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Please arrange the entries according to seasons, as shown in Smallville.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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    Season 1 
  • The many warm moments where Jonathan and Martha comfort Clark, give him sage advice, and just generally are awesome parents, definitely count. These many moments help set the warm tone of Season 1.
  • A small one, but finally hearing Clark finally refer to Lex as "my best friend" in the episode "Hug."
    • Clark and Kyle shaking hands at the end of the episode.
  • In "Nicodemus", Martha recounts the moment that she first met Jonathan. That scene was insanely heartwarming.
  • All of Clark's scenes with Ryan in "Stray".
    • In the end scene, Ryan hands Clark his comics and says:
      Ryan: I don't need them any more. I've got you.
  • In "Reaper", Lex arranges, at Clark's request, for the Metropolis Sharks to come to Smallville and play a little scrimmage for Mr. Fordman, who was slowly dying, with his son as their quarterback.
    • In the same episode, Jonathan (who, throughout the show, harbors strong resentment toward Lex) compliments Lex for what he did for the Fordmans. The two then have a civil conversation about why Lex had the Kents investigated, and Jonathan politely ends the conversation by telling Lex that he doesn't need an explanation for everything.
    • Clark and Jonathan reconciling after they had a heated argument about Lex earlier in the episode.
  • "Obscura": Clark digs Chloe out after she is buried alive.
    Chloe: I knew it was you! It's always you! (hugs him)
    • At the end of the episode, Clark finally gathers the courage to ask Chloe to go to the Spring Formal with him. Sadly, this only leads to many seasons of unresolved Ship Tease.
    • Special mention goes to the look on Chloe’s face when she realizes Clark’s about to ask her to the Spring Formal. She is absolutely BEAMING with joy when she realizes the guy she’s had a crush on is about to ask her to the dance.
    • Also, Lex gives a check to Jonathan and Martha with an amount equal to the "exact amount of the cows and land lost" earlier in the season. It's nice to see that... still with how he and Jonathan went out...

    Season 2 
  • In "Duplicity", Jonathan tells Pete he's proud of him for helping Clark.
  • In "Red", after Red!Clark shoves Jonathan against his truck, Pete runs to Jonathan's side and asks "Are you okay, sir?" It's obvious he cares for the entire Kent family.
  • In "Lineage", Clark earlier blew up at Chloe for prying into his life when someone claiming to be his mother arrives in Smallville, and touched a sore spot when he told Chloe to look for her own mother, not knowing she left her at a young age. The two make up again after Clark apologizes, and he comforts her over her Missing Mom:
    Chloe: It's just hard thinking that you weren't ever good enough to love.
    Clark: (puts his hand on hers) Don't ever think that.
  • In "Ryan", when Dr. Garner arrives with Sheriff Ethan to take Ryan back and walks towards the boy, Clark and Jonathan step forward and block him. Crosses over with Moment of Awesome.
    • Clark super-speeding miles away to get Ryan the brain surgeon he needs from the same episode is also this. Martha and Jonathan's response really sells it:
      Martha: Clark, I don't think I've ever been as proud of you as I am right now.
      Jonathan: It was an amazing thing that you did.
  • "Rosetta":
    • Christopher Reeve guest stars as Dr. Swann. It's just heartwarming enough just to see him interact with Tom Welling, and they even play the classic Superman opening march.
  • "Exodus":
    • Despite the Downer Ending, there's the fact that Clark, under the influence of Red Kryptonite, still wants Lana with him.

    Season 3 
  • Clark finally returning home in "Phoenix".
  • Almost every scene involving Lex and Clark throughout "Asylum" can be considered both this, but also a Tear Jerker as well. The biggest heartwarming scene, however, comes during their final scene together at the end of the episode:
    Lex: You know, Clark, there is one thing I'll never forget.
    Clark: What's that?
    Lex: How important your friendship is to me.
  • In "Delete," someone who is going to be exposed by Chloe's reports mind-controls Clark into trying to run Chloe down with his truck. She thinks Clark did it on purpose because she worked for Lionel before, then starts to cry and say she can only apologize so many times. The heartwarming bit comes when they acknowledge they both have their weak moments (how Clark treated her in "Exile" while under the effects of Red Kryptonite) and make up, with Chloe promising not to pry into his life and take him for who he is.
  • In "Truth", Chloe inhales a truth gas that makes it impossible for anyone to lie to her, but is also killing her. After finding out, she sets out to uncover Clark's secret, even though Clark himself is immune to her. Clark manages to track down an antidote and injects her with it after she passes out. Kryptonite-induced powers are known to bring the worst out of everyone, but Chloe fears that it only brought out her true self, tearfully apologizes, and admits she's afraid that she has used up all her apologies, especially after what happened in "Delete." Clark says that it won't be today and gives her a long, heartfelt hug.
