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Adam Knight was supposed to be a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne traveling the world Incognito
But higher-ups in Warner Brothers nixed it late in the development, or even during the airing of his episodes, because it would distract from the upcoming Batman Begins. Look at the facts: The ending of his arc was incredibly stupid and he was an angry, angry lad clashing against Clarks idealism.

The original ending would have been "Adam" discovering something aweful that Lionel or maybe Lex did and him having him at the ropes, blinded by rage and about to kill him only for Clark to swoop in and deliver a Breaking Speech explaining why killing is wrong, having Adam accept that he still has a lot to learn and that he must continue his travels and him telling Clark that he is a true hero and a friend. Cue him walking away from the camera while Danny Elfman's Batman score vaguely echoes in the backround.

The most damning evidence of all? His name:

Adam West, The Dark Knight

The Darkseid from Season 10 is the same one from DC Comics after Final Crisis.
In the comic Final Crisis, Darkseid loses his physical body and becomes a spirit that can possess people. It's possible that after he's defeated by Superman that he actually fled to one of the other worlds of the Multiverse, which were accessible at the time, to start over. So why not the Smallville world? That would explain why Darkseid is a spirit on the show instead of a 7-foot tall super-god. It could also explain why there is no Batman on Earth-Smallville (beyond a few throw-away references) because it was Batman who dealt him his mortal blow in the comics, he would make sure to erase the Wayne family from history so that it wouldn't happen again, before he was sealed away by Orion. Plus, it makes Clark's struggle all the more epic, since he didn't just battle any old Darkseid, he fought THE Darkseid.

Lana Lang cheated death, and now death is hunting her.
Think about it, Lana should have died at least 10 times in the first season alone, but was saved by Clark, and not all of these were meteor freaks either, other times it was just random stuff that was meant to kill her. So, Final Destination-style, Death is continually trying to kill her and Clark keeps getting in the way. Its lessened now that it got John Kent, but her days are still numbered.

This is not a prequel of Superman, it is a re-imagining much like Ultimate Marvel.
That way all this squabble about continuity and dead characters evaporates. And it makes a much more interesting story. In this continuity The Blue-Red Blur is his Alter Ego, and his voice-synthesizer is him Clark Kenting.
  • This is pretty much Word of God by now. Clark will become Superman and wear the red and blue tights, Lex will be his enemy, and Lois is his one true love. All the iconic components of Superman lore. It's not part of any current Supes continuity but definitely about Superman. A+B = Re-imagining.
  • More specifically, Smallville is clearly the Ultimate version of the Richard Donner films.
  • due to the nature of a TV drama the best anyone could have hoped for was a 1-3 short episode arc with all the most iconic elements entwined. Considering how things change both on TV and in comics, the so-called "iconic superman story" is a snapshot in time at best.

The Show's Green Rocks are psycho-reactive.
The various krypto-mutants shown on the series always have powers somehow related to their contact with kryptonite meteor rocks, but in ways that defy logic and physics. Obviously, they get the powers that they think they should get.

This would explain why the kryptonite only glows when Clark is near it and, typically, only after he notices it's there. His Kryptonian brainwaves interact with it differently, causing it to release the harmful radiation.

Lead doesn't just block Kryptonite radiation; it actively suppresses it.
It's been neutralized by lead-based paint. And Alicia Baker's Restraining Bolt - a lead bracelet - worked by releasing traces of lead into her bloodstream. Yeah, that's healthy.

Red Kryptonite makes Clark impotent.
Hey, he supposedly stayed a virgin all during his months in Metropolis as a rich good-looking guy with no inhibitions who went clubbing every night.
  • From what the barkeep says, it is a reasonable guess that red K also makes him rough and aggressive and the girls end up getting hurt.
  • It's also implied that, even with the Red K affecting him, there's enough of "Clark" left (and Clark's hopeless love for Lana) to prevent him from "sealing the deal."
  • The scar on Clark's chest started glowing and forced him to take the ring off whenever he came too close to hurting anyone too much. With no inhibitions he could've easily accidentally killed someone during sex.

Red Kryptonite makes Clark asexual.
One of us! One of us!
  • In the first episode he encounters Red K, he uses X-ray vision to see through Chloe and Lana's clothes, but that's not a jossing. If Asexual!Clark is anything like a lot of other asexuals, just because he doesn't want to be intimate, doesn't mean he doesn't like to look.
    • Considering he was all about banging Alicia under Red K that seemed pretty unlikely.

Clark cannot have sex because he is too potent
He could never finish the job after a thrust or two. He was basically in the same boat as Death from Family guy]].
  • His fear of this was the canon reason he didn't get together with Lana more once she learned his secret; all their times together happened when she got powers or he lost his. It's also probably not true in the Smallville canon: in the episode "Relic", we learn that Jor-El met an ancestor of Lana's and they apparently had no trouble making love. Although, it is likely that Jor-El had some way around the "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" problem that he brought from Krypton, since it was still a vibrant interstellar community at the time.

Clark lost his virginity in Metropolis while under the influence of Red Kryptonite
The exposure to kryptonite for such a long time caused him to forget.
  • Jossed: Isobel can use his hair for her "hair of two virgins" spell ingredient.
    • Un Jossed: Isobel's "Virgin" requirement refers to the historical meaning of virgin, which simply referred to a lack of marriage rather than a lack of sex.
      • Un Un Jossed: Isobel sampled Lois' hair and declared Lois a "Naughty Girl" and for as much as they implied about all of Lois' experience, a wedding would surely have been cited

The entire show is a highly fictionalized account of the real Clark Kent's adolescence in the 1930s.
Assuming that the Literary Agent Hypothesis is true, the original Superman would have arrived on Earth around 1915 and became a full-fledged superhero no later than 1938. Any account of his childhood would have been kept top secret by US government agents. Sometime after Clark Kent was killed in 1992 (and replaced by either his son or his grandson), the government gave the producers of the show permission to adapt the top-secret files. This means that the real Chloe Sullivan, if she existed, could not be a computer hacker.
  • Or she is, but on the Literary Agent level - she's hacking herself into the scripts.
  • The 1930 equivalent of a computer hacker would be an expert researcher with an eidetic memory and a lot of index cards — somebody like Charles Fort. Maybe he's her uncle and she learned it from him. She would also have some skill at cryptography and lock picking.
  • Perhaps Chloe Sullivan was the writer of the fictionalized account, and she wrote herself into the story, which is why the character of Chloe Sullivan does not appear in any of the canon beforehand but plays such a central figure in this fictionalized account of Superman's beginnings.

The writers of this show hate Clark/Chloe fans
Clark/Chloe fans treasure the letter Chloe wrote Clark in "Fever." They also tend to hate Jimmy and the pairing Chimmy, and think that Jimmy is a two-faced idiot with a wandering eye who betrayed her to Lex and is bringing her character down with him.

