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    Luke Skywalker 
A farm boy who becomes a young Jedi and an icon of hope. An agile fighter simultaneously capable of inspiring fellow troopers with his leadership. He is primarily based on his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Close-Range Combatant: His Lightsaber and short-range blaster push him into this combat role.
  • Composite Character: His miniature and weapons are based on his Empire Strikes Back appearance, though a few cards portray him with his Return of the Jedi outfit and lightsaber.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He possesses average speed, but both 'Jump' and 'Charge' make him very agile and lets him easily set up high-damage attacks with his lightsaber.

    Leia Organa 
A princess who provides support to the Rebellion in any way she can.
  • Composite Character: Her miniature is based on her Return of the Jedi Endor outfit, though her blaster is modelled after the one she had in A New Hope. Her command cards reference all three Original Trilogy films.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Appeared on the 'Esteemed Leader' upgrade artwork prior to her announcement.
  • Orbital Bombardment: Her 'Coordinated Bombardment' command card does this.

    Han Solo 
A smuggler who found himself supporting the Rebel Alliance. A crack shot who possesses multiple dirty tricks among his command cards.
  • Guile Hero: His command cards all have unusual effects that revolve around deception and trickery.
  • The Gunslinger: While Han doesn't do massive damage by himself, he has multiple abilities that make him one of the most accurate shots in the game. One of his keywords is even called 'Gunslinger', which lets him attack two separate units in one attack action.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: "Sorry About The Mess" is the only 0-Pip command card in the game, guaranteeing that Han will gain the initiative in the following round (unless you are playing a Mirror Match against another Han).

    Rebel Officer 
A generic commander possessing several buffs for his allies. Can be deployed alone as a commander unit, or embedded within a squad of troopers as an upgrade.

    Jyn Erso 
Trained from childhood to oppose the Empire, Jyn became a hero to the Rebellion after leading the Pathfinders on their mission to recover the Death Star plans on Scarif.
  • Swiss Army Gun: Her A-180 blaster can be configured between a pistol (stronger) and a rifle (longer range).
  • The Paragon: Many of her abilities involve manipulating suppression to her and her allies' advantage. Her courage value of 3 (same value as Luke) means she and nearby troopers are unlikely to become suppressed, and "Danger Sense" means she can convert suppression into extra defence dice. Among her command cards are "Trust Goes Both Ways" (gains the suppression-removing "Inspire" ability) and "Complete the Mission" (units she issues orders to can gain a suppression token for the cover bonus, cannot panic or become suppressed, and may remove the suppression token at the end of their activation).



Han Solo's faithful companion. A reliable combatant with a range of abilities focused on assisting his friends.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Rolls four red dice in melee. Also possesses several agility abilities like "Unhindered", "Expert Climber" and "Charge" to help him close the gap.
  • Taking the Bullet: Has Guardian 3, the strongest Guardian ability in the game.
  • True Companions: His core gimmick is that he possesses powerful synergy with his Original Trilogy friends, and especially Han Solo. If Chewbacca and Han are within proximity to each other, the "Teamwork" ability allows them to gain Aim and Dodge tokens simultaneously. On top of that, his three command cards unlock powerful abilities to use in tandem with Han, Leia and Luke:
    • The 1-pip "Common Cause" lets Chewie and Luke activate simultaneously and with a good chance of getting priority, letting them cover each other or make a decisive early attack in a round.
    • The 2-pip "Brains and Brawn" let Leia combine Chewbacca's weapon with her own. The resulting attack (2 red, 3 black and 2 white dice with Pierce 2 and Sharpshooter 2) is one of the most powerful ranged attacks in the game.
    • The 3-pip "Notorious Scoundrels" lets Han return one of his discarded command cards to his hand. Thanks to Han's Confusion Fu tactics, the ability to repeat the same trick twice can be incredibly powerful.
  • Turns Red: Gains infinite courage when he gets 4 (out of 9) wounds, as well as the ability to charge opponents for melee attacks.

    Sabine Wren 
Motivated by a desire to see Mandalore freed from Imperial rule, Sabine Wren brings her skills as a warrior and an artist to the Rebellion.
  • Art Attacker: Has the ability to place unique graffiti tokens with her "Symbol of Rebellion" command card. It lets any allied unit within its radius to roll an extra die during defence rolls.
  • Close-Range Combatant: She can bring her Darksaber as an upgrade.
  • Demolitions Expert: Can place a pair of Thermal Charges using the "Explosions!" command card. Compared to the Rebel Commandos' Proton Charge, they are less powerful but can be detonated simultaneously.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Has 3-speed movement, and (unique among Rebels) both red defence dice and a surge.
  • The Paragon: Becomes this after placing her graffiti on the battlefield.
  • Whip It Good: The Electro-Grappling Line is available as a unique gear upgrade for her, which can immobilise and suppress its target.