  • Most of "Memoria" is quite dark, but the end was very heartwarming, with a touch of Tear Jerker:
    Clark: When I was in the tank, I saw my earliest memory. [Lara] was putting me in the ship. Her only fear was that no one would love me.
    Martha: I can't imagine the agony of putting my son in a lifeboat and sending him across the stars.
    Clark: Because of Jor-El, I always thought that my biological parents were monsters. But she wasn't. I just can't believe I forgot about her.
    Martha: You didn't, Clark. Your first word was "Lara." Your father and I could never figure out what it meant. Now we know.
    Clark: I wish she could have met you, to see what a great mom I have.
    Martha: She knows, Clark. A mother's love never dies.

    Season 4 
  • "Crusade": Chloe's video letter to Clark.
    Chloe: You were always the one good thing in my life, and if I didn't tell you enough, I care about you more than you'll ever know. Please find out who did this, Clark. You're the only one who can.
  • "Gone": Chloe is found to be alive, and is reunited with Lois and Clark.
  • "Facade" The smile on Abby's face when one of the jocks who always picked on her is finally noticing her, apologizing and complimenting her. Of course what happens next with her powers and his dick-ish nature take away from it.
  • "Obsession":
    • Alicia being a rare villain to actually be reformed.
    • Alicia's reaction to Clark's proposal.
    • Alicia taking the red kryptonite necklace off Clark as he's about to have sex with her due to feeling that anything that happens between them should be real, and done with Clark's complete consent and knowledge. Clark doesn't take it well, but the thought is nice, and a sign of character growth on her part.
    • Alicia taking a bullet for Clark to protect his secret.
  • "Pariah":
    • It does have a Downer Ending, but it is still very heartwarming to see Chloe going to Clark who is mourning at Alicia's grave, showing her support and saying that she will always be here and subtly dropping hints that she already knows about his secret and isn't going to leave him for that.
    • Lois finds Clark with Alicia's killer and is close to killing him. Lois calmly talks him out of it and gives him a Cooldown Hug as Clark breaks down in grief. This is the first real sign that Lois truly cares about Clark.
  • Hearing Lex tell Clark that he considers him to be closer than any blood brother at the end of "Lucy" after Clark asks him if he misses having a sibling (to which Lex answers that he used to, until he met Clark) can definitely be considered one of these.
  • "Blank": Clark, with complete amnesia, causes a lot of funny moments. It is Chloe who shepherds him around, covers up for his accidents (he forgot about his powers, too), and actively tries to keep him from revealing his secret to anyone (after spending some time trying to uncover that herself) that is heartwarming.
    • A callback to Season 3, Episode 3 (Extinction) had Clark lament to his father Jonathan how he's met countless meteor-infected people and it almost never ends with them becoming friends and shaking hands. After Kevin restores Clark's memories, Clark's wish comes true here.
  • "Ageless":
    • The episode has Clark and Lana instantly bonding with a metahuman boy who rapidly ages. He comes to view Clark and Lana as his parents and even as he dies says that he is glad they found him.
    • Lex telling Clark that Evan would have been a great person if he had Clark for a father. Becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight as Crisis on Infinite Earths (2019) reveals that Clark and Lois did start a family.

    Season 5 
  • "Arrival":
    • Chloe is accidentally transported to the Arctic along with Clark as the Fortress of Solitude is formed. Clark is trapped in Jor-El's simulation when she comes in, but when she gets closer, Jor-El freezes her half to death with a small blizzard. As she collapses, Clark hears her plea for help, breaks out with The Power of Friendship, and rushes her to a hospital.
    Jor-El: Kal-El, you must continue your education. You cannot stop.
    Clark: She is my friend. She needs help!
    Jor-El: Your destiny is far greater than saving one human life.
    Clark: No! I won't let her die!
    • The way Clark holds Chloe in his arms reminds one of Kyla and Alicia.
      Chloe: (shivering) I know you can run faster than a speeding bullet, Clark... Take me along for the ride.
    • Then in the hospital, Clark admits that he is an alien and Chloe takes it all in stride:
    • Then the news reports shows the devastation of the meteor shower:
      Chloe: Smallville needs you more than I do, Clark, go. (Clark hesitates) GO!
    • It is made more moving at the end, as in exchange for Chloe's life, Clark promises to return by sundown. He fails to return in time and his powers vanish. Indirectly, he sacrificed his abilities to save her.
      • Of course, after that, he immediately rushes to Lana in pursuit of a relationship for the... God knows how many times, in a particularly narmy scene.
    • Literally half the Chloe/Clark scenes in Season 5 are made of heartwarming after she told him she knows his secret.
  • "Splinter": Clark gets mad at Chloe for telling his secret to Lionel. Silver Kryptonite has made him extremely paranoid. When it is all over:
    Chloe: Look, Clark, I understand that you haven't been yourself, but you know that I would never tell Lionel your secret. I'd never tell anyone. I'd die before I'd ever betray you.