So, what happens? Jimmy finds the six-year-old letter and gets so down in the dumps about it that he makes out with the Monster of the Week; then Chloe somehow uses the letter to prove her love for Jimmy. Gah. Just dump him, please!

  • This is reasonable - placing "Clark and Lois end up married" in a spoiler bracket is like hiding who Luke's father is.
    • This would make sense if Smallville lined up in any way with the DC Comics. Superman doesn't always end up with Lois in the numerous alt universes, and Smallville is such a gigantic alt universe that it's not funny.
      • Still, Clark ending up with Lois isn't exactly unheard of...
      • Though the show is obviously an AU, the creators have yet to officially state that; Lois & Clark is one of the basic elements they feel "casual" fans could recognize.

Clark never really loved Lana, it was the kryptonite necklace.
His whole life, Clark's parents made him fear the day when his powers would be revealed and someone would take him away. Lana was the one girl he couldn't talk to because he got sick whenever he was around her. Even if he didn't realize it was the necklace, subconsciously he put the pattern together and fell in love with her as a defensive mechanism, because the girl you can't be around is the girl who will never learn your secret and being in love with her made it possible for him to stay away from every other girl, again so they would never get close to his secret either. Notice how quickly he forgot about Lana whenever a girl with powers of her own became an option. It's also why he never loved Chloe, she was a dogged reporter, the ultimate threat to his secret.

The title does not refer to the town, but to the protagonist.
As of the Season 8 Retool, the show could now reasonably be renamed Metropolis. But the title doesn't refer to the town Clark grew up in, but to Clark himself. "Smallville" is the nickname his future wife Lois constantly uses to address him.
  • Never thought of that, but it works.
  • Alternately, the title refers to Superman's true point of origin; given that the series is about how Clark became the man he is, regardless of where he ends up and continues his development, the title "Smallville" is a constant reminder that this Clark started his character development in the small Kansas town he grew up in.

Bizarro was a prototype for Doomsday.
Think about it. They're both described as having been created in Kryptonian labs, and they both have the power to beat Kryptonians.

There is a Hellmouth underneath Smallville
That's why so many god-awful horrific things happen in it.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer left The WB for UPN after its fifth season. That fall? A new show premieres on the WB about a teenager who has trouble living life as a normal person when he has to fight all the monsters arising in the small, unassuming town of Smallville. He and his group of pals team up and through The Power of Friendship and a healthy dose of superpowers, they save the day! Smallville IS Buffy, but without Joss Whedon.
    • So, wait, I'm confused? Is Smallville in the Whedonverse? Is it an alternate reality version of Buffy? Does that make Luthor Spike?
  • Interesting but its more likely that it more corresponds to the Charmed WMG Page that those 2 shows are more related/connected.
    • To boot due to Clarks weakness to magic while he did fight a lot of frequent Monster of the Week characters if any of them had any real paranormal powers they would have handed clark his ass on a platter

Chlois Theory: The Lois Lane we read about in the comics is Chloe Sullivan writing under a pen name, taken when the current "Lois Lane" gets killed for her reckless stupidity.
That's why the current Lois seems as dumb as a bag of rocks (minus the rocks), with none of the skills that past Loises have used to break through the glass ceiling.
  • This theory became slightly more plausible when the current "Jimmy Olsen" got killed for his reckless stupidity and it turns out the one we know of from the comics is his younger brother.
    • Nah. They couldn't do it more than once. Besides, Chloe is so far from similar to any version of Lois Lane it's not even funny.
    • So is Lois unfortunately, except biographically.
      • If you want to get pedantic, she has brown hair, bad spelling, a father named Sam Lane, a sister named Lucy Lane, a (current) job at the Daily Planet, and a (current) interest in both Clark and the Superman analogue, it's hinted she will be the one to name Superman, in an alternate timeline, she writes Clark's story, Clark has a (current) interest in her, she's quite the Deadpan Snarker, she doesn't know Clark's secret, she shows a keen interest in truth and justice, and more than a few within the fanbase consider her the "best" Lois. Other than that, though, I guess she's nothing like Lois.
      • Keen interest in truth and justice? Yeah, that was hammered home when she made up Stiletto, or when she had to be coaxed into stories by the promises of fame by Jimmy/Henry and Grant Gabriel, and hey, speaking of Mr. GG, she was definitely all about justice when she found out about that unprofessional office romance going on in her office...oh wait.
      • Lois Lane getting in over her head do to some harebrained scheme (like in Stiletto) is hardly unheard of. And Lois on Lois & Clark admitted to having an affair with one of her co-workers as well. (And it's kinda hypocritical to say that being with a co-worker romantically doesn't make her Lois, since every Lois Lane ends being "unprofessional" by dating her co-worker . . . by the name of Clark Kent). Anyway, those things make her more Lois than selling out Clark to a Luthor (Lionel) because she was jealous, or harboring a dangerous alien killer in her basement. Just saying.
      • That's a couple counter-examples against her mistrust of the Luthors and her willingness to expose their shadier deeds, as well as a fairly normal career overall. No one's saying Lois is perfect; the actual argument is whether or not Lois acts like Lois (or whether or not Chloe acts like Lois).
    • Alternatively, the Lois Lane in the comics is a real-life composite character, a fused person created when Chloe and Lois get smushed together somehow. Hey, stranger things have happened.
  • I think the producers deliberately fanned suspicions to generate fan interest.
    • Considering how the creators of the show laughed openly at the theory on the Season 6 DVD, ( I don't think they were above stringing people along that it might happen, though they knew it never would. Just like they would continue to string along some 'shippers as well.

Chloe is not Lois Lane, she's Lucy Lane
Or as close to Lucy Lane as you can get. Lucy has shown up once as herself, but it's more plausible that Chloe would use a pen name based on someone who's shown up only once and isn't in the newspaper business than that she would use "Lois Lane." And in the Silver Age and the Bronze Age, Lucy was a blonde who was dating Jimmy Olsen.
  • Besides those details, she's not like Lucy in personality. Lois was very Lucy-like, but is becoming more Lois-like as Chloe because slightly less Lois-like and more Oracle-like. Smallville really has no idea what it's doing.
  • Jossed by the the death of Jimmy as well as Jimmy not being the real Jimmy but his older brother instead.

