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Fridge Horror

  • DC Comics has an alternate continuity where everything that 'really' happened is just comic books. So all the characters we care about? Their lives are spilling out onto the page just for someone's amusement. Including the horrible parts. It's canon that Commissioner Gordon's naked, brutalized daughter was seen by uncounted millions, not to mention sketched out by a guy earning a paycheck.
    • Oh... and the universe has only ONE super-powered being: who has committed mass murder, gleefully killing people left and right, and who brutally enslaved his adopted parents and did vague bad things to the only friend he had in the world when (via the comics of his atrocities), they confronted him with what he did when he finally returned to their universe. The only people who can stop him? They won't be born until 1000 years later and the one who has the best possible chance to HURT Superboy-Prime (Element Lad) was casually murdered by him.
      • Even worse: the future of Earth-Prime? A society where teenagers are treated like chattel property across the galaxy. One world where everyone could see into the future via their dreams, to keep their teenage population from rebelling against being sent off to fight an unwinnable war where they will die by the thousands, found a way to BLOCK all of their teenagers ability to dream and see the future that awaited them in order to prevent them from refusing to fight in said war. End result? Thousands of teenagers driven to suicide from the psychological damage of having their ability to sleep taken from them as adults. And Superboy-Prime? He's still around, unpunished for his murderous deeds and living amongst the rank and file Legion of the Super-Hero groupies who have built a shanty town around the Legion's HQ, acting like a big shot who tells the groupies fake tales of Legion exploits while hiding his identity via a Paper-Thin Disguise of a cloak.
      • And all because the writers decided to connect the Threeboot to their Legion of 3 Worlds story. Perhaps we'd have been better off if Superboy Prime managed to kill the DC Comics writers.
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    • Superboy Prime is actually on the DC forums, under the username clarkkent-prime. This insane, bordeline monstrous Physical God exists. Imagine what'll happen when he flies into another tantrum. With all his powers. We are all screwed.
    • In the most recent Earth-Prime story, the Black Lantern versions of character Prime killed enter Earth-Prime in order to get back at him. The writers are capable of having characters enter Real Life(or at least a very close replica of it) so long as they're from the DC Multiverse and have dimension-hopping technology. If they were completely aware that what they're writing is "real", they could potentially use any of the powerful characters to conquer the planet. Which might explain why Superboy Prime is such a psycho...
  • As of the 2011 reboot, the Flash gained a new use for the speed force: the ability to speed up his own thought processes, allowing him to extrapolate out from available data on the surroundings and basically map out the optimal solution from many possible scenerios. And all in his head within seconds. Just think that one Nick Cage film and you'll have it down basically. The problem is it can be difficult for the Flash to differentiate between his projections and reality, which can leave him in a trance. Obviously, the comics establish this can lead to being massively vulnerable, since only a jolt from outside can break his fuge state. So naturally for this reason he doesn't use it often.
    • But there's also another possibility that's not brought up and does fall into the realms of fridge horror. All that assumes he'll be vulnerable if someone decides to attack him. What if no one ever does, and he's just left there to rapidly think? As in, forever? Or rather, until he dies of thirst?
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    • More so when you realize it likely would seem like eons to him instead of the months it would take to physically starve.
  • Imagine our world being full of demons, gods, meta-humans, costume crooks, an evil clown, time travelers, and mad scientists. In DC, it's easy for a petty thug to create a ray gun in his grandma's basement and use it to terrorize people. Also imagine our lives being controlled by writers and a company. Did I mention the adult heroes are okay with kids fighting mercenaries and aliens by themselves?