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Drinking Game / Carry On... Series
aka: Carry On Sergeant

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The Carry On film series has enough material in each movie they've released to show recurring themes and jokes that have made their audiences roar with laughter over and over again. There's so much to every Carry On film, you could make a drinking game out of it!

  • Drink whenever innuendo and/or a double entendre is used.
  • Take a drink whenever a supposed alternate title that appears in the movie's opening credits is either a terrible pun or a terrible innuendo. Be sure to do that with every "title".
  • For Carry On Behind, drink whenever Professor Anna Vrooshka's words are misinterpreted by other characters.
    • Take two shots if the misinterpretation is innuendo.
  • Take a drink whenever a variation of "Hampton wick" appears in a movie.
  • Take a drink when someone overhears a conversation and takes it the wrong way.
  • Drink for when the Pretty Boy (Leslie Phillips, Jim Dale and Richard O'Callaghan) are really clumsy. Watch out for Jim.
  • Drink when there's a Suggestive Collision.
  • Drink when Sid James laughs.
  • Drink when Kenneth Williams or Charles Hawtrey say/do something that alludes to their sexuality (eg. Hawtrey's character's claim of only ever sleeping in the same room with someone else when he was "sharing a room" with Kenneth in university, as well as his annoyance of "having to sleep with a woman" from Carry On Again, Doctor).
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  • Drink when Sid James either says "Cor, blimey!", "Knickers!" or a "A fat lot of help he/she/you is/are!"
  • Drink when Leslie Phillips says "Ding dong!"
    • Take two shots if he goes "Ding dong! Carry on!"
  • Drink when Sid is the villain.
  • Drink when someone hides in the cupboard/under the bed.
    • Take two shots if they're discovered and walk out of the room dressed in the wardrobe's clothes.
  • Drink when Sid pines for another woman when he's already in a relationship.
    • Drink when something life-changing happens to Sid's wife when Sid's not interested in her anymore.
    • Take two if his girlfriend/wife decides to cheat too.
  • Drink when there's an implication that another character wants another's power.
  • Drink whenever a character says "He'll have to go" after talking to/watching the antics of The Dreaded.
    • Take two if the character has just done something very clumsy in front of them.
  • Take a drink when a male character's Distracted by the Sexy.
  • Take a drink when there's a Visual Pun.
  • Take a drink when you find out that a doctor doesn't like another.
  • Take a drink when someone makes a snide comment. Your health is at risk.
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  • Take a drink when a character takes a hormone potion that might/might not increase sexual arousal.
  • Drink when Charles Hawtrey goes "Oh, hello!"
  • Drink every time Hawtrey drinks. If you watch some of the ones after Carry On Cowboy, you might need a new liver.
  • Finish your drink whenever Charles Took a Level in Badass.
  • Take a drink whenever Hawtrey's bullied or made fun of.
  • Drink when someone goes and/is Mugged for Disguise.
  • Take a drink when there's an Abhorrent Admirer.
  • Drink when Kenneth Williams drops his accent when he's portraying a foreign character.
  • Drink whenever Kenneth Williams briefly does a Mockney accent.
  • Drink for the "Roger/lodger" rhyme.
  • Drink whenever Kenneth Williams says either "Stop messing about!" or "Frying tonight!"
    • Take a drink whenever a variation of "Frying tonight" appears in dialog (Note that the phrase can be found in anyone's dialogue).
  • Take a drink for the appearance of Hattie Jacques as Matron.
  • Drink whenever Kenneth Williams is the admiration of a woman or two.
    • Take two drinks if the women are either Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques or Patsy Rowlands.
    • Take two drinks whenever he's oblivious to their flirting.
  • Take a drink whenever there's nudity. Be careful when you're watching the majority of the films after the 1960s.
  • Drink for all of the phallic jokes in Carry On Dick.
  • Take a drink whenever Kenneth Williams or Kenneth Connor has a Comedic Underwear Exposure.
    • Take two if Williams' underwear suffers from the same trope.
  • Take a drink when there's a Wardrobe Malfunction.
    • Take two if it's the result of someone grabbing a loose garment while the person is trying to escape.
  • Drink whenever Terry Scott gets shot/injected/something stuck in his ass.
  • Take a drink whenever an attractive young woman has a lingerie scene.
  • Take a drink when Jack Douglas bangs his head on a high frame.
    • Take two drinks when the much taller Bernard Bresslaw doesn't.
      • Take three whenever Bresslaw's head narrowly fits under a doorway as he walks through.
  • Take a drink whenever a woman saves the hero's ass. Watch out for this one too.
  • Take a drink whenever a war is between an army and less than ten people.
  • Take a drink when there's an Undercranked sequence of action.
  • Drink whenever a character's name is a play-on word, or a word that links to the subject of the movie.
  • Drink when you find a Rule of Three per movie. (Don't worry, you don't have to drink every time it appears; you'll notice it after the second time.)
  • For Carry On Jack, drink whenever Albert is shanghaied.
  • Take a drink when someone leaps across the screen/launched across the scene.
  • Take a drink when you find out that it's a Sid James vs Kenneth Williams movie.
  • Take a drink when you hear a part of the theme song that sounds like another part of a different Carry On theme.
    • Take two when the piece of music reminds you another famous tune that was around at the time of the piece/a parody of the original tune.
  • Drink whenever there's slapstick.
  • For Carry On Dick, take a shot every time Sir Roger is mugged by Dick.
  • Drink whenever Sid's characters become chauvinistic over a female villain (for example, claiming that she's only a villain because she's unattractive/Does Not Like Men/unlucky in love and want to avenge the male race) before even meeting her, and then finding out that they're supermodel gorgeous.
  • Drink when Kenneth Williams is revealed as the leader.
  • Take a shot when a character says, "Carry on, [insert name/verb here]."
  • Take a drink when Charles Hawtrey plays a LadyKiller.

Alternative Title(s): Carry On Abroad, Carry On Again Doctor, Carry On At Your Convenience, Carry On Behind, Carry On Cabby, Carry On Camping, Carry On Cleo, Carry On Columbus, Carry On Constable, Carry On Cowboy, Carry On Cruising, Carry On Dick, Carry On Doctor, Carry On Emmannuelle, Follow That Camel, Dont Lose Your Head, Carry On England, Carry On Girls, Carry On Henry, Carry On Jack


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