  • "Solitude:" Martha is infected by a Kryptonian virus, and she tells Clark how much she loves him and that she would willingly give her life for him. It is all a set-up, courtesy of Brainiac. When it is over, they have another talk ending in a long hug.
    • When Brainiac turns against Clark and incapacitates him with a piece of Green Kryptonite, despite being almost frozen to death the last time she was at the Fortress, Chloe immediately rushes to Clark's aid when she figures out that Fine is a bad guy. Pretty awesome when you realize she basically saved him from Kryptonite, Brainiac, and Zod. She didn't escape completely unscathed, and stayed at the Kents, wrapped up and thawing out in front of a fire:
      Chloe: You know, next time I head up north, I got to remember to pack a parka.
      Clark: How did you get up there anyway?
      Chloe: You left your key in the cave. (hands the key to Clark) Seriously, Clark, you've got to be more careful. I mean, if I can get up there, anyone can.
      Clark: You know, Professor Fine said that human beings were insignificant and couldn't be depended on. He obviously don't know you very well.
  • "Lexmas":
    • Lex is shot, which sends him into a coma. He wakes up in bed with a very pregnant Lana, and his mother's ghost informs him that this life is what he could have in reality if he makes the right choices. Think A Christmas Carol, with the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come showing a good future instead. Lex also has a young son, and Lana informs him that he broke off from Lionel seven years ago, leaving them not the richest people but certainly very happy ones. She also says he tends to overspend just to give her and his son, Alex, the best of the world and that is why she loves him so much. Lex and Alex go and admire some Christmas trees when they meet Chloe and Clark. Alex rushes over...
      Alex: Uncle Clark, Uncle Clark! Make me fly!
      Clark: Hey! I missed you, little guy. (picks him up and swings him about)
    • Clark is a full-fledged reporter and Chloe is a writer; they trade snarks lovingly while talking to Lex. Chloe reveals her next book is about LuthorCorp and couldn't have done it without him and gives him a hug.
    • Back in reality, Chloe calls Clark because she needs to distribute Christmas presents donated to the Daily Planet and the drivers are on strike. Knowing he is faster than a speeding bullet, she jams a Santa hat on him in a cute little scene and tugs at his heartstrings until he takes off at Super-Speed, running from house to house, delivering the gifts before he meets a very drunk Santa Claus. He talks him out of jumping off the building and he wanders off.
    • In the dream, Lex and Lana go the the Christmas party at the Kents, where Senator Jonathan Kent announces Lex is receiving the Kansas Humanitarian Award for his work towards the homeless. He also tells Lex he is the finest man he ever knew and would be very proud to have him as a son. Lex marvels that he has never felt happier. Then... inevitably, the tear-jerking Dream Apocalypse comes by...
    • And what makes this all extra heartwarming (but also a tearjerker) is that this really is what Lex wants deep down. He doesn't just want Lana, he also wants to still be friends with Clark and Chloe, and the respect of Jonathan. And it's clear that he values these things much more than his privileged life. What makes it sad is that Lex very well could have made this a reality if he didn't let his fear of loss take over.
      • It still has a good ending for others, though; Santa Claus comes to Chloe's office and vanishes into thin air along with all the remaining presents when her back is turned, convincing her that Santa really exists.
  • "Vengeance":
    • Clark has disappeared and Martha, worried that he's in denial over Jonathan's death, goes to Chloe to see if she knows anything. While she doesn't, Martha says she is glad that Chloe is there to keep the secret together. Chloe assures her that Clark is going to be fine and they hug.
    • Lana returning Jonathan's stolen watch to Clark and offering a sympathetic ear as he expresses his feelings of loss and grief over his father's death.
  • "Tomb": Chloe, after Clark's encouragement, finally gathers the courage to go visit her mother, who doesn't say a word and her face is not shown, but she strokes her daughter's face gently and they embrace.
  • "Vessel": A rather serious one when Brainiac wrecks havoc and is about to release Zod:
    Clark: What if something goes wrong? I don't want to leave you here.
    Chloe: You have to. (Clark turns to leave) Clark... I don't know if I'm ever gonna see you again. (Cue Big Damn Now or Never Kiss)

    Season 6 
  • "Hydro": Both Lana and Clark demand Chloe to keep secrets from each other, and she is torn between her loyalties and is always blamed when the other finds out something. Clark accuses her of not telling him that Lana is pregnant with Lex's child. She almost starts to cry and Clark feels bad for upsetting her and apologizes with a hug.
  • "Labyrinth":
    • When Clark is finally freed of his phantom-induced nightmare, Chloe comes in and he gives her a big hug because she died in his arms in the nightmare. She looks a little surprised, but it is really sweet.
      Clark: I don't know what I'd do without you, Chloe.
      Chloe: Oh, is this when I'm supposed to cue the Barry Manilow music?
      Clark: No, seriously. You mean a lot more to me than you know.
