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Famous Last Words / Coronation Street

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  • "Come back, you stupid bitch!" Alan Bradley
  • "You're finished, Barlow, Deirdre loves me..." Mike Baldwin
  • "Richard, what are you doing?" Maxine Peacock
  • "Oi! Knock it off! What's going on?!" Brian Tilsley
  • "Be happy, I say be happy" Fred Elliot
  • "It's time to tell Fiz the dirty truth about John Stape!" Charlotte Hoyle
  • "Promise...? I'll take you up that tower..." Des Barnes
  • "I really miss you Claire, same to you kids (coughs) I love you" Ashley Peacock in a voicemail
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  • "If you...if you want to change her name, your name" John Stape
  • "Sally... please don't... don't leave me..." Molly Dobbs
  • "Gail, help me, Gail! Joe Mc Intyre
  • "I was born gobby" Tina Mc Intyre
  • "This is it. I LOVE YOU" Richard Hillman
  • "Oh Fiesty! That's why I fell in love with you!" Tony Gordon
  • "I'll give you three guesses" Jack Duckworth
  • There's only one way to deal to you, and that's just crush you, to smash you till there's nowt but a smear left." Don Brennan
  • "When did you go soft?" Vera Duckworth in Jack's dream
  • "And remember it. I love you, always have and always will. I'm so sorry I have to go." Hayley Cropper
  • "That means I screwed you twice! Fancy going for the hat trick?" Frank Foster
  • "Why would I tell the taxi driver that?" Liam Connor
  • "So I've been told" Charlie Stubbs
  • "I'm sorry to keep you love... I mean you don't have to be an octopus to work here, but it does help!" Alma Halliwell
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  • "Here hang on you, look what you've done." Derek Wilton
  • "That is a big mistake, you stupid, stupid girl! You stupid girl! I am—" Callum Logan
  • "Go Leanne quickly! Go I'll be right behind you! Hurry!" Kal Nazir
  • "Sophie!" Maddie Heathe
  • "You stupid woman!" Geoff Metcalfe


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