Smallville is not the origin of Superman, but of Ultraman.
The Clark Kent of ''Smallville' is by no means the moral, compassionate man seen in the DC Universe. He's an obsessive stalker with substance abuse problems (red kryptonite) who thinks nothing of violating other people's property or safety.
  • Clark certainly doesn't abuse red kryptonite; he has used it voluntarily exactly once in his life. And, especially from Season 8 onward, he's very protective of others' safety (if not necessarily their property). And there's not actually anything obsessive about him.
    • He used it as a drug, for many months, to excuse his bad behavior and rebel against his parents, and found it almost impossible to stop. That's the very definition of substance abuse. As for not obsessive— have you seen the first season? He watches Lana through a telescope every night.
      • The first season is, of course, the first season, and not the ninth season, where he's grown as a character to the point where he does, indeed, just want to protect people (not, as noted, their property), and he doesn't have a substance abuse problem. The period the above refers to happens once, he gets over it, and has never used again.
  • Confirmed, kinda: This is what would happen if he was raised by Lionel Luthor, as shown in the episode "Luthor".
  • Very Jossed.

Chloe will end up in a nut house.
Let's face it, Chloe hasn't had any luck on relationships, let alone love. Now that Chloe and Jimmy are possibly annulling their marriage, she might end up with Davis. If she finds out that Davis is Doomsday, then she might end up having a nervous breakdown. Thus, she is sent to an insane asylum, probably in Belle Reve (or maybe Topeka), probably the one where her mother's staying.This is the most logical explanation of why the Legion of Super-Heroes never heard of her - she was no longer in Clark/Superman's life. Her friendship with Clark may be a factor in her mental instability; she kept the fact that Oliver killed Lex to herself, and Clark was so upset when he found out that he couldn't trust her anymore. Perhaps Brainiac might return to posses her body once more, since a part of him might still be in Sebastian Kane.
  • Jossed in "Progeny" when we find out that her mother was never really insane. Chloe knows full well what Davis is and is uses that knowledge to protect Clark.
  • If for some other reason she ends up in an asylum it will likely be everyone's favourite nut house in Gotham City Arkham Asylum.
  • A definite possibility as Dr. Fate (who is a basket case when not wearing his helmet) predicted Chloe was walking the same path as he.
  • Oddly, in season ten, the helmet tells Chloe she would sacrifice her sanity if she put on the helmet, which she did, but she came out fine. I think.
Metahumans get their powers from Kryptonian ancestry.
In Skinwalker, it was implied that the original Naman bred with the Kawatche werewolf tribe. Dax-Ur has a half-human kid. And Kryptonians have been visiting Earth for centuries. So maybe the meta-gene is a Krypto-gene. Kryptonian powers, in some continuities, have been attributed in part to a form of psychokinesis; maybe the random shuffle of genetic interactions has altered the powers to produce a wider variety of applications. This could explain, among other things, why Kryptonite has such wacky effects on humans here when, in every other continuity, it either does nothing or acts like ordinary radiation. More snarkily, it could also explain why so many people on the show act as dumb as Clark.

Lex will get a new body.
So Lex was killed in the explosion in "Requiem". There's no way he could have survived it. But maybe his brain did. Scientists loyal to Lex were able to retrieve it and preserve it until they clone him a new body. This happened in the comics, where Lex died of cancer from long exposure to kryptonite. So his brain was placed in a younger cloned body posing as his own illegitimate son (looking a lot like Lionel) and Lex was claimed dead for a while. Not only will we see Lex in the show again (and hopefully Michael Rosenbaum will make a special appearance), but he'll lose most of his memory. He won't remember ever going to the Fortress. He won't remember Clark is an alien, but he'll still resent him. He may not even remember pushing his father through the window. He'll also take back LuthorCorp, renaming it LexCorp (which was bought by his father during a takeover).
  • Lex being in a younger cloned body is (for different reasons) actually canon in some versions of the comic book mythos, so it's certainly possible.
    • And as of the series finale, this theory is officially CONFIRMED. The theory came true, due to a little help from Darkseid and alternate universe Lionel.

That new body is Oliver Queen's current body.
An alternate theory is that the explosion was a cover-up in order to take control of both LuthorCorp and Queen Industries after the merger was put forth as an idea. While Oliver was chilling at LuthorCorp unconscious, Lex perhaps had Regan transfer Oliver to another location and then got a new body and is currently posing as Oliver, hence the changes in the character since Requiem. Of course, this skews a bit too close to another show's season-ending resolution, but it could fit.

Emily Dinsmore is still on the loose.
At the end of the Season 3 episode "Forsaken" she escaped custody on her way to Belle Reve. She traveled the country as a vicious killer. When she sees people to "bad things" (even the most harmless wrong) she uses to powers to kill them and escapes before she gets caught. By Season 9, she is a shadow of her former self. She no longer trusts anybody and doesn't want any friends anymore. She no longer cares for Lana and desires to kill her for "letting her die" and Clark for getting in her way. If Lana ever does encounter Emily, she'll be able to match her power.

Adam Knight is Prometheus
Well, he's not Batman but he's kinda similar. And one of his aliases was Chad, so...

In the show's universe, Bruce Wayne was killed along with his parents.
The show clearly takes place in some version of the DC comics universe, with desperately obscure characters popping up all the time. So why hasn't Lex or Oliver bumped into Bruce Wayne at some point? It's simple - when his parents were shot, Bruce died too. Wayne Industries got taken over and renamed by some billionaire or other, which is why we never hear about it either.
  • Alternate theory: Bruce Wayne is still traveling the world in his training for his war against crime. As for why we never heard Wayne Industries is perhaps its being renovated, or was closed down until Bruce becomes of legal age to gain it.
  • Maybe its called something else and Bruce will later rename it Wayne Industries. Or maybe Luthor Corp bought it.
  • Or Wayne Industries isn't currently in direct competition with Luthor Corp yet, and won't have cause to come up until Bruce gets back from his soul-searching/training and retools the company.
  • Actually, this troper distinctly remembers in one of the middish seasons, Lex was on the phone with someone and called them Bruce. It was a blink and you'll miss it sort of thing and she always assumed he was talking to Bruce Wayne. As for Bruce not showing up, it's not entirely inconceivable. Early on (and sometimes even today) Bruce was very good at making everyone assume Batman was an urban legend. And in his Bruce Wayne persona, while a ditsy playboy, he is conscientious about who he associates with business wise. He probably would refuse to deal with Luthor Corp. He probably wouldn't leave Gotham much either unless he had to, gotta take care of his city after all.
  • In a season 10 episode, Chloe mentions a "billionaire playboy with a belt full of gadgets" as another hero that she is helping. So we can probably joss this theory
  • Jossed. Batman made his first appearance in the Smallville Season 11 Comics.

Clark's superhearing interferes with his vision.
It would be consistent with how he discovered it in the first place, and would give a Watsonian explanation for the whiteout effect they use.
  • I think it's just a visual effect simulating his focusing on the sound. Not that before the white fade you hear a very fain version of the same sounds. His Super Hearing is always active but there's hundred of sounds in the background noise. Then he hears something he want's to focus on and he blocks out everything else to pick out that one sound.

