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  • 52
    • "It's a trick question, Renee. Not who you are, but who are you to become. Time to change... like a butterfly..." Vic Sage
    • "Hah... It's not over yet, you bastard... I got you..." Ralph Dibny, alias the Elongated Man, to Neron
  • Batman
    • "Contact... contract... ohhhh!" Old Man Lambert
    • "Yesterday, Mr. Lambert called and told me he received an anonymous threat on his life... Today I received the same... That's why I called up... And I'm afraid I'll be next... What shall I do?" Steven Crane
    • "Sure... I did it! But you won't send me to the 'chair' for it!!! I'll—" Alfred Stryker
    • "Leave her alone, you. Oh..." Thomas Wayne
    • "Thomas! You've killed him. Help! Police... Help!" Martha Wayne
    • "Who are you? Who are you?" KGBeast
    • "Mother..." Damian Wayne/Robin V
    • "Now! While he's out of it! Take him down nggh...!'' Ferris Boyle
    • "No you won't. I know you." Black Mask, who didn't know Catwoman as well as he thought he did
  • Batman (Rebirth)
    • "Yes...yes...YES! From the beginning! An alley! A man! A mask! YOU! I don't...I don't need to destroy the city. I need to destroy YOU. Goodbye, Batman." Gotham
    • "No...Mother...Father..." The Gift!Verse Bruce Wayne
    • "Please, please, please, listen...just not here. Not in front of the boy." Alfred Pennyworth
    • "Goodnight, Martha. ...Yes, Bane. I'm done." Flashpoint Thomas Wayne
  • Batman: Three Jokers
    • "The Joker said you'd beg for me to stop. What fun we'll have together...oh no." Gaggy Gagsworth
    • "And look at you now, my little Red Hood! Shooting up people and making Batman's life miserable! You are my Robin!" The Clown
    • "God, it hurts to laugh." The Criminal
    • "You know what I did here. Are you going to kill me? I deserve it. I truly am sorry. ...thank you." Joe Chill, who dies later from cancer
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths
    • "Th-there is hope... there is always hope... time to save the world! Time... back in time... do what you have to... we must save the world... we must save the world..." The Flash Barry Allen, becoming one with the Speed Force as he runs fast enough to destroy the Anti-Monitor's anti-matter gun.
    • "Thank heaven... the worlds have a chance to live. Y-you're crying... please don't. You taught me to be brave... and I was... I... I love you so much for what you are. For how... good you are..." Supergirl
    • "SUPERMAN... I... WILL... NOT... DIE... UNTIL... YOU... DIE... WITH... ME..." Anti-Monitor
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
  • Final Crisis
    • "Hh. Gotcha." Batman
    • "You've constructed a cargo cult Mother Box capable of a single operation. How could I ask for a better gift to destroy you with?" Darkseid as he tries to take over the Miracle Machine, just before Superman vibrates reality to nullify his presence.
    • "Ultraman... kill... you ALLLLLL!" Ultraman
    • "I saw the Book of Limbo! The end was all flames and shadows!" Mandrakk the Dark Monitor. The Supermen of the Multiverse promptly light him on fire, followed by the entire Green Lantern Corps staking him through the heart, perhaps implying it was his own end he saw.
  • Forever Evil
    • "This is a trick! The Justice League isn't dead! They're right there!" Monocle when he accuses the Crime Syndicate of being the Justice League in disguise.
  • Green Lantern
    • "In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight! Nngh... Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might, BEWARE MY POWER—(In a different light.)" Hal Jordan/Parallax, reigniting the sun.
    • "Carol—" Hal Jordan. Again. He gets better.
    • "We have one chance. One message to leave." Sinestro. Again, he gets better.
  • Infinite Crisis
    • "Rot in hell, Max." Ted Kord to his killer, Maxwell Lord. This actually happened in Countdown to Infinite Crisis
    • "Help! Somebody help m-" The Ratcatcher
    • "Why?" Phantom Lady. Deathstroke responds, "just business."
    • "You want war, Polaris? DIE!" Human Bomb
    • "See, everyone knows... Joker's too wild." King of the Royal Flush Gang. Wrong thing to say to everyone's favorite Monster Clown.
    • "Do you see that? Above us-" Possibly Atlan, as he notices the Spectre about to destroy Atlantis.
    • "'You started this?' He's just a stupid kid!" Pantha, right before she finds out that Psychopathic Manchild and Physical God is a bad combination.
    • "I can hear them all! They're trying to send their family messages. They're dying and all they want to do is say goodbye! They never will unless I help. Not unless I-" The second Air Wave
    • "Just save them, Jason, and don't forget... friend... we..." Mickey Wong
    • "...There's something else out there... out there... it's... not... going..." Earth-Two Lois Lane
    • "Why's he staring at me?" Star Sapphire on The Spectre, who proceeds to dish out one of his trademark ironic deaths.
