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For the origin story of Superman, Smallville has an astounding death count.

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     Season 1 
  • "Hi, Lana." Laura Lang
  • "You need help." Mrs. Arkin
  • "No!" Walt Arnold
  • "You can't save him, Mrs. Kent." Harry Volk
  • "Well. You've been warned." Cassandra Carver
  • "Lex!" Jude Royce
  • "Daddy can't save you this time, Lex." Jude Royce look-a-like
  • "I didn't do it." James Kwan

     Season 2 
  • "Like I said, the people have a right to know. And unlike you, Mr. Kent, I am willing to kill for what I believe in." Roger Nixon
  • "Take... care of... Lana..." Tina Greer

     Season 3 
  • "I love you." Louise McCallum
  • "We go way back." Morgan Edge

     Season 4 
  • "You don't understand what you've done. Even Clark thinks that I'm guilty. You're not gonna—" Alicia Baker
  • "I'm going to find it whether you help me or not." Genevieve Teague
  • "Tell me what I want to know!" Jason Teague

     Season 5 
  • "Don't you understand? This is the only way." Gabriel Duncan
  • "Well, ain't that a mother?" Nancy Adams
  • "I won't let you destroy my family. We can withstand anything you bring down on us because we have each other. That's what will always separate the Kents from the Luthors. Now, why don't you get... Why don't you get the hell off my property?" Jonathan Kent
  • "Kill her. Then kill yourself." Simone
  • "You've opened the portal for Zod!" Brianic. He gets better.

     Season 6 
  • "Good fight." Titan
  • "Come on, Lois, come on! You are the strongest girl I know, come on, please! You can't die. I love you too much. Please!" Chloe Sullivan. She gets better.

     Season 7 
  • "No." Sasha Woodman
  • "I love you." Bizarro
  • "Lex? Lex, if you open that box, if you get hold of that secret, there will be no redemption for you. No redemption. Ever." Lionel Luthor
  • "Hi, Lex, it's Gina. Please call me back. I found who you've been searching for. I know who the Traveler is."
  • "Lex Luthor. He might have the answers you're looking for." Edward Teague
  • "You can kill me, Kal-El. But your end is near. And there's nothing you can do to stop it." Brainiac. He gets better

     Season 8 
  • "Set me free!" Linda Lake
  • "Save me? There is nothing left to save!" Davis Bloome
  • "I'm sorry...I love you." Henry James "Jimmy" Olsen

     Season 9 
  • "I'm sorry." Future Alia
  • "Save Zod." Jor-El's clone
  • "Check..." Sylvester Pemberton
  • "It is not your fate to die this day, Martian." Kent Nelson
  • "Come on, then." Cameron Mahkent
  • "Never." Faora
  • "You already destroyed my first home. I won't let you take this!" Clark Kent. He gets better.

     Season 10 
  • "Where I first saved you." Lex Luthor's evil clone
  • "I never intended to live forever. There's only one life I care about. Let my son live." Earth-2's Lionel Luthor
  • "Is it? Eons have passed since I came face-to-face with a force that could possibly tip the balance to the light. You are the light! You cast out the darkness from Oliver Queen, and you will obliterate my darkness from the rest of the world if you are not stopped! You will surrender to me. You will lose your soul. I will annihilate you!" Darkseid
  • "Nothing. The world before this moment won't exist to you." Tess Mercer

     Season 11: The Comic 
  • "You don't have to be bad." Otis