  • "Trespass": Clark reinstates that he and Chloe are Just Friends. At the end of the episode, Chloe and Jimmy kiss and make up.
  • "Freak": An unusual mix of Nightmare Fuel and heartwarming:
    Chloe: Clark, there's something inside of me! I don't want to go to the ER and wait for the doctors to figure out what it's gonna do to me! How accurate's your heat vision?
    Clark: Chloe, don't even go there.
    Chloe: Is it pinpoint accurate?
    Clark: Chloe, I'm not gonna burn you!
    • She then picks up a knife and threatens to do it herself. Clark stops her when the knife touches her skin and steels himself.
      Clark: Hold on to me. You can't move.
      Chloe: Okay.
      Clark: (as she shudders and screams in pain) I'm sorry!
      Chloe: (teeth clenched) Just get it out!
    • By the end of the episode, Chloe is in tears over her newly-found knowledge of being meteor infected, reasoning that every "meteor freak" she's ever met has either died or ended up in the insane asylum, summing up her situation as a "walking time bomb." Clark's response? Pull a chair next to her, hold her tightly, and say "Then consider me your personal bomb squad." Chloe smiles gratefully in response, with Clark shooting her a reassuring smile.
  • "Progeny": More tear-jerking than heartwarming, but at the end after Chloe's mother goes back to being fully catatonic, Chloe laments she never got to know her own daughter. Clark tells her he told her everything he knows about Chloe, and that her mother is very proud of her.
    • After Lex threatens her into silence with potential experimental capture and/or death, Chloe tells Clark about this. He's pissed off about this and vows to bring Lex to justice, not only for all the innocents that Lex has ruined but especially for Chloe and Lana.
  • "Noir": After Clark rescues Chloe again, Jimmy rushes in and starts babbling that he doesn't understand what happened, but Chloe plants a "Shut Up" Kiss on him. When they hug, Chloe looks at Clark in the shadows and silently whispers a "Thank you", with Clark smiling.
  • "Phantom": Mix of Tear Jerker and Heartwarming but Chloe finding Lois' dead body inside the dam and then bringing her back to life with her newly discovered ability to heal. The favor is returned in full as Lois does all she can to keep herself and Chloe alive in a collapsing dam.
    • Lionel looking out for Clark as a surrogate father: telling Clark that he's not a killer, consoling him after Lana's death, trying to stop Clark from killing Lex and crossing the line, and attempting to use Kryptonite on Bizarro in an attempt to defend Clark.

    Season 7 
  • "Bizarro": Chloe consoling Clark over Lana's supposed death, how he almost killed Lex, and how Bizarro reminds him of the monster he could be and that he is not human. Clark also reassures Chloe that he would be there when she feels right about talking her meteor infection.
  • "Lara":
    • Clark and Kara share a moment and say they are happy they have each other in their lives.
    • Kara asking Jimmy out and surprising him by kissing him. Turns funny when Chloe walks in.
  • "Wrath": Chloe confronts Lana and reveals she disabled Lana's spying equipment.
    Chloe: In textbook talk, Isis is the goddess of love, and life, and healing. She even marched to the ends of the earth to help jump-start the man she loved. I want Clark to have that kind of loyalty in his life, but I'm just not sure it's from you.
    Chloe: Even kill. What a lucky guy. What the textbook left out is that Isis is also the goddess of the underworld. She's responsible for bringing the great god Ra to his knees.
    Lana: You believe that I would do that to Clark?
    Chloe: Not intentionally, but I realize now that you're capable of it. You should just know that I'm not gonna let that happen.
  • "Blue": Chloe freaking out a bit when she sees Clark injured after being de-powered by a ring created from Blue Kryptonite. Then she frantically stops him from trying to break it because he could saw his fingers off.
  • "Gemini": Chloe and Jimmy are locked in an elevator with a bomb. Chloe admits she is meteor-infected, but Jimmy gives her a Now or Never Kiss.
  • "Persona":
    • Bizarro, posing as Clark, demands that Chloe help him find a Kryptonian shield and gets rough with her when she can't help. When the real Clark gets back, she is initially a little afraid, but when he proves he is real by stepping into the sunlight, she rushes forward and hugs him, saying that he had her seriously worried.
    • Clark uses said shield to teleport to a Kryptonian in hiding on Earth, and Chloe wishing him good luck as he vanishes.
  • "Siren":
    • Clark noticing the wound on Chloe's cheek, berating her for taking dangerous jobs, and yelling at Oliver for risking her life is heartwarming in his own way.
  • "Fracture": After dying from the stress of healing Lex from the brink of death, Chloe wakes up and finds Clark watching over her.
    Clark: Speaking of heartbeats, you didn't have one for over eighteen hours.
    Chloe: I was hoping we could skip the lecture and go straight to the "welcome back" dinner. I'm starving.
    Clark: It's fifteen hours longer than the last time, Chloe. I've been sitting here, literally, trying to think about what to say at your funeral.
