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ShanePlays is a YouTuber who specializes in "sad" Roblox movies: Machinimas with wild (usually) reality-based premises, such as Rags to Riches, Spoiled Brats, and the like, and plenty of Jerkasses. Think of those storytime animations, such as My Story Animated, on YouTube but in Roblox.

He started out as a normal Let's Play channel, soon dipped into machinima with his "roleplay stories" (Let's Play videos with him and his friends roleplaying a story), then expanded to narrative machinima full-time.

Compare to ObviousHD, another notable Roblox animator of The Last Guest fame

ShanePlays also runs a The Sims channel, WapZow, and a Minecraft channel with PrestonPlayz, Noob1234.

His works provide examples of: