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  • Acting for Two: "X-Ray," "Visage," "Crusade," "Onyx," "Phantom," "Bizarro," "Persona," "Luthor," "Collateral"note , "Masquerade," "Kent."
  • The Cast Showoff: Alessandro Juliani and Cassidy Freeman both have musical backgrounds, which is probably why they got to be the ones that sang in "Fortune."
  • Cast the Runner-Up:
    • Jensen Ackles was the second choice for the role of Clark Kent had Tom Welling turn down the offer. Ackles would eventually go on to portray Jason Teague in the fourth season of the series.
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    • Martin Cummins auditioned for the role of Lex Luthor before the casting of Michael Rosenbaum. Cummins would later go on to play Doctor Garner in the second and third season of the series.
    • Allison Mack toyed with the idea of auditioning for Lana Lang before going for Chloe Sullivan. Incidentally, Allison is a green-eyed Caucasian just like traditional Lana while Kristin Kreuk is part-Chinese with dark eyes. While Allison is a natural blonde, Charlotte Sullivan dyed her hair red for the role of Maxima in Season 8's "Instinct."
    • Originally actor Justin Hartley was supposed to play the role of the character Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman. However, he ended up playing the role of the Green Arrow instead and the role of Aquaman went to Alan Ritchson. Hartley played Aquaman in the producers' unsold spin-off pilot, Mercy Reef.
  • Creator Backlash:
  • Dawson Casting:
    • In Season 1, Clark and his friends are high school freshmen (14-15 years olds). Tom Welling was 10 years older than Clark (although justified, as Kryptonians tend to age faster). Eric Johnson (Whitney Fordman) was 25, Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk were both 19; and Sam Jones III was just 18.
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    • Although it was never specified how old Lex was (possibly in his early 20s), Michael Rosenbaum was just 29.
    • Erica Durance, who was 27 at the time of casting, played a 19/20-year-old Lois Lane.
  • Directed by Cast Member:
    • John Schneider directed the Season 3 episode "Talisman."
    • Tom Welling directed the episodes "Fragile" (his debut as a behind-the-scenes creator, a role he's actually continued in his post-Smallville career), "Hydro," "Apocalypse," "Injustice," "Absolute Justice, Part 2," and "Patriot."
    • Michael Rosenbaum directed the Season 6 episode "Freak."
    • Allison Mack directed Season 8's "Power" and Season 9's "Warrior."
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Of perhaps the most ironic kind. The producers of Smallville wanted Bruce Wayne to appear. The owner of the current Batman film franchise refused. The irony is DC Comics owns both characters and, in the comic books, both Superman and Batman cross over all of the time and are, in fact, best friends. Batman finally appears in the Season 11 comics' second story arc.
    • Stephanie Brown was to appear as Batman's sidekick, Nightwing. But, of course, anyone familiar with DC knows that the higher-ups hate her with a passion, so Barbara Gordon was used instead.
  • Fake Nationality: Lia Teng is from North Korean, but her actress Françoise Yip is Chinese-Canadian.
  • Fan Nickname: Lots.
    • Early in the show's run, a few TV critics affectionately called it Dawson's Krypton.
    • Clark: The Pretty.
    • Lionel Luthor: The Magnificent Bastard, Lion-El (after his possession by Jor-El), St. Lionel (sarcastic reference to his Heel–Face Turn).
    • Lex: Cueball, The Sexy.
    • Lois: EDLois (short for Erica Durance).
    • Chloe: Google Girl, Chloogle, Tiny Blonde (common for fangirls), Chloiac (when possessed by Brainiac).
    • Jonathan: Bo Kent, or just "Bo".
    • Davis: Bloomesday
    • Lana: In the earliest seasons, she was initially known as the Pink Princess because of her early wardrobe (and the fact that, by Season 3, the pinkness was arguably becoming a Running Gag until her wardrobe changed in Season 4). Super Kryptonite Woman or The Amazing Kryptonite Woman, after becoming walking Kryptonite. Also known as the "Squirrel."
    • Pete: Product Placement Pete, as his little bit of screentime was usually used to place products such as music from Lifehouse, the "Talon Mix" CD, and Stride Gum.
    • The episode "Doomsday" is often nicknamed "Failsday" for its rather anti-climactic ending.
    • Angel of Vengeance / Andrea: Batchicka.