Chloe will become the new Dr Fate
  • After Dr Fate dies in Absolute Justice, it's said that the Helmet of Nabu is waiting for the new Dr Fate, and, upon meeting her, Dr Fate tells her "you walk the same path I do".
    • Since he can't see his own path, wouldn't that mean that he can't see Chloe's path either? While I believe she might be, it could also mean she has no path, or a path that will end shortly.
      • The new preview for Season 10 has Chloe holding Fate's helmet and at one point saying "Goodbye, Clark."
      • Well, as of the end of Season 10, nothing has become of it. Maybe Season 11's comics will go this way.

[[WMG: Clark can turn stuff into Explodiumnote One of Clark's powers is to turn stuff into Explodium (though he doesn't know it). That's why he can throw an ordinary screw-driver at a gas canister, and make it explode.

Tess will become A Female Fury

When Tess was dying from severe injuries sustained by Zod a old woman No doubt Granny Goodness enters the room Tess was staying in then Tess would be brought back to life thanks to Granny Goodness. By Season 10 Tess will appear fine but we could see signs of her being brainwashed and crazy due to Granny Goodness's manipulation. Also expect a power upgrade.

  • One can reasonably assume that Granny Goodness will likely do the same thing to Oliver, since he was shown being captured by unknown creatures which were probably Darkseid's parademons. This especially makes sense when one remembers that Tess and Oliver are joint owners of Luthor Corp, which in the Smallville universe is a major defense contractor to the US government. If Granny can successfully brainwash them, she could use them to sabotage the military's and Amanda Waller's defense plans. Remember, the fact that Waller kept hinting that she knows about "the coming apocalypse" implies that she and the upper echelons of the United States government have at least partial knowledge that Darkseid is planning an invasion, and would likely be attempting to make preparations to defend Earth. Thus, Granny Goodness would want to brainwash Tess and Oliver to help sabotage these efforts.
    • Plus, Oliver is the Green Arrow, leader of the Justice League. A brainwashed Oliver would also be able to sabotage the Justice League's efforts to defend Earth.
    • The episode Abandoned revealed that Tess was a Female Fury when she was little, but escaped and blocked out the incident from her mind.

Chloe will erase herself from the memories of Clark, Lois and Ollie, similar to the Sentry of Marvel Comics
Chloe becomes the new Doctor Fate. For some as yet unknown reason, she can no longer be part of Clark's life. Maybe her inclusion in his life prevents him from fully becoming Superman. So she magically "retcons" herself out of existence, so that Lois, Ollie and Clark no longer remember her. This is perhaps the context of the "I'm sorry Clark" while holding the helmet of Fate, in the trailer. It also explains why the Legion of Superheroes have never heard of her.
  • This didn't happen in Season 10, so maybe Season 11's comics will go this way.

The Book Of Rao is a Mother Box that summoned a Boom Tube to New Genesis
The way the Book of Rao transported the Kandorians to their new world looks suspiciously like a Boom tube, a piece of technology used by the New Gods. Considering that Darkseid has been confirmed as the Big Bad of Season Ten, it would make a lot of sense. It would also resolve the Kandorian story arc by having them arrive on New Genesis.
  • and the Big Bad came to earth using the Portal that transported the Kandorians.

Smallville is a deconstruction of Super Sentai shows
Traditional Sentai get colour schemes that apply to their clothing, Clark has a wardrobe of nothing but blue and red. Super Sentai get weird mentors, Clark's are his parents. Most Sentai are humans, with alien guides, who often have to deal with interfering humans (often concerned parents) in their normal lives. Clark is an alien (although very human), mentored by human parents, and sometimes faces an interfering alien (a hologram of his concerned birth father). Most of the foes in Sentai series are humanoid aliens with strange powers. The majority of foes in Smallville are humans who were given powers by alien rocks.

Smallville deconstructs the Earth human vs alien monsters theme by making one of the heroes the alien and making their foes into Human monsters instead of aliens.

Either Jor-El or Clark's Father in the Season 10 premier...
Is Darkseid.
  • Nah.
The sole reason for taking the whole "Darkseid possessing people" angle...
Is so that the writers will have an excuse to have Michael Ironside play him without the fans going, "HEY, YOU CAN'T DO THAT, HE'S LOIS' DAD!"
  • I so support this!
  • Not so much when it is Lionel. An evil version. Who is dead already anyway.
The Book of Rao actually opened up a Portal to Apokolips.
  • Darkseid came out of the portal as the Kandorians went into it.

Chloe doesn’t need to explain her existence or eliminate it because she is the Barbara Gordon analog of the Smallville Universe
Because of the Bat Embargo, Smallville can’t use any of the Batman characters but that should hardly stop a savvy producer from bringing in those characters. So they brought on Green Arrow/Oliver to take the place of Bruce Wayne/Batman and now they’ve changed Chloe from a Lois impersonation into the Barbara Gordon of Smallville.

Darkseid in the Smallville Universe is actually the dispossessed spirit of Lex Luthor
It was stated that the “evil spirit” came to earth through a recent tear in the universe and that it happened at the same time as the Kandorians being beamed away. However, Clark’s death and resurrection happened at the same time too, and according to DC Comics when Superman dies and comes back to life, it tends to have lasting consequences. Lex slipped back into the world when Clark did but had no body to return to so now he is gathering a cadre of followers to help resurrect him – Godfrey weakens his enemies, Desaad gathers like-minded followers, and Granny builds him an army.

Lionel Luthor was in league with Darkseid.
Lionel was nearly just as evil as him before his Heel–Face Turn. While Lionel was still living with his abusive parents (or sometime after he killed his parents), he meets Darkseid who sensed the darkness within him. Darkseid may have sparked his Social Darwinist views. It was also Darkseid who told Lionel of the Traveller, which led the Luthors to join the Veritas group. Lionel hopes to find him, train him to be the son Lionel always wanted, and eventually be possessed by Lionel.

However, at some point, Darkseid becomes to distrust Lionel when Granny Goodness received a vision that Lionel will be on the side of good. When Lionel heard of this, he was appalled that he would become "weak" like everyone else. However, he's more shocked when he finds out he will be murdered by his son Lex who will surpass him. He assures Darkseid it would not happen and does everything to prevent that. Though, this led to a chain of events which led to what happened as we've seen throughout the entire series until his death.

The final episode will be titled "Superman"
The upcomming Jaime Reyes episode will be a Poorly Disguised Pilot for the recently announced Blue Beetle television series.