    Chloe: Well, let's both be glad that I'm alive, 'cause I know how much you hate giving speeches.
  • "Hero":
    • Sure, he did go mildly psycho, but it is at Lex, so who's complaining? The return of Pete Ross provides many heartwarming moments, like hacking into Lex's computer to protect Chloe, the "thank you" after Clark saves him, and the final hug between Chloe and him after he presents her with a rose. Pete is the Unlucky Childhood Friend of Chloe, in case you've forgotten.
    • Jimmy and Chloe also goes on a attempt to rekindle their relationship.
  • "Traveler":
    • This line:
      Chloe: If it means saving Clark, I'd climb Mount Everest.
    • When Clark is captured, Chloe decides the only way to save him is to help Kara get back her memories and powers. They travel to the Fortress of Solitude, but Jor-El is not in the most cooperative mood. Chloe proceeds to beg him with a heartfelt speech:
      Chloe: Out of all the planets across the universe, you decided to send your only son to this one, to Earth! You trusted us to protect him! Now please, Jor-El, I need you to trust me. I love your son! He's in danger and he needs our help!
      • This is also a callback to "Wrath," as in this episode, Chloe literally goes to the end of the earth to save the man she loves.
    • Kara getting her powers and memories back, and immediately going off to rescue Clark from the facility he's captured in.
      Kara: Oh, Kal-El, how could I ever forget you?
  • "Descent": After Lionel dies, Chloe comes over to rescue Clark from being drowned in Angst.
    Clark: Another person who treated me like a son and died because of it.
    Chloe: Clark—
    Clark: Jor-El died getting me on that ship. My dad died of a heart attack from the powers he took on protecting me. And now Lionel's been murdered for protecting my secret.
    Chloe: They did die for you, Clark. But ultimately, they died for all of us. There was a reason those men were in your life—each of them added something to the man that you are today.
  • "Sleeper": Jimmy coming to Chloe's rescue when she is tortured for information.
  • "Apocalypse":
    • Clark refuses to go to Krypton's past and stop Brainiac from killing his infant self and thus altering history because he thinks all he has done is bring pain to Earth. While he Angsts, Chloe chases after him and tries to convince him that he has done much good and is not responsible for the bad.
    Chloe: Clark, this is not the time to be stubborn, okay? Don't do this. We need you! I need you!
  • "Arctic":
    • After Chloe has been rendered catatonic by Brainiac's attack, Clark visits her at the hospital, holds her hand, and says he is sorry for letting her confront Kara (Brainiac in disguise) alone.
    • Also, a very heartwarming time is Lois consoling Clark after Lana leaves him a Dear John DVD.

    Season 8 
  • "Odyssey":
    Chloe: Clark! Where have you been? I've been waiting for you.
    Clark: I'm sorry, I got held up in a Russian work camp.
  • "Plastique":
    • This line:
    Davis: (to Chloe) If you found real love, hold on to it. And if anyone says that it's a cliche, I'll personally kick their asses.
    • Chloe talking to Clark about her engagement to Jimmy. It is both very sad and heartwarming; Clark is still trying to hide his jealousy, but he gets over it and says that her happiness is one of the most important things to him in the world. Alas...
    Clark: (hugs her) Don't worry about anything else. (Chloe briefly looks troubled, but then smiles; at the same time, Clark also smiles with a hint of wistfulness)
  • "Toxic":
    Chloe: Clark, if you were lying on that couch, I would do whatever you asked, down to the letter. I wouldn't hesitate. Now trust him.
  • "Commitment:" Clark giving an impromptu speech at Chloe and Jimmy's engagement party.
  • "Identity": Mixed with awesome. Comes with soaring music.
    Chloe: Look, when it comes to your secret I've never gone against your wishes, and I understand what a huge leap this is for you, but that picture doesn't reveal anything about Clark Kent. It simply gives what the world something desperately needs right now...a hero.
  • "Legion": After Clark saved the world when it would be a lot easier (physically, not emotionally) to kill Chloe:
    Chloe: Thanks for not giving up on me.
    Clark: I'd never give up on you, Chloe. You know that.
    Chloe: I just hope that if it turned out that there was no other choice, you would choose to do the right thing.
    Clark: What choice would that be?
    Chloe: To do what's best for the world... and not for me. Know that I'd understand.
    Clark: Well, as long as I'm around, that's never gonna happen.
  • "Infamous": More like Nightmare Fuel, but Chloe telling Doomsday to stay away from Clark.
  • "Turbulence": Chloe actually stops Davis from morphing into Doomsday with just a hand on his shoulder. Now that is some Superman-calibre Cooldown Hug... okay, it is not exactly a hug, but the spirit is there.
  • "Requiem": Lana is forced to leave Clark and Smallville due to absorbing Kryptonite radiation. While their final departure is quite sad, Lana reminds Clark of the night they talked when Lana was visiting her parents' graveyard and how he consoled her.