    • Gina: "Maybe-Mercy" until Tess appeared.
  • Friday Night Death Slot: The show was moved to this in its second-to-last season, but remained one of The CW's top shows. Its second season in this slot was its last, but that was less due to time slot and more due to factors such as various contracts expiring and a general feeling that it was time to finally end it.
  • I Am Not Spock:
    • Allison Mack expressed this sentiment on her blog.
    • Averting Christopher Reeve's intractable marriage to the iconic role was among the reasons Tom Welling had insisted on "no tights, no flights" in his contract. But if the role doesn't stick to you after ten seasons, it's not going to happen.
  • I Knew It!: Martha is the Red Queen.
  • Image Source: This series provides the page image for:
  • Name's the Same: Much like the comic book character he's based on, Clark Luthor isn't someone able to grow giant-sized who wears silver.
  • One-Hit Wonder: To this day, this is considered the only claim to fame for both Tom Welling (until Lucifer) and Allison Mack (until her sex trafficking scandal).
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Morgan Edge, through having plastic surgery.
    • Edward Teague had two different actors between the flashbacks in "Veritas" and his first modern appearance in "Quest."
  • Promoted Fanboy: John Schneider revealed that he was already a Superman fan when he learned about the show and auditioned for the role.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: Remy Zero's "Save Me".
  • Scully Box: Allison Mack sometimes needed one, even with heels.
  • Sequel in Another Medium: After the series ended, an eleventh season was published in comic book form, following on from the events of the TV series and covering Clark fully embracing his Superman persona.
  • Star-Making Role: For most of the cast, particularly Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Erica Durance, Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman, Serinda Swan, Laura Vandervoort, and John Glover.
  • Undermined by Reality: One of the morals on "Unsafe" was that your first sexual experience is to be approached carefully, and even Allison Mack was used to promote it (Her character Chloe said it in-universe as well). This moral loses credibility when Allison Mack was accused of being involved with sex trafficking for the cult NXIVM and in April 2018 arrested for that. Her mentor Keith Raniere, who led NXIVM, was accused of raping children. She ultimately pleaded down to racketeering and is expected to testify against Raniere who didn’t take a plea deal.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The result of throwing the popular songs of the time into the soundtrack. Being something of a Long Runner, this can affect individual seasons. Of course, deliberately keeping the series itself '70s-centric in style subverts this somewhat.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Milo Ventimiglia and Brandon Routh auditioned for the part of Clark Kent before the casting of Tom Welling. Routh would later go on to portray the character in Superman Returns.
    • The writers planned to bring Bruce Wayne into the show at one point as a guest role, but this was shot down because of the then-upcoming Batman film. His role and storyline was apparently converted into Adam Knight instead.
    • A relatively small one for Season 7: The writers originally planned for Lionel's death to be the final scene of an episode, not the opening for what became "Descent"; the following episode would have followed the remainder of the produced episode's plot, presumably. The 2007 Writer's Strike, while not hitting this show too hard, did see it cut from 22 to 20 episodes, and this along with two whole episodes needing to be cut from the plan was the result...arguably for the better, at that.
    • The original plot for the episode "Shimmer" had an invisible villain disrupting a school play before it was changed to an invisible villain stalking and attacking Lex Luthor and his loved ones. The original plot was turned into the Smallville novel See No Evil.
  • The Wiki Rule: Smallville Wiki
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Shawn Ashmore played Eric Summers in Seasons 1 and 3, but his identical twin brother Aaron plays Henry James "Jimmy" Olsen in later seasons. Aaron returns in the series finale to play James Bartholomew Olsen.
    • The token Asian of the crooks that break into the LuthorCorp tower early in the series shows up in Season 4 as a Chinese national constable on the take. They're played by Byron Mann of Street Fighter fame.
    • Jim Shield, who played Sylvester Pemberton aka The Star-Spangled Kid, previously played Ryan James' abusive step-dad in Season 1's "Stray."
    • Pascale Hutton played Karren Gallagher, the ill-fated mother of the rapid-aging Evan in Season 4's "Ageless" and Raya, the Kryptonian ally of Clark in Season 6's "Zod".
    • Christopher Heyerdahl played Dr. Arthur Walsh in the web series Spin-Off The Chloe Chronicles, and then played Zor-El in the series itself.


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