    • "Black Adam? You're afraid! You're afrai-" Psycho-Pirate, just before Black Adam shoves his hand through his skull.
    • "I know, Cass. Isn't it cool?" Superboy, upon being told what his Heroic Sacrifice meant to the world.
    • "STAY BACK! STAY—" Breach
    • "It's not going to end... it's never going to end... for us... One day you'll see... they're still out there...Lois..." Kal-L
    • "Who's there? W-wait! H-help! Somebody h-h... N-no! P-please..." Alex Luthor, the former Dimension Lord dying in a back alley like a thug.
  • Knight and Squire
    • "I win, I think. I'm on the side of the angels. Now that's..." Jarvis Poker (the British Joker)
  • The Nail
  • Superman
    • "Doomsday... Is he...? Is he...?" Superman. He got better.
    • "Heh. Fool. When I was a child, i dreamt of childish things...and they were burned and beat and molested and murdered outta me...and i thought that's all there was. And then I met' I hated that you made me feel like a child dreamin' again. But that's the thing, ain't it? You were real...and I...I became a damn supervillain. Cheers, mate." Manchester Black. He had undertaken an absurdly elaborate scheme, involving nearly the entire Rogues Gallery, to get Superman to violate his code against killing, only for him to refuse at the last second. Black suffers a Villainous Breakdown, says this, and blows his own brains out.
    • "This is all your fault." Conduit.
    • "Up...Up and away." The New 52 Superboy
    • "Thank heaven... the worlds have a chance to live. Y-you're crying... please don't. You taught me to be brave... and I was... I... I love you so much for what you are. For how... good you are..." Pre-Crisis Supergirl
  • Superman: Red Son
    • "Hello everyone. Me very pleased to meet you" Bizarro
    • "Oh, and by the way. It was Pyotr who betrayed you" Soviet!Batman
    • "Don't die calling me a monster Superman. It is important that you realize you and I are exactly the same kind of creatures" Brainiac
    • "Defeating the alien. My boy, what in the world could possibly compare with saving my people from Superman?" Lex Luthor
  • Teen Titans
    • "Titans togeth—" Eddie Bloomberg, during his last and greatest act of heroism
    • "Hey, come on, Komand'r, be good, eh? Me like you, really. Say, me make you general. Not bad, eh?" - Lord Damyn, High of Highs, Best of Best
    • Damn you Logan— I'll kill you! I'll destroy you! I'll destroy all of you! Terra.
  • Watchmen
    • "I do not think so. I think you remember me and my country for as long as you live." Eddie Blake's Vietnamese lover, before he kills her.
    • "Janey, don't go, I need..." Jon Osterman
    • "Oh God. Oh God. Look out, he's..." Adrian Veidt's assistant.
    • "Hey Rorschach, you're pretty famous right? Boy, y'know, I'd sure like to get your autograph. I've got my autograph book right here in my pocket. It's notched up quite a few famous names over the years. I'd sure like to add your's to the list." A Prisoner in Sing-Sing Prison, right before Rorschach burns him to death with hot cooking fat.
    • "Oh God, oh Jesus no, you have to be kidding." Gerald Grice, child-murderer and Rorschach's first kill.
    • "Boss, you're kidding, you don't want him that bad, for Christ's sake!" Larry
    • "You're gonna be hamburger, you're gonna be smoked meat, you stinking, lousy little..." Michael
    • "Just HURRY!" Big Figure
    • "Happy Halloween kids, I..." Hollis Mason, a.k.a Nite Owl I
    • "Max, you're so pale, what's wrong?" Hira Manish
    • "Nothing love. Nothing's wrong. Hold me." Max Shea
    • "Gloria..I'm sorry, its the world. I can't run from it." Dr Malcolm Long
    • "Steve, you just got suspended, this ain't your problem. Someone else can handle it." Detective Joe Bourquin
    • "I'm still me Joe. Pull over." Detective Steven Fine
    • "What the hell's going on?" Bernie the News-Vendor
    • "Of course, must protect Veidt's new utopia. One more body amongst the foundations makes little difference. Well, what are you waiting for? Do it. DO IT!" Walter Joseph Kovacs, a.k.a Rorschach
  • Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
    • "Uh...Everything, him go d-dark... Hello, Superman. Hello." Bizarro
    • "L-Lana... Bruh... Braniac ...huhh he's... got... me... kill mee... Lana... please... kill me." Lex Luthor
    • "Oh, no." Lana Lang
    • "You murdering scum! You killed her! Well, you're too late![...] You're finished!" Jimmy Olsen
    • "I'm killing you, you stupid animal! Don't you understand? I'm killing yAAAAAAAAAAA-*" The Kryptonite Man, killed by Krypto
    • "Where... is my Kryptonite Man? Why... is my force-screen... still standing...? I don't know... I don't care... I... am coming for you... Kryptonian... my victory... is inevitable..." Braniac
    • "Kltpszyxm!" Mxyzsptlk, naturally.
    • "Nobody has the right to kill. Not Mxyzsptlk, not you, not Superman... Especially not Superman!" Superman.