    Lana: That night, at the cemetery when I introduced you to my mom and dad, you told me that I would never be alone, that my mom would always be watching over me. If we're in each other's hearts, Clark, I will always be with matter what. I love you.
    (Lana leaves, crying)
    Clark: (whispers) I love you.
  • "Hex":
    Clark: Look, I don't know—
    Chloe: (transformed into Lois by Zatanna): Okay, Clark, you don't have to know. If you won't believe in yourself, then let me believe in you. Okay? I know that deep inside, you don't wanna just be a normal guy, sitting behind a desk, reporting on disasters while you could be out there stopping them! Now use the power you feel. The world needs you. (Clark turns, but a golden flash makes him turn back to see Chloe has been transformed back)
    Clark: Chloe? But that's—
    Chloe: Impossible? Only if your mind. Sometimes you just need a leap of faith. Come on, Clark, you can do this. Up, up and away.

    Season 9 
  • "Savior":
    • Clark, having given up his humanity to become the Blur permanently, still makes time to feed Shelby.
    • Also, what makes him come back to being Clark? Seeing Lois, alive, after he thought she was dead.
  • "Rabid": When Lois gets bitten, Clark takes care of her as best he can before having to leave her with Ollie. This is before they get together, but it proves that, despite their usual bickering, he cares about her a lot.
  • "Echo": After realizing Ollie tried to kill himself, Clark instantly becomes as supporting as he can. For the last few episodes, Clark has given Ollie nothing but crap about how far he's fallen, so when he realizes just how far and how much it's affected his friend, he instantly agrees to not tell anyone and tries to be there for him.
  • "Crossfire": Ollie adopts a sidekick. After seeing Mia Deaden, a cagefighter, being manhandled and later forced to prostitute himself, he recognizes the same dark spiral he's seen in himself time and time again, so he pays her for the night, lets her drive his car, then instead of paying her for sex, pays for some sparring, and offers to pay off the pimp who keeps harassing ad threatening her. Then, after she's forced to betray his trust, he forgives her and takes her back in as his protege. Too bad nothing happened with this.
  • "Kandor":
    • Chloe meeting Clone!Jor-El and telling him how Clark's upbringing with the Kents made him into the most amazing person she has ever met.
    • Zod and Jor-El's entire relationship, before it went south. Zod outright refuses to listen to the order of the Council, based solely on Jor-El's political views. He then risks losing his career to protect Jor-El from being punished for this, despite the fact that the military is all he has left following the deaths of his wife and child. Then, finally, we find out WHY Zod became the monster that destroyed Krypton: He wanted Jor-El to use his cloning technology to bring back his dead son, just so he could hold him one more time. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • "Idol": After her trust in The Blur is shaken by copycats making mistakes, Lois's faith is renewed when she starts to believe Clark is The Blur. Instead of outright telling him, she tries to subtly tell him to confide in her. And, when the corrupt DA starts publicly calling for him to confess, Lois springs up to convince him not to. In the end, she tries to tell Clark not to save her so he can protect his secret. All in all, the whole episode showed just how much Lois cares about Clark, and ends with them finally kissing.
  • "Pandora":
    • During Lois' time in the future, she's about to get into trouble with the Kandorian dictators, but a powerless Clark saves her by giving up his father's watch. The only thing left of Jonathan, and his most prized possession, and he was willing to give it up to save Lois. Later, when Chloe and Oliver's resistance fighters shun Clark for abandoning them, Lois tells him not to explain, as she's just happy to see him. The two then consummate their relationship for the first time, and Clark later dies to send Lois back to her time.
    • Also, moved by seeing what happened when Clark didn't reach out to them, Clark tracks down the Kandorians, hoping he can befriend them and convince them to live in peace with humanity. Zod, upon seeing him, instantly welcomes him and tells them to give him respect.
  • "Absolute Justice":
    • The entire relationship between the Justice Society of America. Despite facing countless charges, they all stuck together, refusing to give into the pressure of the police, and resolved to keep fighting. Then, after the're broken up and Kent Nelson's on the brink of insanity, Carter Hall sticks with him to keep him safe.
    • John Jones/J'onn J'onz's concerns for Chloe being cooped up in the Watchtower. While Chloe reassures him that it isn't a problem, John replies he's only telling her because he's concerned about her, and with the loss of his people on Mars, he considers her, Clark, and Oliver his family on Earth.
  • "Conspiracy": When Zod gets shot, Clark chooses to save his life, despite knowing that Zod could very well become a monster, simply because its what Clone!Jor-El wanted him to do.
  • "Upgrade": Metallo, feeling bad that he nearly killed her when he was insane, makes a point to protect Lois to the best of his ability. Meanwhile, Kal (Clark on Red Kryptonite) and Zod team up to destroy Chloe's Kryptonite stockpile, all the while acting like brothers. Kal, usually a selfish jerk who only cares about himself and sex, even tries to give Zod a present: Taking him to the Fortress so he could speak to his old pal Jor-El. It doesn't work, but it's the thought that counts.
