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  • The novelisation of the television series Spitting Image talked about a new movie that was soon to be released called Carry On Up the Rectum.
  • The eighth novel in the Portable Door series When It's a Jar mentioned a popular low-budgeted film series called Carrion and some of its popular movies, which were Carrion Nursing, Carrion Camping, and Carrion Up the Khyber.
  • The novelisation of the series The Goodies features the trio sneaking onto the set of the new movie Carry On Christ. The scene being filmed is Jesus feeding the 5000, and they spot Barbara Windsor, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques and Charles Hawtrey.
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  • In one of Rupert Everett's autobiographies, he talks about taking part in Celebrity Apprentice in a group that involves smug television presenters and former manufactured-pop music band members. When he and the crowd are dragged into the boardroom to hear Alan Sugar's lecture, Rupert calls him Sid James, and then calls Alan's other business associates Charles Hawtrey and Hattie Jacques.

Live-Action TV

  • The opening titles of The Young Ones briefly flashes a still frame from Carry On Cowboy.
  • Harry Hill's TV Burp features Harry Hill introducing The Apprentice like this:
    Harry Hill: [It's time for The Apprentice] with Sir Alan Sugar, or as I like to call him ... Sid James.
    (Footage of Alan Sugar and Sid James' photographs are put side-by-side)
    Harry Hill: (animating the mouth of Alan Sugar's mugshot) [Sid James impression] You're fired. Yakyakyakyakyakyakyakyak!!!
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  • The soundtrack to the "worst advertising" section in Screenwipe is the opening titles from Carry On Camping.
  • Mock the Week had this one-liner for the Unlikely Things to Hear in a History Book section:
    "When Hitler first wrote Mein Kampf, he intended it to be a lighthearted family romp called Carry On Kampf-ing."
  • In an episode of The Apprentice, Alan Sugar snaps in a rant that even though he looks a bit like Sid James, it was no excuse for one of the misbehaving groups to act like they were taking part in Carry On Boozing with Kenneth Williams.



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