    Live-action television 
  • "Oliver!" Sara Lance. She gets better. Much better.
  • "Survive." Robert Queen
  • "What the hell do you want?" James Holden
  • "It wasn't his fault. I turned my son into this." Derek Reston/The King
  • "You'll burn in hell for what you've done." Nick Salvati
  • What? You've come for another pound of flesh? You're gonna be disappointed, pal. Thanks to you, I'm-" Adam Hunt
  • "Moira!" Frank Chen
  • "What happened to you on that island?" Mr. Blank
  • "Consider this my righteous delivery of powerful vengeance." Yao Fei
  • "Tell me, Mr. Queen, are you prepared to sacrifice your freedom for her?" Edward Fyers
  • "Thank you…" Tommy Merlyn
  • "Well then, consider this your penalty for having me go with plan b in the first place." Count Vertigo
  • "I'm sorry that I caused her so much pain. Because she brought me so much joy…" Frank Bertinelli
  • "You might not believe it now, but I was considered a good man. A good doctor. A good husband… until the Mirakuru drove me mad. I hadn't even taken any mysel-" Professor Anthony Ivo
  • "I love you, Thea. Close your eyes, baby…" Moira Queen
  • "Nine o'clock." Kelton
  • "Sebastian?!" Kate Spencer
  • "I loved this city." Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood
  • " Kill me, don't kill me, doesn't matter. I beat you, I took away the one-" Isabel Rochev/Ravager
  • "What are you doing here?" Sara Lance/The Canary. She gets better again.
  • "You're unarmed." Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. He gets better.
  • "I'm tired of you two-" Mayor Celia Castle
  • "I couldn't… stop… him…" Thea Queen. She gets better though.
  • "Thank you... for releasing me... from my prison." Maseo Yamashiro
  • "I knew I chose well with you, boy." Ra's al Ghul
  • "Horus. Your children need you now. We need your protection. Shroud us in your wings." Priestess Chay-Ara (Hawkgirl's first life)
  • "I will wait for eternity. Come back to me." Prince Khufu (Hawkman's first life)
  • "Run, Barry. Run!" Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. He gets better once again.
  • "Chay-Ara... Parting is such sweet sorrow." Vandal Savage but he gets better, unfortunately.
  • "Ms. Michaels is one of my most trusted agents. She knows better than anyone that I'm perfectly capable of watching you execute every person in this room, and I'll still never give you the Rubicon access codes." Amanda Waller
  • "What did your tattoos reveal? What were you trying to find? Baron Reiter. Unfortunately just a part of Oliver's hallucination.
  • "You stupid son of a bitch. Reiter's gonna kill everyone. No matter what you do." Conklin
  • "Tell me, how's it feel knowing that you have no problem pulling the trigger to protect a bunch of Afghanis that you never knew, but you don't have the guts to do what's necessary to protect your own wife and child? Andy Diggle
  • "There's no time. Save my daughter. Please. Promise me." Ruvé Adams
  • "What are you going to do now, Oliver? Stop the posturing. We both know that you can't do it. You spared the life of the man who killed your own mother." Damien Darhk
  • "Please...please don't let me be the last Canary. That way, a part of me will always be out there with you."Dinah Laurel Lance/The Black Canary
  • "I love you, Mia. You keep me in your heart, okay?" Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
    • "And don't ever stop. This world... this new... world. It means both of you." Oliver Queen's soul, marking his permanent death