  • "Hostage":
    • Clark telling Chloe that "the world needs you. I need you." It is also a callback to "Apocalypse" when Chloe tells Clark "We need you! I need you!"
    • Also, Martha set up her own secret identity as the Red Queen, became a master manipulator, takes over Checkmate and, by extension, the entire government's attempts at studying aliens, all so she could protect Clark.
  • "Salvation": After Lois realizes that Zod had tricked her, she asks The Blur, who she can barely see, if he could ever forgive her for being so foolish. He replies by passionately kissing her before darting off to stop Zod. When he leaves, Lois instantly realizes it was Clark, confirming her previous suspicion, setting up the first four episodes of the next season where Lois goes out of her way to protect Clark's secret without him realizing.

    Season 10 
  • "Lazarus":
    • The ghost of Jonathan Kent returns to console Clark over his doubts of ever becoming Earth's greatest hero after Jor-El yells at him for nearly killing a clone of Lex and for having darkness in his heart. Jonathan gives Clark an inspiring speech in which he readily admits his own flaws (namely his temper), insists that Clark can become the hero he's meant to be despite what Jor-El claimed, and tells his son he has faith that Clark will overcome his coming trials.
  • While it's also a tearjerker moment, Cat wins sympathy in "Shield" by talking about the sacrifices she's made to protect her son from his abusive father.
    Cat: I changed my name so he couldn't find us. You know, I had so much I was fighting for. Trying to change the world. And now I have to hide behind the power of the pen and a new name, making sure nobody knows who's behind the words I'm printing.
    Clark: Kind of like the vigilantes. Must have been scary escaping from him.
    Cat: All I know is I protected my son. You know, the world may never see me as some big hero. But maybe someday my son will.
  • The end of "Homecoming". The handling of the development of Lois and Clark's relationship is glorious.
    • The fact that the show's second ever freak of the week came back to thank Clark for stopping him, crediting Clark for saving his life. Not only does it truly cement Clark's role as The Paragon, but give retroactive hope for all the meteor freaks (the surviving ones, at least) that they could overcome their "disability" and lead fulfilling lives.
    • Greg Arkin's redemption is even more heartwarming when you realize that Greg was once a friend of Clark's. By just being Clark, he saved his childhood friend.
  • "Isis":
    • Finally some long-undue healthy moments. Clark and Oliver decide they could trust Tess and tell her that. She hurriedly leaves the room so that they won't see her tears of joy of being accepted. And at the end, she brought a copy of Peter Pan to Alexander, and it is wonderful how someone whose entire emotion range used to be Psychotic Smirk could become a loving mother to the boy.
    • Clark finally opening up and telling Lois (who actually already knows) his secret. Followed immediately by her flinging herself at him, knocking them both into a pile of paper, kissing him and saying "What took you so long?".
  • "Luthor":
    • Despite knowing that Earth-2 Clark is both violent and furious with her, Tess draws his attention back to her when he throws Lois across the room.
    • After his experiences on Earth-2, Clark apologizes to Tess for suggesting that Luthors are irredeemable. Tess, who has been carrying the weight of that revelation since "Abandoned", is visibly relieved.
  • "Icarus": Carter's Heroic Sacrifice allows him to be with his lover Shayera. Now they can begin their reincarnation and eventually reunite. By the time the series ended, they could very well be newly-born babies at that point.
    • Judging by the look on Tess's face, she didn't know that Clark was going to ask Lois to marry him until Cat told her the two were already engaged. Which means that in the span of about two seconds, she figured that the team would want a party, decided when and where it should happen, and came up with a believable lie to get Lois to the Watchtower without suspecting anything.
  • "Collateral":
    • With a stirring speech, Lois encourages Clark to have faith in himself and his judgment, so both of them can break free from the virtual world they're imprisoned in. Clark decides to break the boundaries of what is and isn't possible by taking flight with Lois in his arms, providing a stunning tease for the series finale, when Clark will finally be ready to fly in the real world as well. What makes this scene especially heartwarming is the context. Every time Clark has flown before now, he either hasn't been aware that he's doing it ("Pilot", "Homecoming"), he's focused primarily on saving people's lives ("Vortex", "Lazarus"), or he's been brainwashed ("Crusade"). This is the first time Clark truly gets to enjoy the experience of soaring over a city, and he gets to share it with the love of his life. The way Lois and Clark look at each other in this moment, it's easy to see that it's one of the best experiences of their lives.
    • Clark and Chloe taking a look back at their friendship, through all its up and downs:
    Clark: How'd you do it? Trust me, I mean—back then, before you found out.
    Chloe: I had my suspicions.
    Clark: But that's what I mean. You knew I was lying to you, and still you looked me in the eye every day and you trusted me.
