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Famous Last Words / DC Animated Universe

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    Batman: The Animated Series 

    Superman: The Animated Series 
  • "No, my love. I'm staying with you." Lara-El
  • "No, the last one." Sul-Van
  • "Goodbye, Kal-El." Jor-El
  • "At last, the son of Jor-El kneels before me. This time history will show that I am the superior survivor of Krypton." Brainiac, before being thrown into the Sun.
  • "Your lungs are going to burn!" Mala
  • "Forget Kal-El, he'll never survive without air." Jax-ur
  • "The Green... Lantern..." Abin Sur

    The New Batman Adventures 
  • "That's it, Dummy! When I get my hands on—" Scarface
  • "Run, Robin. Hurry!" Annie
  • "Open this door now! How dare you treat your wife this way!" Susan Maguire

    Batman Beyond 
  • "You're pretty strong... for some clown who thinks he's Batman." Mr. Fixx
  • "We were only trying to help you." Stephanie Lake
  • "Believe me, you're the only one who cares..." Mr. Freeze
  • "Paxton!!!" Derek Powers
  • "Jackie..." Earthmover
  • "What have you done to me?!" Abel Cuvier
  • "No!" Ratboy
  • "Five hundred megs! A thousand kilobytes! Pi r squared! Two plus two equals four! Me first! I wanna play! One potato... two potato... Mama! Papa!... Mama!" Robert Vance
  • "Friends? Friends?!" Cynthia
  • "Help-Can't control it-AHAAHAAHAHAAA!" Ian Peek
  • "Don't just repair me. Make me stronger, less vulnerable too. And don't hold back, understand?" Bullwhip
  • "Help me - AAHHH!!" Charlie Bigelow
  • "It's safe." Ra's al Ghul
  • "I've done well. I'll be remembered" A Kobra Leader
  • "Failed me? You've destroyed me. Without the heat from that bomb how long do you think I'll be able to survive like this?" Zander
  • "The escape pods!" Dr. Childes
  • "Keep your guard up, kid, particularly on your left side!" Kairi Tanaga

    Static Shock 
  • "Help me, my love, please." Darci Mason
  • "I want that gas!" Ebon
  • "Back off, Ebon. It's mine now, I'm giving the orders." Hotstreak

    Justice League 
  • "I'm okay, Edd. Edd? Come in, Edd! Dead." J. Allen Carter
  • "No! Brother, help me!" Lord Orm
  • "Wait! You can't leave!" Aresia
  • "Let Justice Prevail!" The Justice Guild of America
  • "As you command, my lord." Steppenwolf
  • "Uh, what I mean to say is—" Desaad
  • "Unfortunate. But predictable" Brainiac (robot form)
  • "Warning: Circuit incomplete. Critical system failure." Brainiac (computer form)
  • "Hmph. Loser... " Darkseid. He gets better.
  • "You're crazy." Penny Dee
  • "I'm with you." Arkkis Chummuck
  • "Oh." Galius Zed
  • "Oh Py'tar, now I see... paradise." Despero
  • "Then... Grundy gets his reward." Solomon Grundy. He almost got better.
  • "You could've crushed me any time you wanted and It wasn't the law or the will of the people that stopped you. It was your ego. Being a hero was too important to you. You're as much responsible for this as I am. So go ahead, fix it somehow, put me on trial, lock me up, but I'll beat it and then we'll start the whole thing all over again." The Lex Luthor of the Justice Lords' universe
  • "Mr. Edge, he gives me his old shoes and—AAAGGGHHH!!! No!!!" Morgan Edge, trying to sneak out in old clothes.
  • "Superman!" Clayface
  • "Thank you, my friend." Alternate Future Vandal Savage

    Justice League Unlimited 
  • "You know what? You're crazy, and I wash my hands of you. I'll thank you to get out of my rat infested dirt heap now. And you can take your robot with you." Nardoc
  • "Don't let them... take the camp... or us too..." General Olanic
  • "I didn't tell anyone! I swear!" Gilbert Halstrom
  • "What? I told you everything I... Supergirl?" General Hardcastle
  • "Well, we'll be able to see the three town close to the mesa too." Billy
  • "You think I'm scared? I'll be running this dump in a few ye—Aw, phooey." Chucko, after Chronos leaves him at ground zero of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.
  • "What are you—" Professor Milo
  • "I've set this for thirty seconds. Plenty of time for you to disarm. Or not, as the case may be." Plastique
  • "Get behind me, Helena. It will be all right." Franco Bertinelli
  • "He's coming!" Maria Bertinelli
  • "You took everything from me! Destroy you! Destroy you!" Kragger
  • "When I get rid of you, I'll be the only—AAAAAAH!" Galatea
  • "Agreed." Brainiac, before merging with Lex Luthor to form Brainthor
  • "Are you going to fight me, boy?" Brainthor
  • "Could you stay with me? I'm scared." Ace of the Royal Flush Gang
  • "You think you've won? No freedom loving warlord will ever unite the lands and bring peace. Justice: a foolish dream." Deimos
  • "All right! I joined forces with—AAAAAAH!" Metallo
  • "What are you waiting for? You want revenge. Take it." Devil Ray
  • "Chay-Ara." Katar Hol
  • "You twisted pink rabble of a hominid! I'm not done with you! I'll get outta this, and when I doooooooo!!!" Gorilla Grodd
  • "LEX!!!" Tala
  • "It's... beautiful. Isn't it?" Darkseid
  • "Yes. Yes, it is." Lex Luthor

  • "This time I got you, you lousy, stinking... What...?!" Chuckie Sol
  • "Boys! Hurry!" Buzz Bronski
  • "Really?" Salvatore Valestra
  • "Look out!" Gregory Belson
  • "Hey, man, take it easy. I-I was just kidding." Bonk
  • "That's not funny... that's not..." The Joker
    • "Here you go, sonny boy! Make him one of us." The Joker, again - this time from the censored version.
  • "C'mon, McGinnis. Laugh it up now, you miserable little punk. LAUGH! I can't hear you!" The Joker, again... sorta. It's a long story.

Batgirl's dream in "Over the Edge"
  • "Dad... I..." Batgirl
  • "Time to die." Bane
  • "We had a deal!" Jim Gordon
  • "Please, Jim, for Barbara." Batman


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