  • "I'm the Victim !" Mrs Cadogan
  • "There's no better way to go out. A mage. Like John Constantine." Gary Lester
  • "Guess you are on your own. Your angel did what they always do... Nothing!" Imogen
  • "What have you done?" Felix Faust
  • "This is my world!" Jacob Shaw
The Flash (2014)
  • "Barry, Dr. Wells, he... he..." Plastique
  • "Run" Tony Woodward
  • "What is that?" The real Harrison Wells
  • "I can help you." Cisco Ramone but he gets better
  • "Oh, you're smart. You're smart, Cisco. But you're not that smart." Hannibal Bates/Everyman
  • "Oh, my sweet boy. Bye, goodbye Barry." Nora Allen
  • "That's all I ever wanted to be. Your hero." Eddie Thawne
  • "I've controlled your life for so long Barry. How will will you get along without me?" Eobard Thawne
  • "Cait, we have to try." Ronnie Raymond
  • "You're working with the Flash? I thought you hated him." Lewis Snart
  • "You take care of her." Earth-2 Joseph West
  • "Round two." Earth-2 Ronnie Raymond aka Deathstorm
  • "Leave him unharmed." Earth-2 Cisco Ramone aka Reverb
  • "That is all the help I need. How does it feel to know that I am faster than you will ever be? See you around." Eliza Harmon aka Trajectory
  • "Heels aren't the best on ice, are they? You know, once I saw you, I realized why Zoom didn't kill me. Because I look just like you. Now he won't need me anymore." Earth-2 Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost
  • "I might be getting older, but I'm stronger than ever." Griffin Grey
  • "Barry, look at me son. Whatever happens, you have made me the happiest father. Your mother and I love-" Henry Allen
  • "Go on, Barry. Embrace your anger. End me!" Zoom's Time Remnant
  • "You're a hero, Barry. You couldn't kill me before. You won't kill me now." Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom
  • "I'm sorry. Please... let me try again. Alchemy! No, no, no, no, no." Edward Clariss/The Rival
  • "Barry!" Iris West; Savitar's timeline, negated.
  • "Do it! You kill me, you become me! Either way, I LIVE!" Barry Allen (time remnant) aka Savitar.
  • "Help me." Becky Sharpe a.k.a. Hazard, to Barry as she is brainjacked by De Voe.
  • "You already did Barry." Ralph Dibny a.k.a. the Elongated Man, to Barry as he is brainjacked by De Voe.
Legends of Tomorrow [
  • "Jonas." Jonas Hunter
  • "There's something I've wanted you to have. It's around my neck. It was my mother's. Your's." Aldus Boardman
  • "I will wait. Through eternity. Come back to me." Carter Hall
  • "At least I know heir names now. Miranda and Jo... Jonas. I will heal... and then I will rise... and I'll simply wait. I am looking forward to meeting them." Vandal Savage but he'll come back
  • "You think you're some kind of hero, but deep down you're still the same punk kid I saved in juvie. You haven't got the guts. You want to kill me? Kill me. Only one of us is walking out of here alive." Mick Rory aka Heat Wave. Turns out that Snart just let everyone think he was dead.
  • "I was willing to proceed in good faith. Now you'll watch those closest to you die." The Pilgrim
  • "No, shut it down. Shut it down!" Zaman Druce
  • "There are no strings on me!" Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold
  • "Oh, you're too late." Vandal Savage killed by Sara Lance in 1975
  • "You can't kill me. I'm immortal." Vandal Savage killed by Mick Rory in 1958
  • "But yet, my death does not save the lives of your family. I may die, but you'll live knowing that you failed to save the lives of..." Vandal Savage killed by Rip Hunter in 2021
  • "I don't care what anyone else thinks. I still believe in you." Doomworld Amaya Jiwe before being frozen solid and shattered by a past version of Leonard Snart.
  • "Give me back the vial!" Doomworld Ray Palmer before getting his heart ripped out by Eobard Thawne.
  • "I don't care what you do to them so long as I never have to see Mr Jackson again." Doomworld Martin Stein.
  • "Don't be a douche." Doomworld Nate Heywood.
  • "No!" Doomworld Jax.
  • "I don't have a partner. I have a team." Doomworld Mick Rory in response to Snart appealing to their old partnership. Snart shoots him in the chest with the cold gun.
  • "Remember, legends never die." Doomworld Sara being erased from the timeline as the intervention of the Doomworld versions of the characters prevents them from ever coming to exist.
  • "Please, tell Clarissa and Lily that I love them...Thank you, Jefferson, for the adventure of a lifetime. I hope your life is long and full of love, just as mine has been..." Martin Stein.
  • "Ironic, isn't it? A time demon who's run out of time." Rip Hunter..
  • "I was counting on that." Damien Darhk before Mallus takes him as his host.
  • "Nooooo!" Mallus.