Clark will make peace with Lex in the end.
Even though time and time again, it has been mentioned and alluded to that Lex will be Clark's ultimate enemy, there is a twist. At some point, Clark will either try and make his own path and make amends with Lex, and/or Darkseid will possess Lex, resulting in his death at Clark's (or his own) hands, Lex making peace with Clark with his dying breath, and a dramatic scene with Clark craddling Lex's body while shouting at the heavens. Possibly in the rain.
  • If Earth-2 Lionel is there, Lex will die happy defying his father by showing him Lex is nothing like his father after all. Lionel becomes furious at his son's "weakness". As he dies, Lex sees an image of his mother, so happy to see his redeemed son.
  • The Lex clone maybe.

What will happen in the last episode(s)...
  • The young Lex clone will age quickly until he returns to his current age. He'll claim he's been held hostage.
    • Or Lex's spirit takes over his clone's body.
    • Lex takes back control of LuthorCorp, and renames it after his first company, LexCorp.
    • Lex forgets he was ever in the Fortress.
      • Confirmed. Thanks, Tess. Just when he seemed to be trying, in his own villainous way, to actually do some good.
      • Tess pretty much saved Clark by erasing his secret from Lex. Along with his entire memories of Smallville, including his former friendship with Clark. Lex did say they were destined to be enemies.
  • The New Gods will appear and help the Justice League in defeating Darkseid.
  • The Jor-El computer will imprison Clark to stop him from facing Darkseid. Clark breaks free. But the computer will form a body (becoming the series' version of the Eradicator) and fight Clark. It tells Clark he's not a hero, he's as weak as humanity and the real Jor-El. It says Clark is a failure as Jor-El and he'll lose Lois, Clark becomes angry and has enough with the Jor-El computer, and then destroys it for good.
  • Kara fights Darkseid, but ends up getting killed. In her last breath, she tells Clark its up to him now. Before a commercial, we see a shot of Clark screaming and crying while holding her dead cousin's body.
  • Lana returns. She no longer has kryptonite radiation. She hopes she and Clark can be together again. However, Clark tells her its too late now, he's marrying Lois. Lana is understandably upset. We'll see her talking to her parents' grave, and tells them she feels more alone than ever.
    • Jossed.
    • The Emily clone returns to kill Lana. But Emily finally gets killed (indirectly/unintentionally) by Lana, Clark, or her own actions.
  • Near the end of the final episode, we see Chloe in the crowd cheering for the Justice League. Then, she walks away and disappears...
    • Jossed: Chloe is out of hiding.
  • The Justice Society joins the League in battle against Darkseid.
  • A mention of Pete Ross going into politics. He'll work for or with Martha Kent.
  • One of the last scenes is Ollie telling Clark about this "eccentric guy" in Gotham that seemed quite interested in the League...and hands him a Wayne Enterprises business card.
  • Clark leaves his farm home, and Smallville, for good.
    • Confirmed. I think.
      • Actually, Martha urges Clark to change his mind about selling the farm. They never make it clear what happens after that, but the sentiments expressed within the episode seemed to be leaning towards the idea of Clark keeping the farm. Remember, Connor is going to attend Smallville High, so he's probably going to be living there, while Clark will pop in to check up on him, and Martha will fly back from Washington when she can
  • Perry White becomes editor-in-chief.
    • Confirmed, took place within seven years of Clark thwarting Apokolips.
  • Ollie and Dinah Lance become a couple.
    • Open end.
  • Clark will use an ancient Kryptonian sword to vanquish Darkseid.
  • Regarding a guess I just added, there is mention of evil Brainiac still being out there. Assuming that he hasn't reappeared in show, we are shown a shot of Lex silouheted in the distance or some such, to establish that he too is back.
  • Darkseid is gonna possess Lionel Luthor, who's more than willing.
    • Confirmed. Yay. Although he is already dead...
  • The clone of Lex and Clark will become the guardian of Smallville, Superboy, in honor of his "father" and the last scene will be him flying over Smallville as a tribute to the pilot.
    • Jossed. Unless it happened offscreen.
  • The last scene will show the league returning to the Watchtower after saving the earth from Darkseid. They'll find that someone has broken in, at which point the lights turn on, revealing a man in an expensive suit who looks like he's had a rough life. He'll say:
    Strange Man: "So, this is the Justice League? Well, we need to talk. My name is Bruce W...(cut to black, roll credits)"
    • Which will allow them to use Bruce Wayne and not have it violate copyright.
      • Followed by a "coming soon Gothem Season 1"
    • Jossed. Would've been awesome, though. What kind of stupid problem do they have that stopped him from appearing AT ALL, anyway?

After the fifth season finale, there are two continuities. One is Smallville. The other one is Superman Returns
It's difficult, but surely possible. Just help me to understand how; don't tell me why it's impossible. I know we can pull it off.
  • I thought of one: Lex returns from the dead, but forgets he was in the Fortress and that Clark is an alien. In Superman Returns, Lex seems to have deva ju upon finding the Fortress (again). But this would be season ten, of course; then again, Smallville follows a "similar" pattern to the movies.
    • Confirmed — Lex did indeed return from death and had his memories erased.

Earth-2 Lionel and Alexander are going to become allies
For starters, the two of them are slated to appear in an upcoming episode together. Moreover, Earth-2 Lionel has made it very clear that he wants, in his very Social Darwinist way a worthy successor. If he meets Alexander, Enfante Terrible that he is, he may very well see something that he can shape into a potential heir. Whether or not this will work is doubtful, but it could form the basis for an excellent, if creepy alliance. Alternately, they might ally in order to free Real!Lex from whatever Limbo he's currently trapped in. Or maybe Lionel will team with someone else. This being the last season, and them only having three more episodes to use him, I can't see him remaining independent without really complicating the story. Whoever gets him, he's certainly going to be a force multiplier for them, and I can see Alexander as understanding that best (not to mention that that alliance works for many other reasons).

In the event I'm right, any money on who backstabs who first? A lot of people seem to expect Alexander to kill Lionel as part of his journey to becoming Lex, but I could almost see it working better with Lionel killing Alexander, only to be slain by the real Lex (who, if they can't get Rosenbaum back, could remain offscreen).

  • Earth-2 Lionel will be disgusted that his other counterpart became good. And if he gets killed by Lex or Alexander, he dies happy knowing his son has become the man he wanted him to be.
  • As of "Beacon" Lionel has tried to create this alliance, but was betrayed by Alexander almost immediately. Both of them survived it though.

