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This is a list of the characters found in the Play-by-Post Games and Fan Web Comic, Pokemon Digimon Mon Wars

  • Main Heroes: Heroes of the main plot. The Digidestined from the anime, Ryo and the Kanto Pokedex Holders
  • Team Rocket: The infamous criminal empire of Kanto and Johto
  • Dark Masters: Group of four powerful mega digimon who with their minions had warped all reality

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A trainer from New Bark Town in Johto, having picked Cyndaquil. Like Ash, he's eager to join up in a Pokemon League, however he ends up finding the tournament ain't open yet. So what is a Hot-Blooded trainer to do? How about deal with invading digimon that are conquering the whirl islands? Like the Pallet Town trainers, the trainers of New Bark Town received D-Spheres and crests of their own, Jimmy's being gold and the crest of Freedom.


Started out alongside Jimmy in New Bark Town with a Totodile. She's a Genki Girl who idol cute men in capes, especially Lance. She's aspiring to become a Pokemon Coordinator. When the digimon arrived, she was given a crystal D-Sphere and a crest.


He might have started his pokemon journey the same day as Jimmy, however Silver isn't from New Bark Town. Before the storyline, he was more of a Jerkass, The Rival to Jimmy as their views on training pokemon contrast with one another. However over time, Silver had Took a Level in Kindness, managing to evolving his Golbat into a Crobat. Becomes of this changed, it might have been what allowed him to receive a silver D-Sphere and the crest of trust.


A recent trainer from New Bark Town who just started her pokemon journey. She finds herself in an adventure bigger than she expected with digimon and Johto become a gigantic mountain. Her D-Sphere is pink and her crest is Joy.

  • Composite Character: While she's Lyra like the one in the anime, she shows elements of Kris from Pokémon Adventures with wanting to be a skilled pokemon catcher like her mother
  • Fairy Companion: Due to the addition of Fairy-types from Pokémon X and Y, Marill, much to Chikorita's chargin. (Marill keeps proclaiming to have fairy powers yet they haven't been displayed yet).
  • Genki Girl: Very happy-go-lucky, just like her crest indicates
  • Kid Hero: Newest to being a trainer out of the D-Sphere Holders
  • Kid-Appeal Character: Has her traits, very childlike and cheerful
  • Modesty Shorts: Her shortalls are pretty short
  • Missing Mom: Her mother goes on pokemon journeys a lot, so Lyra hardly sees her
  • Strong, but Unskilled: As she has a D-Sphere and Crest, she can digivolve her pokemon past their highest stages once unlocked early and can use whatever functions the D-Sphere has to offer. However unlike the other D-Sphere Holders, Lyra only has recently started her pokemon journey, she lacks the experience as a real trainer. Her pokemon are still at low levels.
  • The Heart: If her crest indicate anything


    Distortion World 


One of the Sinnoh Dragon Trio, was locked up in the Distortion World along with the sealed evolution. Thanks to Butch and Cassidy, he was temporary set loose into Pokearth, causing trouble for the heroes. It took the entire Digidestined team, the Legendary Birds and the newly Stage-3 pokemon to cast him back into the Distortion World.

  • Animalistic Abomination: Giratina is an impossibly ancient Dimension Lord whose job it is to maintain the fabric of reality and dispose of any threats to its integrity.
  • Black Sheep: Giratina, unlike Diala and Palkia, had caused trouble in ancient times and was sealed in the Distortion World by Arceus
Casting a Shadow: Giratina, in the same vein as the Gastly family (Has Ghost attacks with a Dark type feel to them). Hell, its signature move is even called Shadow Force. However it had no affect on Angemon, who not only detected him, but because of his Light Powers, was super effective against him
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Giratina. A godlike Ghost-Dragon monstrosity that lurks in an alternate universe and can be seen floating near cemetaries. But, it's more aggressive than evil and only attacks when it feels its home dimension (IE: The Distortion World/Reverse World) is under threat.
  • Dimensional Traveler: Giratina.
  • Dracolich: Giratina is Ghost/Dragon and has spikes resembling ribs.
  • Eldritch Abomination: A Downplayed Trope. Giratina, up to and including being found in an Eldritch Location in Platinum.
  • Necromancer: Is hinted to be the one who summoned Devimon back from the dead
  • Non-Malicious Monster: Like all pokemon, Giratina isn't evil. He's just very pissed off for being locked up in another dimension for eons and he's very aggressive.
  • Noodle Incident: The "violence" that resulted in Giratina being labeled the Renegade Pokémon, getting banished to the Distortion World, and its monument alongside Dialga's and Palkia's in Eterna City being removed.
  • No-Sell: Giratina, against Normal- and Fighting-type attacks (Origin Forme also has immunity to Ground-type attacks).
  • Number of the Beast: A bit subtle, but Giratina's Altered Forme has six legs, six ribs, and six spikes on its wings. This also ties into its overall Satan motif.
    • Still applies in its Origin Forme; its wings become more obvious, though you have to look a bit more closely to see its leg... spike... things.
  • Olympus Mons: One of a kind, and extraordinarily powerful both in myth and in gameplay.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Dragon controlling antimatter/dimensions.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Not too different, though; much like ghosts in some fiction, Giratina can supposedly be seen in cemeteries when it's not in the Distortion World.
  • Physical God: Arguably beyond that, considering he's the embodiments of antimatter/dimensions.
  • Reality Warper: Has that power
  • Soul Power: He's a ghost type.
  • Takes One to Kill One: Giratina has the odd privilege of being the only dual-type Pokémon whose types are both weak against themselves.


The first Big Bad of the show, a fallen Angel Digimon who discovered the Black Gears, and used them to take over File Island. In his first encounter with the DigiDestined he was content to just separate them and allow those infected by the Black Gears to deal with them. When it came time to get his hands dirty, he absorbed all the remaining Black Gears and his Ogremon minion, and quickly overpowered the Chosen Children. It took Patamon Digivolving to Angemon for the first time to finally destroy him, though as he disintegrated he warned the heroes that were plenty of other, more dangerous villains out there. A bit later, it was revealed that he had hidden the Tags and Crests (objects that would allow the DigiDestined's partners to Digivolve further) on the nearby continent of Server.

He was brought Back from the Dead briefly during the battle against Giratina, who might had something to do with it. However he was once again defeated by Angemon, this time who didn't use his full power.


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