    Chloe: I guess that's the true test of believing in someone—knowing that their lies are there to protect you. It's not really trust if you ask someone to explain themselves.
    Clark: But that's hard.
    Chloe: It's really hard.
    Clark: You never gave up.
    Chloe: And I never will.
  • "Beacon":
    • After Martha survives an assassination, Chloe visits her at the hospital.
    Martha: We both needed to leave for Clark to stand up on his own. But maybe we stepped away too far.
    Chloe: Mrs. Kent, I never stopped watching his back.
    Martha: Clark needs you as much as the world needs him. You're part of this family, Chloe.
    Chloe: You know, growing up, I never really had much of a mother figure to look up to—until I met you. You really taught me what it meant to take care of the people that I love.
    Martha: And as Clark's oldest friend, I can't think of anyone better to watch over him.
    • When Clark is pessimistic over a vote regarding the Super Registration Act, Chloe and Lois show him short videos from nine Muggles voicing their support for superheroes, about how they are protected and inspired, about how much they appreciate The Blur doing what he does; after a several-minute-long montage of these, the girls tell Clark that they received several hundred thousand of these videos.
    I remember what Metropolis was like before he showed up. You couldn't even walk the streets. But since The Blur came, we have hope. I just wanna let The Blur know...there are still people that support him.
  • "Fortune":
    • When the second half of Chloe's marriage certificate is revealed, and apparently not only are she and Oliver now married, but Oliver is leaving to go with her on her quest to find more superheroes!
    • Tess and Emil's adorably awkward interactions after having had drunken sex in the same episode. It doesn't sound like material for this, but everything about it—from Tess complimenting Emil on his singing, to Tess herself (Broken Bird that she is) actually having a good time—just screams it. Warning: when two of the most repressed characters around cut loose, cuteness will ensue.
    • Come to think of it, the fact that Tess, a former candidate for Big Bad, is invited to the party at all, is rather touching.
  • "Scion": Pretty much all of Clark and Conner's interactions.
  • "Kent": Tess and Emil briefly discuss the Clark Luthor situation, and he points out that she seemed tempted by Luthor's offer to kill Lionel. He says that that "doesn't sound like the Tess [he] knows" and, in a rare (public) moment of weakness, Tess admits that maybe she isn't the person Emil thinks she is. He just smiles and says that maybe she is; she just doesn't believe it yet. Given how hard she's been trying to be the good guy, to have someone acknowledge, even if she herself doesn't quite see it, that she has gotten there is a wonderful moment.
  • "Finale":
    • Lois and Clark discussing their upcoming wedding, the vows, the little Oliver and Chloe moments, and Clark walking Lois down the aisle.
    • Superman saves the world by moving literally moving a planet, and as he looks down to Earth, the scene fades into a comic book being read as a bedtime story by Chloe to her young son, wearing his Warrior Angel pajamas, who glances over at his toy bow & arrow before going to bed.
    • "Always hold on to Smallville."
    • Every time Jonathan's spirit appears in the finale. Every. Damn. Time.
    • Jor-El's entire speech in the finale, when removing Clark's inhibition against flight, and the montage of saves throughout the entire series. Comes with the revelation that for all the trouble with Jor-El, the entirety of Clark's trials have been to save everyone he did, allowing him to grow into the hero the world needed. Comes with a CMOA when he gives an epic punch to Darkseid before flying to the Fortress to retrieve the iconic suit.
    • In a very odd way, Lex and Clark’s final scene is this. Their final moment in the series in the ruins of Lex’s mansion is both a tearjerker and heartwarming. Lex, at this point having embraced his villainy, outright gives Clark a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to push him to save the world. While Clark apologizes one last time for failing to save Lex. It’s clear that for however broken their friendship is, Clark and Lex still see the best in the other.
    • While it seems completely obvious in hindsight, the fact that Chloe returned for the wedding is one, given the behind the scenes elements - Allison Mack had chosen to leave when season ten began, and was contracted to appear in five episodes, all of which had been aired by the time that the finale rolled around, and her last scene in her previous appearance in Fortune serving as a rather solid farewell to the character. And then the finale opens with Chloe, assuring the audience that OF COURSE she was going to be at the wedding of her best friend and cousin, did you really think it would happen any other way?

    Season 11 
  • "Haunted":
    • Chloe telling Clark she's pregnant. Clark takes her for a flight and she said she plans to leave for a while to safely deliver her baby. Clark says he understands, seeing how Jor-El, Lara, Jonathan and Martha did everything to keep him safe.
    • Lois, so pissed off about Tess' predicament, slapping Lex unconscious becomes this if you think it through. The two women had an extremely rocky relationship, with Lois quick to accuse Tess of betrayal as late into the show as "Dominion". But despite this, they still, in some sense of the word, were friends, and the fact that Lois is so angry about the situation becomes heartwarming because of it.