Evil Brainaic is still out there
If there's one thing Brainiac has demonstrated in this series, it's his ability to come back from injuries that would destroy a less sophisticated AI. Given his power to regenerate From a Single Cell, it's entirely possible that there are a few pieces of his Season 5 and/or 7 incarnations still out there. While the core computer eventually became Brainiac 5, these pieces will eventually regenerate and become the iconic villainous Brainiac who opposes Superman for years to come. Please note it probably won't happen onscreen; I'm just trying to figure out how there will still be a Brainiac after Clark finally becomes Superman.
  • This is definitely the explanation. There are actually a lot of potential copies of the unaltered Brainiac that could still be around. In Season 8, Sebastian the Memory-Absorbing Freak of the Week is forced to download Brainiac into his skull and went into cardiac arrest. If the doctors managed to save him from that, it's implied that he would be comatose empty vessel that a potential copy of Brainiac inside his head could use as a new body. Also, speaking of comas, remember when Brainiac put Lana in that creepy pseudo-coma for several months? Who's to say he didn't leave a copy of himself buried in her subconscious, as he was confirmed to have done with Chloe? This copy of Brainiac could simply be lying dormant for reasons known only to him, and at some point will take over Lana's body the same way he took over Chloe's...and with Lana's Kryptonite-infused body, he'd be a terrifying threat, and this would be a good catalyst for Emil to finally come up with a way to cure Lana's body of the kryptonite/Prometheus suit and return her to her canon form. And speaking of Lana, during Season 7, didn't she keep a vial of Brainiac's material at the Isis Clinic? If this sample is still around (and presumably transferred to storage at the Watchtower), then if the vial is ever accidentally broken, Brainiac could emerge from it and wreak havoc at Watchtower before uploading himself onto the Internet and into another computer...The possibilities are numerous.

Earth-2 Lionel...
Will be killed by either the real Lex, Alexander, or Tess. Just with the one sentence, "Because no true son of mine, no true Luthor would have let me live this long." did he just set up his own demise.
  • Lionel will be proud of Lex, finally becoming the man he wants him to be.
  • Confirmed. Although Darkseid is the one that finishes him off, Tess is the one who lands the fatal blow on Lionel.

Brainiac 5 will fall in love with Kara.
Like in the comics.
  • Possible, since Kara has gone to the future for a while.

Kryptonite-powered Lana is the Smallville's Titano
Because someone wanted tension between Titano and Superman.
  • As much as we want to turn Lana into an ape, nope.
The Lex clone...
Is losing his memory is because they are being replaced by Clark's memories. He's not just a clone of Lex, but he may have been made with Clark's DNA as well. As we've seen in "Beacon", he has invulnerability. So he's Smallville's version of Kon-El.
  • Confirmed: This troper knew it! Though he has yet to gain the Kryptonian name, but he does become Clark's cousin "Conner Kent".

Clark will give Earth-2 Lionel a "Reason You Suck" Speech.
The reason being how his parents abuse him. And his Social Darwinist is a way to deal his how much he hated the people who were supposed to care and love their children.

Darkseid will resurrect Lex for Earth-2 Lionel.
And erase his memories which cuts to before Lex killed Lionel (thus no memory of knowing Clark's powers and origins).
  • Damn close. Only wrong on how the memories go.

Katar and Shayera Hol will join the team as the new Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
Since both Catar and his wife Shayera are now dead, the Thanagarians took it upon themselves to don the mantle of the Hawks.

Clark and the gang will first meet them while paying their respect for the Hawks. After a misunderstanding, they get to know each other.

Carter has met the two sometime between the JSA's disbandment and their reformation. They were space cops from the planet Thanagar to capture a dangerous criminal (most likely Byth). After that they decide to stay on Earth and disguise themselves as a married human couple. Katar renames himself "Carter Hall, Jr.", Carter's cousin. Carter also trains them in human art of war.

It turns out that Thanagar has visited Earth even longer than Krypton, mostly in Egypt. They were worshiped as gods and their "mystical" Nth metal gave Khufu and Chay-Are the gift of "eternal love" (which is reincarnation).

They also came to help defeat Darkseid, who nearly destroyed Thanagar. But the Thanagarians have used Nth metal to draw him away. The Thanagarians call him Onimar Synn.

Green Arrow will take a great dislike on Katar for trying to "replace Hawkman".

Shayera Hol will discover she's pregnant (the child is Carter reincarnated). And becomes friends with Zatanna, after being intrigued by her magic.

In one heartwarming scene, the Hawks take Clark to outer space, to where Krypton once was.

Jeremy Creek (the meteor freak from the pilot) is Jonathan Crane.
After losing his electrical abilities and his memory (which also causes him to misremember his name), he moves to Gotham and sets about creating a new identity for himself. However, he still has flashes of memory in his mind, like being bullied at school, and a desire to somehow strike back against those physically stronger than him, and the recurring image of a scarecrow...
  • Same initials and everything...I like it!
  • And the scarecrow symbolism. Genius.

Jor-El or [insert other ridiculously powerful being here] will alter the planet's memories of "Clark Kent" in order to preserve his secret identity.
Clark has been very careless with his identity, given that the thought of actually letting himself be seen in public didn't occur to him until later on in his "hero" career. His encounter with Toyman in Prophecy was just one example. Such a massive deus ex machna would SUCK, but since we won't get the chance to see this Superman live with the consequences of having such a shaky "secret identity," they may as well...
  • It could be Highfather, as a reward for defeating Darkseid.
  • Nope. Thankfully they did no such thing. Clark will just have to manage for himself.

Jor-El (computer) absorbed Jonathan Kent's personality into himself.
And is able to project him, too. This would explain his repeated appearances in the finale, and how he was able to 1) appear out of nowhere in the Fortress and 2) apparently teleport Clark's suit out of the crystal that rose from the ground into his hands, so he could hand it to Clark.

Jonathan Kent is the ghost of Julius Caesar.
And Perry White's Catchphrase is due to Jonathan's love of trolling him.

At the end of the series, Superman's real identity is public knowledge.
  • Evidence #1: the countless times Clark has been around people without glasses. This is especially evident in the last episode, during his attempted wedding.
  • Evidence 2: the existence, in universe, of a comic book telling the origin of Superman, where Clark's likeness is depicted.
  • Evidence 3: All of the people, many of them not very NICE, who already know it such as Toyman, Slade Wilson, and all of the VRA soldiers (at least the higher ranking ones).
    • Doesn't seem to stop him from keeping the disguise up, though...
      • The person reading that comic was Chloe. To her son. My guess is she knocked that up on the computer just for him.

The TV Station playing at The Planet in the closing moments of the finale made an error, it was meant to read "Lex Luthor SWORN IN as President," not "ELECTED" President.
There was too much controversy around Luthor for him to get on the Presidential ticket in the 2016 election, but he did get the nod for Vice President and they were elected. After which he arranged for something "unfortunate" to happen to the President (assasination, impeachment, etc), and he's next in line to take over.