Lois & Clark

  • "Resurrection!" Mayson Drake
  • "No." Nigel St. John
  • "She's beautiful." Wendy
Lucifer (2016)
  • "I'm gonna do as you asked. I'm gonna get it together. Promise, Lucifer." Delilah
  • "You're wrong, Lucifer. Remember your father has-has a plan." Father Frank Lawrence
  • "I don't know if this is all part of the plan. Or if You can even hear me. But if You're up there... Dad... I need a favor. I'll be the son. You always wanted me to be. I'll do as You ask. Go where You want me to. I... In exchange, all I ask is... is that you protect Chloe." Lucifer Morningstar
  • "How?" Malcolm Graham
  • "Didn't see that one coming. The peace is here." Uriel
  • "You still don't get it. I didn't want anyone to get hurt, but I needed people to understand I'm not a monster, I'm human. You call it biology, call it God, but choice is an illusion. I didn't have one when I pulled myself out of that burning car. And I certainly don't have one now. You'll understand soon enough." Professor Jason Carlisle
  • "For goodness' sake." Lucifer Morningstar
  • "Oh no. You don't want to do this. No, no, no, no!" Frankie Carbone
  • "No." Liza
  • "Hush now, baby. You talk too much, and you'll make me mad." Mace
  • "You're just silly little children. I'm gonna tell on you." Reggie Payne
  • "Riddle-man?" Tom Dougherty
  • "It won't be me that slits her throat. Detective, that's gonna be you." The Ogre
  • "Guys, no, seriously. Don't call her 'babes.' Or 'toots' or what have you. It's a women's-lib thing." Salvatore Maroni
  • "It's all good." Fish Mooney
  • "Ms. Keane is coming with me." Richard Sionis
  • "If I tell you that, I gotta get some kind of guarant-" Arnold Dopkins
  • "There's nothing more contagious than laughter!" Robert Greenwood
  • "It's a new day, Jim." Sarah Essen
  • "You said I was gonna be..." Jerome Valeska
Supergirl (2015)
  • Go! Alura Zor-EL
  • You think I'm the threat? You have no idea what's coming. Vartox

