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  • Vault Boy, the amazing retro mascot who appears in Pip-Boy images and Vault advertising. He's so popular, he even made it into Super Smash Bros.. as a Mii costume!
  • Harold, who has been in Fallout 1, 2, and 3, and gone from a human to a ghoul, and then finally to an undead un-living tree thing.


  • Dogmeat, a dog that can join your team early in the game, was so popular that he returned in every major Fallout game to date, with the exception of New Vegas.

Fallout 2:

Fallout 3:


Fallout: New Vegas:

  • Boone is somewhere between this and Memetic Badass.
  • Cass probably has the most Fan Art and New Vegas's fandom bicycle.
  • On a more general note, the First Recon Snipers are pretty popular.
  • Yes-Man counts as well - it helps that he's voiced by Dave Foley.
  • Veronica has also become quite popular. This is in no small part due to her being voiced by Felicia Day and the Mojave BoS' Only Sane Man.
  • Joshua Graham only shows up in the game's shortest DLC, and his bigger, active role is only by the end. And yet the amount of attention he gets is huge. Helped by the fact he's among the game's biggest badasses, what with getting thrown into the Grand Canyon while on fire and walking it off.
  • Sunny Smiles (and her dog, Cheyenne, by extension), found in Goodsprings, is beloved by large portions of the fanbase. This is in no small part because she's remarkably friendly, helps teach the Courier how to survive in the Mojave Wasteland, rather easy on the eyes, and always encountered early-on in the game due to her being literally in the town the Courier wakes up from after getting shot in the head (creating a sense of familiarity with her). Many fans were disappointed that she wasn't a companion or even a romance option.
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  • Mr. Fantastic, the Know-Nothing Know-It-All "scientist" working for the NCR at HELIOS One, is largely enjoyed by the fans because of his utterly laughable incompetence.
  • Easy Pete has acquired memetic status chiefly on tumblr as some kind of hardcore unkillable God. It's in part because usually in evil runs he's the first one to get killed.

Fallout 4:


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