    Luke Skywalker 
An older version of Luke who has grown into a powerful Jedi. This version of Luke is primarily based on his Return of the Jedi appearance.



    Rebel Troopers 
The frontline soldiers of the Rebellion. Heavy weapons include the Z-6 Rotary Blaster and the MPL-57 Ion Launcher.
  • Continuity Cameo: One trooper is Nik Sant, aka the bearded guy in the Endor strike team who is often theorised to be Captain Rex.
  • Critical Hit Class: The Z-6 Heavy Weapon runs on this. It rolls 6 white dice, so while it can be a very inconsistent weapon to use, it is also capable of dealing 6 damage to a very unlucky foe.

    Fleet Troopers 
Marines who garrison the Rebel navy. Short ranged, but possess Ready 1 which gives them an aim token upon using a standby action. Heavy weapons include the Scatter Gun and the MPL-57 Barrage Launcher.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Their DH-17 blasters are shorter ranged than their Rebel Trooper equivalents, but in return give them the highest average damage output of any basic corps unit. This can be enhanced further by giving them a Scatter Gun trooper.
  • Continuity Cameo: Their squad leader is Raymus Antilles, captain of the Tantive IV who was choked to death after resisting Vader's interrogation.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Were a Redshirt Army in A New Hope, but become a capable frontline fighting force here.

    Rebel Veterans 
Experienced rebel soldiers who are equipped for defensive operations. In addition to a squad, they may deploy a Mark II Medium Blaster as a support unit, and possess abilities that encourage the two units to work in unison.
  • Hold the Line: They are based on the rebels who defended Echo Base in The Empire Strikes Back, and their abilities reflect that.

Special Forces:

    Rebel Commandos 
Elite troopers trained to conduct surgical attacks, who can be specialised further using either the DH-447 Sniper Rifle or a Proton Charge Saboteur. Can be deployed as a squad or as a two-person Strike Team.
  • Continuity Cameo: One of the troopers is Orrimaarko, aka 'Prune Face', the one-eyed Dressellian who was part of the briefing scene in Return of the Jedi.
  • Demolitions Expert: Can be equipped with a saboteur who deploys remote detonated Proton Charges.
  • Glass Cannon: The Strike Teams are equipped with a powerful heavy weapon, but due to their size can be wiped out in an instant.
  • Target Spotter: The Strike Teams are made up of one of these alongside either a sniper or a saboteur.

    Wookiee Warriors 
Warriors from Kashyyyk who have offered their support to the Rebellion. Supplement brute strength with swift agility, and can bring a Bowcaster as a versatile ranged weapon.

    Rebel Pathfinders 
Grizzled combat veterans, and the Rebellion's most elite frontline fighters.
  • Continuity Cameo: Bistan and Pao show up as unique heavy weapon upgrades for the Pathfinders. In addition, three of the generic models in the squad are based on Corporal Maddel, Sargeant Melshi and Lieutenant Selfa.
  • Swiss Army Gun: Their A-300 rifles can be configured for both short and long range


A Chicken Walker that can be equipped with a range of weapons to suit their purpose, including a laser cannon, rotary blaster or a flamethrower.
  • Close-Range Combatant: The Flamethrower upgrade annihilates trooper units at close range, though getting into range can be a challenge in itself. Additional mention goes to the Grappling Claws, which are surprisingly lethal against both troopers and vehicles.
  • Emergency Weapon: The rider's A-300 rifle, while weak and easily outclassed by any of the AT-RT's mounted weapons, is always available in case a unit flanks the walker or is out of range of its main weapon.
  • Fixed Forward-Facing Weapon: Its Hardpoint upgrades.
  • Glass Cannon: Its weak defensive stats mean it will go down quickly if focused on despite a solid health pool.

    1. 4 FD Laser Cannon Team 
An emplacement gun that packs a punch.

    Tauntaun Riders 
Rebel cavalry, demonstrating their ability to take advantage of local wildlife.


    T- 47 Airspeeder 
A fighter craft designed to provide support in ground battles.
  • Fragile Speedster: Both fast and the most agile unit in the game, made even more so with the Wedge Antilles pilot upgrade. It does have a deceptively low health pool despite being a Heavy unit, however, so care must be taken when operating it on the front lines.

    X- 34 Landspeeder 
A civilian vehicle converted into a nimble weapons platform, able to be equipped with a range of mounted and passenger weapons. Can also transport a single trooper.

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