season Modes

  • Rhyno (Here Comes the Pain): Rhyno jobs to gravity, starts a team with The Rock called Fart Poo, starts a stable with Scott Steiner and Chris Jericho called The MF'ers, Sucks dick yeah, faces Steiner at WrestleMania where he finally defeats gravity with the Thing I Do (Gore) off the top of the Hell in A Cell.
  • Charlie Haas (Here Comes The Pain): Charlie Haas faces Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle for the Tag titles, goes to RAW, Wins the Hardcore Title, Loses it to The Rock, Wins it Back, Blows The Rock and Vince McMahon, Gets dropped from a forklift by Bubba Ray Dudley, Kills him, Bischoff Face, Teams with Vince and wins the World Heavyweight Championship, and faces Scott Steiner and then loses the title at WrestleMania in a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell match against Chris Jericho and Ric Flair.
  • Christopher Nowinski (RAW 2): After suffering multiple concussions, Harvard graduate Christopher Nowinski goes crazy, tweaks his name to Christopher Notwinski, changes his ring gear, gets purple facial hair, wields a watermelon and a gigantic top hat, drops boxes on people backstage, steals people's underwear, wins via count-out a lot and has to deal with The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer all the time. He also wins the King of the Ring tournament and the Royal Rumble.
  • Mae Young (No Mercy): Everyone's favourite apparently-indestructible octogenarian is entered into the male-dominated WWF Championship path. Along the way she manages to completely ravage Triple H with a brutal promo.
  • nL Viewer (Day of Reckoning): Using the CAW feature in DoR, Johnny creates a close estimation of how he thinks nL's viewers look: a green-skinned, floating-hat wearing pink-clad monster with a messed up face and a tail. nL Viewer is put through the (mostly) linear DoR story mode.
  • "BEPIS" Dxkhq Hdcagv (SmackDown vs. Raw 2011): Johnny creates a complete mutant and allows the chatroom to name him by selecting one letter of his name at a time. His nickname comes from a Pronunciation Manual video that purportedly pronounces "penis". Bepis is then tasked with ending The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania.
  • "BOOPIS" The half brother of "BEPIS" (SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 DS): Bepis's half-brother says "I'm Boopis!" and spanks his opponents as his finisher. Cuts eviscerating nonsensical promos before all his matches and gave Eve Torres the business.
  • "Arrogant" Matthew Gray (ECW Anarchy Rulz):
  • nL Johnny (Wrestling MPire): (Abandoned)
  • nL Slip (Wrestling Revolution 2D):
  • nL Duel (Wrestling Revolution 2D): (Abandoned)
  • Wrestling/Andrew Everett (Wrestling Revolution 3D):
  • POIPL daclown (Wrestling Empire):
  • POIPL daclown Jr. (Wrestling Empire):
  • "BIG PANTS" Pasquel (No Mercy):
  • Right to Censor, Mean Street Posse and The McMahon Family ft. Billy Gunn (Know Your Role): The Right to Censor embark on a crusade to censor all the violence and sexual content on WWF television. Initially a solo playthrough with Johnny playing as Bull Buchanan, Slip, Htial and Duel would later join in, playing as The Goodfather, Steven Richards and Val Venis respectively.
  • Diamond Dallas Page (Shut Your Mouth): DDP decides to attempt to permanently injure other superstars so that they’ll have to rely on his DDP Yoga even more. Reverend D-Von also appears a bizarre amount of times to ask DDP for money.
  • Tajiri (Smackdown vs RAW):
  • Doink the Clown (WrestleMania: The Arcade Game):
  • Rene Dupree (SVR 2006): After Theodore Long gets run over by a mysterious driver, everyone's favorite French Phenom/podcast host investigates the situation, hoping to find some answers. Along the way, he gets involved in storylines involving John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Torrie Wilson (who's also a plane), John "Bradshaw" Layfield, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker, before winning the Royal Rumble and revealing that Rene himself was the person who ran over Teddy Long. He later wins the WWE title from John Cena at WrestleMania.
  • Kane (SVR 2006): Kane fights Triple H for the Heavyweight Title, ending in Kane taking a chair to the face and getting double-teamed by The Game and Ric Flair. Shelton Benjamin offers to help Kane take on the two of them in a tag match. They win, but get beaten up after the match as Benjamin gets called out by Triple H. After playing third wheel to Shelton and Triple H's rivalry, Kane challenges Shelton for the Intercontinental Title, which ends up being vacated by Eric Bischoff after their match. Kane is later forced to defend William Regal and Eugene's Tag Team Titles alone, losing them by DQ to Edge and Christian. Kane and Eugene win the titles back at Survivor Series, but then Bischoff vacates those titles too. Kane then enters the Royal Rumble and gets eliminated first, but the Rumble is restarted as a six-man match, which he wins. After getting beaten up by Triple H (again), Chris Jericho, and Ric Flair (again) multiple times, and having nearly every match of his end in a DQ, Kane finally defeats Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania, being crowned World Heavyweight Champion and G.L.O.A.T. (Greatest Loser of All Time) for his efforts.
  • Eddie Guerrero (SVR 2006): Theodore Long gets run over yet again, and this time, Latino Heat investigates the situation. After experiencing some Deja Vu regarding JBL and his mamacita Torrie Wilson, and jobbing to Michelle McCool on Velocity, Eddie is chosen for the WWE Legends World Tour, facing legends such as a resurrected British Bulldog, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Mankind and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He then wins the Royal Rumble and becomes involved in WWE Champion Rob Van Dam's ECW revival. Although he battles the ECW alliance, he later joins them but is immediately betrayed by RVD, who rejoins the WWE side. Regardless, Eddie wins at WrestleMania and cements himself as an Extreme Legend. Also, Chris Jericho is revealed as the one who ran over Teddy Long in this timeline, but doesn't get any comeuppance.
  • Tazz (No Mercy):
  • Jim Ross (No Mercy):
  • Fink-Cole (Howard Finkel & Michael Cole) (No Mercy):
  • Vince McMahon (No Mercy): The chairman of the WWF forces himself in the women's championship division, where he participates in bikini contests, loses in the Royal Rumble to Steven Richards, and develops a heated rivalry with his own daughter Stephanie.
  • Viscera (No Mercy):
  • The Boogeyman (SVR 2007):
  • Gene Snitsky (SVR 2007):
  • Ahhhhhhh Mofuggin Cowboyeeeeee (Warzone):
  • "Goodle" Al Ian/"Buzz" (WWE 2K19):
  • Helena Cell/"Red" & Louis Chadore/"Tre" (WWE 2K20):
  • Jefree "The Referee" County (WWE 2K22):
  • William Regal (Crush Hour):
  • British Bulldog (No Mercy):
  • Albert (Just Bring It):
  • Crash Holly (Just Bring It):
  • Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Billy the Puppet (Just Bring It):

Created Stories

L. T. has created a number of amusing stories for Xbox 360 using the Create A Story feature present in the recent WWE games. Common features include unfeasibly difficult (read: unfair) handicap matches and, in almost all cases, very stupid humour. These include:
  • Legends of WWE (SvR 2010): Wherein Randy Orton fights a bunch of legends from WWE's past and present. Not a comedic story as it was L. T.'s first attempt.
  • Santino Claus (SvR 2010): A Christmas story told entirely in rhyme. Set during a Christmas episode of Raw where everyone is in green and red clothing.
  • A Brother's Tale (SvR 2011): CM Punk delivers a cautionary tale about Matt Hardy which devolves into a horrendous personal attack. Features one of nL's more notorious memes.
  • A Shameful Thing (SvR 2011): Set in the month following A Brother's Tale, Sheamus is the apparent target of a smear from Santino.
  • Road to Wrestlemania - Goldust (SvR 2011): A three-month campaign starring Goldust. Not a comedic story.
  • Booker Teeriffic (WWE '12): Booker T's ramblings aren't the only thing that make little sense in this tale of abuse of power.



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