Major!General Zod forced Slade Wilson to lose his memory of Clark Kent's identity as The Blur before sending him back from the Phantom Zone.
Season Nine Zod used Clark's secret for his own gain, but not by telling the world. That's an edge over Kal-El he'd not want to give up, so he would be loath to let just anyone keep that knowledge. How is up in the air, maybe Zod has enough know-how of human anatomy to know which parts of the brain deal with memory. And it's implied that NO metahuman abilities work in the Phantom Zone, so Slade's healing factor couldn't help him. This still does not help with all of the VRA soldiers under Slade's command knowing the secret, however.

The version of Ursa we see with General Zod in "Dominion" is really...
A humanoid Zoner possessed by Faora's Phantom. She and the General seem pretty close (Word of God is that his interest in Lana was solely due to being inside of Lex's body) and both the General and the Major have fallen in love with her in two different lifetimes. Zone!Faora was obsessively loyal to the General, and it makes sense that he would want her with him when he set out to conquer the Zone. As for the Non stand-in, he's likely one of Zod's henchmen who was thrown into the Zone after the failed coup.

The Child of Green Arrow seen in the finale is really Superboy-Prime
Anyone else get that feel when seeing him?
  • No, this troper believes he's a version of Connor Hawke.
  • He gives off a serious Jason White vibe. If he is actually Clark's son there would be a very interesting parallel...
    • Assuming they did the deed in Fortune, she didn't remember it and had a rather ambiguous time frame.
      • The Smallville Season 11 comic book confirms he's Oliver's kid.
    • She starts a relationship with someone else after he left and is very iffy about the relationship status.

Lana Lang is dead
Since Lana left because of the superpowered suit that was loaded with Kryptonite and couldn't be with Clark, we haven't seen her or even heard about her. Maybe taking in so much Kryptonite killed her soon after she left. She should have done something that mattered in the series when she had her powers, after leaving Clark.
  • The creators simply eradicated her presence in favour of Lois, which lead to a couple of small discontinuities, but I'm not complaining. Anyway, she is back in the season 11 comics, Valkyrie.

Lex did have a superpower
Before his "death", he has an abnormal white blood cell that allowed him never to become sick in his entire life. If he trained himself to use it correctly or explored more about it, he could have taken on Clark since they couldn't be hurt at all. Lex could have become David Dunn of sorts.
  • Might explain why he was so hard to clone when other clones seemed easy to create.

Some of the unredeemed "meteor freaks" and other one-shot villains in Belle Reve will make up Superman's Rogues Gallery.
Though he might encounter his classic enemies off-screen, these can't just can't be go to waist. Giving Clark some additional enemies, and being linked to his hometown, unless their memories were erased/altered/blocked.
  • Tim Westcott becomes a Well-Intentioned Extremist villain.
  • Emily Dinsmore. Mentioned above. She goes from killing people she believes are evil to actually liking murdering people for pleasure. She becomes the Smallville version of Scorch. She develops a hatred of Clark/Superman for "stealing" Lana.
  • William McBride becomes Clark/Superman's own Hugo Strange. He becomes obsessed with killing Clark because he blames him for Alicia Baker's death.
  • Eric Summers still desires Clark's powers. He wants to take them again, or somehow gain his own powers. He may even team-up with a scientist who'll create a potion which will give him (temporary) powers, similar to the early story "Reign of the Super-Man". Or create a supersuit not unlike the comics' Lucy Lane's Superwoman suit.
  • Ben Meyers (from "Action") would become Professor Zoom.
  • Like another WMG above, Jonathan Creek would become Scarecrow.
  • Dr. Hudson (the phantom from "Labyrinth") would become Doctor Destiny.
  • Justin Gaines (from "Crush") becomes Green Arrow's enemy, because he still has feelings for Chloe.

Superman will face Doomsday again at some point.
Last we saw Doomsday, Clark threw him deep underground. And Clark returns, with no memory of how he even got out. It's possible, through Kryptonian means, Clark trapped him inside a metal prison. Doomsday eventually breaks free and wants a rematch with Clark, who's more than ready to face him. Thus subverting the usual Death of Superman story.

Bart knew about the JSA before "Absolute Justice."
Or at least knew something about them. Otherwise it's very coincidental that he would Jay Garrick as one of his alias when Jay actually exists in the Smallville 'verse.

Lana and Pete are married.
Just like in the comics for a while.

In the Distant Finale, Pete is Vice President.
In the episode "Forsaken", Pete owes Lex after saving him from Agent Loder. It helps since Lex's memories have been erased. As Vice President, Pete is able to listen in on Lex's evil plans and report back to Watchtower.

The portal that let Darkseid and his minions come through was a Boom Tube.
I'm just throwing it out there, even if it was never named, it makes sense.

The series was originally about Lana Lang
Kind of like Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. Considering the evidence, is it hard to fathom?

Lana Lang has a passive meteor power
...Which makes everyone fall in love with her. Super effective on kryptonians (Clark Kent and even Zod) and meteor freaks (including Chloe Sullivan).
In the season nine premier, Chloe Sullivan was pregnant.
I only realized this after watching this video for about a thousand times. At 4:43, after Clark walks out of her life, she puts her hands on her waist - reminds you of anything? That would explain why she vehemently begged Clark to bring Jimmy back even though she knew that would spell disaster. But the Powers That Be decided to abort it. No pun intended...
  • There is a work-in-progress (but not dead) Fan Fic somewhere that had Clark making her pregnant after she broke up with Jimmy and would explain why Chloe could no longer repress Doomsday because what it is created to destroy is growing inside her.

The seasons of Smallville correspond to The Ages of Superhero Comics.
Partially intentional and partially because History Repeats.

The Golden Age of Comic Books: Season one to three. Superman being the one dominant hero, relatively limited powers (he's still weak enough that bullets can slow him down even if they can't kill him in the first season or two) but using them in manners that could have been lethal, minor villians with simple motives, and Clark learning important life lessons.

The Silver Age of Comic Books: Season four. Much more "out there" stories helped by the introduction of magic into the canon, and a greater willingness of the writers to just embrace all the humorous possibilities afforded to them by the inherent wildness of a world where sci-fi and magic coexist. Introduction of The Flash and the Fortress of Solitude (which was first seen during the Silver Age).

The Bronze Age of Comic Books: Season five to seven. Dealing with more serious topics (although the Very Special Episode for teenage sexuality is in season four, the one for drugs, Void, is in season five), introduction of the more hard-boiled, street-level vigilante Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, a greater willingness to explore more horror-based elements thanks to the Phantom Zone criminals and their powers. Also contains the pivotal parts of the last steps of Protagonist Journey to Villain and Moral Event Horizon, both excellently handled, of Lex Luthor.