    Animated television 
The Batman
  • "And how do you determine that?" Kilgore Steed
  • "I'll bet chopped Bat makes good fertilizer." Plant Clone Penguin
  • "Daddy's angry." Plant Clone Gordon
  • "Oh. Are you here for some-" Plant Clone Flower Lady
  • "Try again." Plant Clone Batman
  • "You must not like broccoli." Plant Clone Batgirl
  • "No!" D.A.V.E.
  • "Loser? I'll show you." John Grayson
  • "Dick!" Mary Grayson
  • "You can mess with time, but you can't be in two places at once." Alternate timeline Robin
  • "Call it deja vu." Alternate timeline Batman
  • "Batman! Had a bit of trouble tracking him down, but—" Alternate timeline Batgirl
  • "Dad..." Alternate timeline Matt Grey
  • "NOOOOOOOO!" Alternate timeline Francis Grey
  • "Then I'll recall them, start over again as many times as I have to until you fall!" Everywhere Man
  • "Sorry. False alarm." Mirrored Guard
  • "You like to smell your feet?" Mirrored Robin
  • "No! It can't be!" Mr. Freeze

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

  • "Poor Vulture. Your wings are so easily clipped." Master Wong-Fei
  • "So neither of you are worthy? How sad." Morgan LeFay
  • "Give me my desire! Let me live forever!" Gentleman Jim Craddock
  • "FIRE AWAY, ZAHL!" The Doom Patrol
  • "Batman! Tell Vixen I love her." Bwanna Beast
  • "Sic semper tyrannis! The South shall rise again! The Confederacy forev-!" John Wilkes Boom of Parallel Universe 5501

Beware the Batman

  • "What are you doing? No, don't!" Bethanie Ravencroft

Green Lantern: The Animated Series

  • "Looks like I just have to cut you out friend." M'Ten
  • "Yeah we're dumb that way. But there's always hope. I know you're not all bad. Maybe it's time you let others know too. Best get going, son. I can handle this last part myself." Shyir Rev
  • "There is no greater privilege than to perform a deed born of pure love and no greater honor that it should be my last." Ghia'ta
  • "You should get to a safe distance. I can take it from here." L.A.N.O.S
  • "I know what you've come. I will guide you to the beginning of time. Once we are there, you may do with the universe as you wish." Anti-Monitor
  • "I do not either. It is just... a feeling" Aya

Teen Titans

  • "You ungrateful, little—" Slade. He comes back.
  • "You were the best friend I ever had." Terra. She also comes back.
  • "Wretched, insignificant-" Trigon
  • "You saved me." Brushogon

  • "Oh no..." Jonathan Kent

Superman II

  • "Now take my hand, and swear eternal loyalty to Zod. General Dru-Zod

Superman III

  • "You always wanted to fly, Kent?! NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!" Evil Superman

Superman Returns

  • "You've shown me pleasures I've never known before. That's why you deserve everything. I love you, Lex Luthor..." Gertrude

Batman (1989)

  • "What are you trying to do, blow the collar?" Lieutenant Eckhardt
  • "Jack, listen. Maybe we can cut a deal." Carl Grissom
  • "Yeah?" Antoine Rotelli
  • "The fashion world was stunned today by the sudden deaths of models Candy Walker and Amanda Keeler. Cause of death has been attributed to a violent allergic reaction, although authorities have not ruled out the possibility of drug use. Peter?" Becky Narita
  • "Sometimes I just kill myself!" Jack Napier aka The Joker

Batman Returns

  • "Yeah. Go ahead and hit me." Strongman
  • "She let me go. I think I reasoned with her girl-to-girl." The Ice Princess
  • "Ermm... Penguin? I mean, killing sleeping children... isn't that a little..?" Fat Clown
  • "One way to find out." Max Shreck, to Catwoman's defiant question on whether he has enough bullets to finish her off.
  • "This heat's getting to me... I'll murder you... momentarily. But first... I need a cool drink... of ice... water... acckkuhh..." Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin

Batman Forever

  • "No!" Two-Face's pilot
  • "But first and foremost, Nygma, you are fired! Do you hear me? FIRED!" Fred Stickley
  • "We can stop him. Mitch, go out on the rigging." John Grayson
  • "Reach for it! Stop it!" Mary Grayson
  • "Why yes, of course, you're right, Bruce. Emotion is always the enemy of true justice. Thank you. You've always been a good friend." Harvey Dent aka Two-Face

Batman & Robin

  • "Oh, me?" Dr. Jason Woodrue
  • "Right!" Arkham guard
  • "Whatever!" Arkham guard with an eyepatch


  • "DO IT!" Rorschach

Batman Begins

  • "Thomas!" Martha Wayne
  • "Bruce. It's okay. Don’t be afraid." Thomas Wayne
  • "What the hell is this?" District Attorney Carl Finch
  • "Have you finally learned to do what is necessary?" Henri Ducard / Ra's al Ghul

The Dark Knight

  • "Nah, I'm done here." Dopey
  • "On the ground! Stay on the ground! Nobody make a move! Nobody! Stay down!" Chuckles
  • "What? No, NO-" Happy
  • "Bus driver? What bus driver?" Grumpy
  • "What happened to the rest of the guys?" Bus driver
  • "So, dead? That's five-hundred." Gambol
  • "Because he's a symbol that we don't have to be afraid of scum like you." Brian Douglas
  • "Yeah, but you're not giving me a lot of information." Judge Janet Surrillo
  • "How'd they get my DNA?" Comissioner Gillian B. Loeb
  • "Hey, you wait like everybody else, pal." Cop with glasses
  • "We're on point, ready to give them some of their own medicine." Helicopter cop
  • "The boss said he'd make the voices go away. He said he'd go inside and replace them with bright lights... like Christmas!" Kilson
  • "He's got some kind of a... contusion." MCU medic
  • "Is that a... phone?" MCU cell guard
  • "It's okay, Harvey. It's all right. Listen, some-" Rachel Dawes
  • "They won't work for a freak!" Chechen
  • "Ma'am, we're gonna have to move him now." Cop guarding Dent at the hospital before being killed by the Joker
  • "I don't know, he never told me. Listen, Dent, I swear to God, I didn't know what they were gonna do to you." Michael Wuertz
  • "Who?" Salvatore "Sal" Maroni
  • "I'm about to. Tell your son it'll be all right, Gordon. Lie, like I lied." Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face)

The Dark Knight Rises

  • "Sir?" CIA Agent on the airplane that Bane crashes
  • "Now what's the next step of your master plan?" CIA Agent Bill Wilson, before Bane crashes his plane... with no survivors!
  • "Mayday! Mayday!" Airplane pilot
  • "Have we started the fire?" A mercenary arranged to die in the plane crash
  • "He's alone - " One of the thugs that brought Gordon to Bane, who then gets apparently neck pinched to death by him
  • "Follow him?" The other thug that brought Gordon to Bane, who is then shot by Bane with a tracking beacon on him to track Commissioner Gordon
  • "You are pure evil...!" John Daggett, who then is killed by Bane after he says that he's "necessary evil".
  • "Only me." Dr. Leonid Pavel, answering Bane's question, "And who is capable of disarming such a device?", before Bane "thanks" him for the answer with a Neck Snap.
  • "I'll die before I talk." Captain Jones, after being shot by Bane's men, and about to have Bane crush his throat, to which Bane complies saying, "I'm on your schedule, Captain."
  • "Has anyone ever made it?" Philip Stryver before his exile.
  • "We both know that I have to kill you now. You'll just have to imagine the fire--!" Bane, putting a shotgun to Batman's head, only to get killed by Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman/The Cat)
  • "Keep moving forward! Flank them at the stairs!" Peter Foley during the big fight, before being shot by one of the tumblers
  • "Fox showed me how to override the reactor... including the emergency flood. There's no way this bomb will be stopped. Prepare yourselves. My father's work is done." Miranda Tate (or rather, Talia al Ghul)
  • "A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know the world hasn't ended." Bruce Wayne as Batman, although Bruce Wayne himself lives on

The Batman vs. Dracula

  • "You are... Bruce Wayne?" Dracula

Batman: Assault on Arkham

  • "You would not take all this trouble just to kill us." KGBeast
  • "Uh, guys?" King Shark
  • "No!" Killer Frost
  • "Motherfu—" Amanda Waller


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