The Dark Age of Comic Books: Season eight to nine. A Darker and Edgier tone and a bold willingness of the writers to have Clark and company have to deal with greater moral dilemmas and harder choices than in previous seasons, and the show is now mature enough that it's unafraid to fully embrace debates, in-universe and out, about its' characters actions: Lex attempts to nuke Metropolis and Oliver assassinates him to prevent him from following through, Chloe becomes Darker and Edgier and after experiencing a Trauma Conga Line becomes convinced that Orwellian methods are the only way to protect Metropolis, etc., and the JLA members are forced into some tough dilemmas, and have to re-examine their positions. Clark adopts a grittier costume. Doomsday shows up as well. Also had Devilicus lampshade that lethal enforcers were big in the nineties. All in all, the show went through a lot of growth, and the writers were much more willing to take risks during these seasons than ever before.

The Modern Age of Comic Books: Season ten. Reconstruction of The Cape / Ideal Hero, Kingdom Come-style. The characters, having gone through lots of growth—especially in the last few seasons—come full circle and embrace their classic identities, but often with an innovative twist. Clark going back to a more classic red-and-blue outfit with the "S" symbol. Lois and Clark being a couple, and Lois (now in on "The Secret") helping Clark protect his identity and more actively helping him with his missions. Lots of ShoutOuts and tributes to the past (the class reunion episode, all the tons of fan-demanded cameos of older characters, etc.) The symbolic defeat of Darkseid. "Always hold on to Smallville".

Chloe Sullivan is a composite character of Lana Lang, Lois Lane, and the elder Kents.
...In order for fans to generate sympathy for an original character. But it has Gone Horribly Right. The Chlois Theory, period. And don't even start on Lana.

The mainstream Lana Lang shares many more traits with Chloe Sullivan compared to Smallville's version of Lana. They are both green-eyed Caucasians (although Lana has red hair and Chloe is blonde; Kristin Kreuk has brown hair and eyes, as well as being part Chinese and part Dutch), have a crush on Clark Kent, dated, fell apart in good terms and remained friends into adulthood (and the relationship is a lot more lighthearted than Smallville's wangst-packed Lana who left as a God-Mode Sue, which didn't happen to the mainstream version) and early secret keepers. Pete Ross, who married Lana Lang in the comics, also had an unrequited crush on Chloe and next to none interaction with Smallville Lana.

On the other hand, she did many things Clark's parents did for him in the mainstream continuity, like encouraging him to adopt a Secret Identity. The producers may have correctly guessed that having a nerdy female childhood best friend doing it would appeal to the younger audience better than having his parents lecturing him.

The producers don't hate Chloe/Clark.
Contrary to popular belief. They actually also think Chloe and Clark are great together. That's why they get huge amounts of Ship Tease and their moments dominate the heartwarming entry. As for why they aren't put together, it is a reasonable guess that Executive Meddling does not allow Clark to have a Canon Immigrant long-term Love Interest (despite his canon college love interest being a mermaid) and that they made Chloe and Clark fit each other well to produce fan pressure so they might just have a chance to at least briefly put them together.. This could also explain why Lois/Clark and Chloe/Oliver are Strangled by the Red String and how their relationships are badly written. If you are charged to write something you don't like, you won't put much effort into it either. In my opinion, Hex is not a Take That! of the Chlois Theory - more like an Affectionate Parody. The episode is obviously played for humour and Chloe was being too nice to pass for Lois. "You haven't insulted me yet" "You actually crossed at the crossing" "And Chloe let me drive".
  • The Lack Of Care Theory would also explain some of the craziness that is Fortune, in which Oliver and Chloe are supposed to be married when Oliver is with Lois on a railway in the middle of nowhere while Chloe and Clark are, to quote Chloe, "dressed like the topping of a wedding cake" and woke up in the same room but with Clark on the bed and Chloe in the closet (I've got the feeling that there are some Exact Words and/or Loophole Abuse involved...). That, and the possible perfect future in Lexmas, are the producer's way of saying "that is the closest we could get, sorry that Clark has to end up with Lois".
    • Uh no, if you listen to interviews, it's pretty clear the writers were very excited about showing Clark and Lois grow into their classical roles from the comics and movies as crusading reporters and lovers. They clearly were not "sorry" about it. The writers gave Chloe a happy ending of her own with Oliver, and were clearly pleased about it.

The Seasonal Rot and Darkseid being an Anti-Climax Boss was all the work of none other than...
...MISTER MXYZPTLK! The little imp decided to screw with us!
  • Speak for yourself, this troper thought the last few seasons were the best. That being said, perhaps the Clana plot of the earlier seasons was Mxy's doing...

Chloe and Oliver's son will be named 'Henry'.

While Chloe had moved on from Jimmy/Henry James's death. She wanted to honor him in some way and so with Ollie's permission, she named him Henry. Since that naming him 'James' might make things confusing with Younger James Olsen running around.

The Smallville Medical Center has various rooms or wings dedicated to all the main characters except Clark

Well, the main characters have put so much money into the institution over the years, that it'd be sort of fitting if there's a Kent Wing or Lana Lang Room at the medical center. Bonus points if each character usually ends up making their (near-weekly) hospital visit in the room named after them.

The main characters are able to pay their medical bills thanks to their wealthy friends

Given that each of the main characters is a Weirdness Magnet and they sustain more attacks and injuries over the course of the show than the average person ever does, it's possible that they got some UnclePennybags-style help:

From Seasons One through Four, Lex is paying everyone's medical bills, since he spends much of these years trying to buy Clark's friendship (along with trying buy the friendships of Clark's other friends).

In Season Five, after Lex is exposed sending murderous mutants after the Kents and thus destroying the friendship between himself and Clark, Lionel eagerly swoops in with the checkbook to pay everyone's bills in a desperate attempt to impress Martha with his generosity.

From Season Six onwards, Oliver Queen is bankrolling everyone's medical expenses, probably being joined in this Uncle Pennybags role by Tess during the final season.

Clark isn't destined to be Superman, instead he's destined to become...

... Superboy-Prime. It would explain all the whining he goes through.


The Clark that came out of the hole with Doomsday wasn’t the original Clark but in actuality the Eradicator due to how much of a jerkass he was to Chloe after Jimmy’s death.

The reason Warrior Angel goes from having wings to wearing a cape is...
Because his wings were torn off. Presumably by Devillicus. But some future writer may give him wings back, by having them grown back just like X-Men's Angel.

Bart is actually Barry Allen.
I was just reading an article about questions we still have 10 years after the finale and it mentioned Bart and how different he is to canon Bart. Now consider that both "Barry" and "Bart" are nicknames for "Bartholomew" it is possible that Bart is really a version of Barry that got his powers when he was younger and ran away from home.